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From "Janne Savukoski" <ja...@savukoski.name>
Subject Quartz commits and JobStoreJTA
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2007 22:31:06 GMT
Hello guys!

I'm having a little trouble with the Quartz stuff. The basic problem
is that the JobStoreJTA#storeJobAndTrigger(...) just doesn't produce
anything to the database. I've been debugging the system for the best
part of today and that's for sure now that the inserts are never
committed, which is the basic cause of the problem. I guess I have
some glitch somewhere in my settings and I'm just failing to spot it.

Any ideas? I'm so totally out of those.

I'm using JPA over MySQL, inside servicemix. Using XA-datasource
didn't have any effect.

I though the name JobStoreJTA suggested that there would be a
synchronization registered somewhere which would commit the db tx
along the JTA tx, but I couldn't spot any that kind of a mechanism.
And I really couldn't figure out where the commit should've happened.

Thanks in advance!

best, janne

ps. those nightly builds would be great. :) Maven isn't.

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