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From Stefan Groschupf>
Subject Re: tools cleanup
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 22:45:39 GMT

> The proposal:
> 1. Actions and tools should be separate classes, in separate files.

Wonderful! :-) That will make a set of things (e.g. run nutch in a 
container) very easy.
> 3. All actions must implement the following interface:
Inversion of control makes a lot of sense!

> 5. All plugins must implement NutchConfigurable.

What you mean with plugins? The plugin class? That is no problem and 
will not break the API.
In case you mean Extension implementation classes we have to port all 
plugin codes. :-/

> Comments?

This changes makes a lot sense and I like them very much.
I may have another improvement suggestion that can be done very easy.

Actually it is difficult to have tools using ndfs and local file system.
What do people think about introducing a ndfs notation in paths like it 
is used in protocol handlers? (ala http:// or file://)
I don't mean to write a protocoll hander for ndfs (this would be nice 
to have) but I just mean something like:

bin/nutch     generate   ndfs://namenode:8010/myNDFSFolder/mydb        
ndfs path: ndfs://namenode:8010/myNDFSFolder/mydb
local path: /mylocalsegment/

less parameter needed by tools
mixed file systems for tool

One day but this is out of scope now we can have classloading from 
ndfs, with such a syntax. :-)


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