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From Guillaume Nodet <guillaume.no...@worldonline.fr>
Subject Re: BPEL Object Model and Parser
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 09:19:45 GMT
When I integrated bpe in ServiceMix, I used some specific extensions to 
provide informations, mainly on invoke tasks.
See the "sm" prefix in 

This was needed because the only informations available are the portType 
and operation name.
In JBI, more than one service can implement a given portType and in some 
cases, you may want to specify the exact target.
Maybe there is a better way to do that, but IMHO this way is easier than 
having to write an external configuration file.

Guillaume Nodet

Paul Brown wrote:

>>So, given these additional elements, what do you think about my
>>initial proposal (take bpel object model and parser from pxe)? I think
>>it's already in a pretty good shape, which is the whole point of code
>>donations, and can easily be improved to support extensions or other
>>missing parts.
>Well, I'll give it a +1 and volunteer to sketch out how to add
>extensions as per WS-BPEL 2.0.  Are there any more or less standard
>extensions that we'd want to support out of the box?

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