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From Alex Boisvert <boisv...@intalio.com>
Subject Re: Ode client API
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 00:21:52 GMT

Hi Lance,

The Process Management API is documented here:


We are currently making enhancements to provide more flexible querying. 
You can take a look at the "bpel-ql" module:


and the corresponding JavaCC grammar at:



Lance Waterman wrote:

>Thanks for the clarification and yes to date I have been focused on the
>latter bullet point. It appears that there is some consensus around the need
>to define such an API.  I have floated some thoughts around the shape of the
>API, however I have not spent much time looking at the PXE interface. Does
>PXE have similar abstractions and if so could someone point me to them -
>>From another thread Alex mentioned that a "PM-API" was under heavy
>development. Could someone explain the PM-API?

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