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From jqq <>
Subject Searching multiple indexes with Nutch-2 servers,0 segments
Date Sat, 02 May 2009 05:59:06 GMT
I have two computers, which are PC1 and PC2.
        PC1:windows xp,cygwin,tomcat,IP
        PC2:windows xp,cygwin,IP
The PC1 and PC2 have crawled different data.
For searching multiple indexes,my configuration is as follows:
1. configure /conf/slaves file on the both computers,the file contains the
2.I created a file called search-servers.txt
           PC1: c:\nutch\servers\search-servers.txt
           PC2: c:\nutch\servers\search-servers.txt
  This file contains the following(host,port):
 9988 c:\tomcat\webapps\nutch\WEB-INF\classes\nutch-site.xml and set the
searcher.dir property,so the property is:
4.start the search servers by typing:
             PC1: ./bin/nutch server 9988 /cygdrive/e/crawl
             PC2: ./bin/nutch server 9988 /cygdrive/e/crawl

start tomcat and go to: , my search results is 0
hits.tomcat's log is:
 DistributedSearch- Querying segments from search servers...
 DistributedSearch- STATS:2 servers,0 segments.

Why are 0 segments?

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