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From Jérôme Charron <>
Subject Re: inactive result links
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 08:29:43 GMT
Marc, first of all, it seems that your previous problem ("problems
with file protocol") is now solved. What was the real problem? How do
you solve it?

> In fact, the URLs I see are file://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> <file:///\\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> , so I think it would be better if they
> were http://192.168.xxxxx/xxxx but i don't know how to set it.
> If someone could help me....
Marc, it assumes that an http server is running on all the machines
you access via samba, and that you can provides to nutch a mapping
from the local file system structure of all the mounted samba drives
to the documents structure of the http server (ie that you are able to
map file://mySambaMountPoint1/aPath/aFile to
http://aHost/aMappedPath/myFile for all the mounted machines)...
Not an easy problem to solve since it is very dependent on your
intranet structure (mainly some deployment considerations).

But take a look on the Nutch mailing lists, a previous discussion was
started on this point some weeks (months) ago.


PS: Marc, it could probably be more convenient for us to speak on the
Frutch (French) mailing list, and then to post a summary in english on
the Nutch mailing list. No?


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