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From Evert Wagenaar <>
Subject Re: [Nutch Wiki] Update of "Release_HOWTO" by SebastianNagel
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2018 12:46:33 GMT
Dear Sir, Madam,

Could you please help me with the following issue?

I would like to make some changes in the Nutch Wiki. The system does,
however, prevent me from editing. I get the message "Immutable page".
According to the MoinMoin documentation, this means that some editor left a
page and kept the edit_lock on. Could you please take action on this?

Yours sincere,

Evert  Wagenaar

On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 11:44 AM Apache Wiki <> wrote:

> Dear Wiki user,
> You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Nutch Wiki" for
> change notification.
> The "Release_HOWTO" page has been changed by SebastianNagel:
> Comment:
> need to also add CHANGES.txt to the release repository
>                   {{{git push origin release-X}}}
>         1. run the ant targets for '''zip-bin''', '''tar-bin''',
> '''zip-src''' and '''tar-src''' (if releasing trunk) and only the latter
> two if releasing 2.X (this is because 2.x is only released as source). The
> generated artifacts can be found in $NUTCH_HOME/dist.
>           1. Sign it all of the generated artifacts - [[
>|Step-By-Step Guide to
> Signing Releases]] ' - Consider using [[
>|Chris Mattmann's Apache
> Utility Scripts]].
> -         1. Check out the release management area at
>{release.version} and copy
> all artifacts to here then commit this.
> +         1. Check out the release management area at
>{release.version} and copy
> all artifacts and the CHANGES.txt to here then commit this.
>           1. Make sure your pgp key is listed in the Nutch KEYS file
> located at or better yet, use
> and add your PGP there, and it will then appear in
> [[|Apache Nutch's
> Automatically Generated Keys]]
>           1. Create and open a VOTE thread on user@ and
> The VOTE must pass with 3 +1 binding VOTE's before
> any release can take place. A VOTE thread usually takes the form
>   {{{

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