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From Nandika Jayawardana <jayaw...@gmail.com>
Subject Same message correlating to multiple instances
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2014 06:55:27 GMT
Hi Devs,

I observed the following behavior.

Consider a process with two receive activities with correlation. Now, if
the messages to these receive activities arrive in correct order,
everything works fine.

But if the message to the second receive activity arrived first and then
the message to the first receive activity arrived, then the process would
execute and complete. However, the message exchange created for the second
message would not be updated. It would have the correlation set value and
status as QUEUED.

Now if another message arrived with the same correlation value for the
first request, that process instance would also complete by correlating to
the original second message.

I  found that in BpelRuntimeContextImpl.matcherEvent, there is a call to
release these mex as follows.

// Do not release yet if the process is suspended, the mex will be used
   if (_dao.getState() != ProcessState.STATE_SUSPENDED){

However, openjpa implementation for releasePremieMessages() is empty.
Adding mexdao.release(true); to above if block fixes the problem.

Is this the correct way to solve this problem.

I checked whether there is a method to remove the correlation set from
message exchange and update the status to MATCHED. However, could not find
a method to update the correlation set value in message exchange.

Attached is a sample process to reproduce the issue.


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