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From Andy Hedges <>
Subject Re: Licenses
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 06:39:16 GMT
Yes, makes perfect sense and is almost certainly less work :). Jakarta 
Cactus uses a similar methodology that I'm sure we can reuse here. I'll 
take a look this weekend and see what I can come up with.



Doug Cutting wrote:

> Andy Hedges wrote:
>>    Was just checking through the mailing list to see how things were 
>> going with Nutch. It seems that two of my contributions had to be 
>> removed because they aren't compatible with the ASF licenses (rtf and 
>> mp3 parsers). So what needs to be done to get them back in? Do 
>> alternative libraries need to be written/used that are either BSD or 
>> ASF licensed? Could you let me know and I'll try and find sometime to 
>> rectify the issue.
> Right, Apache doesn't permit GPL'd stuff on Apache servers.  One 
> possibility is to rewrite them to use different libraries.  Another 
> approach is to just get the user to download the required stuff 
> themselves.
> For example, a plugin's build.xml can download required libraries as 
> follows.  First, add a few properties noting where the required jar 
> lives on the net, and where it should be stored:
> <property name="foo.jar" value="lib/my.jar"/>
> <property name="foo.url" value=""/>
> Then define a target to download it as needed:
> <available file="${foo.jar}" property="foo.jar.available"/>
> <target name="download-foo" unless="foo.jar.available">
>   <get src="${foo.url}" dest="${foo.jar}"/>
> </target>
> and finally, override the init-plugin task to first download it:
>   <target name="init-plugin" depends="download-libs"/>
> Does this make sense?
> Doug

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