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From "Paul Brown" <paulrbr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Ode Performance: Round I
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2007 19:06:04 GMT
On 6/8/07, Maciej Szefler <mbs@intalio.com> wrote:
> That strikes me addressing the issue at the wrong level in the
> code---if we wants things to happen in one thread, then the engine
> should just do them in one thread, i.e. not call scheduler until it
> has given up on the thread. Introducing a new concept (work queue)
> that is shared between the engine and integration layer would be
> confusing... its bad enough that the IL uses the scheduler, which it
> really should not.

FWIW, working off a single thread shouldn't be that bad.  The Erlang
VM design uses essentially this concept:


(Threads for IO, thread for work.)

-- Paul

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