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From Rafal Rusin <rafal.ru...@gmail.com>
Subject Expression validation interface in ODE BPEL compiler
Date Thu, 09 Jul 2009 20:03:40 GMT

I'm planning to add an interface for external expression validator
into ODE compiler. That way there could appear 3rd party plugins,
which do validation using any tools.
I'm also planning to write an example implementation, which makes use
of Saxon SA (Schema Aware commercial version) and publish it as open
source 3rd party plugin. Saxon SA does well job of finding schema
related problems in expressions - xpaths and xqueries, so it may be
There was also a discussion some time ago about providing Psycho XPath
schema aware validation. It was about substituting Saxon in ODE, which
ended up as a bad idea. But implementing it as an external plugin for
ODE can be a good idea.

RafaƂ Rusin

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