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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: Add ".settings" to svn:ignore on root Nutch folder?
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 20:37:02 GMT

I'm a fan of automated testing and code analysis utilities, but I must 
say they only make sense if people actually use them and look at their 
results. So it's not really just about integration -- it's about looking 
at the results of these tools. PMD is neat because it can simply 
interrupt your build process so you'll have to either fix the warning or 
explicitly mark it as ignored. With code coverage... I don't know. It's 
up to you guys -- you spend much more time on Nutch code than I do and 
you know best what is needed and what isn't.

Let me know about PMD. I'll create the patch tomorrow if there's a 
consensus on if and how we should use it. For those impatient, the patch 
is in the attachment. Place the required PMD JARs in lib/pmd-ext/ and 
run 'ant pmd'.


Jérôme Charron wrote:
>>> I would not be opposed to integrating PMD or something similar into
>>> Nutch's build.xml.  What do others think?  Any volunteers?
>> I'll do it. I meant to see PMD anyway so it'll be a good exercise.
> Dawid, what about integrating a Code Coverage Tool like EMMA (
> while integrating PMD ?
> Jérôme

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