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From Julien Nioche <>
Subject Re: 'Other Resources' section of wiki
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 21:10:41 GMT
Hi Lewis,

Thanks for volunteering on this. I'd create a subpage ('archives') and put
all the how-tos and tutorials for the versions pre-1.3 linked from there.
We've also : Presentation / Academic Articles / link to Video from Doug +
various other things that could also be linked to from a subpage
Ideally the main page should have 5-6 main sections not more. I find that
the solr main page is quite neat [] for example.

Anyway, any effort that can be spent on this is worth doing - just moving
old stuff from the main page would be great


On 9 June 2011 13:07, lewis john mcgibbney <>wrote:

> Hi,
> This section is extremely dated, some dead links also exist.
> I realise that some of the material here should remain e.g. blogs that are
> still active and the search theory section
> I propose the reform of the following
> >Either try to locate or remove Stefan's work link. It currently exists as
> an  503 unavailable link
> >Frutch wiki is a dead link. I managed to manually locate the actual frutch
> page, but it looks like its not been touched in years... delete this entry?
> >Nutch has moved on leaps and bounds from the old wiki, but for legacy
> purposes it would not bother me to have it remain.
> >Nutch 0.8 and Hadoop tutorial is a dead link. I propose we remove this as
> there is a comprehensive entry under the tutorials section further up the
> wiki
> >Move Spinn3r to commercial support subsection under general information
> section
> >Doing a quick text search on the bixo tutorial, it contains no references
> to Nutch.
> If I can get some general comments then I will clean this up later. I plan
> to get the current command line options up to scratch as well in the not so
> near future. After this I think it would be beneficial for users, if we
> could update an existing tutorial to accommodate Nutch 1.3 architecture
> changes and usage. I am happy to do this when I get the time.
> Thanks
> --
> *Lewis*

*Open Source Solutions for Text Engineering

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