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Subject Re: Why is Nutch not involved in Google Summer of Code - 2008?
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2008 05:28:15 GMT
Hi Susam,

Good question, and I'm afraid we may be a little late:

I think the main problem is that nobody has time to be the mentor.

As for ideas, I think Solr integration would be very nice to have.  Solr, with its recent
support for distributed searching could possibly even become the default searcher for Nutch,
so we don't have duplicated functionality in Nutch.

If somebody volunteers to be a mentor, we can try quickly add the project idea+mentor name

Does any committer have time?
Andrzej BialeckiMike CafarellaJérôme CharronDoug CuttingDoğacan GüneyPiotr KosiorowskiDennis
KubesChris A. MattmannSami SirenJohn Xing

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From: Susam Pal <>
Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2008 9:50:48 AM
Subject: Why is Nutch not involved in Google Summer of Code - 2008?


I was wondering why Nutch project is not involved in Google SoC: Many Apache projects including
Commons, Hadoop and Mahout have put up the ideas here:

Wouldn't it be great to have students helping the project out with
some of the work which noone has found time for? For example, many
people have requested for a POST based authentication support in
Nutch. I personally wanted to do it after adding HTTP Authentication
Schemes, but unfortunately I could never manage my time well to do it
since it would require a good deal of effort. I am sure, there are
many such ideas which have not been done because the contributors did
not get time. IMHO, it would be great if students are given
opportunity to contribute through GSoC 2008. The mentors can guide
them through the work for a few hours every week and some valuable
work can be done. What do you say?

Susam Pal

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