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From Earl Cahill <>
Subject jms
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2005 07:53:21 GMT
I am starting to dive into jms (particularly openjms),
for another project and just wondering if there have
been thoughts of doing the distributed work via some
jms means.  It could be that there is jms in there
somewhere, but in searching the mail archive I found
no references.

I finished some preliminary work and now am more ready
to start to index a few hundred thousand pages, so I
decided to dive into the code a bit.  Not very deep
yet, but it seems like that any level that plans on
being distributed, jms would be useful.  I also know
that jms would add a little complexity to the process,
but in my head, and with my limited knowledge of the
nutch code base, jms could allow for near instant
distribution and nearly guarantees clean code.

I do notice some binary files match my 

~/nutch/branches/mapred $ grep -rsi jms *

so, it could be that carrot or the like utilizes jms.

Just throwing it out there.


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