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From "Armel T. Nene" <>
Subject Nutch error messages
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2007 11:26:22 GMT
Hi guys,

I wrote a parser for parsing proprietary file formats. The plugin used to work until recently.
Now when I try to parse simple CAD files I get the following error messages:

INFO  fetcher.Fetcher - fetching file:/H:/businessDNA/External/BDP/P1109173/M_Drive/QTRAK/Attachments/(00)E9~161394764(1).PDF
WARN  fetcher.Fetcher - Error parsing: file:/H:/businessDNA/External/BDP/P1109173/M_Drive/QTRAK/Attachments/(00)E9~161394764(1).PDF:
failed(2,200): java.lang.NullPointerException

There are some debug lines in the parser but they don't get log in the log file. Also when
I set the log level to DEBUG, I have the following messages:

INFO  fetcher.Fetcher - fetching file:/H:/businessDNA/External/BDP/P1109173/M_Drive/QTRAK/Attachments/15186-1A(1).dwg
DEBUG file.File - fetching file:/H:/businessDNA/External/BDP/P1109173/M_Drive/QTRAK/Attachments/15186-1A(1).dwg
DEBUG parse.ParserFactory - Could not clean the content-type [], Reason is [org.apache.nutch.util.mime.MimeTypeException:
The type can not be null or empty]. Using its raw version...
DEBUG parse.ParserFactory - ParserFactory:No parse plugins mapped or enabled for contentType

DEBUG parse.ParseUtil - Parsing [file:/H:/businessDNA/External/BDP/P1109173/M_Drive/QTRAK/Attachments/15186-1A(1).dwg]
with [org.apache.nutch.parse.stellent.StellentParser@bdab91]
WARN  fetcher.Fetcher - Error parsing: file:/H:/businessDNA/External/BDP/P1109173/M_Drive/QTRAK/Attachments/15186-1A(1).dwg:
failed(2,200): java.lang.NullPointerException

If anybody can make sense of the errors please guide me on this. Also, I have disabled most
of Nutch parsers to use my custom as it can parse many formats. I am awaiting any help from
the community.



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