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Subject svn commit: r675423 - /openjpa/branches/1.0.x/openjpa-project/RELEASE-NOTES.html
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2008 03:03:52 GMT
Author: mikedd
Date: Wed Jul  9 20:03:51 2008
New Revision: 675423

Fix urls in CHANGES.txt to point to the latest version not the history


Modified: openjpa/branches/1.0.x/openjpa-project/RELEASE-NOTES.html
--- openjpa/branches/1.0.x/openjpa-project/RELEASE-NOTES.html (original)
+++ openjpa/branches/1.0.x/openjpa-project/RELEASE-NOTES.html Wed Jul  9 20:03:51 2008
@@ -18,10 +18,9 @@
 <h2><a name="Overview"></a>Overview</h2>
-<p> These notes describe the difference between OpenJPA release 1.0.0
-and the preceding releases, 0.9.6 and 0.9.7. 1.0.0 is the first
-major release since OpenJPA graduated to an Apache top level project (TLP),
-and contains many new features and bugfixes.
+<p> These notes describe the difference between OpenJPA release 1.0.3 and the
+   preceding releases 1.0.0, 1.0.1 and 1.0.2. 1.0.3 is a maintenance release
+   and contains primarily bugfixes.
 OpenJPA is a feature-rich implementation of the persistence part of 
 Java Community Process JSR-220 (Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0), which is
@@ -99,225 +98,77 @@
-<h1><a name="0.9.7">OpenJPA 0.9.7 Release Notes</a></h1>
-<h2><a name="Bugs"</a>Bugs</h2>
-The following bugs have been fixed for release 0.9.7
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-16</a>]
- NPE in createQuery for EJB QL with nested correlated subqueries</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-21</a>]
- Time is missing from list of mutable classes.</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-22</a>]
- locate & substring queries fail both db2 & derby, cannot use parameter markers in
expression ?-?</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-23</a>]
- -418 sqlexception using DB2 and EJB QL with SQRT or MOD</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-24</a>]
- Allow OpenJPA to be extensible</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-25</a>]
- Incorrect SQL generated for queries involving more than one AbstractSchemaNames, generated
SQL FROM clause is missing 'Table alias'</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-35</a>]
- In-memory Delete operation fails with active DataCache</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-41</a>]
- transforming classes doesn't work</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-48</a>]
-  parsing error - cast of subselect does not work</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-50</a>]
- bad sql pushdown, cast changes datatype</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-53</a>]
-  bad sql pushdown for nested subselects, missing nested subselect</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-54</a>]
- bad sql pushdown, should use all syntax</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-56</a>]
- in derby concat with input parameter needs a cast, otherwise becomes long varchar and some
operations do not work</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-60</a>]
- Specifying the wrong persistence implementation in persistence.xml leads to misleading error
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-62</a>]
- Ejbql join queries show invalid null Entities when run in a new persistence context where
no entity instances exist.</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-71</a>]
- Caching primitive array types consumes excessive memory</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-77</a>]
- Problems in default setting in DB2Dictionary , also missing support for DB2 z/OS platforms</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-80</a>]
- Bad Escaping for LIKE in MySQL</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-98</a>]
- Java deadlock when insert in t1 and find in t2 when using IBM JVM 1.5.0</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-100</a>]
- <jar-file> entries failing to be processed for persistence unit rooted in an EAR</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-102</a>]
- JTA transaction rollback, nonexistant instances, transactional persistence context =>
failures during afterCompletion() and close()</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-103</a>]
- Default Listeners not being processed correctly</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-104</a>]
- OpenJPA does not detach instances on rollback()</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-107</a>]
- @SqlResultSetMappings fails in mapping tool with java.lang.ArrayStoreException</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-108</a>]
- @AttributeOverrides fails in mapping tool with java.lang.ArrayStoreException</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-109</a>]
- every NativeQuery using SqlResultSetMapping fails at runtime with There is no query result
mapping for "null" with name "xxx" when the entity is persisted in a different method than
the method doing the query.  </li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-110</a>]
- Every NamedNativeQuery using ResultSetMapping fails at runtime with class cast exception
when try to iterate over list<Some Entity></li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-111</a>]
- native queries fail when use named parameters</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-115</a>]
- Bottleneck(s) with using OpenJPA in a Container-managed environment</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-116</a>]
- EntityManager.getDelegate should throw an IllegalStateException </li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-118</a>]
- AutoDetach property has no effect</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-119</a>]
- EntityManager.clear() should not implicitly invoke the flush operation</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-121</a>]
- Table name defaults to the class name instead of the entity name</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-122</a>]
- EntityManager does not throw exceptions after close() in required cases</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-132</a>]
- java.lang.NoSuchMethodError for entity with ID of type java.sql.Date</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-133</a>]
- Can't find non-public callback methods with superclass or interface parameters</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-134</a>]
- Extra unneeded SQL joins for OneToMany relationship with fetch type EAGER</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-139</a>]
- PersistenceException merging an entity with a Calendar field. </li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-140</a>]
- Wrong package name in test classes</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-142</a>]
- Entity name is ignored when specified in the orm.xml file</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-144</a>]
- JDBCConfigurationImpl does not support JNDI lookup for non-jta-data-source.  </li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-146</a>]
- Entity enhancement fails while using EmbeddedId on a MappedSuperclass</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-150</a>]
- @Column in @AttributeOverride not honoring table attribute that maps to a secondary table
in mappedsuperclass entity</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-154</a>]
- OptimisticLockException working with  Savepoints</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-155</a>]
-  java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during commit</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-157</a>]
- NullPointerException when running query with null parameter</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-162</a>]
- @OrderBy on @OneToMany does not allow ordering by @Id value</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-174</a>]
- error when find()'ing an abstract class</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-175</a>]
- Eager selects by PagingResultObjectProvider may not use the FetchBatchSize</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-179</a>]
- Schemas defined in orm.xml are only applied when a name is also specified. </li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-181</a>]
- ClassCastException when executing bulk delete on an entity that owns a OneToOne with a Cascade.DELETE
when DataCache is on</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-185</a>]
- optional attribute is not overriden by xml descriptor</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-186</a>]
- Build failure of OpenJPA sources from trunk</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-202</a>]
- after invoking LRS processing in a client by calling an @LRS annotated relationship, the
next em.clear()/em.close() gets org.apache.openjpa.persistence.InvalidStateException: You
cannot transfer large result set fields from one object or field to another</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-208</a>]
- NoResultException and NonUniqueResultException are not thrown when expected</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-214</a>]
- Need to support floating point primary keys</li>
-<h2><a name="Improvements"</a>Improvements</h2>
-Improvements made for release 0.9.7
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-10</a>]
- persistence unit name should be default diagnostic context for standard OpenJPA log impl</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-37</a>]
- Support ant typedefs for OpenJPA tasks</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-55</a>]
- Allow executeUpdate() invocations on native queries</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-57</a>]
- persistence_1_0.xsd is missing</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-63</a>]
- Better pessimistic lock support for DB2 v8.2+</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-151</a>]
- Added field in enhanced vesrion of a class is not serialized. Hence the change in detached+serialized
instances is not registered under certain conditions.  </li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-153</a>]
- WebSphere and non-jta-data-source and default ManagedRuntime</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-158</a>]
- OpenJPA logs overly-verbose at INFO level</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-161</a>]
- Overuse of synchronization in AbstractBrokerFactory</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-166</a>]
- Track the reason why a setRollbackOnly invocation was made</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-176</a>]
- Exception prefixes should be human-readable</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-196</a>]
- Ease the restrictions on forcing a matche between the number of declared and assigned positional
-<h2><a name="New Features"</a>New Features</h2>
-Features added for release 0.9.7
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-92</a>]
- Support for H2 Database Engine</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-93</a>]
- Sequence generation in a JTA environment should not require non-JTA datasource</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-94</a>]
- Allow MappingTool and persistence.xml to support drop-create for database schema</li>
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-182</a>]
- db2 update lock syntax WITH <isolation> USE AND KEEP UPDATE LOCKS</li>
-<h2><a name="Task"</a>Task</h2>
-Tasks done for release 0.9.7
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-36</a>]
- Add cwiki url to incubator status page</li>
+        Release Notes - OpenJPA - Version 1.0.3
-<h2><a name="Test"</a>Test</h2>
-Additional testing done for release 0.9.7
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-40</a>]
- Testing OpenJPA and Spring integration fails</li>
-<h1><a name="1.0.0">OpenJPA 1.0.0 Release Notes</a></h1>
-<h2> Bugs fixed
+<h2>        Sub-task
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-61</a>]
- Missing usage of TransactionSynchronizationRegistry
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-86</a>]
- &quot;uuid-hex&quot; generator does not make affect in orm.xml
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-143</a>]
- Problems with Single Table Inheritance Strategy (and Discriminator Type of Integer)
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-165</a>]
- QueryImpl.setFirstResult does not take already set maxResults into account
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-177</a>]
- When using NOT NULL constraint on foreign key it is not possible to use CascadeType.ALL
and GeneratedId
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-199</a>]
- bulk update gets parsing exception trying to update an attribute of an embedded class
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-244</a>]
- Java 2 Security enablement
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-517</a>]
-         Oracle also supports WITH statements
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-248</a>]
- ForeignKey cascade delete action not working
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-555</a>]
-         MappingTool got NullPointerException in DB2Dictionary.isDB2ZOSV8xOrLater()
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-257</a>]
- Getter/Setter type inconsistency in Entity IdClass
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-575</a>]
-         Use do priv for to get CL for Oracle empty blob/clob
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-269</a>]
- Informix doesn't support subselects or using table aliases in a delete statement. 
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-591</a>]
-         Entities are flushed before being detached or serialized
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-271</a>]
- DB2 missing JDBC driver 2 support
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-648</a>]
-         Table generator uses incorrect schema name
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-272</a>]
- @GenerateValue (AUTO) doesn't work with Property level access
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-274</a>]
- JPQL queries cannot access version fields, including bulk updates
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-278</a>]
- OpenJPAQuery.getDataStoreActions() returns an empty String array
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-280</a>]
- Enhancement failure for inherited fields introduced with change 532137
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-281</a>]
- EAGER not the default fetch type without the @Basic annotation
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-284</a>]
- TableJDBCSeq for GeneratedValue.TABLE did not handle initialValue correctly
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-285</a>]
- Multiple deploy/undeploy leaks memory in PCRegistry
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-287</a>]
- Generated methods on superclasses are not visible to subclasses
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-294</a>]
- Exception while enchnancing  the java classes using OpenJPA PCEnhancerTask  with build.xml
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-296</a>]
- UUID algorithm generating non-unique values sometimes
+<h2>        Bug
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-209</a>]
-         Query returning 2 entities w/unidir 1-1 relationship gets openjpa.persistence.ArgumentException:
Address with the same id already exists in the L1 cache.
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-304</a>]
- Problems with DepthFirstAnalysis and the IBM JDK
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-499</a>]
-         Missing dependencies in openjpa-persistence and openjpa-persistence-jdbc
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-308</a>]
- Postgres: bytea vs. oid handling in PreparedStatement.setNull() calls
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-512</a>]
-         Maven build fails if -Dmaven.test.skip=true
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-311</a>]
- Problem loading classes with OSGi classloaders
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-518</a>]
-         openJpa jar is being locked causing future deployments on an app server to fail
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-312</a>]
- derby fails with duplicate primary key(s) in group by list
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-527</a>]
-         Merge of new one-to-many list only persists last element.
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-313</a>]
- list of objects returned by query partially correct
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-529</a>]
-         ManagedClassSubclasses stores table names twice. 
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-314</a>]
- Unenhanced complex id in MappedSuperclass causes NPE
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-535</a>]
-         Javadoc spelling errors in SchemaFactory and Localizer
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-315</a>]
- Unenhanced generated id field of a primitive wrapper type causes NPE
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-537</a>]
-         openjpa-parent pom should not overwrite central repository setting
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-320</a>]
- Do not use System Tables (SYS*) with DB2
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-540</a>]
-         Classloading issue with WAS, Spring, and OpenJPA
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-321</a>]
- DB2 ABS Casting problem
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-542</a>]
-         OracleDictionary.getEmptyClob uses its classloader instead of the current classloader.

-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-322</a>]
- Timezone on the Calendar object lost in proxying
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-543</a>]
-         Unclosed prepared statements in SQLStoreQuery.executeUpdate.
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-323</a>]
- Cleanup some message text
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-547</a>]
-         INNER JOIN Fetch query incorrectly generates  LEFT join SQL
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-256</a>]
- java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.openjpa.util.CacheMap in a jetty spring environment
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-552</a>]
-         Do not recognize Connection* properties in persistence.xml in appl server container
-<h2> Sub-task
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-279</a>]
- Fixed missing lookup for non-jta-data-source in JDBCConfigurationImpl.
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-554</a>]
-         The GetMapValue class should have/supply an alias for ORDER-BY clauses.
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-297</a>]
- Lazy loading must be ignored in certain unenhanced cases
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-559</a>]
-         java.rmi.MarshalException due to mismatched serialization UIDs of: Source (RepId
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-298</a>]
- Miscellaneous documentation improvements
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-565</a>]
-         Duplicate @NamedQuery terminates subsequent @NameQuery definitions in @NamedQueries

-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-299</a>]
- Provide a means to enable the old enhancing agent
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-632</a>]
-         setFirstResult and setMaxResults not working for Oracle.
-<h2> Improvements
+<h2>        Improvement
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-259</a>]
- Ability to parse EJB QL multiline queries in orm.xml
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-266</a>]
- Add Extensibility: Change &quot;private&quot; field/method to &quot;protected&quot;
or &quot;public&quot;  in OpenJPA classes to be extendable
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-374</a>]
-         OpenJPA build process enhances Entity classes even when testing is deactivated via
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-275</a>]
- Bulk updates: version information should be automatically maintained when the query does
+<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-541</a>]
-         Generate SQL92 JOIN syntax for Oracle 9 or later releases
-<h2> New Feature
+<h2>         Previous Releases
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-168</a>]
- sql optimize n rows query hint
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-239</a>]
- Option for the reverse mapping tool to generate mapping annotations
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-262</a>]
- Event notification of BrokerFactory creation
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-263</a>]
- Introducing getAll(List) method for data cache to be called by loadAll() will allow data
cache plug-ins to leverage the advantage of any third-party cache that provides a way to get
multiple object in one call by providing a list of keys (oids).
-<li>[<a href=''>OPENJPA-317</a>]
- API formalization pre-1.0
+<li><a href=''>OpenJPA
1.0.2 RELEASE-NOTES.html</a></li>
+<li><a href=''>OpenJPA
1.0.1 RELEASE-NOTES.html</a></li>
+<li><a href=''>OpenJPA
1.0.0 RELEASE-NOTES.html</a></li>

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