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From Jérôme Charron <>
Subject Re: top level namespace
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2005 21:45:53 GMT
> Is there a best practice or recommendation for dealing with this
> issue?  I think I'd like to see a compile time option to generate a
> modified nutch.war that doesn't assume control of the top level
> namespace. (i.e. links point to something like /nutch/search.jsp). But
> I'm open to ideas.
I encoutered the same problem while trying to install nutch on /nutch/
namespace. As it was my first nutch installation, I just put it at the
root level (this is a big limitation).
But, now, regarding the jsp sources, I think it could be easily solved
by using the base variable in every link in JSP pages (the problem is
that some of the links uses the base + "/file.jsp" form to constructs
links and others just the '/file.jsp' which is on the root namespace).
I think it could be easily solved.
Doug, need to open a ticket on jira for that?



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