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From Tammo van Lessen <tvanles...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [gsoc] Monitoring Console / Architecture
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 21:48:30 GMT

Alex Boisvert wrote:
> I think some of the metrics are not currently supported in the PM API (e.g.
> number of messages sent/received).  So we're looking into extending the
> query capabilities?

Do you mean queries like "give me all process instances which sent 5 or 
more messages" or simply the possibility to gather this kind of data?

> IMO, the process instance explorer is probably what people want most at
> first.   Metrics are very useful once you've got your processes running, but
> getting there can be painful.  I would try to invest as much as possible in
> the debugging features first, then proceed to metrics after that.  (This is
> just my intuition; I'd be happy to hear otherwise)

Although I'd definitely love to have such a debugger I think it is a lot 
of work and it's not been the main task in the project description and 
in Milindas application. I think an informative landing page providing 
metrics and management facilities would be the good starting point for 
further developing a debugger/bam/whatever webapp but especially for end 
users who want to see that there is something going on in the engine, 
and that ODE != Axis2 :)

In the end its up to Milinda (and perhaps Google) to decide whether he 
wants to stick to the landing page approach with metrics and management 
facilities, perhaps with basic debugging facilities, or to go for a full 
blown web debugger (which is definitely cool but perhaps another project).


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