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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: PMD integration
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 10:57:19 GMT

> I do agree with Jarome  - plugins should be checked too.

This basically means modifying the fileset in the pmd task. Shouldn't be 
too difficult to include all plugin sources with a single <include> 

> I will make it totally separate target (so test do not
> depend on it).

That was actually Doug's idea (and I agree with it) to stop the build 
file if PMD complains about something. It's similar to testing -- if 
your tests fail, the entire build file fails.

> The goal is to allow other developers to play with pmd easily but at the
> same time I do not want the build to be affected.

Maybe in the initial phase, but I'd strongly recommend integrating it in 
the main build. PMD is quite fast and doesn't add much delay to the process.

> I would like also to look at possibility to generate crossreferenced HTML
> code from Nutch sources as it looks like pmd can use it and violation
> reports would be much easier to read.

Yes, it's possible but I didn't play with it. I can't do it today, but 
maybe during the weekend. If you're faster than me, Piotr, let me know 
so that I don't waste the time. Thanks.


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