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From "Jiang Liu" <S3075...@student.rmit.edu.au>
Subject Install Ode with Geronimo and deploy BPEL
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 03:38:23 GMT
Hi all
I am new to Ode product, after complie the Ode war, i have deployed the ode.war (renamed)
at Geronimo server. The problem is:

*. There is no processes folder. I searched deployed Ode's root, in WEB-INF, there isnt such
processes folder, so could anyone tell me where it is so i can test my BPEL process.

*. I have tried other machine which has an installed Ode already (with Tomcat). I create MyProcess
folder, create deploy.xml, process.bpel, process.wsdl, service.wsdl, servicePLT.wsdl. I cpoied
the folder to Ode's process folder but how could i compile and deploy the service? (i checked
Ode's admin page, new BPEL service is not there)

Thanks in advance
Jiang Liu
Student Number: 3075163
CS/Yallara Name: ljiang
RMIT, Melbourne

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