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From Chris Schneider <>
Subject FetchListTool.TableSet.append() result
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 20:01:18 GMT

I'm wondering why the result from FetchListTool.TableSet.append() is 
discarded by FetchListTool.emitFetchList(). It seems like it could 
skip both the decrement of topN and the call to WebDBWriter.addPage() 
if append() returns false (e.g., for a badly formed URL). This seems 
like the original intent of returning this boolean from append().

It's important for me to understand the answer to this question, 
since I've been extending FetchListTool.TableSet.append() to return 
false in other cases, and I'd like to have as close to topN items on 
my fetch list as possible.

What am I missing?

- Chris
Chris Schneider
TransPac Software, Inc.

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