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From "Howie Wang" <>
Subject Re: Urlfilter Patch
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 18:53:20 GMT
.pl  files are often just perl CGI scripts. And .xhtml seem like they
would be parsable by the default HTML parser.


>From: Doug Cutting <>
>Ken Krugler wrote:
>>For what it's worth, below is the filter list we're using for doing an 
>>html-centric crawl (no word docs, for example). Using the (?i) means we 
>>don't need to have upper & lower-case versions of the suffixes.
>This looks like a more complete suffix list.
>Should we use this as the default?  By default only html and text parsers 
>are enabled, so perhaps that's all we should accept.
>Why do you exclude .php urls?  These are simply dynamic pages, no? 
>Similarly, .jsp and .py are frequently suffixes that return html.  Are 
>there other suffixes we should remove from this list before we make it the 
>default exclusion list?

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