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From Dennis Kubes <>
Subject 1.0 Release?
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2008 14:54:05 GMT
What does everybody think of trying to do a Nutch 1.0 release in the 
next couple of weeks.  I have 8 different patches that are ready to be 
committed including:

1) NUTCH-647: Resolve URLs tool
2) NUTCH-635: LinkAnalysis Tool for Nutch
3) NUTCH-646: New Indexing framework for Nutch
4) NUTCH-594: Serve Nutch search results in XML and JSON
5) Custom fields on index and plugins
6) Upgrade Nutch to the most recent Hadoop version (18.2).
7) Upgrade Nutch to the most recent Lucene version (2.4).
8) Analysis plugins and improvments to analyzer factory for multiple 
languages per analysis plugin.  Language identifier.

I am going to try to get those posted in the next couple of days and 
committed in the next week.  Are there other major improvements we want 
to put in before trying to do a 1.0 release for Nutch?  Thoughts and 


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