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From Nicolás Lichtmaier <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Moving HitDetails construction to a HitDetails constructor (v2).
Date Sun, 03 Jun 2007 19:36:32 GMT

>> Please, don't ignore me =).
> We don't - but there's only so much ou can do in 24 hrs/day, and Nutch 
> developers have their own lives to attend to ... ;)

=) Sorry, I didn't mean to sound "demanding". It's that there's a 
natural focus in real features and I thought that "tidyness" patches get 

>> I'm trying to use Lucene queries with Nutch and this patch will help. 
>> This patch also removes a deprecated API usage, removes useless 
>> object creation and array copying.
> I believe the conversion from Document to HitDetails was separated 
> this way on purpose. Please note that front-end Nutch API has no 
> dependencies on Lucene classes. If we applied your patch, all of a 
> sudden HitDetails would become dependent on Lucene, causing front-end 
> applications to become dependent on Lucene, too.
> We can certainly fix the use of deprecated API as you suggested. As 
> for the rest of the patch, in my opinion it should not be applied.

Oh, I see... a pitty. It looked cleaner too me, and I'll have to 
copy+paste that into my code. What about the other patch? (Retrofit Hits 
to implement List)

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