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Subject Re: website update
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2015 13:59:44 GMT

Thanks, that helps. I did look at Apache CMS and it just didn¹t click at
first on how to build it. I will focus on generating the html files.

Thanks again,


On 11/5/15, 6:42 PM, "David Ash" <> wrote:

>According to the website standards page
>( podling sites can be
>generated using whatever technology you'd like.
>Node.js is an option, but as a generator -- not as a hosting
>technology.  So instead of building request handlers, you write it to
>just generate code via the templating engine you're using and output
>the generated code to plain html files.
>They also mention they'd recommend using Apache CMS, and later state
>that the website can also be hosted as a wiki it sounds like.
>Hope that helps!
>David Ash
>Hi, I am working on the website. Initially I was simply doing static
>> but that seemed to
>> involved a lot of repeated html code. I¹ve implemented it using node.js
>> better use templates,
>> but I¹m wondering if that is supported in the Apache infrastructure.
>> I be able to run
>> node on the apache server that hosts the website? Thanks, Pam

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