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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Nutch Wiki] Update of "HttpAuthenticationSchemes" by wobbet
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 16:04:53 GMT
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The following page has been changed by wobbet:

  == Configuration ==
  Since the example and explanation provided as comments in 'conf/httpclient-auth.xml' is
very brief, therefore this section would explain it in a little more detail. In all the examples
below, the root element <auth-configuration> has been omitted for the sake of clarity.
+ === Prerequisites ===
+ In order use HTTP Authentication your Nutch install must be configured to use 'protocol-httpclient'
instead of the default 'protocol-http'. To make this change copy the 'plugin.includes' property
from 'conf/nutch-default.xml' and paste it into 'conf/nutch-site.xml'. Within that property
replace 'protocol-http' with 'protocol-httpclient'. If you have made no other changes it will
look as follows:
+ {{{
+ <property>
+   <name>plugin.includes</name>
+   <value>protocol-httpclient|urlfilter-regex|parse-(text|html|js)|index-(basic|anchor)|query-(basic|site|url)|response-(json|xml)|summary-basic|scoring-opic|urlnormalizer-(pass|regex|basic)</value>
+   <description>Regular expression naming plugin directory names to
+   include.  Any plugin not matching this expression is excluded.
+   In any case you need at least include the nutch-extensionpoints plugin. By
+   default Nutch includes crawling just HTML and plain text via HTTP,
+   and basic indexing and search plugins. In order to use HTTPS please enable 
+   protocol-httpclient, but be aware of possible intermittent problems with the 
+   underlying commons-httpclient library.
+   </description>
+ </property>
+ }}}
+ === Optional ===
+ By default Nutch use credential from 'httpclient-auth.xml'. If you wish to use a different
file you will need to copy the 'http.auth.file' property from 'conf/nutch-default.xml' and
paste it into 'conf/nutch-site.xml' and then modify the '<value>' element. The default
property appears as follows:
+ {{{
+ <property>
+   <name>http.auth.file</name>
+   <value>httpclient-auth.xml</value>
+   <description>Authentication configuration file for 'protocol-httpclient' plugin.</description>
+ </property>
+ }}}
  === Crawling an Intranet with Default Authentication Scope ===
  Let's say all pages of an intranet are protected by basic, digest or ntlm authentication
and there is only one set of credentials to be used for all web pages in the intranet, then
a configuration as described below is enough. This is also the simplest possible configuration
possible for authentication schemes.

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