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From "Howie Wang" <>
Subject Re: a silly question
Date Sat, 16 Jul 2005 17:08:12 GMT
>hi howie:
>For search.dir value of both nutch-default.xml and


This should be the correct one.

>Still have the same error message after click search
>submit buttom in Nutch demo page
>HTTP Status 500
>org.apache.jasper.JasperException at

Hmm... does the Tomcat console or logs provide more information?

Some other things to check are JAVA_HOME and
CLASSPATH. I believe nutch requires JDK 1.4. The
CLASSPATH should probably be handled correctly by the
tomcat startup script. You can modify the to
print out the environment variables that it's using to check
if anything funny is going on.

If you still can't figure things out, try playing with
strace/trace/truss to see if you're having missing file problems.
Do a 'man' for info on how to use each. You should be able
to attach them to running processes.


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