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Subject svn commit: r955388 - in /openjpa/branches/1.2.x/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual: ref_guide_dbsetup.xml ref_guide_logging.xml
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2010 21:13:37 GMT
Author: mikedd
Date: Wed Jun 16 21:13:37 2010
New Revision: 955388

OPENJPA-1678: Update documentation re: PrintParameters


Modified: openjpa/branches/1.2.x/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_dbsetup.xml
--- openjpa/branches/1.2.x/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_dbsetup.xml (original)
+++ openjpa/branches/1.2.x/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_dbsetup.xml Wed Jun 16
21:13:37 2010
@@ -180,6 +180,22 @@ logged SQL statements.
 each pretty-printed SQL line.
+                    <listitem>
+                        <para>
+                        <indexterm>
+                            <primary>
+                                SQL
+                            </primary>
+                            <secondary>
+                                PrintParameters
+                            </secondary>
+                        </indexterm>
+<literal>PrintParameters</literal>: A boolean indicating whether SQL parameter

+values will be included in exception text and when logging is enabled. Since 
+the parameter values may contain sensitive information the default value is 
+                        </para>
+                    </listitem>
@@ -193,7 +209,7 @@ each pretty-printed SQL line.
 &lt;property name="openjpa.ConnectionURL" value="jdbc:hsqldb:db-hypersonic"/&gt;
 &lt;property name="openjpa.ConnectionDriverName" value="org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver"/&gt;
 &lt;property name="openjpa.ConnectionFactoryProperties" 
-    value="PrettyPrint=true, PrettyPrintLineLength=80"/&gt;
+    value="PrettyPrint=true, PrettyPrintLineLength=80, PrintParameters=True"/&gt;

Modified: openjpa/branches/1.2.x/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_logging.xml
--- openjpa/branches/1.2.x/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_logging.xml (original)
+++ openjpa/branches/1.2.x/openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_logging.xml Wed Jun 16
21:13:37 2010
@@ -177,6 +177,16 @@ about possible performance concerns will
 use. Detailed information about the execution of SQL statements will be sent to
 the <literal>TRACE</literal> level. It is useful to enable this channel if you
 are curious about the exact SQL that OpenJPA issues to the datastore.
+The SQL issued to the database may contain sensitive information. By default the
+parameter values used in the prepared statements generated by OpenJPA will not 
+be printed in the SQL log - instead you will see a ? for each value. The actual 
+values may be printed by adding <literal>PrintParameters=True</literal> to the
+<link linkend="openjpa.ConnectionFactoryProperties">
+<literal>openjpa.ConnectionFactoryProperties</literal></link> property.
+see <link linkend="ref_guide_dbsetup_builtin"><literal>Using the OpenJPA
 When using the built-in OpenJPA logging facilities, you can enable SQL logging

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