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From Piotr Kosiorowski <>
Subject Re: PMD integration
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 20:21:19 GMT
One can run the pmd checks by 'ant pmd'. It produces file with html 
report in build directory. It covers core nutch and plugins.
Currently it uses unusedcode ruleset checks only but one can uncomment 
other rulesets in build.xml (or add another ones according to pmd 

I would like to  add cross-referenced source so report is easier to read 
in near feature.
I have two additional questions for developers:
1) Should we check test sources with pmd?
2) We do have oro 2-0.7 in dependencies (I think urlfilter and similar 
things). PMD requires oro - 2.0.8. Do you think we can upgrade (as far 
as I know 2.0.7 and 2.0.8 should be compatible)? We would have only one 
oro jar than.

So happy PMD-ing,

Doug Cutting wrote:
> Piotr Kosiorowski wrote:
>>>> I will make it totally separate target (so test do not
>>>> depend on it).
>>> That was actually Doug's idea (and I agree with it) to stop the build
>>> file if PMD complains about something. It's similar to testing -- if
>>> your tests fail, the entire build file fails.
>> I totally agree with it - but I want to switch it on for others to
>> play first, and when we agree on
>> rules we want to use make it obligatory.
> So we start out comitting it as an independent target, and then add it 
> to the "test" target?  Is that the plan?  If so, +1.
> Doug

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