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From Jérôme Charron <>
Subject Re: tools cleanup
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 22:09:50 GMT
> > The proposal:
Not really the same subject, but I was thinking about this since a while:
Isn't it time to split Nutch into modules? For instance:
* A Core module
* A Util module
* An API module
* A Plugin module

with the dependencies:
1. Core depends on API (it uses APIs to call plugins) and Util
2. API has no dependencies
3. Util has no dependencies
4. Plugin depends on API (it implements interfaces) and Util
5. and so on

This will clearly document "who can depends on who".
And it will ensure that no dangerous code dependencies are used,
because it will crashes during compilation if for instance a plugin
uses some core code.


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