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From Doğacan Güney <>
Subject Re: Server suggestion
Date Fri, 24 Jul 2009 22:54:52 GMT
Hi Dennis,

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 16:46, Dennis Kubes<> wrote:
> fredericoagent wrote:
>> If I want to setup nutch with lets say 400 million urls in the database.
>> Is it better to have a 4-5 super fast and loaded servers or have 12-15
>> smaller , cheaper servers.
> More smaller servers.  Make sure they are energy efficient though and have a
> decent amount of Ram.  If a server goes down, you aren't affected as much.
>> By superfast I mean cpu is latest quad core or latest six core processor
>> with 6 Gigs Ram and 1. or 1.5 TB HD.
>> By cheap I mean something like a Xeon quad core 2.26 cpu with 3 Gig Ram
>> and
>> 500 Sata HD.
>> or if anyone can suggest a better spec ideal
> Our first servers were 1Ghz (Yes really) running hadoop 0.04 way back when.
>  Our first production clusters were core2, 4G ECC, 1 750G hard drive.  These
> days been building i7 8-core, 12G ECC, 4T raid-5 machines with up to 8
> disks, 2U for around 2200.00 each.  If you are looking for a good server
> builder check out They are supermicro resellers and build solid
> machines.

It suggests here:

that core i7's do not support ECC rams. Have you ran into any issues or is WP
wrong here?

> Suggestions.  Don't skimp on the hard drive, do at least 750G or more. Price
> difference is negligible.  Do at least 2G Ram, 4G is better, 8G is better
> than that.  You can get up to 12G on regular motherboards these days.  After
> that it gets much more expensive.  Ao more recent processors, such as core2
> or i7.  They are more power efficient per processing unit.  If you want a
> really fast machine, do multiple disks in a raid-5 format.
> Dennis

Doğacan Güney

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