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From Piotr Kosiorowski <>
Subject Re: near-term plan
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 20:02:19 GMT
I think it is good idea to release ASAP. I wanted to contribute my code
for fault-tolerant searching - it takes more time than I expected 
because as some of you know in meantime I become a father. But I hope I 
will be able to send something for comments early next week. I will look 
at the Jira to check if some more bugs can be fixed before deadline 
proposed by Andrzej.

Andrzej Bialecki wrote:
> Doug Cutting wrote:
>> Here's a near-term plan for Nutch.
>> 1. Release Nutch 0.7, based on current trunk.  We should do this ASAP. 
>> Are there bugs in trunk that we need to fix before this can be done? 
>> The trunk will be copied to a 0.7 release branch.
> I'll be back from vacation in 3-4 days, I hope I can do some work in the 
> meantime; I'd like to close some bugs marked with Major (e.g. the 
> multi-line protocol properties), and perhaps integrate the RSS parser 
> before the release. Other than that I think we should do it ASAP. So, I 
> would propose a deadline of Aug 8 for the last commits, and then perhaps 
> Aug 15 for the release?
>> 2. Merge the mapred branch to trunk.
>> 3. Move the packages org.apache.nutch.{io,ipc,fs,ndfs,mapred} into a 
>> separate project for distributed computing tools.  If the Lucene PMC 
>> approves this, it would be a new Lucene sub-project, a Nutch sibling.
> I concur. They are very useful at times in unrelated projects.

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