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From "Maciej Szefler" <...@intalio.com>
Subject DAO changes
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2007 21:51:51 GMT
Hi all,

I've checked in some DAO changes to better isolate the details of the
DAO implementation from the other components. From now on, please keep
all code except the JPA modules free from JPA dependnecies, and all
code except the hibernate modules free from hibernate dependencies.
The bpel-store currently violates this rule; I'm going to try to fix
that. For details take a look at new ODEServer (Axis2) and
OdeLifeCycle (JBI).

* if you would like to use a hibernate.properties file, it should now
be called "bpel-dao.properties", not "hibernate.properties"

* Axis2 can be configured to use jpa/hibernate using the same system
property, but the check is now done in ODEServer, not the Axis2 hook.
ODEServerJPA no longer exists.

* JBI can be configured to use jpa/hibernate using the
ode-jbi.properties file. The property is "ode-jbi.dao.factory" and
should be set to the BpelDAOConnectionFactory implementation.


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