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From Dan Diephouse <...@envoisolutions.com>
Subject Re: BPEL Object Model and Parser
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 17:47:15 GMT
Paul R Brown wrote:
>> Alternatively, this could be easily handled by an xml / object 
>> mapping tool like jaxb2 (or xmlbeans) ...
>> Jaxb2 is very simple, generates nice pojos (this is not the case with 
>> xmlbeans) and afaik, both handles unspecified extensions to schemas...
>> Or even a stax based parsing would  be great (sax is such a nightmare 
>> compared to pull parsing..).
> JAXB v2 wasn't available (with a suitable license) when we were 
> originally working on PXE, so that was ruled out.
> StAX parsing won't permit schema validation, so that's a no-go there.  
> And schema validation isn't truly enough, as there are valid but 
> illegal BPEL processes.
Tatu Saloranta has a schema validator for StAX I believe. And I think if 
JAXB was used it will ensure that the xml conforms to the schema. Also 
JAXB can capture the additional elements via a getAny() accessor. As you 
point out, post validation is needed in addition and I think this could 
be done just as easily with jaxb as something else.

- Dan

Dan Diephouse
Envoi Solutions

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