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From Stefan Groschupf>
Subject Re: MapReduce in Nutch
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2005 08:52:17 GMT
> What about running one fetcher on each node 24/7? Each fetcher would
> take segments from a global queue. Other parts of the system do not
> have to wait untill the to-fetch queue is depleted before doing the DB
> update and new segment generation. So basically adding a queue will
> allow pipelining of the time consuming work, namely fetching, db
> update and segment generation. And we will not end up waiting for one
> or two fetchers to finish their job.
I agree, may we can get this work by using groups. We can have some 
workers in a fetch group and let them do the fetching.
Beside the fetch group we have the preprocessing group that does the 

Make that sense?


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