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From Marko Bauhardt>
Subject Re: no static NutchConf
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2006 14:49:53 GMT
> + Getting a Extension, require also a NutchConf that is injected in  
> case the Extension Object (e.g. a Parser) implements a Configurable  
> interface.

I think this is a good idea. But many plugins like  
BasicIndexingFilter or ExtParse require some fileds in the "parse" or  
"filter" method. These fields are  load over the static way (over  
static NutchConf or static blocks). And this is ok, because the  
fields are load only one time. If we load the fields in the "parse"  
or "filter" methods, the fields would be load many times. And this is  
a performance problem.
The initialization of the fields over the constructor does not work,  
because setConf() is calling after the constructor.

Should we add a method like "loadNutchConfiguration()" to the  
NutchConfigurable interface, to load the NutchConfiguration  
Parameter? Hm, i don't know.
Should the fields are loading in the setConf() method? Hm, the name  
of the method says: set the NutchConf and not load the required  
Has anyone an other elegant solution?


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