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From Josh Mahonin <jmaho...@cbnco.com>
Subject OSGI bundle deployment with subfolders issue
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 17:50:59 GMT

I'm using Apache ODE 1.3.5 in ServiceMix, and am seeing an issue with 
deploying OSGI bundles with subfolders in them.  I was getting errors 
about not being able to find the WSDL file I was referencing from my 
BPEL, and saw that my subfolders don't get deployed at all into the 
'bpelData/<bundlename>' folder at all.

Looking through 
I see on line 123, the Enumeration is calling 'findEntries' on the 
bundle, without the recursion flag set.  As well, the 'copyOne' function 
in the same file, starting at line 203, appears to have specific 
directory handling set up (that is to say, it ignores them).

In my case, I have various WSDL and XSD files tucked in a 'schemas' 
folder, which includes multiple sub-folders as well.  The WSDLs 
reference various XSD files in separate sub-folders, and the whole thing 
is source controlled and referenced in multiple other projects.  As 
such, the obvious work-around of flattening the structure and packing 
them in the root directory isn't ideal.

I'm unfamiliar with the internals of ODE, but is there any reason why 
the deployment folder doesn't support sub-directories?  If not, is the 
fix just a matter of switching the flag on 'findEntries', and tweaking 
the 'copyOne' function?



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