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From Pid <...@pidster.com>
Subject Proposal for n.0 codebase
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 20:05:27 GMT
Hi all,

There's been a bit of a gap since Antonio's last thread/summary.

Can we have a checkpoint now & see what's changed, if anything?

I know there's been some discussion with legal@ and I'd happily
volunteer to discuss the copyright issue with Newcastle Uni, if the
project felt that this would help move things forwards.

If not, then it seems like the following are our options - unless I've
missed a thread & am out of date*:

1.  We proceed with a release (Incubator permits releases even if all
exit criteria are not met)

2.  We tag the existing trunk & mark it DORMANT; starting a fresh API
(ie abstract/interface only) for discussion - attempting a cleaner
implementation thereafter

3.  We send Amber to the Attic

Question: Are there any other options?


* Happy to be corrected, of course!

Note: IANAL but I think that #2 might be tricky legally, without finding
new committers who are not tainted by having read our code; copyright in
software is reasonably well established in this regard AFAIK.

#2 effectively implies that our tenure of the project is a transitional
one, as we'd effectively be handing it over to people who can write code
for the project.



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