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From Thamme Gowda <>
Subject [NUTCH-2292] Switching to maven build
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2017 15:05:58 GMT
Hi Lewis,

(CC'ing dev for visibility)
The maven build is brought up to date with the recent changes on master. It
is also upgraded to compile for JDK 8.

*What works:*
- Compilation and packaging using maven
- runtime/local build is replicated exactly as ant/ivy

*What needs to be done:*
- Fix tests
- Configure runtime/deploy
- Merge with master

*What challenges I am facing:*
- there are System.exit(...) calls within the code paths taken by tests.
Maven test runner isn't happy about it.
- Some unit tests expect plugins.folder to be available. Seems like we have
to reorganize the tests.

*How to test it:*
# All changes are at:
# git fetch -all
$ git checkout NUTCH-2292
$ mvn clean package -DskipTests # Skip the tests for now
$ cd runtime/local
# here you can run bin/crawl as before, export NUTCH_HOME=$PWD

Let me know how it goes. I will need some more hands to fix all the tests.


*Thamme Gowda *
Grad. Student at Univ. of Southern California
@thammegowda <> |
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