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From Earl Cahill <>
Subject Re: bug in bin/nutch?
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 09:23:45 GMT
> The DB format in mapred branch is completely
> different. So, what you 
> create with "admin db -create" is the old DB format,
> not used in the 
> mapred branch.
> Please study the code to the Crawl command, this
> should help... Mapred 
> stuff is powerful, but it is also very different
> from the current way of 
> doing things, so there will be alot to learn...

Guess I figured as much.  Can I suggest that someone

bin/nutch admin ...

in the mappred branch, should get pointed to the
proper command, or at least a message saying that
admin doesn't exist in the mapred branch, just to save
some confusion.  There is a dumb patch below that
would change the usage line.

I think such differences are all the more reason to
have a nice mapred tutorial, which I would be more
than willing to help with.  I thought I was close, but
I have yet to get a mapred crawl/index/search
completed.  Your comment makes me think I am still
aways off.


Index: bin/nutch
--- bin/nutch   (revision 279734)
+++ bin/nutch   (working copy)
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
   echo "Usage: nutch COMMAND"
   echo "where COMMAND is one of:"
   echo "  crawl             one-step crawler for
-  echo "  admin             database administration,
including creation"
+  echo "  admin             not used in mapred"
   echo "  inject            inject new urls into the
   echo "  generate          generate new segments to
   echo "  fetch             fetch a segment's pages"

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