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From Andrzej Bialecki>
Subject Re: Nutch design queries
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 14:22:55 GMT
Mike Cannon-Brookes wrote:

>Hey guys,

>- Statics - On that issue, there are an awful lot of static classes
>and methods around. This makes configuring and using Nutch in 'non
>standard' ways difficult as things are hard coded together (for
>example I can't easily swap out NutchConf to do my own configuration
>mechanism as it's all static accesses!). Is there any interest in
>removing / refactoring these statics out to make Nutch more flexible?

Yes, I support this - I'm facing the same problem right now, I need to 
rewrite some classes so that I can supply non-standard configs to some 
classes, and it's a pain.

>- Plugins / physical files - Quite a lot of stuff in Nutch seems to
>rely on physical files (for example plugins are loaded by looking for
>the "/plugins" directory on disk IIRC). In a J2EE environment, this
>means you can't deploy the WAR as a non-expanded WAR for example. Can
>we switch from loading files directly to loading resources as streams?
>This means you can load a file from the classloader regardless of
>whether or not it exists as a physical file.

I wouldn't say a lot, perhaps some... Most plugins, including the main 
configuration, read config files using the NutchConf class loader 

>More as I play more tomorrow - great work so far though, I love what I
>see. I know I'm using things as they're "not meant to be used" but I'm
>a big fan of flexible, simple systems and I think Nutch could get
>there with only a little work.
>Any time / answers most appreciated.
Any help appreciated :-)

Best regards,
Andrzej Bialecki     <><
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