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From Luis Taveras <>
Subject RE: Nutch-1.2 with Bing API
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2011 21:15:03 GMT

I found the Carrot2 project which is already part of Nutch plugins architecture and comes
with ready-to-use components for fetching search results from various sources including GoogleAPI,
Bing API, Lucene, SOLR. see: Any other helpful links
or information will be gladly accepted. Thanks 
Subject: Nutch-1.2 with Bing API
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2011 04:48:34 +0000

Hi all,
I've been hanging around the community in the background for a few months now using and browsing
the Nutch-1.2 source code. Nutch is a wonderful software many thanks to the Nutch Dev team
and the community for this wonderful software.
This is my situation:
I have a working copy of the Nutch-1.2 binary source code. I managed to set it up for whole
web crawl Bootstrapping from the DMOZ database as per the pre Nutch-1.3 wiki. Also I have
integrated my copy with Solr as per Sami Siren blog at Lucid Imagination site this is a very
nice combination. I am pleased with Nutch-1.2 and I dont' want to upgrade to Nutch 1.3. Now
I want to integrated the Bing API into my copy of Nutch-1.2. But I don't know how to do this.
I've been reading about the Nutch plug in architecture and follow some examples also found
tons of information on the web about Nutch but could find nothing that could help me. 
My questions are:
what would be the best way to go about to implement the Bing API?Should I attempt to write
a plugin and point my plugin.xml file extensions to the existing extension-points? And which
core extension-points should I use?Or should I attempted to hard code the Bing API source
into the existing Nutch Java at  nutch-1.2.src\src\java\org\apache\nutch\searcher?
I am looking for some guidance. Any help  or helpful links that can help me to accomplish
this will be appreciated.
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