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From "Doğacan Güney" <>
Subject Re: OPIC scoring differences
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2007 06:00:51 GMT

On 7/9/07, Carl Cerecke <> wrote:
> Hi,
> The docs for the OPICScoringFilter mention that the plugin implements a
> variant of OPIC from Artiboul et al's paper. What exactly is different?
> How does the difference affect the scores?
> Also, there's a comment in the code:
> // XXX (ab) no adjustment? I think this is contrary to the algorithm descr.
> // XXX in the paper, where page "loses" its score if it's distributed to
> // XXX linked pages...
> Is this something that will be looked at eventually or is the scoring
> "good enough" at the moment without some "adjustment".

I certainly hope that this is something that will be looked at
eventually. IMHO,  scoring is not good enough, but it doesn't bother
anyone enough so that they decide to fix it.

Also, see Andrzej's comments in NUTCH-267 about why plugin
scoring-opic is not really OPIC. It is basically a glorified link

> Cheers,
> Carl.

Doğacan Güney
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