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From Christophe Noel <>
Subject A Lucene-FuzzyQuery Plugin
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 09:46:44 GMT
For a small intranet, it should be intersting to allow FuzzyQuery 
(similar terms). This enumerates all the terms in an index to find the 
similar terms.

I modified query-basic to deal with fuzzyquery , simply making 
"TermQuery" classes to "FuzzyQuery".

But obviously, this make nutch always searching for similar terms 
instead of basic query. What should I do to make this plugin as an 
"option" ??

Would you think that using a "virtual" field as "similar:" would be the 
only solution ? Is there a way to tell Nutch Searcher to use another 
BasicQueryFilter in some cases ?

Thanks for help.


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