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From Sanjiva Weerawarana <sanj...@opensource.lk>
Subject Re: BPEL Object Model and Parser
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 03:12:45 GMT
On Wed, 2006-04-26 at 19:57 -0700, Paul R Brown wrote:
> > Alternatively, this could be easily handled by an xml / object  
> > mapping tool like jaxb2 (or xmlbeans) ...
> > Jaxb2 is very simple, generates nice pojos (this is not the case  
> > with xmlbeans) and afaik, both handles unspecified extensions to  
> > schemas...
> > Or even a stax based parsing would  be great (sax is such a  
> > nightmare compared to pull parsing..).
> JAXB v2 wasn't available (with a suitable license) when we were  
> originally working on PXE, so that was ruled out.

Personally I don't think the way to build an object model is by running
the schema thru an auto tool.

If you want to base it on an XML model, an option would be to consider
using Axiom
which is the model that Axis2 is based on .. basically its an on-demand
built tree model using StAX underneath.

> StAX parsing won't permit schema validation, so that's a no-go  
> there.  And schema validation isn't truly enough, as there are valid  
> but illegal BPEL processes.

Um why is validation a mandatory thing? If you want to validate before
reading then you can do it using various forms- IMO forcing validation
upon reading is not necessary. 

The other aspect of the object model design must of course be that one
can create instances of the model in memory and run with just that
instead of having a .bpel XML file around at all.


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