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From Antonio Sanso <asa...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Apache Oltu - time for the Attic?
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2017 06:40:42 GMT
Thanks a lot Enrico,

I am glad to hear you are  an happy Oltu’s user.
We have some open issue marked with label newbie that is a great starting point for new contributors
in [0].
But feel free to grab any open issue should you have some extra free cycle you can spare….

Thanks a lot


[0] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OLTU-98?jql=project%20%3D%20OLTU%20AND%20status%20%3D%20Open%20AND%20labels%20%3D%20newbie

On Oct 26, 2017, at 7:41 AM, Enrico Olivelli <eolivelli@gmail.com<mailto:eolivelli@gmail.com>>

Hi I am an happy user of OLTU it is the core of the OAuth 2 features of the Platform developer
in my company, www.magnews.com<http://www.magnews.com/>.
I am an apache committer in BookKeeper if you need help I will be glad to lend an hand.
I will subscribe to the dev list.
I know OAuth2 quite well


Il gio 26 ott 2017, 06:56 Antonio Sanso <asanso@adobe.com<mailto:asanso@adobe.com>>
ha scritto:
Thanks Jasha,

adding user@ just to reach a broader audience….



On Oct 26, 2017, at 6:50 AM, Jasha Joachimsthal <jasha@apache.org<mailto:jasha@apache.org>>

> On 25/10/2017 09:56, Antonio Sanso wrote:
>> hi *,
>> as pointed out in the last board reports the last months have been awfully quiet.
>> We have some patches laying around for a while, not a lot of participation to discussions
in the mailing list.
>> One of the reason is also due the fact OAuth is a protocol that is pretty stable.
>> The other reason is that the team members that are active are busy/demotivated.
>> One of the options discussed in the last board meeting was to move Apache Oltu to
the Attic (due the low activity here).
>> How would you feel about it? Do you think Apache Oltu has still something to “say”?
Or we are happy to move to the Attic?
>> Please let us know your opinion
>> regards
>> antonio
>> [0] https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OLTU/Feb2017
> Hi *,
> this very important wake up call seems to get lost under all the closed
> issues and build failures on the mailing list that came directly after
> it. Besides accepting the current situation or moving to the Attic
> there's a third option: gaining active contributers.
> Are there people within the community of Apache Oltu who want to become
> more active?
> Regards,
> Jasha


-- Enrico Olivelli

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