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Subject [openjpa] branch javax-index created (now 5a2356f)
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2019 02:13:26 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

solomax pushed a change to branch javax-index
in repository

      at 5a2356f  Initial attempt to fix @javax.Index annotations

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 7c3ea3c  new podling
     new abb6ced  test
     new c4f7354  testing commit access
     new 69c646b  switch to get rid of the horrible and offensive "-" :)
     new 3e039e7  test
     new c3d9053  trying to see if I have read access to new repo
     new c64c2ca  Some core utility classes. These are all JDK1.3-safe. I have not committed required libraries; we'll need to set up our build + lib infrastructure. To compile this codebase, you'll need serp, commons collections, commons lang, log4j, commons logging, jdbc3 stubs, and the xml apis to be available.
     new b38bdc8  Some updates to get around a couple warnings
     new 42cbc4d  fixed bad license comment string in html
     new e6584f2  removing unused file
     new 9d8d5d0  removed published comment; this interface isn't part of the Kodo published interfaces, and we don't even have that concept in OpenJPA yet.
     new b918369  restructuring for maven; adding some more utility code. This is part 1 of a two-part commit, since I didn't put enough directory structures in place just yet and svn complained and I'm an svn newbie afraid to tempt the gods of source control.
     new 46e7dbf  added some openjpa-lib test, pom files, and serp fork. We may move the changes in serp back into the serp source tree and add a maven layout to serp, but for now, let's just get things rolling here.
     new 67410de  removed unneeded class
     new bf8ffa5  reformatted using a better formatter; added a bunch of tests
     new f025bd4  removed jdk1.5 dependency from
     new 00652be  improved docs
     new 1fede62  core OpenJPA object management code, plus a sample flat-file XML-based back-end. This submission does not include the OpenJPA JDBC back-end, and also doesn't include any additional tests yet.
     new b9636bb  fixed some incorrect imports
     new 7a6d34e  re-applied conversion from SolarMetric code formatting.
     new 3feb467  removed serp fork; replaced with new maven-based serp access. also updated poms to use the Geronimo versions of JTA etc. until we get closure on the plan going forward with the authoritative Glassfish jars
     new 26ee364  removed some extraneous JDO / licensing-related code
     new 4bc5b3b  some visibility fixes
     new 4ddf63e  removed some dead code and cleaned up some javadoc
     new 7cf69d8  reformatted comments to follow Sun standards and use the standard ASL comment formatting
     new e27f636  more javadoc fixes
     new 1baedb7  PCEnhancer was not running auxiliary enhancers. Note that there still remains a configuration issue with bootstrapping the PCEnhancer.
     new 6577d2f  fixed some test failures to do with repackaging and build process changes
     new 32baa42  updates to configuration. Committed on behalf of Abe
     new 2d8ee34  moved to raw 'openjpa.*' property prefix instead of 'org.apache.openjpa.*'; implemented system to allow multiple property prefixes for configurations without relaxing any of the current validations
     new 9fd87ae  added JPA bootstrapping resource
     new 6936fc0  Configurations changes on behalf of Abe
     new 99eb918  basic logic for converting simple JavaNames to xml-names; added some localization information about forgotten properties; removed spurious memory status printout from base test class; added 'target' to the svn:ignore for all the top-level maven dirs
     new 19b401b  opened up BrokerFactoryValue bootstrapping configuration a bit; added better error bootstrapping error messages
     new 89f6359  moved store facade type registry to Configuration instead of a static in ImplHelper
     new f9eb746  added forgotten new file
     new 7d1c8fc  OpenJPA JDBC subsystem; reformatted some core OpenJPA code to move catch and finally blocks around.
     new aad47c2  cleaned up some dead code
     new b108a39  removed executable flag from all files in trunk, as per Craig's email to OpenJPA list
     new a1f4fd3  changed some more finally and catch blocks that didn't get properly reformatted with earlier reformattings / sed scripts
     new 09e89d9  fixed PUIImpl to deal with openjpa properties namespace correctly. TestPersistence should now work. Run 'mvn test -Dtest=TestPersistence' to see things in action.
     new fc9321f  removed some unused code
     new 7bd0d04  guarded against null properties; changed the name of the class transformer options to be consistent with other OpenJPA config property names
     new 958386b  remove duplicate code
     new b028e31  fixed in-mem distinct evaluation of single results
     new ca8633a  removed unneeded code; updated configuration metadata; changed visibility of XML-conversion method; moved import to imports rather than fully-qualified class name
     new 7f6a84d  Changed to use ReentrantLock so we could get rid of our last dependency on the backport-util-concurrent library.
     new 775c33d  Fixed typo in conditional
     new aafabcf  Cleaned up version parsing and made it more robust
     new 7ded181  Formatting fix
     new a9bb3a6  Fix fetch state and proper method sigs for multiple fetch groups
     new 42136d9  removed kodo plugin
     new 98e8533  Test commit to see if Apache https is working yet.
     new 884ff1b  FetchPlan with recursive scheme. - modified select building and load cycles in JDBCStoreManager with FetchState traversal - loadAll(), findAll() methods reverted to their method signature with FetchConfiguration instead of FetchState - StateManager.postLoad checks for fetch group with postload set to true
     new 3b1cb17  General cleanup of cruft accumulated during separation from Kodo.
     new e9aa22e  Fixed incorrect import
     new bbb2d06  changed AutoDetachValue to extend StringListValue, more closely modeling its behavior in the Kodo configuration system; changed visibility of XML name conversion method
     new 0201c01  Changed database from tmp/ to target/database/ so it is automatically cleaned up when "mvn clean" is run.
     new 5556a40  updated property namespace
     new 3c702ef  Added openjpa-project for assembly descriptiors and docs; upped version to 0.9.0
     new c3845a4  Documentation images and style sheets
     new 5c61ff4  Documentation images and style sheets
     new 01d05df  Enabled to use more human-readable file names.
     new 1fc9187  Changed to html stylesheets, since they seem to not output strange characters
     new 2209bd4  Moved images to correct location for manual
     new 1a41108  Renamed 'ejb3' image prefixes to be 'jpa'
     new 22a112d  Stylesheet work
     new a57637c  Fixed error in naming: img/manual/ should have been manual/img/
     new f41a4a8  Fixed error in naming: img/manual/ should have been manual/img/
     new 52ccceb  Disabled filtering, since it was being applied to images and was corrupting them!
     new f217051  Added project.revision checking.
     new 8c8a0a9  Fixed instances of "OpenJPA JPA" to be just "OpenJPA".
     new 0bf2166  removed some unneeded code; defaulted MetaDataFactory property
     new f75ef7b  Cast to floats and doubles to ensure that we use the correct constructor (e.g., since there is a new BigDecimal(int) constructor in JDK 1.5 that we don't want to accidentally rely on).
     new b79f86b  Removed bogus testSourceDirectory which I had accidentally added.
     new 64db310  corrected some configuration properties that do not allow alternate values
     new 650ca6f  removed unneeded imports
     new 1236605  removed unneeded imports
     new 7268ed8  Default transaction type to RESOURCE_LOCAL.  Spec changed in late revision to default based on environment, rather than always defaulting to JTA.
     new c105fe6  Pass "-p persistence.xml" to enhancer invocation when running persistence tests so that we don't have to set JPA defaults in the JPA ConfigurationProviderImpl.beforeConfigurationLoad, which is incompatible with having JDO,etc providers in the same system.  Eventually we should probably recognize persistence.xml as a defaults file, but for now that's against our previous contract of allowing a user to have a JDO,etc defaults file and a persistence.xml in the same system.  [...]
     new 1a6d7d5  Add resources needed for TestXMLWriter test.
     new 604703c  Got all tests passing.
     new 5698420  Moved Premain-Class=org.apache.openjpa.enhance.PCEnhancerAgent setting from openjpa-kernel module to openjpa-kernel-5
     new 3b6518f  FetchState is traversed for eagerToMany load/select
     new 979d234  Cleanup of fetch group metadata and internal runtime APIs. Now that fetch depth information is immutable within a fetch instance and cloned on relation traversal, it was safe to combine fetch state back into the fetch configuration class and remove the fetch state class for cleaner APIs (no more having some components use fetch state and others fetch configuration). Also changed recursion depth logic to more accurately mirror intent (per JDO spec), though testing is needed.
     new f279a67  Added openjpa.MaxFetchDepth configuration property to globally control default max fetch depth.
     new 696cbee  Always pass non-null fetch conf to StoreManager.
     new 2fd7381  Throw good error message about META-INF/services if we can't find any configuration providers or product derivations.  This has the downside of mandating that there must be at least one valid product derivation and one valid configuration provider available (theoretically someone using brokers directly together with a simpl store like the sample XML store wouldn't need either), but otherwise the final error message to the user is often meaningless.
     new a95e700  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 72398bc  changed configuration value factory method to set a default for booleans by default. The normal pattern is to obtain a BooleanValue and then set the default to 'true' when desired; implicitly, this means that 'false' is the default otherwise. This change makes that explicit.
     new 803e159  Null check before we put username/password values in the Properties object, since null values are illegal.
     new eb96e89  Brett Porter's patch to resolve OPENJPA-3
     new e889cd2  cleaned up some imports; fixed a typo; changed test case to reduce output
     new 021c4b8  Added Serialzable interface
     new a982130  Use latest stable releases of commmons dependencies.  Add missing localized msg.
     new 20d5990  Fix logic for when to select fk column values of a to-one relation.
     new b2e1912  Fix StoreFacadeTypeRegistry to work when multiple stores are available.  Fix problems with creating a persistence FetchPlan, and with getting max depth.
     new 3f82b8a  Fix bug in numeric promotion in queries.
     new df43989  Query type promotion fix.
     new b3f8f9d  Added load-fetch-group to FieldMetaData and StateManager loading
     new f2a266c  Allow null load-fetch-group.  Allow a DFG field to have a different load-fetch-group.
     new a6b57c2  Fixes to optimization logic for including joined subclass data in initial SELECT.
     new eb33383  More work on type promotion and casting in queries.  Also, make sure DFG is in active fetch groups before testing it for post-load callbacks.
     new 0167f87  Add (presumably forgotten) JDK 1.4 GregorianCalendar.  1.4 has a public mutator method that wasn't available in previous versions, and we must intercept it.
     new bc10dd2  Remove incorrect lifecycle callback invocation.
     new d1df934  Fix XML serialization of cascade data.
     new 77e7d97  Fetch group fixes.
     new ca83f07  Fix visibility.
     new 1a2d048  load-fetch-group annotation added
     new f70f99e  SQL CAST() for comparisons and math functions fixes.
     new 8c2c40d  Added provisions for auxiliary enhancers to omit specific methods to be enhanced
     new 8e66833  changed auxiliary enhancer interface
     new f7f225f  Change names of query languages to have "openjpa" prefix rather than "org.apache.openjpa" to match configuration properties.  Some minor code formatting fixes.
     new d293c44  Formatting.
     new b499ade  Anything can be converted to a string in query comparisons.
     new 1e6d57e  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new f44dd06  unsupported-value-strategy had a wrong {n} in the message.
     new 6234f8d  Changed logging infrastructure to be aware of localization; changed localization to return log-ready Message instances instead of strings. Changed tons of code to use the new logging and localization calls.
     new a120874  Include unpinAll/pinAll by class methods
     new 5bef32e  Make Localizer.Message a static class.  Fix implicit type of query path traversal terminating in byte[], char[] fields.
     new fd74642  Give better error when run on bad .class file.
     new 3e758fa  Fix invalid property warning logic.
     new 07a13ab  Clean up detach on serialize and ensure declared constructors are properly public for externalize
     new aba057d  Allow our JPA ConfigurationProviderImpl to find a default persistence unit in persistence.xml when no explicit configuration is given to dev tools.  Do this in a backwards-compatible way that won't break previous behavior or other facade behavior (JDO).  This means you should no longer have to pass "-p persistence.xml" to tools like the enhancer, nor should you have to specify a properties argument to the PCEnhancerAgent in the premain for runtime enhancement.
     new 174bbd2  Don't use ant classloader to find configuration providers?
     new 132602e  Use configuration's class loader.
     new 26ae2fa  Anchor token fix.
     new 0821efe  Work around JVMs that don't return a valid value for File.length().  We've discovered at least one that doesn't.
     new daf1f35  Marc correctly pointed out that isn't guaranteed to read all available data into the given buffer in one call.
     new c8af68a  Removed unneeded field.
     new 2ccc242  When a relation mapping uses the expected class of the related type as part of its join criteria (in addition to the standard foreign key join), make sure discriminator conditions are appended to the WHERE SQL not only when loading the relation, but also when traversing it in queries.
     new 69b83ac  When a query projects and groups on a relation field, make sure to group on the same columns we select.  Added Select.groupBy(ClassMapping, ...) API. Implemented by temporarily putting target Select into "group mode" -- in which all select() calls are instead routed to groupBy() calls -- and invoking the same logic we use for the call.  Having the Select "fake out" its callers by translating select() calls into gro [...]
     new eb2b5e6  Method visibility fix.
     new 037a45d  Add visitor pattern to query expression trees, and redo a couple of our existing tree interrogation methods to use it.  This will allow us to add more validations at query compilation time (we're missing some that are required for JDO 2, for example) without having to expand the API of every query expression/value implementation, in addition to just being more flexible overall.
     new 978bc40  JIRA: OPENJPA-14 Applied patch (with some minor corrections).
     new 9de5395  Add some query validations on compilation.
     new d5bb522  No need for parser to populate separate QueryExpressions.aggregate member now that we can visit the projection values to see if they're aggregates.
     new 6f0a7f6  Added expression-level support for Map.get in queries
     new d13c9fa  Updated the SVN properties to ignore the target directories at each of the OpenJPA sub-project levels (openjpa-jdbc, openjpa-jdbc-5, etc).  Some of the sub-projects already had the svn:ignore property for the target directory, but not all of them.  I also updated the properties to ignore any "dot files" at the top most OpenJPA (ie. trunk) level.  This will help with ignoring the metadata files associated with IDE's such as Eclipse (.classpath and .project) and NetBeans ( [...]
     new ac98ba5  Split up the documentation into multiple chunks for easier management.
     new 1aec5d3  Added support for PersistenceAwareClass -- wraps java.lang.Class thinly with SourceTracker. Modified MetaDataRepository to add a container for PersistenceAwareClasses.
     new 9246ee9  A message for PersistenceAware class being added as PersistenceCapable also.
     new 9af2df4  Added generation of a /META-INF/ file that will hold the current subversion revision that was used when creating the jars; also made org.apache.openjpa.conf.OpenJPAVersion output this information when it is found
     new 4436a3d  Escaped the "{user.home}" string with a "'" so that MessageFormat does not try to interpret it as a token (and then fail).
     new 086ecd6  Changed packaging to "pom", since we aren't building a jar for this module.
     new bad3cba  Changed version to be a SNAPSHOT so we can use the snapshotRepository
     new 3aaa66e  Add ability to include one fetch group in another to FetchGroup annotation.
     new 6e26296  MappingTool modified to ignore persistence-aware classes
     new d0f15b8  Modified to ignore p-aware classes.
     new 0e41d09  resolved JIRA-32: unnecessary servlet dependency in openjpa-lib pom
     new 8fbfa8a  Output build artifacts to the target/assembly/ directory.
     new 746ebdf  Slightly cleaner and in some cases more efficient exclusion of persistence-aware types from mapping tool actions.
     new fe71475  Formatted our documentation XML files.
     new 323fce1  Removed custom serp repository, since it is now available via ibiblio.
     new dcb47f0  OPENJPA-14. Use the class's classloader in environments when service lookups should be looking in the OpenJPA distribution. This imposes the restriction that OpenJPA will only find services in the same classloader as the OpenJPA jars themselves, which is a much better restriction than requiring that the classes be in the thread's context classloader.
     new caffb77  Prefixed pom names with 'OpenJPA' to make them more friendly when their public names are displayed
     new 8adfc84  Fixed assumption by test case that the default locale would not be GERMANY, which was special-cased in the test.
     new 45c89bd  Fixed assumption by test case that the default locale would not be GERMANY, which was special-cased in the test.
     new 96e534a  moved POM to use ant task instead of java invocation; changed service invocations to use the classloader of the class being looked up to avoid issues with cyclic-static blocks; improved debug info
     new f37d9f8  Fixed to use equals() instead of == for testing the type of the current Locale.
     new dc1f0bf  OPENJPA-30 Changed version to 0.9.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT in accordance with Apache incubator guidelines
     new 5ff49b3  Removed check for Long.MIN_VALUE, since recent version of HSQL do not have the storage limitation.
     new de93525  Expanded default doubleTypeName to be NUMERIC so it can properly fit a double.
     new cd9c6c1  Moved build number generation into openjpa-lib, since having it in the top-level pom causes the plugin to be executed multiple times in each module (bug reported at MNG-2221)
     new 2148098  Changed due to property prefix from "kodo." to "openjpa."
     new 47ead93  handle non-OpenJPA EMs more gracefully. This will help for containers that proxy the OpenJPA EM.
     new 163cc2a  Framework for allowing ranges in query strings to be specified as parameters (not needed for JPQL, but for others).  Also consolidated some internal query framework APIs.
     new 01735b1  changed @since tags to disambiguate the Kodo information with future releases of OpenJPA by adding a 0. to the beginning of each.
     new 582c83b  OPENJPA-15 Updated grammer to fix some inconsistencies with the spec
     new c39b714  Don't allow conversion from number to String if the strict flag is set to true.
     new 423b0a4  Support for managed interfaces
     new fe6352f  whoops.  forgot interface impl generator
     new 4f4b1b2  bug in ordering
     new fc9b67f  changed ordering to avoid super / subclass clashing
     new 2b66092  fix inheritance issue again with interfaces
     new 5240ea8  remove executable flag on file
     new c1a1467  InheritanceComparator has been changed to public: add @nojavadoc to prevent inclusion of this internal component in user javadoc.
     new 8676abb  Fixed empty binary tags to be unary (since it was causing problems with some XML validators; fixed duplicate 'ref_guide_runtime_jpaquery' id, which appears like it should have been named 'ref_guide_runtime_jpaextent'
     new b34fec7  Removed references to non-existent mappings KeyColumn, KeyColumns, KeyEmbeddedMapping, KeyIndex, ElementColumn, ElementColumns, ElementEmbeddedMapping, and ElementStrategy
     new 253407b  Refatoring user facing classes (FetchPlan, Generator, Extent, StoreCache) into interfaces. Adding hooks for extended EntityManagerFactory and ConfigurationProvider.
     new 890ae1a  An extension mechanism for PersistenceProvider to supply their own Configuration Provider and EntityManagerFactory. This is a tentative/interim solution and likely to be replaced once we move to ProductDerivation based extension framework.
     new 56d5f64  OPENJPA-40 Fall back to using the ConfigurationProvider's ClassLoader in the even of a loader mismatch.
     new 7e30623  Refactor JDBC query expression tree to allow greater concurrency and to handle parameters in result clauses of projections.
     new 1e5d09c  Forgot to add new classes.
     new 812e184  Added openjpa-all module which will manually create an openjpa-all-VERSION.jar file that aggregates all the other openja-*.jar files; fixed to provide more information when a missing services resource is caused by a deeper exception
     new 609b2da  Changed jar aggrigation phase to process-classes so that the directory doesn't get clobbered between "clean" and "package".
     new bbe10e1  Formatting fix.
     new 554f55f  Update docs on fetch groups.
     new 37aa91d  Simplify determination of identity type in metadata, also correcting problems with determining the identity type of hierarchies involving @MappedSuperclasses.
     new ddf3631  Added test for deep mapped superclass inheritance hierarchy, which is what my last metadata changes fixed.
     new 3b2f6a7  OPENJPA-40 Use the same environment class loader both as the core class loader and the environment class loader for the XMLPersistenceMetaDataParser.
     new 25e80a9  OPENJPA-42 Check for the existence of superclass metadata in getSuperclassField so we throw a better exception than an NPE if it doesn't exist.
     new da19619  Change to allow fields to use per-class sequences.
     new 1defd23  Supports for interface query alias metadata as well as refactoring persistence-aware metadata into non-persistent metadata to support non-managed interfaces
     new f56a755  Don't bother using a subselect in bulk UPDATE or DELETE clauses if there is no where condition, since it does the exact same think as an unqulaified bulk operation.
     new 1e95734  OPENJPA-39 test case.  Also query fixes and fix to possible data corruption issue (yikes!).
     new 2dfe77f  Record interface superclasses
     new d1e7a81  Fix failure to close some empty result sets.
     new 6ac482c  Fix erroneous change I made yesterday.
     new 832d913  Delete child object(s) before parent when cascading delete.  Also fix case where an interface field uses targetEntity to declare itself as a concrete entity relation, and add test case for fix.
     new d78bcae  Only make an instance nontransactional if it is not in the TCleanState, which should not transitional to nontransactional upon detach. Only make an instance nontransactional if it is not in the TCleanState, which should not transitional to nontransactional upon detach.
     new 8a9c647  load registered class metadata when getting implementors
     new 912c126  Removed unused message concerning the number of pooled connections allowed.
     new a9eaf46  Formatting.
     new 3034561  Moved nulling of sequence name to after the check and configuration of the plugin, since it was preventing using a custom sequence plugin from working when specified in the sequence name.
     new 868cc7b  Moved nulling of sequence name to after the check and configuration of the plugin, since it was preventing using a custom sequence plugin from working when specified in the sequence name.
     new 7bff3b4  Removed references to LockGroups from the messages, documents, and code since these are not provided as part of the OpenJPA code drop.
     new c863a7a  target-entity parse fix.
     new 9650a1a  Minor updates to comments and doc...  While doing the removal of the LockGroup stuff, I came across an entry for contacting for some customization feature.  While cleaning that up, I also cleaned up any other references to and
     new cfcca49  fix for re-proxying of hashed types during commit / rollback
     new 913e54c  No need to beginOperation (and especially sync with trans) in internal isTransactionEnding method.
     new 72f7b6b  Query fixes.
     new fcd072a  Fixed bug where NamedNativeQuery/NamedNativeQueries was not being examined when looking up named queries, which could result in them not being found if the metadata has not yet been parsed completely
     new a5d552f  Allow null discriminator values when adding class conditions on outer joins.
     new 7846adb  Unused.
     new c6c683e  Allow callback methods to accept the Entity subclass of the type they are listening on, rather than forcing them to all take an argument of type java.lang.Object (section 3.5.1)
     new 47edcb8  Don't use a subselect for non-distinct projections of DISTINCT_AUTO queries with to-many joins in their filter if the projections are all for variable paths.  (As opposed to candidate path projections, where the subselect is necessary to filter out duplicates caused by relational joins).
     new 20e0762  Fixed getMethodDescriptors to not try to create a MethodDescriptor for a non-existant method (which would cause an NPE).
     new b2e0133  Fixed error in last commit.
     new 65e0a48  Workaround for HSQL bug in treating Long.MAX_VALUE as a double.
     new 53dbcdf  Add a better error message when casting an instance to PersistenceCapable fails due to the PersistenceCapable interface being loaded by two separate ClassLoaders
     new a7cfbfc  Fixes.
     new 944f8ad  Non-optimistic transactions will no longer perform a version check when committing dirty objects, unless the NonOptimisticVersionCheck compatibility property is set to true. This allows dirty instances enlisted in a non-optimistic transaction to be allowed to overwrite conflicting versions in the database.
     new 02c9ce3  Fixed possibility of a null method in getMethodDescriptors.
     new 0c34969  Download and cache the stylesheet file to reduce network chatter when building docs; fixed the image scaling so graphs are not shrunken in the resulting HTML document
     new d746a3f  Fixed class names of references to tools
     new 05865ae  Remove warning from enhancing impl generated classes and optimize class / interface interaction
     new 9789c93  Reorganized documentation do that it will be inlcuded in the openjpa-*.zip bundle when running 'mvn package -Pjavadoc-profile,docbook-profile'
     new 52e2d38  forgot localization
     new 9b8351c  Fixed location of docbook stylesheet
     new 9ba388d  Use the environment class loader as the metadata loader only if it is not null.
     new b7aa947  Fixed default type for binaryTypeName, varbinaryTypeName, and longVarbinaryTypeName to be "BLOB" (rather than "VARBINARY", which does not exist as a type for Oracle).
     new d47e1d1  Added "INDEX" to the reserved word set.
     new 7740c78  The recent upgrade of maven-jar-plugin to 2.1 caused the Implementation-Version tag to be excluded from the manifest, which we rely on to detect the current version. Added "addDefaultSpecificationEntries" and "addDefaultImplementationEntries" to pluginManagement to fix this.
     new 2c31d9c  1. Refactoring ConfigurationProvider/ProductDerivation subsystem. 2. Extensibility of OpenJPA via ProductDerivation
     new cdcfea4  Review/cleanup of product derivation work.
     new 480a42d  Perform JDBC sequence ops outside of synchronization blocks in case of JDBC hangs.  Also should improve concurrency.
     new 4efc384  added some extension points for sql pluggability
     new d85ea93  oops, fixed bum compilation failure.
     new 68572a9  Die in ProductDerivations.load() if given resource/file can't be parsed by any ProductDerivations in the system.
     new d090d71  Fix sequence bug I introduced with last sequence synchronization refactoring.
     new 7a74bed  fix JDBC Abs query function's return type.
     new a9089d2  PDeleted version check causing problems.
     new ed0d6b1  Version number fixes.
     new b7f2721  When selecting a relation field as a projection, outer join across the relation even if forceOuter on the original path is false.
     new 5dea14f  Use the escape character to escape out wildcard characters from the source string.
     new aa6309a  removed erroneous docs about GeneratedValue
     new ce93718  wrap types before deciding whether or not a cast is needed.
     new a8c1fad  Fixed varbinaryTypeName and longVarbinaryTypeName to be "BLOB" (they were defaulting to "VARBINARY", which is not recognized under DB2 or Derby).
     new d3956a7  Override "ON DELETE SET NULL" foreign keys if the foreign column is "NOT NULL".
     new 62bc6c9  Change default MaxFetchDepth to -1 (unlimited).  Also move the use of multiple configuration prefixes to ProductDerivations for simple static access.  Modify some cases of looking for "openjpa." prefixes to properties to properly look for all configured prefixes instead.
     new 9a40eb6  Add David Ezzio's detachment test.
     new 26a3499  Leave escape character in string if we use db wildchars as matches wildcards.
     new 9a52726  Applying the constraints that the entity listner class a) must have a no-arg constructor b) multiple methods of the same class must not register for the same event (JPA Spec Section 3.5)
     new 5b9c773  Correcting JavaDoc formatting error.
     new 46736c6  Fix configuration warnings for misspelled property names.
     new a556644  Added "INDEX" to the reserved word list.
     new 9443b9f  Un-did last command, since INDEX already existed in the reservedWordSet.
     new c6537cc  PNewProvisional
     new 7522db8  boot provisional changes for now.  I think I'm missing a huge hole with hashing
     new 3620b80  Null checks.
     new 7baaaf4  Fixing Specifying the wrong persistence implementation in persistence.xml leads to misleading error message
     new e1e9640  Only treat methods as persistent by default if there is a setter for the method in the described class.
     new 24c51d9  Adding informative messages when non-default Persistence Provider is configured.
     new 98d1da1  Moved Entity Listener constraints from MetaDataDefaults in kernel to JPA facade PersistenceMetaDataDefaults
     new bd340fb  PNewProvisional again.  I think I covered the object graph reflush issue
     new d833950  committed wrong version of pNewProviisonal handling
     new f104321  avoid duplicate event call
     new b198cb7  changing phase so that the svn artifact gets into classes dir before jars are made
     new 5eb55ee  Changed REVISION_NUMBER to be a String, since Subversion revisions can be a string (e.g., "420667:451468M")
     new cc25d2a  Changed revision checking system to spawn the "svnversion" command rather than directly parsiong the .svn/entries file. This gives a more accurate revision number, and it also deals with the new subversion format, which is no longer XML.
     new f74ac8b  Prevent reentrant calls to transform() in order to prevent attempts to enhance OpenJPA libraries (for cases where OpenJPA falls under the control of the enhancing class loader).
     new 923eb32  fixed duplicate preFlush and bug wrt persist vs nonprovisional in singlefieldmanager
     new 9fb0a9a  fix deletion of PNewProvisional
     new bc9422e  improved error message
     new e30632b  Trying a new approach to automatic enhancement in a container.  Might have to revert.
     new bdae653  Miscellaneous cleanup and fixes.  Some documentation review.
     new f18ea3d  Set the data cache schedule thread to be a daemon thread.
     new 174ae93  MetaDataFactory.newInstance method no longer needed.  Continue work on docs (note: docs may temporarily be in invalid state).
     new afe9acd  Doc corrections.
     new 17b27d4  Fix relative Javadoc URLs.
     new c1a857c  Move the Perf class that supports some of our concurrency utils on older JVMs to lib, where it belongs.
     new 88acae7  Removed special logic for forcing an inner join for projection clauses, since that logic is duplicated elsewhere.
     new 8785be4  Handle exceptions from transaction listeners appropriately. Allow user to override default CallbackMode for both lifecycle and transaction listeners.
     new 5337ce1  Possible fix for OPENJPA-13 JIRA issue.  Also fix possible NPE on delayed close on transaction completion in managed environment.
     new 361a77c  Fix bug that could prevent user-assigned value from being inserted into a column with a database default value.
     new d0bca27  When there is only one callback exception, use its error message in top-level exception.
     new 69d8dd3  Enable caching of embedded instances by datacache.  Fix bugs in DataCachePCDataGenerator.
     new 1dbb7a9  Tests and fixes for entities with multiple same-typed embedded entities, which themselves have relations to other entities.
     new c0c4c3c  Fixes relating to multiple same-typed embedded fields loading eager relations, and deep vertical inheritance hierarchies where the base class's primary key is auto-assigned on insert.
     new dc09b61  Fixes from Kodo's 3.4 branch.
     new 27e8bd4  Handle exceptions in getFactoryClass() when it is just being used for inclusion in the error message of an exception.
     new b25dfe6  Added supportsTimestampNanos to allow people to work around an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException that occurs when using multiple timestamp columns with version 9.2+ of the Oracle JDBC driver and version less than 9.2 of the Oracle server.
     new 223b81d  Added warning about Oracle's ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException JDBC driver bug.
     new 3ffad89  Added warning about Oracle's ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException JDBC driver bug.
     new ac1679d  Added mention of SupportsTimestampNanos
     new 433475f  Merge fixes from Kodo 4.0 line.
     new 1201726  minor cleanup of duplicate code
     new 2ada6c3  Changed default lines between blocks to be 1 in our code format to mirror openjpa conventions, and minor doc fixes.
     new fe42d24  made ProductDerivations a bit more fault-tolerant -- when a failure occurs while loading ProductDerivation instances defined in services files, the system continues to start up with the ProductDerivations that did load, and a warning is printed to stderr. Note that this means that people using the uber-jar in 1.3 or 1.4 environments, or without having javax.persistence in their classpath, for example, will see warnings on stderr.
     new 54a3f15  Oops. It turns out it's good to compile *before* committing.
     new 34f6cb5  backwards-compat for old invocations of getFullName().
     new e61de95  added more details to error message; made OpenJPA startup banner configurable
     new d3b3b3a  made the file name a bit more unique to avoid collisions with other projects using the same pattern
     new 5e5babb  added openjpa to the VERSION_ID field for clarity
     new fb42b62  avoid duplicate alias key-value pairs. We really need to move this aliasing system to a map at some point.
     new 43f5348  Overwrite the *correct* slot. We really need to move this aliasing system to a map at some point.
     new 28910a7  Changed OpenJPAProductDerivation to have a proper lifecycle callback for BrokerFactoryValue initialization; added supporting infrastructure as needed.
     new dcf691a  Get rid of warning for product derivations that use an unsupported class version.  Minor API changes.
     new d490f54  Make the inability to instantiate an auxiliary enhancer non-fatal.  Also cache auxiliary enhancers statically to speed up enhancement.
     new 0bc4acc  Always use a ConfigurationProvider that supplies a spec.
     new d86e2fb  Typo.
     new f54e9dc  Doc fixes.
     new 2fbc438  Updated to final 0.9.0-incubating release number
     new 0c58bed  Updated version to be openjpa-0.9.5-incubating-SNAPSHOT
     new b42c74b  Getting rid of the "-all" suffix per OPENJPA-65 on the .zip and embedded .jar file.  Also, removed the modules directory and the embedded individual project (openjpa-*) jar files.
     new 08d69d1  Vertical inheritance with eager fetching fixes.
     new f27898f  Take advantage StringUtils where appropriate.
     new 6937856  Optimize queries of the form "select e from ... where = :x" to not join across "rel" for std fk->pk joins.
     new 72594b2  Remove some bad vert inheritance logic.
     new c8b5b27  Validate product derivations before caching them so we don't end up with runtime errors when clients use JPA without jdo.jar or JDO without jpa.jar.  Give a more succinct warning when some product derivations are uninstantiable, with more detailed information available via the ProductDerivations class's main().
     new 9076475  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new fe3fac6  Remove author tag; I think someone (Steve K?) copied a class I wrote and left the author tag intact, because I don't think I wrote this class.
     new 0d902a6  Added "findbugs" report.
     new fb00d68  Upgraded to version '0.9.5-incubating'
     new e2f3856  Upgraded to version '0.9.6-incubating-SNAPSHOT'
     new e6647fc  Testcase for a problem similar to the one described in OPENJPA-13. Revision 453016 resolved both of these problems.  We can use this testcase for regression purposes.
     new c000408  Removed the extra $ (dollar sign) in the openjpa-project pom.xml file.
     new ca7a599  Modified TestGenerationType testcase to check whether the current DBDictionary supports AutoAssign(ment) of column values.
     new d1554f3  Delete the sun.misc.Perf class before it is packaged in the jar.
     new 8898d53  Added "STATUS" file to appear in the assembly.
     new 697ca0c  Added NOTICE.txt and DISCLAIMER.txt files as per the ASF rules
     new ad0c622  Removed wildcard for README* and changed it to both README and README.txt (so we don't inadvertently include emacs backup files).
     new e7fae8f  Added target for signing the release.
     new 5bb9249  Added target for signing the release.
     new 2756398  First step in resolving OPENJPA-63.  This change removes the usage of internal WebSphere transaction-related APIs and replaces it with the public ExtendedJTATransaction interface usage.
     new ea81e82  changed test case to include more debug info in failures. This test case does not pass on my machine.
     new 1af459a  changed test case to convert . to / when doing class name searches. This test now passes in my environment.
     new 228bee2  Seems like we have some differences in how Sun and IBM (and maybe other) JDK's process the messages returned in a NoClassDefFoundError exception.  To simplify this testcase and make it pass in any environment, I'm just going to test just for the Interface Name (minus the package).
     new 753468d  Resolving OPENJPA-67.  The sql statement for selecting the next value in a sequence was not correct in the DB2 Dictionary.
     new ba1d289  Fix OPENJPA-68.
     new 2ed7c2d  Move build logic for adding an interface to WASManagedRuntime's inner class to WASManagedRuntime itself.  Move caching in WASManagedRuntime to endConfiguration() callback to avoid threading issues.
     new 971c846  Added very simple openjpa-examples package that contains a helloworld example (which will be included in the distribtion zip file)
     new d54ad1c  Added Apache license headers
     new 10a9e2e  Incorrect "spelling" of jta-data-source and non-jta-data-source in Section 6 of the manual.
     new 0a96982  Fixed OPENJPA-70. Data caching + external modifications could result in stale data getting stuck in cache.
     new a493e79  Removed some dead code and unused imports.
     new ac59115  Reorder and comment terminal conditions at the beginning of DataCacheStoreManager.flush to make them a little more clear to slow people like me.
     new 1355d88  Force maven-javadoc-plugin to use version 2.1, since it works around a problem with the 2.0 version of the plugin that doesn't add dependencies to the doc class path.
     new 8b2e032  Added license header.
     new caa1ea4  made in-mem match queries fail faster; added another test case for new  DataCacheStoreManager work
     new fbc9da9  Fixed license to be the Apache 2.0 license.
     new 22226fc  Fixed docs to not say that the package includes connection pooling.
     new b4077bd  OPENJPA-74: Fixed multiple problems with named queries: 1. They were not being parsed as part of the orm.xml file, since we were incorrectly looking for an attribute named 'query' (when it really should have been a sub-element named 'query'). 2. Looking for a named query did not force resolution of all metadatas. 3. An NPE was being thrown when a JPQL query was created with a null filter
     new 9623c5c  Support many-one and one-one relations as primary key fields.
     new 607b863  Update serp version.
     new 346f6a0  tolerate EM / EMF proxies as arguments to toBroker() / toBrokerFactory().
     new 9e85e90  correct configuration property name
     new cd65ce1  No need to eagerly instantiate plugins for class transformer configuration.
     new 9a2a907  Fix possible NPEs resulting from Patrick's last DataCacheStoreManager commit.
     new a568c52  reverted the move to serp 1.12. Once it's in ibiblio, we can reassess the need to move to 1.12.
     new 05f7fac  Michael Dick's patch for OPENJPA-76, plus a tweak to make it use resources instead of files.
     new 9234331  Fix recently-introduced bugs in conversion between JPA facades and underlying components.
     new eb777be  Moved Kodo query compilation cache into OpenJPA.
     new 7ad13de  oops; added ASL header
     new 0e02efd  Updated version to 0.9.6-incubating in hopes of having a release
     new 3b9fa1f  Bugfix for when abstract base class has no discriminator value.  Cleanup of query compilation cache additions.
     new 8efffbd  Test for the OpenJPAQuery.setSubclasses method.
     new 535d6a9  Simplify the usage of the WAS ExtendedJTATransaction API.  We only need to check the globalId (and not the localId) for presence of a global (user) transaction.  Also corrected some of the exception processing and tracing of exceptions for rollback processing.
     new 71ed42e  Forgot to include the ManyOneEntitySub.class in the MetaDataFactory...  Query tests now work again.
     new b40ba51  Simple test case for abstract schema name queries.
     new e94e493  Added call to attach the GPG signature files to the binary uploads so the signing can be automated when 'mvn deploy' is called.
     new 286c870  Replace the UUIDGenerator with an implementation based on the Apache Commons Id implementation.  This change removes the LGPL implication from the original implementation.
     new 42e0745  Fix line over 80 chars.
     new 46291a1  Fixed to build docbook in the "process-resources" phase so that it gets built before the packaging is done.
     new 824959c  Removed the openjpa-examples jar from the assembly (which should only contain the sources).
     new 83695d6  Manually include the openjpa-all module in the zip file. For some reason, it wasn't being included in the package.
     new cf56e21  Updated to version 0.9.7-incubating-SNAPSHOT
     new fd57bd6  localizer optimizations for normal usage patterns
     new fb77059  Fix for deeply nested subqueries, and for the JPQL IN(<subquery>) construct.
     new de3f43a  moved to JDK1.4
     new 227e4b7  Set the project name.
     new ead07f4  Rolled back to 0.9.6-incubating to re-run the release process; fixed licenses in NOTICE.txt; added license headers to files where they were missing; removed sun.misc.Perf class, since we are no longer supporting JDK 1.3 (and it is only unavailable in 1.3 and lower)
     new 779f7dc  Fixed license header.
     new f0e9c97  Set failonerror in the build file so it fails when there is a problem running the example.
     new 089ec41  Fixed XML headers to be valid
     new c0de579  Fixed license header.
     new 63530f0  Fixed XML header.
     new e06b1c5  Fixed XML header.
     new ef56f82  Updated to version 0.9.7-incubating-SNAPSHOT
     new 0767776  Removed mention of LICENSE files in directories, since they don't apply to OpenJPA.
     new 813bb89  Updated to version 0.9.6-incubating
     new 3e8f9d9  Updated to version 0.9.7-incubating-SNAPSHOT
     new a3749e8  moved to commons-collections 3.2 to avoid serialization bug that was resolved in 2005 (3.1 dates to 2004).
     new 3e5f435  removed some unused imports
     new 54cb893  moving to JDK1.4 LinkedHashMap instead of LinkedMap where possible.
     new db2128f  Use mapping XML serializer.
     new 301580c  made a number of configuration-related classes serializable to facilitate alternate means of configuration population; moved away from a couple more usages of commons collections LinkedMap; added new lifecycle callback to ProductDerivation interface
     new bda2015  added openjpa.Id property, and put logic in PersistenceUnitInfoImpl to set the openjpa.Id property to the persistence unit name if no openjpa.Id property is discovered.
     new a5f3ae4  realized immediately after committing that the id belongs at the generic Configuration level, not at the OpenJPAConfiguration level.
     new 72741ef  moved metadata properties about openjpa.Id property
     new 330654d  use Configuration.getId() as the default diagnostic context, if no diagnostic context is specified in the log configuration property.
     new 3a51857  invoke the close() callback at the beginning of ConfigurationImpl.close(); change other ConfigurationImpl subtypes to use preClose() instead of now-final close(); add test case for close callbacks.
     new 7284131  Fix bug in which abstract JPA entities were being mapped to tables when the declared inheritance strategy for the hierarchy was TABLE_PER_CLASS (which actually means table-per-concrete-class).
     new 08a615e  Added 'relations' example to demonstrate defining and querying relations in JPA; also upgraded the version of Derby included in the release for example usage to be in order to keep up
     new cf517aa  Fixed duplicate named query in sample.
     new b653ae9  removed unneeded import
     new 54d9735  improved error messages; made NonPersistentMetaData serializable
     new 9a7139c  Added license headers
     new f6067b2  Specify that LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt be included in the top-level or the source distribution (although it is additionally contained in the openjpa-project/ directory).
     new fff0cd8  Specify that LCIENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt files should be included in the META-INF/ sub-directory of all generated jar files.
     new 82c4e26  Made the source assembly unpack into a different folder than the binary assembly (for example, the binary assembly might unpack to "openjpa-project-0.9.7-incubating-SNAPSHOT", and the source assembly will unpack to "openjpa-project-0.9.7-incubating-SNAPSHOT-source").
     new 70f3162  Added licenses for included binaries that aren't also released under the ASF (serp-1.11.0.jar and persistence-api-1.0.jar).
     new dd5c646  Null check.
     new ab14852  added docs for openjpa.Id property
     new 32ced33  removed debugging code
     new 3fdf607  removed external dependency so that OpenJPAVersion can be run with just the openjpa jar in the classpath
     new 66f6d90  Removed dependency on Class.getPackage() for finding files, since that method can sometimes return null.
     new 15cb2cd  Added back the ability to call getPackageName() on the Message object.
     new b9570f6  Removed Apache license header, which appears to have been accidentally added. The file is actually released under Sun's CDDL.
     new 11de856  Added mention that the orm-xsd.rsrc and persistence-xsd.rsrc files are released under the CDDL.
     new 99bd6a7  Added DISCLAIMER.txt to the built jar files along with NOTICE.txt and LICENSE.txt.
     new 25b0d96  Added mention of where orm-xsd.rsrc and persistence-xsd.rsrc came from.
     new 07dadf5  removed duplicate info; added category data
     new 8015a25  fixed typo
     new 16f7878  fixed bug that caused cached JPQL queries to not properly cache the candidate class.
     new ca45e32  Changed syncWithManagedTransaction to return true if a transaction is already active (rather than throwing an exception), since section 5.9.2 of the JPA spec suggests that it should be legal to invoke EntityManager.joinTransaction() multiple times.
     new 970f647  Resolving JIRA report OPENJPA-63 for better pessimistic lock support for DB2.  Instead of the usual "for update" clause, db2 dictionary will now use "with rr use and keep update locks" clause.
     new dbcdfb9  Include the original exception that caused the ClassFormatError to be thrown.
     new eb9a626  Fixed bug where we weren't copying the nanoseconds when the Timestamp is cloned.
     new b8710be  Added property svn:eol-style=native
     new a836ea3  Added property svn:eol-style=native
     new 87dc2aa  Correct bug in our default for the name of an inverse join column within a join table.  Added configurable property for users to retain the old defaulting for compatibility if desired.
     new d5fb948  Add backward compat property doc.
     new ee33aa7  Default name fix.
     new 4a03860  Not using the cached version of zip file. For deploy-undeploy-redeply, the iterator was holding stale reference to the cached zip content. The 'close' flag is no more required, the zip file is closed as dictated by the user of the iterator.
     new db25f08  Terminate loop when connection attempt succeeds.
     new e54b0c1  Move to dynamically-created bytecode proxies for second class objects, rather than checked-in proxy classes.  This allows us to proxy custom collection, map, and bean types.
     new d44b353  Document capabilities of new proxy manager.
     new 770abf1  Don't proxy final classes.
     new db174a9  Better error message when attempting to proxy final class.
     new 7b91f91  Bytecode proxy fixes.
     new d85fbde  Fix calendar proxy bug.
     new 9dcdd3a  Improved error message.
     new 600d949  Copy all calendar parameters that go towards equals() comparisons.
     new 6dff15b  Serialize proxies to non-proxy copies.
     new 0ffb985  Allow the parameter to an IN(?) expression to be a Collection type, which allows variable-length IN parameters. The spec is a little vague about whether this should be allowed or not, but there's no reason not to support it.
     new 74589c8  Use most derived available classloader when loading plugins so that we can load application classes when the application uses a derived loader.
     new 148d8f8  Wrap non-Collection arguments in Collections so that the query language can support having both varargs "in" clauses as well as clauses that take a Collection parameter.
     new dfca20d  Processing <metadata-complete> and <xml-mapping-metadata-complete>
     new d6dbada  Option to create proxies for standard java.util types at build time.  These proxies can be serialized as proxies for use with detached state managers, whereas runtime-generated proxies have to serialize themselves as a copied instance of their corresponding java.util type in case they are transferred to a different classloading environment.
     new d8be930  Generate proxies for all standard java.util types during jar packaging.
     new 597930f  JPA says an EM should act closed when close() has been invoked even if the persistence context remains open while the current managed transaction completes.
     new 4e85c5e  Making loading of build-time generated proxies overridable by subclasses.
     new 53614b3  Prevent the end range of a substring from going over the end of the string.
     new 847b33a  Allow updating in-memory values with complex expressions, rather than just simple Constants and Literals.
     new d823825  Allow configurable set of known unproxyable types.
     new f48441c  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 87b5ae1  JIRA OPENJPA-90
     new 3db7e32  A single class may not have more than one lifecycle callback method for the same lifecycle event (spec section 3.5). The contraint applies irrespective of whether the class is a persistent bean or a listener or both.
     new 264356a  created methods for interacting with product prefixes; moved configuration loading mechanisms to these new methods
     new d98ca1d  Fixed error in substring range check.
     new 25988d2  Convert single values into Collections in order to support varargs "IN" expressions.
     new fee371d  Put in missing check for a NOT clause when short-circuiting an IN expression that has a single value.
     new aecff50  Stop enhancing entity identity classes to make non-public properties public for access by the various identity object manipulation methods of the enhanced entity class.  This caused problems with runtime enhancement if the identity class was loaded before the entity class.  Instead, rely on reflection to access non-public identity class members.
     new 8b64067  Always merge new MetaDataFactory settings with any previous settings because many of its properties are often set implicitly and aren't meant to erase other settings.
     new 414a5d4  Reset the SM to the old value, instead of nulling out.
     new fdabcf6  Use fetch - needed to handle autoassign value-strategy
     new 2508046  Fix - return the qualified SecondaryTableName
     new 89f0148  Fix - DetachedStateManager to dirty the owning metadata in case of a dirtied embedded field
     new 8264feb  Check for null to handle the current thread's Context ClassLoader being null
     new 6c4a0dd  Fix bug in XML metadata serialization order of properties.  Add target-entity to serialized properties when appropriate.
     new 6cb121e  Changes for JIRA OPENJPA-77 issue.
     new 4611bf9  Code changes for OPENJPA-93: sequence maintainance in JTA env without non-JTA datasource. This has been nominally tested in WebLogic Server.
     new a255da6  submitting patches for OPENJPA-92. I have not tested them aside from compiling and running the regression tests (against Derby).
     new 056ecf5  Exception translation when a managed transaction completion even causes an error.
     new 4bbf599  Added new SchemaTool action: deleteTableContents, and added support for comma-separated lists of schema actions, both via the MappingTool -schemaAction option and via direct SchemaTool usage. This implementation always processes all of the known types in the system; I have not tested running MappingTool against just one or two classes to see what 'all of the known types in the system' really means.
     new 04e07eb  adding forgotten new file for previous commit
     new 942599e  deleteTableContents optimization for MySQL. This is disabled by default, as MySQL may fail if using InnoDB + delete constraints.
     new f69eb13  some docs about MySQL optimization
     new 3e6410b  Adding @UniqueConstraint annotation.
     new 2013fb5  Allow non-string values in Map passed to Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory for OpenJPA-specific properties.
     new f5e4742  Ignore "Id" property while reporting unrecognized configuration properties.
     new 663fbe6  Force a version check when merging an unchanged detached entity to ensure that we don't blindly use stale state.
     new 61c87ac  Allow refresh of new-flushed instances.
     new 64fe22b  Remove some incomplete comments.
     new 0507313  Fix to retain original FM because of the possibility of reentrant calls
     new 799fc69  Make sure we keep the entity's @Version field in sync with any changes to the internal version of the instance.
     new 9549416  Don't clear the @Version field when we clear the internal version.
     new c6121be  import cleanup
     new 9851f62  Put getJDBCMajorVersion() in a try/catch block, since it is a JDBC 3-only method, so it might throw an AnstractMethodError.
     new 6055a34  OPENJPA-100: <jar-file> processing bugfix, and logging improvements
     new 6eae1a3  Fixed bug where we were creating the delete query in the setUp(), but never actually executing it.
     new 3dd1c43  Allow use of reflection to access private id fields of pre-1.5 classes.
     new 430d90f  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new b7c7a47  Modified handling of class level UniqueConstraints to be similar to field level constraints.
     new 218a000  ClassMappingInfo.addUnique() accepts a Unique instance rather than an array of column names
     new 8303c81  Processing <unique-constraint> in XML descriptor and serializing the same. Does not cover <unique-constraint> within Secondary or Join table.
     new c87c187  corrected debug logic; improved trace message
     new 49857ff  Added 'openjpa.loglevel' property to build which allows one to control the verbosity of logging via the system property. Also added various profiles for testing different databases (test-derby, test-hsqldb, test-mysql, test-postgresql, test-sqlserver, test-sybase, and test-custom)
     new 7afa907  Added "openjpa.Log" property to all the database profiles, not just the Derby one.
     new a6e07e5  corrected debug logic; improved trace message
     new 97b23eb  Resolve jar scanning issue by avoiding certain probably-buggy ZipInputStream methods
     new 3edddc6  improved trace messages
     new d58ba3b  removed unneeded field
     new c712866  fixes for OPENJPA-102 and OPENJPA-104
     new ef67680  Fixed concatinate function to cast both sides as a VARCHAR, since DB2 and Derby disallow parameters on both sides of the function.
     new bb7bf59  Changes for JIRA OPENJPA-103 issue.
     new f0be9e1  Changed SQL generated by JPQL query "null = null" from "NULL IS NULL" to "1 = 1", since some databases (e.g., DB2) dislike "NULL IS NULL", but everyone is OK with "1 = 1".
     new fa5eb3a  Changed SQL generated by JPQL query "null <> null" from "NULL IS NOT NULL" to "1 <> 1", since some databases (e.g., DB2) dislike "NULL IS NOT NULL", but everyone is OK with "1 <> 1".
     new 4f0c542  test case for OPENJPA-102 and OPENJPA-104
     new 396efa6  Support native queries making stored procedure calls, or insert, update, delete. For native queries returning ResultSet should use getResultList or getSingleResult interfaces on Query. For native queries performing updates without returning any results use executeUpdate interface on Query.
     new a40baca  reformatted ugly code
     new e2665ce  Use the current thread's classloader in addition to the configuration class' loader when loading globals.
     new 4a5e42f  Guard for null in Class.getClassLoader().
     new 7f2613e  Work around Oracle's inability to call PreparedStatement.setNull(index, Types.OTHER). We will instead used PreparedStatement.setNull(index, Types.NULL).
     new b37a0f0  Fixed incorrect quoting of parameters in trim functions.
     new 6b78680  Fixed bug where mod operator wouldn't get inserted (for databases that support the % mod operator).
     new fd0e25d  Expand Column.isCompatible method parameters to also take type name and decimal digits so that DynamicSchemaFactory can set this information when building up its internal schema representation.
     new d88af9f  Fix bug in serialization of table element in JPA XML metadata.
     new 45d90fd  Fixes to parse and use SqlResultSetMapping, SqlResultSetMappings annotations.
     new 9554476  Fix to use the specified result-set-mapping for named native queries
     new 5dddb15  Fixed register/removeListener methods to not re-add once initialized.
     new 81c9a79  Use additional contextual classloaders when deserializing lob data.
     new 4a0ea76  TCP RemoteCommitProviders deserializes by input streams that are smart in resolving classes.
     new d1d0ef0  When performing a bulk update in-memory, also support Literal and Constant parameters, since they might be used in their JDBC implementation when the original query was executed against the database.
     new 6e07993  improved error message. Yes, this message discusses concrete means for configuration that are not really in the purview of openjpa-kernel. But the benefit of directly mentioning the causes of the problem outweigh the coupling to the underlying configuration mechanisms, at least until we decide to move the error message generation to spec-dependent subtypes.
     new 2c5377f  Throw an exception if the user tries to perform an bulk update with a parameter other than a primitive.
     new d9c26d9  Exclude the openjpa-examples jar from the aggregate jar, so we don't include the example classes in the OpenJPA jar.
     new 74823f7  Rollback redundant change of removing "Id" before warning for unrecognized configuration keys.
     new 5f76ea2  Fix documentation on openjpa.LockManager property.  Remove some redundant logic from BrokerImpl.
     new 22f77ef  Handle ClassNotFoundException and ClassCircularityError instances when trying to load the classes into the temporary class loader during enhancement. These exceptions will indicate that the class is not loadable, and so they couldn't have any persistent metadata anyway.
     new 62358d3  Handle ClassNotFoundException and ClassCircularityError instances when trying to load the classes into the temporary class loader during enhancement. These exceptions will indicate that the class is not loadable, and so they couldn't have any persistent metadata anyway.
     new 24cf4c9  If we don't know the access type for a class when parsing, first check for a superclass and default to that class' access type.
     new 0273937  If we don't know the access type for a class when parsing, first check for a superclass and default to that class' access type.
     new e4bf044  Added openjpa-integration/tck/pom.xml which can be used to run the JPA TCK (provided it exist locally) against the OpenJPA build.
     new 17c6580  Changes for JIRA OPENJPA-116 issue.
     new 372e899  Change EntityManagerImpl.assertOpen to EntityManagerImpl.assertNotCloseInvoked to more accurately reflect the purpose of the method.  Fix several instances where we were relying on the method to actually check whether the underlying broker was open.
     new f7b7f37  Added mention of needing to use schemaCase=preserve when using a case-sensitive instance of SQL Server.
     new a85d58d  OPENJPA-21: added java.sql.Time to docs
     new 6a68820  Changed references to '{user.home}/.m2' to be '{maven.home}', in case people have a non-standard repository location.
     new 593977b  Un-did last change, since maven.home doesn't actually work.
     new 4cb55c6  Use "settings.localRepository" instead if "{user.home}/.m2" to handle non-standard repository locations.
     new 67a73ee  Changed docbook build mechanism to no longer manually download the docbook files from, and instead have the docbook files be a maven dependency, and access the dependency directly. This is mainly because they removed the old file from that we were relying on, but has the side-benefit of removing one network-sensitive component from the release build probless. Unfortunately, this also means that we need to downgra [...]
     new aeafc39  Simple test for OPENJPA-116.  Just modified the simple TestPersistence testcase with a new variation for testing the exception on getDelegate() when the EM is closed.
     new 2ac1bcc  OPENJPA-118: Implemented patch provided by David Ezzio for broken openjpa.AutoDetach behavior
     new 11e3835  Clear bytecode Project of ProxyManagerImpl to save memory.
     new 862cd15  OPENJPA-122 Added check for methods that require the EntityManager to be open but where the Broker would throw a different exception
     new a11158d  Classloader used to generate dynamic implementaion of managed interface uses interfaces' classloader as parent
     new cde63a4  OPENJPA-122 Added test for throwing IllegalStateException after EntityManager.close
     new a5dcfc9  OPENJPA-122 Removed unnecessary import
     new 2e0c5d5  Avoid NPE.
     new 0b60936  OPENJPA-37
     new 3c58b88  Changes for OPENJPA-115.  Removed the explicit lock/unlock invocations when obtaining an EM (broker).  Changed _brokers to use ConcurrentReferenceHashSet (with weak references).  And, due to the weak references (probable cause), I had to check for nulls when iterating through the _brokers during the close processing.
     new 84763ce  OPENJPA-37: changed kodoc to openjpac
     new 9b78cd5  Changed openjpac task to be called "enhance" instead..
     new d826caf  OPENJPA-119.  Needed to allow the EM.clear operation to perform without doing an implicit flush.  Introduced a new boolean parameter to indicate whether a flush is desired or not.  This allows both the new (correct) behaviour for JPA as well as the old behaviour for other persistence personalities (JDO, etc).  I also introduced a new testcase for this scenario, and updated a couple of other tests.
     new 8d28858  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 326df83  Use single line commenting style (//) instead of the block commenting style (/*..*/).
     new c13e2ba  Dynamic implementation class of a subInterface is loaded with the classloader of the dynamic implementaion of the superInterface.
     new 485cfd3  test cases for agreed-upon callback behavior
     new 859da3f  OPENJPA-133.  Change the processing of the getMethod() method to properly recognize non-public callback methods, along with validating the parameter types.
     new a2be03e  Add a DiscriminatorStrategy.hasClassConditions() method rather than having the DiscriminatorStrategy.getClassConditions() method return null for no conditions so that we can detect whether the joins to the base class owning the discriminator are necessary before making them.  Otherwise, we run the risk of creating table aliases for base class tables without joining them, which can result in bad SQL.
     new 0a072b8  Fix possible NPE introduced in recent changes to MethodLifecycleCallbacks.
     new 7ea424b  OPENJPA-139.  Need to include JavaTypes.CALENDAR in the switch statement when attempting to attach a field of type CALENDAR.
     new a384218  Changed assertion to check for javax.persistence.PersistenceException rather than org.apache.openjpa.persistence.PersistenceException, since the API may wrap the PersistenceException.
     new 02f2ced  Added multiple different implementations of the same data model for flexibility testing; added a helper test case from which other tests can be extended to easily perform persistence operations
     new 7f523e0  Changes to deal with never version of the TCK.
     new 195d5dd  Corrected issue with revision 505052 to ensure that isAssignable(from, to) passes if one element is null and the other element is an empty array (which indicates a compatible method signature).
     new 3bacfce  Added resource necessary for loading company model tests
     new b8d3750  Restored TCK logic that I accidentally deleted.
     new d36faee  Fixed incorrect directory location for company model
     new ecf428b  Upgrade Derby dependency from to
     new 7d0839f  Added extra debugging logic to make sure the default company model deserailizes from the companies.xml file.
     new e14378f  OPENJPA-138.  Some updates to help with performance of OpenJPA in an application server environment.  Details can be found in the OPENJPA-138 Issue.
     new db07362  Made entity classes non-final to conform to spec requirements.
     new ac5aa08  Changed JPA API dependency from javax.persistence/persistence-api to org.apache.geronimo.specs/geronimo-jpa_3.0_spec since the latter is a more correct reflection of the specification.
     new 01eddbe  Removed repository since we no longer need it.
     new 1bef88a  Added integration test for examples included in the package
     new 611932c  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 7a2330c  Compare Configuration instances on their full properties, including defaults. Also serialize the full properties because product derivations aren't re-run on deserialize, so we need to know the complete defaults, etc.  We still track the user-given properties separately so they can be used in factory pooling.
     new dfc102b  OPENJPA-141.  A few improvements to the performance-related changes done with the previous Issue.  Reference OPENJPA-141 for details.  Biggest change was moving some of the common caching code to ImplHelper.
     new 4efc5d6  Revert "full properties caching" changes made to ConfigurationImpl -- they're causing problems on some appservers.
     new 8974a09  Only substantive change is flipping the order of the args in an ImplHelper.isAssignable call in FetchConfigurationImpl.  We want to test whether the type we're traversing to is derived from the type we're traversing from.
     new 09e7aab  Capture the version fields into the memento when setting the savepoint and restore the version information into the StateManagerImpl as a part of the rollbackToSavepoint call. Fix addresses OPENJPA-154.
     new 4f102a7  Capturing reference to the Column[] at the creation time in the RowImpl instead of the Table, to work with DynamicSchemaFactory where the Table's columns can get modified after the creation of the RowImpl before the flush.
     new 1b44695  OPENJPA-146 : When copying an OID superclass field for re-mapping, revert type to PC.  It will re-resolve to OID on its own when the field's metadata is resolved, and in the meantime it will ensure we use the same path for metadata resolution as non-copied fields.
     new 372b837  OPENJPA-150 : Re-use parseColumns method when parsing AttributeOverride columns so that we get secondary table information.
     new e3f8a96  Prevent access to the pc fields by implictly invoking _pc.toString() as that may cause infinite loop if toString() again tries to access unloaded field(s)
     new 018cf32  Use safe and standard way to print a pc.toString() using Exceptions.toString(Object) when logging messages that may cause infinite loop.
     new 0b8bf28  OPENJPA-156. Applied Michael Dick's patch (thanks). Updated symbolic constant to use OpenJPA norms, changed references to external symbolic constants to use constants from the map impl being used, and reduced if-else statements for readability.
     new 82a62a6  OPENJPA-157. Fix to use the getIndependentTypeMappings to handle the case of field's declared type being abstract/unmapped
     new 2d3871b  DB2 Optimize for clause enhancement
     new 7eb91d0  DB2 Optimize for clause enhancement
     new 65bd1f0  Second attempt at serializing to full properties, including defaults, rather than just user-defined properties.  This ensures that on deserialization we get the proper settings despite not running product derivations.  Previous attempt caused problems on SunONE.
     new e20afb3  OPENJPA-161
     new 2a95f80  OPENJPA-151.
     new 7db81e3  OPENJPA-158 -- reduced log level to TRACE for a variety of enhancement and metadata related messages
     new 53f19cb  removed the propertyaccess tests since they were failing (due, I believe, to a Derby bug) for some people
     new 5ae6e75  These changes are reverting the changes integrated for revisions 510336 and 510281.  From the remarks on the dev mailing list, the basic idea is sound, we just need to re-visit the implementation a bit.
     new 4bf637f  Improve error checks for mapped-by mappings.  Mark deleted instances as eligible for state restore on rollback so they don't always clear.  Always cascade attach to embedded instances.
     new 7303bcd  Slight update for the changes introduced via svn revision 506230 (OPENJPA-138).  Instead of just skipping the "null ClassLoader" (which indicates the SystemClassLoader), we'll use the static ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader() method in order to populate the cache.
     new 31010aa  Fixed JavaDoc typo
     new 560f895  OPENJPA-160
     new 661f673  OPENJPA-160. Removed BrokerImpl test to make this work properly for subclasses. Since BrokerImpl is cloneable, all subtypes will also be cloneable, so we don't really need to test for anything.
     new dc797ab  OPENJPA-160. Non-finalizing implementation is automatically selected when createContainerEntityManagerFactory() is invoked; clarified some method signatures.
     new af1796f  OPENJPA-160. Docs updates.
     new 6e30b56  While looking at how the Caches are supposed to work, I found this reference to Tangosol's cache.  And, since we don't ship the plugins for the third-party caches, I changed the wording in the manual.
     new ebe1b57  Fix a couple of errors in the code to default to the non-finalizing broker in PersistenceProviderImpl.createContainerManagedEntityManagerFactory:   1) Don't add to the given Map, because it might be read-only.   2) Prefix the BrokerImpl property correctly when adding it.
     new afce8f5  OPENJPA-162 : Allow explicit @OrderBy(<primary key field>).
     new 1af233a  OPENJPA-80: MySQL escape string for string matches queries
     new d2c748d  OPENJPA-121: Table name defaults to the class name instead of the entity name. The key change is in PersistenceMappingDefaults; other changes include a new test case and removal of spurious @Table annotations from previous workaround.
     new 69c34cd  OPENJPA-46: TRUE and FALSE should be case-insensitive in JPQL
     new 0b90c67  OPENJPA-71: resolved inefficiency with array types and AbstractPCData
     new 9bfc9cf  OPENJPA-166: Added new setRollbackOnly(Throwable cause) flag so the Broker can track the reason for why the transaction would be marked for rollback, and correspondingly added reporting of the cause in LocalManagedRuntime, as well as support for WLS's corresponding support in WLSManagedRuntime.
     new d35bc8a  fix for OPENJPA-22
     new b5bab78  OPENJPA-142: read entity names specified in XML. Also added comment clarifying that ClassMetaData.setTypeAlias() is only used at enhance time.
     new 853fb31  OPENJPA-35: fixed bulk update / bulk delete logic to properly clear out the data cache as well as the query cache. We could probably change the logic to remove the query cache mutations, since the data cache clear should automatically clear out the query cache as needed. Also changed the test framework a bit to allow for easier test harness creation without using SingleEMTest, which required providing access to the open brokers from AbstractBrokerFactory.
     new 148519b  Removed unneeded import.
     new 1da2bd7  Added useSystemClassLoader, which is required for maven-surefire-plugin version 2.3
     new fabdf10  Fix recently-introduced bug in handling of arrays in data cache.  Add test for a shared id value among sibling classes deriving from the same mapped superclass.
     new 17c21b7  Slight updates to the manual to connect the JPA CascadeType.REMOVE processing with the OpenJPA @dependent annotation.
     new 4ce16ed  Fixed up a couple more "kodo" references...
     new 229f245  OPENJPA-174 : Remove legacy code throwing an exception when attempting to construct an oid instance for an abstract persistent type.  Improve error message in ApplicationIds when attempting to create a new id instance when the id class is abstract.
     new eb27482  OPENJPA-132 : Fix bugs with using a field of type java.sql.Date/Time/Timestamp as a single-field identity primary key.  Replaced "generationtype" test package with "identity" test package and moved old identity generation tests to new package, along with new test for java.sql.Date id fields.
     new 123fce5  Tests for java.sql.Date id fields.
     new 68e4f9a  Whitespace formatting fix.
     new ae2d868  OPENJPA-175. PagingResultObjectProvider to use FetchBatchSize when set for eager selects. Fix to handle Oracle in-clause limit of 1000
     new 91cc432  OPENJPA-176 Made the stringified exception prefixes scrutable.
     new 442c1ce  Patch for OPENJPA-168
     new 9b61ded  Simplify breaking up long IN clauses into multiple OR'd IN clauses based on the dictionary's IN clause limit
     new df02d83  Only process registered classes that are listed as belonging to this persistence unit.
     new f7aef45  OPENJPA-181 : Fix class cast exception by passing along the StoreQuery context whenever we pass around an Executor, so that the StoreQuery and Executor are always matched.
     new fee9308  fixing indentation and few changes suggested by Abe for OpenJPA patch-168
     new 3a5d064  OPENJPA-186 Forced the version of maven-surefire-plugin to be 2.2 due to building issues with 2.3
     new 1679c05  Cleanup and fixes to changes for OPENJPA-168.
     new fe900d9  by default, our build should not try to run the TCK build. Or, at least, it should not fail if the TCK isn't present, which was the behavior prior to this patch.
     new 3d929be  OPENJPA-194 Changed name of openjpa-all-VERSION.jar in the assembly to be openjpa-VERSION.jar
     new 8167400  Bring some consistency to test case structure.  Now all persistent test cases extend SingleEMFTestCase or SingleEMTestCase as appropriate.  These base test cases contain utilties for initializing the EMF on setup and deleting any inserted database records and closing the EMF on teardown.
     new 57f9f3a  OpenJPA-185 allow optional to be overriden by xml descriptor.
     new 10bdc61  OPENJPA-196 Removed the requirement that the number of positional parameters assigned to a query correspond exactly to the number of positional parameters declared in that query.
     new f023f58  OpenJPA-179 store defaultSchemaName in ClassMapping
     new cf7ae01  adding release notes, changes.txt, and building.txt
     new 24538f5  Added missing 'join-bad-col-name' localized string.
     new 9c25f9b  Minor formatting changes.
     new 9e8e265  changes for JIRA OPENJPA-182
     new 4754f09  Fixed autoboxing issue
     new 6fe50aa  fix to OPENJPA-182 commit
     new 729c7af  changes for OPENJPA-184.Appending DB2Diagnosable information to the exception.No logging done.
     new 5d18f26  fixing little formatting for OPENJPA-184
     new fa68b7d  updating release-notes with suggestions from Roberty Burrel Donkin
     new 7bd43ff  OPENJPA-184: handle the case where dict is null in SQLExceptions by moving the logic into DB2Dictionary.newStoreException().
     new cf47647  Minor change of Sun to JCP
     new db2a53f  removing unneeded method in OPENJPA-182 fix
     new 80f7795  Cleanup bugfix relating to use of a default schema declared in orm.xml: - Removed prepending of schema name in PersistenceMappingDefaults.getTableName   methods as unnecessary. - Moved storage of default schema name to ClassMappingInfo as that's the only   place we use it for now. - Moved setting of default schema name into the more efficient endClassMapping   method of XMLPersistenceMappingParser. - Fixed MappingInfo.createTable logic to pass the full table name to   Sc [...]
     new e541936  OPENJPA-203.
     new 814637c  OPENJPA-182. Moved to API-based model. Query.setHint() can still be used via the query hint => fetch plan binding.
     new 7f998f1  Null check.
     new 57442b7  HSQL doesn't support locking; short-circuiting tests that require pessimistic locking
     new c5d82a7  OPENJPA-203. Fix select-for-update queries to timeout after the LockTimeout interval
     new 1773160  updating releasenotes and changes.txt
     new 1c8f82b  Move LockManager API back to using int timeouts, since that's the way they're handled elsewhere (FetchConfiguration, Broker, etc). Only use the lock timeout on a forUpdate query if it is greater than the configured query timeout. Selects that are made *only* to lock a row (rather than to query data, with locking as a side effect) still use the lock timeout exclusively, ignoring the query timeout.
     new 8ece757  OPENJPA-182
     new 60a1e54  OPENJPA-202 : Don't detach LRS fields.
     new 31c7a57  Remove unneeded import.
     new bd93bfa  OPENJPA-182. forUpdateClause is now used even if forUpdate is false, to allow for read-only optimizations. Changed JDBCFetchPlan.setIsolationLevel and JDBCFetchConfiguration.setIsolationLevel to just JDBCFetchXXX.setIsolation.
     new 15e1289  OPENJPA-193 Added 'tck-profile' profile flag that enables running the JPA TCK as part of the integration-test phase
     new 0570f6b  adding OpenJPA-202 to changes and release-notes.
     new 82d274a  Redirect TCK output to a openjpa-tck.log file.
     new 840644f  OPENJPA-182. Changed JDBCFetchPlan.setIsolation() to use enums; added logic to handle enum hints to QueryImpl; moved from IllegalArgumentException to InvalidArgumentException to unify exception processing for both queries and find calls.
     new af2550b  OPENJPA-208 Throw NoResultException and NonUniqueResultException when expected
     new 4b6bade  Use the authoritative JPA API jar for running the TCK to get around incompatibilities with the Geronimo JPA API.
     new d62996f  updating release notes and changes
     new 7fd119e  updating trunk version
     new 89b0cf6  decoupling running of the examples and the tck, so that examples-related need not be addressed in order to run the TCK.
     new f041ba0  fixed some issues with our TCK-running framework to hopefully get it running on Windows
     new 24299b3  more attempts at fixing things for the tck
     new d86ba0e  Broaden exception check to consume all LinkageErrors rather than just ClassCircularityErrors.
     new 82c71f6  removed some os-dependent code from integration test pom
     new 0806fd5  OPENJPA-208 Added NoResultException and NonUniqueResultException to kernel to allow the identification of the case where a unique result was selected by either none or too many were found
     new b4a3a77  OPENJPA-134 : When we're performing eager fetches and we can detect that we're already fetching the owning side of a bidi relation, cut off eager selecting and loading when we come across the back-ptr to the owner again.
     new 3885031  OPENJPA-214 : Support float and double fields as single-field identity primary keys.
     new 8b20d69  adding -project back into the zip files names
     new 4ea1c3f  adding license to java files
     new 794ca05  update release docs
     new 7713ecf  rewording statement re Java6
     new 640cdda  Updated license headers to be in accordance with
     new aec27a3  fixing typos in RELEASE-NOTES.html in trunk
     new 09dad99  moving derby.log file to target directory
     new b0ba394  adding license
     new 47ffcea  adding license info to readme
     new 022abc1  Added docbook:docbook-xsl to the list of dependencies to exclude from the binary.
     new 1af9d83  Changed dependence mechanism to be inclusion-based rather than exclusion-based.
     new 0df6a69   fix for OPENJPA-222 .Update the getForUpdateClause, instead of overriding the toSelect
     new 30f2042  further clean up for OPENJPA-222
     new 0f66458  OPENJPA-222 testcases for DB2
     new c816683  OPENJPA 222 fix for the testcases for DB2
     new 0bc9685  OPENJPA 222 fix for test case
     new 129360a  OPENJPA-222 clean up
     new b74ad20  Added example for using the reverse mapping tool
     new 3f48eca  Exclude reversemapping/ from the test compile, since it is dependant on classes that are only generated when running the reverse mapping demo.
     new 42f0d50  Fixed to be more lenient when looking for artifact to expand.
     new 149011a  Fixed directory issues to ensure that this build file can be run from a different directory (such as when running the integration-test).
     new c148649  Use absolute path for derby database to ensure that the database is always places with the example code.
     new 9b43b9d  Specify that we should only include org.apache.openjpa packages in the javadoc so we don't accidentally include an of the example code.
     new 5d8c645  Cleaned up doc building so that images and css are copied to the target folder so that the docs can be built and previewed without needing to build the entire package.
     new 78a8f12  Changed link tag to xref since there is no enclosed describing text.
     new 0460c11  Output multi-page manual as well as single manual page.
     new 68d9b38  Changed docbook processing to use the docbkx-maven-plugin, which enables us to easily also generate PDF documentation
     new 24dc0c7  Added "Apache" to the title of the guide.
     new ce3abf8  Added the ability to use the YDoc UML doclet by enabling the "ydoc-profile" when bulding docs.
     new 9b05b63  Added the ability to use the YDoc UML doclet by enabling the "ydoc-profile" when bulding docs.
     new 44c9787  Fix bytecode generation to use new FetchConfiguration.requiresFetch signature.
     new 9e044de  Fix broken functionality in allowing users to construct a custom application oid from its stringified form.
     new 6bad8ff  Removed use of JDK 1.5+ String.contains() method
     new 0e7feca  OPENJPA-219. Avoid Class.getDeclaredField() / Class.getDeclaredMethod() in Reflection, since they throw exceptions as a side-effect. Also contains assorted clean-up in ClassMetaData.
     new 14ba7ee  Added OpenJPAVersion.RELEASE_STATUS to log messages to more completely encapsulate version data.
     new f777088  Usability improvements discovered while working on OPENJPA-228. When loading enumerated types in the enhancer, pass them to serp as strings rather than as classes. This permits the use case where a subclass and superclass are both compiled and enhanced, and then the superclass is recompiled, and the subclass and superclass are both listed in persistence.xml, and the enhancer is then invoked.
     new 0819749  Fixed MetaDataException to take a nested Throwable argument (which is the common case) instead of a FailedObject Object argument (which many of the existing constructions of MetaDataException are erronously using with a nested Throwable argument)
     new b2beaec  OPENJPA-229
     new 7d7e303  OPENJPA-229. Not sure how these didn't get committed in the first commit.
     new a99763c  Updated recently-added files to meet Apache's latest header syntax.
     new 43c9310  OPENJPA-226
     new d5d214c  Fix for issue OPENJPA-51. It should also resolve issue OPENJPA-173.
     new a044af3  Fix for issue OPENJPA-51. It should also resolve issue OPENJPA-173. Change to use BitSet.
     new bcc3b67  add query test for OPENJPA-51, queries with subselects with correlated/non-correlated aliases
     new d7d400b  fix build break, class list is removed.
     new 2f4cafd  OPENJPA-148 Fix for scanning directories for persistent types.
     new e422a7d  OPENJPA-148 Applied the rest of the patch for this bug.
     new 2f07532  added clarifying comment to persistence.xml
     new 33aa3cb  ran mvn install; seems to work
     new 80671af  OPENJPA-235. Reformatted code to meet OpenJPA conventions; widened some type arguments that seemed unnecessarily narrow.
     new d9fbb9c  Propagate the provided classloader further into the PCEnhancer call stack.
     new 23beb96  undo patch for OPENJPA-51, revert back to r52881
     new a92785f  OPENJPA-194 Changed openjpa-all-VERSION.jar to be just openjpa-VERSION.jar, and changes to be
     new 59bd5b0  OPENJPA-51 removing testcases
     new a461910  Make sure the examples directory exists when we run the integration-test.
     new 9eaec94  OpenJPA 168  testcase
     new 15b0b59  OPENJPA-230. Updated patch based on an out-of-band patch from Vishal. This version avoids interrupts while still handling guaranteed delivery of messages in the queue.
     new add6a29  OPENJPA-230. Fixed dependency on not-yet-checked-in class.
     new 4a15b9c  OPENJPA-235 Reverted patch since it was causing TCK failures
     new f98ecf4  OPENJPA-235 Reverted patch since it was causing TCK failur
     new 81e89bc  Formatting fix.
     new e041fe0  OPENJPA-237 Copy aliases array so it can't get modified by reference
     new 04397f5  OPENJPA-148 Applied follow-up patch that resolved potential NPEs
     new bc0c353  OPENJPA-148 Fixed incorrect import of non-existent ClassLoaderMetaDataIterator in patched file
     new fcad0cd  move openjpa repos to top-level
     new 75e59a4  Test commit for new repository.
     new 0e19b71  Changed version from 0.9.8-incubating-SNAPSHOT to 0.9.8-SNAPSHOT to reflect move from incubation to TLP
     new e5cc6d8  Changed reference to svn repository from incubator repos to TLP one.
     new 87d1182  Add board report
     new 3599a48  Moving version to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT as a result of mailing list vote
     new 4870d3f  Updated the scm information in poms whose directories do not match their assembly names, which will hopefully fix one of the recent Continuum problems on vmbuild
     new c634dcb  OPENJPA-248.  Modified parseForeignKey to set the appropriate cascade update action.
     new e8fb1e4  A couple of minor doc updates (no specific JIRA report) relating to a typo of remove (instead of refresh) and referencing another section in the Reference Guide for additional order-by capabilities.
     new 1ef670d  I'm pretty sure the rollback() test method should be calling rollback() instead of commit()...  :-)  I found this while attempting some other tests, so I figured I would clean this up before somebody else stumbles across it.
     new 4d23f44  Added TLP migration and release naming tasks
     new 5463700  OPENJPA-235
     new 0a5619e  Corrected delete-by-query example. Thanks, Ignacio, for pointing this out.
     new aea920d  Improve documentation.
     new aa3353d  Reece's test case from OPENJPA-235. I was a bit nervous about the changes to EntityB and EntityC's relationships, but all the existing OpenJPA tests pass, so evidently we did not rely on the particular settings as they were.
     new 273045b  Final update for board report for June 2007
     new 2e8b28c  Replace usage of String.contains() by JDK1.4 compliant method
     new 43eb438  Removed JDK1.5-specific construct.
     new d72a5ad  Fixed JDK-1.5-specific Array.toString() call.
     new 0091bca  Added a 'java14.jar' property that can be used to specify the location of the JDK 1.4 runtime jar, against which we will compile the JDK 1.4-specific modules. This can be used to ensure that JDK 1.5-specific methods and classes don't slip into the JDK 1.4 modules.
     new 5cda177  Fixed invalid index tag.
     new b7aac84  Fixed bad link names.
     new 90d053f  Resolve Getter/Setter type inconsistency in Entity IdClass. Reflects to find setter method in Application Identity class with correct parameter type.
     new ee3c0b1  OPENJPA-240 Feature:Persistent field mapping support for XML column type.
     new d384dcb  OPENJPA-240 Feature:Persistent field mapping support for XML column type.
     new f026af5  OPENJPA-240 Feature:Persistent field mapping support for XML column type.
     new 1a130af  OPENJPA-240 Feature:Persistent field mapping support for XML column type.
     new 3aac689  OPENJPA-240 Feature:Persistent field mapping support for XML column type.
     new 04b873a  OPENJPA-240 Feature:Persistent field mapping support for XML column type.
     new a4e1584  OPENJPA-240 Feature:Persistent field mapping support for XML column type.
     new e0e176a  OPENJPA-240 Feature:Persistent field mapping support for XML column type.
     new 9f0a7ff  OPENJPA-259. Applied Craig's patch (minus the ACK char; maybe Craig meant ^L instead?), and added a test case. The test uses dynamic JPQL, but the parser change should work for XML-based named queries also, and it seems fair to allow newlines in dynamic strings as well.
     new 79827a9  Remove use of JDK 1.5-only method String.contains().
     new 8bf89a6  OPENJPA-240, packaging/renaming/JAXB dependency cleanups
     new e59f995  OPENJPA-240, cleanup work
     new 1921d6c  OPENJPA-240 fix JAXB dependency and move XMLValueHandler to openjpa-jdbc-5.
     new a39a2da  Return gracefully when no class found for enhancement. Without this check raises NPE.
     new cc8ac0b  Changed the parsing of the driver name to not use the JDK 1.5-specific method String.contains() and String.split().
     new bd51cad  Changed checking for javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlType to use reflection instead of a hard-wired class name so we more gracefully handle cases where JAXB is not available.
     new 578c987  Removed unused import statement.
     new be91d22  OPENJPA-51. Committing Catalina's patch. It passes against Derby in my environment as well.
     new cbb7bde  Remove use of JDK 1.5-only method String.contains().
     new 39f1071  OPENJPA-262
     new 0dde3fd  OPENJPA-262. Added @since tag.
     new 843c861  OPENJPA-240, changed jaxb dependency to version 2.0
     new e65f53b  OPENJPA-61.  Marc's patch tests out okay with WebSphere.  I made a couple of minor cosmetic changes to the patch.  We need to get this into the stream for additional testing and verification by other application servers. So, let's go for it...
     new c1c32b4  OPENJPA-266 Allowing PreparedStatementManagerImpl to be extendable
     new 49445ed  OPENJPA-267. Test case for some basic MethodQL behavior.
     new 058c174  OPENJPA-269 Updating InformixDBDictionary
     new f34e22e  Added setUp() so that extending types don't need to always create one.
     new 5a23d04  Improved error messages
     new ffdbc5a  OPENJPA-262. Added transaction callback registry to BrokerFactory as well, to parallel lifecycle callback structure
     new 1b9d1e2  OPENJPA-262. Added test case for lifecycle and tx registries in BrokerFactories. Also discovered that BEFORE_PERSIST listeners (and possibly a couple of others) were not being invoked; fixed-by-inspection and simplified the registration of types in the lifecycle event handler.
     new 7db9a7f  OPENJPA-266, committing the patch.
     new 5c4a8c7  OPENJPA-70. Added new RemoteCommitEvent payload type and logic to fire RemoteCommitEvents when stale records are detected. This logic still gets fired via afterCommit(), even though these checks can happen either after a commit or a flush is issued. Additionally, these events are only fired against local listeners, so actually represent local analysis that is detecting remote events, rather than remote events themselves.
     new 9975362  OPENJPA-271, add DB2 JDBC driver 2 support - datePrecision set to MICRO, (Timesptamp in micro-second in DB2) - save version strategy in Column (needed for specialized TimestampVersionStrategy) - set storeCharsAsNumbers to false (DB2 default - store chars as chars)
     new 0b356df  OPENJPA-271, add DB2 JDBC driver 2 support, add message key/text
     new 85b2e76  OPENJPA-239 Patch to support the generation of annotation mappings using the reverse mapping tool
     new 1bded00  OPENJPA-199. Passed all local tests; I have not run against the CTS though. It *should* work against the CTS, as it was a bug on our side, and not the spec's side.
     new 21909df  Guarantee that remote commit events are fired against OpenJPA internal data structures before externally-registered listeners. This means that externally-registered listeners can rely on the OpenJPA data structures being up-to-date by the time that they are fired.
     new 0c517d1  OPENJPA-244 committing on behalf of Albert
     new 8b5a7f6  OPENJPA-244 Fixed some formatting inconsistencies with the patch for OPENJPA-244
     new e286a91  OPENJPA-278
     new d995713  fixed typo
     new 774e7b5  OPENJPA-274, OPENJPA-275. Improved our bulk update support to automatically increment version counters as necessary if an UPDATE query does not maintain the version fields itself. Also fixed a bug with all queries involving version fields by changing FieldMappings representing version fields to return their owning ClassMapping's Version's columns from a getColumns() call.
     new 0826b7a  OPENJPA-279
     new 2f5d52b  OPENJPA-280. Committing for David Ezzio.
     new 124f615  OPENJPA-280. Correcting my mistaken commit.
     new 50332f0  first draft of OpenJPA July 2007 board report
     new dfba4df  OPENJPA-266, extensibility for platform specific version column Passed TCK with Derby
     new b051354  Added David Ezzio to report
     new 6b6a4b5  Add product version checking for DB2 UDB ISeries V6R1
     new 3408ef1  New test case. It works already, so this is mostly just additional coverage.
     new 4b6b578  OPENJPA_283. Committing Ignacio Andreu's patch.
     new 96a7367  Final update to Jul-2007 board report
     new 7d6c0af  Minor reformatting
     new 62ae83f  Minor updates to help with translation and formatting of messages.  Items like removing contractions like "can't" and "doesn't".  Also, ensuring there are two single quotes for possive like "Provider's".
     new b8bb840  OPENJPA-235 break-nullable-patch contributed by Markus Fuchs
     new 25fbdab  updated README
     new a275b7a  OPENJPA-240  XMLMapping Query support for persistent field maps to XML column.
     new b761732  OPENJPA-240 XMLMapping Query testcase
     new 462cf31  OPENJPA-240 XMLMapping Query testcase - fix identation
     new 0260d8d  Making inner ConfigurationParser public for reuse.
     new 1c9f0ae  OPENJPA-287
     new f12af8d  Adding BootstrapException that ProductDerivations recognize during beforeConfigurationConstruct()/load()
     new 99950ad  OPENJPA-288 committing on behalf of Teresa
     new a5d1acd  OPENJPA-284 committing on behalf of Teresa
     new 168c007  OPENJPA-263 : Introducing getAll(List) method for data cache to be called by loadAll() will allow data cache plug-ins to leverage the advantage of any third-party cache that provides a way to get multiple object in one call by providing a list of keys (oids).
     new 9ce0bed  Test that externalization of EnumSets works as expected.
     new e2556dd  Test that @ContainerTable annotation is properly read.
     new a5ed9f7  OPENJPA-240 XMLMapping Query support,  fix eol delimiters to unix style
     new 19dc613  Reset sequencetable for TestTableGenerator
     new 126ed03  OPENJPA-266 process dbdictionaryPlugin values for vendor specific DB Dictionary.
     new 9316b81  OPENJPA-240 XMLMapping Query - rename XMLMetaData to XMLFieldMetaData Help Catalina committing changes for renaming classes, part 1.
     new c70b70b  OPENJPA-240 XMLMapping Query - rename XMLMapping interface to XMLMetaData Help Catalina committing changes for renaming classes, part 2.
     new e634400  OPENJPA-240 XMLMapping Query - move XMLFieldMetaData & XMLMetaData close to XMLClassMetaData Help Catalina committing changes for renaming classes, part 3.
     new 502d648  OPENJPA-240 XMLMapping Query - undo move XMLFieldMetaData & XMLMetaData close to XMLClassMetaData Help Catalina committing changes for renaming classes, part 4.
     new 092729c  Test case for selecting enum values into a new managed instance.
     new b505302  Simple test case for in-memory remote commit provider.
     new dbf7ab2  Simple test case for lifecycle listener support.
     new 3ddd88b  Removed unneeded imports.
     new 7a6a81d  Attempt to resolve high-load UUIDGenerator problem. I was not able to reproduce the issue, but code inspection seems to indicate that this fix should work.
     new 6b45d6e  fixed incorrect method name
     new 747226b  OPENJPA-293. All tests pass, but only because we don't currently test Java 5 + redefinition (only Java 5 + no redef). We need a new version of serp (1.13.1) to support that configuration; the new version has not yet made it into ibiblio.
     new 8c1710e  OPENJPA-297
     new 8586e0f  OPENJPA-240 add XMLMapping documentation to ref_guide_mapping.xml Committing Catalina's openjpa-project.patch
     new 5853305  OPENJPA-298
     new 9f6b703  Changed 'PrimitiveWrapper.valueOf()' to 'new PrimitiveWrapper', since the valueOf() method is new as of JDK 1.5.
     new b83db93  Removed mention of 'openjpa.Configuration' logging channel, since it does not exist.
     new 0243702  OPENJPA-293. Fixed problem with transactional state maintenance that was preventing lifecycle tests from passing.
     new 61c0800  allow username info to be passed in to deploy step
     new ffec020  Make it possible to run the TCK in various enhancement modes via system properties.
     new 2bc4c4a  Code cleanup.
     new 872d008  OPENJPA-304.  Changes to DepthFirstAnalysis and associated classes and testcases to resolve IBM JDK and Sun JDK differences.
     new 7ca46cf  OPENJPA-240 XMLMapping Query - refactoring JAXB XML annotaion parser Help Catalina committing OPENJPA-240.r560665.patch for refactoring JAXB XML annotation parser.
     new a1d2885  OPENJPA-303 committing on behalf of Albert
     new 6128ddb  OPENJPA-266 load platform specific DBDictionary from dbdictionaryPlugin Help committing Catalina's DBDictionaryFactory.patch
     new f61968f  OPENJPA-285.  I am going ahead with the integration of Kevan's patches for the two memory leaks found in OpenJPA while testing Geronimo.  I will post more details in the Issue.
     new 97b94f6  OPENJPA256 this class differs from most plugins in that the plugin type is the standard java interface Map.class (rather than an openjpa-specific interface), which means that the ClassLoader used to load the implementation will be the system class loader; this presents a problem if OpenJPA is not in the system classpath, so work around the problem by catching the IllegalArgumentException (which is what we wrap the ClassNotFoundException in) and try again, this time using [...]
     new 17ecf67  Fixed test case to first check to see if any CREATE TABLE statement was issued at all. If not, then the database might already have created the TemporalFieldTypes table, in which case the validation assertions of the temporal column types will fail.
     new a8fc8df  OPENJPA-295 improved testcase
     new 60d4f7c  Draft board report for August
     new 4150e7f  OPENJPA-295
     new 3c17af7  Fatal Bootstarp exception raised by any ProductDerivation will abandon bootstrapping process
     new a361f6a  Changed exception message to show the version id (e.g., 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-r12345), rather than redundant version status string that had been output (e.g., 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-SNAPSHOT).
     new 17fcd00  Minor docs clarification.
     new 890d160  Just a couple of new testcases that I used to debug some problems recently.  Turned out to be non-issues, but I thought the testcases still might be worthwhile to have in our bucket.
     new c34fb4e  OPENJPA-281.  Committing the patch that I posted earlier this week.  These changes do the proper eager loading of @Basic types.  Along with a new testcase and updated AllFieldTypes.
     new 9382677  OPENJPA-272.  Committing the changes to allow @GeneratedValue to detect and report if initial values and/or setters were called on fields marked with @GeneratedValue.  New testcases were also provided.
     new 156a7ff  OPENJPA240 applied patch by Catalina Wei to remove static dependency on JAXB classes
     new a5010b4  OPENJPA240 fixed to use JavaVersions.isEnumeration rather than Class.isEnum (which is not available in JDK 1.4)
     new e466dee  OPENJPA240 added missing null check
     new dd1ea27  OPENJPA240 added missing null check
     new d5ef5d1  OPENJPA-308
     new 0b1b37d  feedback from Bill Pugh of FindBugs fame
     new 79c7b28  OPENJPA-240 check null before adding field meta
     new 09e13c4  Minor final-field change.
     new fa39add  Prevent this class from attempting to build its schema when using a database that doesn't support XML datatypes.
     new d260d34  Oops; fixing NPE caused by previous short-circuiting.
     new 86e4700  OPENJPA-86
     new 63c3748  OPENJPA-165
     new b7fe663  Tolerate container failure better, now that we can handle non-enhanced types.
     new 4c9a725  Fix typos in caching section of doc
     new 60f5974  OPENJPA-293. Corrected PCEnhancer to use FieldMetaData.getDeclaredType() instead of getType() in some situations.
     new 5c9642d  OPENJPA-244.  Committing Albert's changes for Java 2 Security (minus the white space).
     new 8ba0483  OPENJPA-168 Query Hints documentation added to jpa_overview_query.xml Help Catalina committing the patch.
     new 99ecf95  OPENJPA-311
     new 26b0e49  Help Catalina committing OPENJPA-313.r564688.patch
     new 4e81825  OPENJPA-313.  Looks like this patch wasn't quite ready for prime time.  I attempted to re-build and re-test right after applying this change and I got several testcase errors in openjpa-persistence-jdbc.  I revert back and the problems go away.  Needs some more work...
     new ecc36a0  Build system work in preparation for 1.0.0 release; fixed some missing license headers; added maven ARAT plugin
     new e59b9de  OPENJPA-293. Updated to latest serp dependency now that it's in the maven repository. Needed for interface-ordering issues in JDK1.5 + redefinition.
     new c014c92  Help Catalina committing OPENJPA-313.2.patch
     new 4463c74  Changed repository urls to deploy to the local site build.
     new 7ae341d  additional check for  XmlRootElement annotation
     new 485527a  removed debugging code
     new 88f293d  OPENJPA-312.  Committing these changes for Daniel.  I decided to make a common private utility method out of the common code across the proposed patch, but the intent of the original patch is still there.  Thanks, Daniel, for posting the fix.
     new 8d1daca  Adding support for change of configuration properties after the configuration has been frozen. Three methods have been added to Configuration:   i) Configuration.getDynamicValues() returns list of Values that are dynamically modifiable.  ii) Configuration.isDynamic(String property) affirms if the named property is dynamically modifiable. iii) Configuration.modifyDynamic(String property, Object value) modifies the named property value even when Configuration.isReadOnly().
     new 6cd259f  OPENJPA-143
     new 71f44f8  OPENJPA-320.  Updated the resevered schema prefixes for DB2.
     new f9fcb11  Fixed JDK 1.5-ism of Character.valueOf(char) by changing it to new Characher(char).
     new 784de8a  OPENJPA-322.Copying over the TimeZone to the proxy. 446787 seems to have accidentally removed this.
     new 9bebf55  Fixed TCK to only use a single jar in the top-level openjpa-all aggregate module.
     new 6316c57  OPENJPA-323.  Committing message updates per Teresa's patch.  Thanks, Teresa!
     new 62f09af  something in Marc's checkin (r565955) broke how I run the examples; reverting the phase change to see if invocation in the old phase resolves the issue.
     new 778ab2a  OPENJPA-317. Changed OpenJPA published API pre-1.0. Reduced the scope of the dependencies in OpenJPAEntityManager and the other published interfaces; converted JDK1.4-style symbolic constant usage to new enums; changed some method names for clarity and consistency; removed old javax.resource dependencies; updated @published and @nojavadoc tags. The published interfaces should now only reference other published interfaces in method signatures, and it should be possible to [...]
     new 0071549  OPENJPA-317. Removed comment; added exception to test case method definition for extensibility
     new 4e8936a  OPENJPA-317. There is no additional covariant-type work to do here.
     new 032bf10  OPENJPA-317. Javadoc clarification.
     new 6de7e5f  Imports cleanup.
     new 0a40e8c  OPENJPA-323. If it was ok to comment out, it must be ok to remove altogether.
     new 8dd6857  OPENJPA-314, OPENJPA-315
     new dda1e8e  OPENJPA-293. Allow runtime redefinition to be disabled via a configuration setting. We really should sweep through the code and change ImplHelper to take a Configuration as an argument, but that won't change the behavior; it'll just make some of the validations more eager.
     new ede9dcb  OPENJPA-293. More-eager failures.
     new e26e154  OPENJPA-317. Added ResultSetType and FetchDirection enums. Used FetchDirection instead of FetchDirectionType because FetchDirection seemed much more natural.
     new 8c28c6b  Improved debugging to reduce verbosity when not in TRACE.
     new b0c5cfe  If a getter is marked @Transient, be a bit more quiet about compliance warnings.
     new 89ec548  Static field can be final.
     new ebcec6e  OPENJPA-317. Moved away from requiring Type at the end of enums, in favor of alignment with existing OpenJPA config settings.
     new fb1c554  Fixed bug I introduced with new configuration setting earlier.
     new 3d22005  Fixed bug I introduced with new configuration setting earlier.
     new 7977291  OPENJPA-293. Fixed bug with property access and booleans and 'is' accessors.
     new eaeebf2  OPENJPA-321.  Committing Teresa's patch with a few minor formatting updates.  Thanks, Teresa.
     new 52d7ab7  OPENJPA-321. Avoiding JDK1.5-specific String.replace() call. Also changed the method to return a well-balanced SQL, since it looks like the only usage is in a place where well-balanced-ness is possible.
     new 56f6b43  OPENJPA-317. Some more API Javadoc cleanup, plus a bit of last-minute renaming and method visibility changes for clarity.
     new b0cddf4  OPENJPA-256. Applied patch supplied by Bernd.
     new 071a9ab  OPENJPA-326 Initialize discType
     new ee05926  Setting heap size for tests in trunk
     new f40b551  Draft board report for August 2007
     new 92d78bc  Pass along openjpa.loglevel to enhancer and remove hard coded trace spec from a testcase
     new d45627f  Final draft of board report for August 2007
     new dc576a1  Move board directory to top level
     new 0a8239e  Removed unneeded import.
     new 953df22  OPENJPA-338.  Committing Teresa's patch for correcting CASTing with DB2.
     new 99730c3  Make SingleEMFTetsCase.setUp() public so that it'll get invoked by junit.
     new 99029c0  Make derived setUp() methods public so that they will get invoked by junit.
     new 62b3725  OPENJPA-339 committing on behalf of Albert
     new 8e629a1  Fixed typo.
     new ad0bbc5  Made field final
     new c70bee2  Changed trunk version to be 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT (was 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT)
     new ba7de16  Changed OpenJPAVersion to load version information from a resource (like how we load svn data) so that current version info (as of the last mvn compile) will be available for code built and run from source.
     new e959466  OPENJPA-282. No test case.
     new 3fa6098  OPENJPA-282 -- part two. No test case.
     new 065d3e2  OPENJPA-282. Fixed incorrect variable choice.
     new 614c53d  Merging changes from 1.0.x branch into trunk (from branch point 567935:HEAD)
     new e89b51c  OPENJPA-344. Enable serialization of metadata and query compilation caches. This implementation requires that the user run a tool to build the cache, and set a configuration property to tell OpenJPA where the serialized data is stored.
     new 849e10a  OPENJPA-344. Build is failing because of this change; changing to use initCause() on the hypothesis that the 1.4 phase of the build does not support a Throwable argument to the constructor.
     new cbe8908  OPENJPA-344. Moved temporary files into the target dir.
     new 87b9e53  correcting scm dir specification
     new fefe7f2  added Catalina to committer list
     new 3a78ec6  updated site index with some links and more content; changed pom definitions to put docs into the uploaded builds
     new a7777cb  OPENJPA-346
     new 44db576  Allow dynamic configuration property. Changes include 1. Add getter/setter for boolean 'dynamic' field of Value 2. Add Value.assertChangeable() that Value subclasses must invoke prior to set new internal state 3. Changes Configuration readOnly state from a boolean to a simple 3-step state variable INIT_STATE_LIQUID/FREEZING/FROZEN. This is done to allow lazy instantiation of some PluginValues after the BrokerFactory freezes configuration. 4. Removes assertNotReadOnly() c [...]
     new a61ecf0  Removed now-illegal assertNotReadOnly() calls
     new 5affd12  OPENJPA-347.  This change brings the performance back to the expected levels.  I have also updated the "BidiSQL" testcase to ensure that regressions like this get caught during normal testing.
     new 4dae223  OPENJPA-339.  Committing Albert's Java 2 Security changes.  Hopefully, this is the last batch of changes...  :-)
     new 8500fee  OPENJPA-343.  Modified the call to setRollbackOnly to check for a valid Transaction status first.  If the Transaction is not in a valid state, then we will log a trace message indicating such failure.  Processing will continue though.
     new dbc7cec  updated build site to include more timestamp information; removed some documentation-related stuff from pom files
     new 8274867  Minor logging corrections; flow control correction when types are already enhanced.
     new a3b0778  Improve error messages when processing metadata / JPQL queries.
     new 8fc5924  OPENJPA-344. Increase the footprint of metadata that is gathered during the MetaDataCacheMaintenance storage process.
     new bbbe5ad  OPENJPA-345
     new 6d1c3bf  Removing numeric constant in favor of JDK1.4 literal, now that OpenJPA requires 1.4.
     new caa4b76  OPENJPA-353
     new 7d9724a  OPENJPA-355 Fix checking for log levels; patch submitted by Adrian Co"
     new a3a74cc  OPENJPA-356
     new f33cb3d  Fix for FetchGroup inclusion and recursion depth calculation.
     new 1242abf  OPENJPA-363
     new d022b18  OPENJPA-130. Committing Ignacio's patch, with a few whitespace and method name tweaks.
     new cd66165  Fixing incorrect return value.
     new 6d5fe3b  OPENJPA-357, OPENJPA-358: Adding @since tag/comments to new additions to FetchGroup inclusion
     new 7c07cc6  OPENJPA-357, OPENJPA-358: Checking for user error of wrong fetch group inclusion
     new 4157d09  clarified prerequisites
     new 3d8748c  OPENJPA-361.  Committing Albert's patch for the incorrect GREG_OFFSET (Gregorian Offset).
     new a4bf964  OPENJPA-360 SQL FOR UPDATE OF incorrectly generated for DB2 UDB version8.1 or earlier and DB2 ISeries V5R3 or earlier. These  DB2 version also require the "optimize for <n> row" clause appear before FOR UPDATE clause. Due to this requirement, the OPTIMIZE clause will  appear before FOR UPDATE clause for all DB2 versions. Also fixed the affected testcases.
     new efc6e37  OPENJPA-360.  Remove code dependencies on DB2 libraries from unit tests.
     new 5e590a9  OPENJPA-360 FOR UPDATE clause incorrectly generated remove transient variable
     new 809cb37  OPENJPA-335. 'svn merge -c 575492 ../branches/1.0.x'
     new 44c0840  NPE check. Checking in on behalf of Abe.
     new 884d6b5  OPENJPA-367.  Committing Albert's patch (since he doesn't have his committer karma quite yet...).
     new c8ca563  OPENJPA-24: Relaxing access to connect() for extensibility.
     new 861e397  OPENJPA-364 commiting patch from David Jencks
     new c0cf405  OPENJPA-375  DB2 autoCommit(true) causes Result Set prematurely closed in WebContainer JEE environment.
     new 7524219  OPENJPA-369.  Committed Albert's changes for the Java 2 Security updates for the Solaris platform.
     new cea8ab5  OPENJPA-305: Add originalValue for Value and modify Configuration equality/hashCode to base on Value equality/hashCode
     new 5d4d50d  OPENJPA-378 DB2 "FETCH FIRST <n> ROWS ONLY" clause should not be generated in subselect for SELECT COUNT(*) from (subselect ...) s
     new 91917c4  OPENJPA-379. Creating the statement with the resultSetType, resultSetConcurrency specified consistent with the Kodos internal pool.
     new 89b030c  OPENJPA-380
     new 12840ca  OPENJPA-382
     new 6f43ce7  OPENJPA-385.  Committing changes for both 1.0.x and 1.1.0 to properly skip and optionally log malformed .class files.
     new a92418d  OPENJPA-388
     new bb527a1  OPENJPA-369. Committing Albert's 1.5-supporting changes.
     new 60062e2  OPENJPA-370.  Committing Teresa's patch with a few minor updates (per my JIRA Issue remarks).
     new 5a48e90  OPENJPA-387.  Committing the latest patch from Daniel (with slight modifications by me).
     new fab1a92  OPENJPA-389 et.commit() not issuing database commit for Native queries involving updates.
     new 5ef181a  OPENJPA-368. Committing Vikram's patch.
     new a817af2  Added "jpatck.test" argument to allow the running of an individual test.
     new abff87e  OPENJPA345 The last patch had the side effect that the artifact zip doesn't contain most of the required dependency jars (e.g., commons-lang), since the transitive dependencies are not followed to pick up these jars. Resolved this by explicitly listing the required jars in the openjpa-all dependencies. Also moved most of the dependency version numbers into the parent pom.xml dependencyManagement section to ensure that all dependency versions are the same.
     new 03d1977  OPENJPA-366 - Add message text to InternalException.
     new cafd3d7  OPENJPA-366 Trivial typo in new message
     new 22e5530  OPENJPA-392
     new 704fc1b  Minor typos and javadoc updates.
     new 4fb0c28  OPENJPA-395.  Use getShort instead of getInt for the KEY_SEQ, DEFFERABILITY, and DELETE_RULE metadata fields.
     new 8c6e31a  OPENJPA-397
     new a1fb5b7  OPENJPA-396.  Going ahead with the commit of the patch.  Per the discussion in the Issue and the dev mailing list, I have added a few more comments to the clone() generation.  Thanks.
     new 027c472  removing dependencies on JMS and commons-logging from the distribution. Neither of these are required for OpenJPA usage.
     new 31e436d  OPENJPA-401
     new 151cf2d  OPENJPA-399 committing Teresa's patch
     new 2d6fbb5  OPENJPA-399 Committing Teresa's patch
     new cc5e5a3  OPENJPA-402 Complete .class file read in ZipFileMetaDataIterator
     new 6529b65  Added "" property and comment on how to run TCK tests using a database other than derby.
     new eb6a63c  Added "openjpa.log.level" property to override the level of OpenJPA logging during TCK tests.
     new 5b67b24  The overridden toSelect() signature in the OracleDictionary was no longer appropriate since the DBDictionary.toSelect() change in revision #577972 (which fixed OPENJPA-378). This resulted in the special Oracle range handing to no longer take place, resulting in setFirstResult() and setMaxResults() effectively being ignored for Oracle.
     new 7eabf99  removed empty file. In addition to being empty, this was causing rat to fail.
     new 716b008  OPENJPA-293. Moved localized message to correct package.
     new 09c894a  OPENJPA-403. Assuming that ignoring the new code is sufficient in cases where the fetch configuration is unavailable.
     new cdd3185  Set a default value for "jpatck.test" so that not specifying a test will allow the TCK to run.
     new 935d55d  Removed passing along "test" parameter to TCK script, since it seems to cause problems when it is unset.
     new 86f79ae  OPENJPA-405.  Dropping Teresa's patch for trunk and 1.0.x branch.
     new c2752e2  Use cached and possibly-reset timeout value instead of re-obtaining the configured value. Discovered potential bug while walking through code; no report or reproducer.
     new aca5f33  OPENJPA-409.  Message update.
     new a20d36c  OPENJPA-399.  Committing Teresa's most recent patch for this Issue.  Should be ready for resolution now.
     new e083202  OPENJPA-317. Documentation changes.
     new c4f8a37  OPENJPA-404
     new 4363298  OPENJPA-317. Fixing bad XML.
     new 45cf3bf  OPENJPA-317. Updated docs.
     new be0582a  Minor update to doc to fix up a reference tag.  Question marks (???) were being displayed instead of the section reference.
     new ba6274a  OPENJPA-410.  Committing the change to make the "connecting to database" message a Trace message instead of an Info message.
     new 61c789d  OPENJPA-322 reverted change #567170 to restore previous behavior of TimeZones in Calendar fields; added test case to confirm that the Calendar fields behave as expected
     new 3020195  Typo in my doc markup.  Fixing the build break.
     new 647cbf2  Force javacc-maven-plugin to use version 2.1 of the plugin, since the newer version seems to cause problems.
     new 9291992  OPENJPA-413, commit files for Teresa in 110 trunk.
     new cb2a061  OPENJPA-113 with testcase
     new eb4c307  Remove packages from javacc directories and upgrade to version 2.2.
     new a282456  reverting javacc change so we will build on Windows
     new 9e5cc06  OPENJPA-416
     new 8a67bc2  OPENJPA-413 committing for Teresa
     new 1af3d93  OPENJPA-415 remove AbstractResultList.finalize() method.
     new 35fb37e  OPENJPA-413 revised message
     new b50c73f  OPENJPA-413. Some more clarifications in confusing error messages.
     new e487d35  OPENJPA-419
     new ddd0791  OPENJPA-422.  The reproxy() method needed the Calendar object type in it's switch statement.
     new 1f92ab5  Formatting fix.
     new 80d2c39  OPENJPA-423
     new 2f2e399  OPENJPA-421.  Committing Daniel's changes to ensure that the datasource configuration is complete before attempting to generate SQL.
     new 6a26ae2  OPENJPA-399 committing Teresa's patch
     new cd2f9e9  Localized error message clarification, based on user feedback.
     new 73b3587  Avoid potential NPE; fix error msg.
     new 98ef3d9  OPENJPA-407. Assorted performance improvements found while working on this issue. This change does not include any SQL caching work.
     new ac83668  OPENJPA-375: undo this fix for DB2 (result set closed problem). The problem is resolved by setting DB2 datasource custom property "resultSetHoldability"  to 1 in WebSphere.
     new 9776c5b  Fixed test case that depended on new error message.
     new c3ba59f  removed accidentally-added test case
     new f187b3d  Corrected extra whitespace in error message.
     new bc9d60f  OPENJPA-407. Backing out attempted optimization due to regressions in test suite.
     new 830cc35  Additional test cases for JPA annotations; commented-out test for OPENJPA-425.
     new 18cc4b9  Added to count SQL issued. Current sql list size is not used so that user can reset the counter without destroying the list of SQL.
     new e5556e0  OPENJPA-370.  Backing out the changes for the LoadFetchGroup implementation.  We need to re-think the implementation (both the real and the expected).  I left the test Entities in SVN, but removed the testcase so that we wouldn't fail the builds.
     new 3ca7d9d  OPENJPA-428. Clarification that 'openjpa.Id' is a configuration property, not a JPA property.
     new af4ea13  OPENJPA-430 -- strip hungarian notation prefixes. Checking in patch for Ben Short, along with minor whitespace reformatting and a small tweak to reduce computation if branch logic in correctName() will not use the calculated name.
     new a710a30  Additional test cases.
     new 9b42c2d  'key' is a reserved word in Derby.
     new 10de9ba  Changed the default table name and index name lengths.
     new c96881a  Set LockTimeout from configuration
     new 17a93ad  OPENJPA-417. Added support for containers of primitives, embeddeds, externalizables, etc.
     new 2895819  OPENJPA-417. Removed obsolete test support class.
     new 80269d0  OPENJPA-439
     new 4a8d0b7  OPENJPA-427 Change maxAutoAssignNameLength to 63 for PostgreSQL
     new 634bdc5  OPENJPA-9
     new 0071f7b  OPENJPA-316
     new 6f44b55  OPENJPA-316
     new 7468391  New test case for enums and JPQL (including some disabled failing tests related to OPENJPA-200); simplification to JDBCStoreManager.
     new f875a5e  OPENJPA-200
     new da9c4ba  Removing disabled test case
     new 0346483  Trivial whitespace change to test build-triggering filters
     new 02f0a83  Correctly override any configuration keys using a different prefix for the typed elements in a persistence.xml document.
     new 3ebf5a9  Make LoadListener.afterRefresh() work.
     new 1dcd7b1  Minor reformatting to put , on the end of a param line instead of at the beginning of the next line.
     new d4e978f  OPENJPA-447. It looks like some of our DBDictionaries might not be handling ranging properly even after this fix.
     new 4c2efed  OPENJPA-447 -- improved test case
     new e1dccc1  OPENJPA-446
     new aa5259d  OPENJPA-446: preemptively adding ASL license header on the assumption that the contributor will allow us to license these files.
     new 6ea5a81  OPENJPA-449 : initializing _pcClassLoaders in constructor instead of conditionally inside loadPersistentTypes(). Saves NPE on new Broker construction in multi-threaded scenarios' openjpa-kernel\src\main\java\org\apache\openjpa\kernel\
     new 46ce1f5  OPENJPA-448
     new 4fb39b9  Example of how to do dynamic class registration in OpenJPA.
     new 21ec161  Example of how to do dynamic class registration in OpenJPA.
     new 99bb160  While looking at dynamic class loading, I noticed that we create a separate MappingRepository when doing an in-process schema redefinion. This seems to lead to potentially-out-of-sync states in the main configuration MappingRepository; this change shares the Configuration's repository with the MappingTool.
     new c231cc8  Oops, it looks like this change wasn't passing. Not sure why it got committed; I thought I checked it in through the gatekeeper.
     new fad6f35  Removing the XML types from the default test runs to reduce complexity of unit test executions and to speed up overall test execution time.
     new 5018dfa  OPENJPA-126: EntityManager serializability. Also includes a fix to make LoadListener.afterRefresh() work. Committing directly (not via remote queue) as I'm about to lose my internet connection for a while. Hopefully, my local testing is accurate.
     new 1946a9b  OPENJPA-9 not all configuration files are XML, so have getAnchorsInResource and getAnchorsInFile just return null if it isn't able to parse the specific configuration resources as XML
     new 3002400  OPENJPA-223 Handle Indexes with multiple columns, which is a step towards a fix for OPENJPA-223
     new 5472692  OPENJPA-401 Swapped the order of the class loaders since the previous fix for OPENJPA-401 was causing intermittent failures in loading metadata when the mappingtool task was being run.
     new 55720f2  OPENJPA-455
     new 1928eeb  Returned initialize() to be public (which was made package-private in r597155 for some reason)
     new c97cd70  Added nested stack trace to the MissingResourceException as an additional diagnostic for issues around ProductDerivations.
     new 860a260  OPENJPA-454
     new 5e650f0  Changed JDK 1.5-specific String.contains() to JDK 1.4-compatible String.indexOf().
     new e503930  OPENJPA-456 committing patch provided by Teresa Kan
     new d3fb4ca  OPENJPA-460 Can't convert to: Time, InformixDictionary needs timeTypeName set to "DATETIME HOUR TO SECOND"
     new 88aa0ce  OPENJPA-463: Added conf.OpenJPAVersion as the Main-Class in manifest
     new a54f842  OPENJPA-462: Narrow StoreException by SQLException.getSQLState()
     new 38f41d8  OPENJPA-462: Adding SQLState in DerbyDictionary to demonstrate specialization
     new 111098f  Shows the failed SQL Statement when things break rather than internal ExpContext object
     new c00f3b5  OPENJPA-462: Adding a Test case to verify correct exception type
     new 265be5d  Tweak test case to report original error instead of cleanup error in the case where a test case failed and put things in a state that prevents cleanup from succeeding.
     new 45eb530  OPENJPA-456 committing patch provided by Teresa Kan
     new 485372b  Change Services.getImplementorClasses(Class) and Services.getImplementorClasses(Class,ClassLoader) to filter out implementations that are not assignable to the Class argument. This allows the Services call to be more fault-tolerant in environments with odd classloader configurations.
     new 787b57a  OPENJPA-9 Use the same criteria for resolving the configuration file for the purposes of listing all the anchors as we do for actually parsing the file itself. Fixes the problem where specifing the property "persistence.xml" was not actually resolving /META-INF/persistence.xml in order to obtain the list of anchors.
     new 2c18b55  Allow JDBCStoreManager to avail configuration different than that of its StoreContext
     new 7bd70d3  Allow JDBCStoreManager to avail configuration different than that of its StoreContext. Wrong tab corrected.
     new 008b249  OPENJPA-331. Checking in on behalf of Miroslav Nachev. Includes minor whitespace reformatting and @since tags for new source classes.
     new f185a0f  Doc improvement: added a cross-reference.
     new 84205d6  Error message improvement: include nested exception in constructor.
     new ab88266  OPENJPA-470. Added test case for custom sequence implementations, and updated docs with the current parentheses limitation.
     new a3c2d2a  Harmless change to test commit ability
     new e868210  Allow read-only access to operating set of instances to extensions
     new 69ee1ce  OPENJPA-331 fix notices
     new e11e207  removed incorrect premain class from interim jar
     new 288355f  Updated NOTICE to be consistent with other Apache NOTICE files
     new 4fda4e9  Allow access to underlying DataSource for extensibility
     new 82cd11c  Do not throw exception when failed to lookup JNDI, rather return null. Callers handle null
     new 4140d24  OPENJPA-452 Fixed xml in secondary table mapping example. Patch contributed by Ignacio Andreu
     new 6f29454  Small log clarification.
     new 5a0b5b3  Write output to the logging channels instead of to stdout.
     new 26ef9dd  Obtain the DBDictionary up-front in the mapping tool constructor to ensure that the dictionary is fully configured with connection-specific information.
     new 07c046a  Oops; earlier refactoring was not complete.
     new d621aa7  Removed duplicate prefixing of schema name in resolveTableName
     new 0d3bc96  OPENJPA-471 iSeries DB2 problem with using @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.IDENTITY) or @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.SEQUENCE)
     new 2933147  proxy collection optimization for adding to the end of a list vs. adding elsewhere
     new d4a2929  OPENJPA-147 -- managed interface support. Also includes failure test case for OPENJPA-481.
     new 72f7d7c  OPENJPA-147: added license headers
     new 8c4cf95  OPENJPA-488, OPENJPA-489, OPENJPA-490, OPENJPA-491, OPENJPA-492
     new 3d3cb67  OPENJPA-488, OPENJPA-489, OPENJPA-490, OPENJPA-491, OPENJPA-492. Adding omitted license headers.
     new 206f0f0  OPENJPA-488, OPENJPA-489, OPENJPA-490, OPENJPA-491, OPENJPA-492. Reduce logging in test case; use onlyChild() to validate tree structure.
     new 8464ea7  OPENJPA-488. HSQL override is no longer necessary; correct if clause in DBDictionary.
     new 240d356  OPENJPA-495 Populate Ordering/ProjectClauses from JPQL parser to be used for merging multiple ordered results
     new 7f797f0  OPENJPA-437.  Changed AbstractBrokerFactory.loadPersistentTypes to be synchronized to get around the multi-threading issue during broker creation.
     new 92d1334  OPENJPA-498. Resolve this by not removing if the prop is not set; the prop in question is only ever set internally anyways when EMF pooling is enabled.
     new 4d9a675  OPENJPA-245
     new 3aa6000  OPENJPA-500
     new 13dd4f2  Improve error message when checking metadata access types; correct recursive method to always include superclass information.
     new 95018ce  OPENJPA-430. Fixed bug that passed all column name checks through to the DBDictionary for potential renaming even when _defMissing is enabled.
     new 72aefb1  OPENJPA-430. Docs update.
     new 8d18daa  OPENJPA-464 committing patch provided by Teresa Kan
     new a8f6d3c  OPENJPA-477 Making StoreManager more flexible and extensible
     new 6a29ebf  OPENJPA-503
     new 5a1faec  OPENJPA-502
     new d4454e5  OPENJPA-503
     new 2a45dc5  OPENJPA-437
     new 2a612c1  OPENJPA-245
     new 78f5a95  OPENJPA-437
     new 37c4e91  OPENJPA-437. Trivial change to be consistent with class usage between constructor and symbolic constant.
     new b2a10e2  OPENJPA-477 no need to make changes to BootStrap, StateManagerImpl and PersistenceProviderImpl. These files are restored to their previous version.
     new 0b4ce34  OPENJPA-505. Committing on behalf of (Joe Weinstein).
     new badc4b9  OPENJPA-437. Reverted back to hard-reference ArrayList instead of a concurrent set, since the new logic only performs local mutation.
     new 70f3a94  OPENJPA-505.  Resolving some formatting issues with the r616658 commit.
     new 8d161ff  OPENJPA-357, OPENJPA-358. Changing @since tag to 1.1.0.
     new d24bec6  Allow EntityManagerFactory objects to be serialized and deserialized successfully.
     new 18e83a0  OPENJPA-251, OPENJPA-329. svn merge -c 616961 ../branches/1.0.x/
     new 62c8c54  OPENJPA-258 Merge from ../branches/1.0.x. svn merge -c 617039
     new 171dc5d  OPENJPA-258 Merge from ../branches/1.0.x. svn merge -c 617073
     new 64d0ea8  OPENJPA-135, OPENJPA-420 Merge from ../branches/1.0.x. svn merge -c 617164
     new a747db9  OPENJPA-506. svn merge -c 617334 ../branches/1.0.x; svn merge -c 617363 ../branches/1.0.x, plus modifications for serialization.
     new 4d336b2  Rolledback change to AbstractBrokerFactory pending resolution of issues arising from r616972.  Modified TestSerializedFactory to expect failure: it expects created EntityManagerFactory objects to be instances of Serialization, but to not be useful after serialization.
     new 8ba8fff  Fixed line lengths
     new 18c90bb  OPENJPA-508 Merge from ../branches/1.0.x. svn merge -c 617760 ../branches/1.0.x
     new 012efc0  OPENJPA-147. Changes resulting from tests via Kodo's harness.
     new de14ad6  OPENJPA-147. Changes resulting from tests via Kodo's harness.
     new 24d2a42  Get the key from config only once as it is costly
     new b92f642  OPENJPA-401 making temporary classloader optional for MappingTool ant task
     new ebe3fdb  Improved the robustness of these test cases
     new b74fc31  Prevent deadlock in database during teardown when testing failures leave transactions open
     new c767561  Added property to permit passing in debugging settings during Maven test run.
     new 024faa3  OPENJPA-509 Fix & Test for insertion of MappedSuperClass-Entity-Embedded domain model insertion failure.
     new 3f439ed  OPENJPA-506. Fixed behaviors for global listeners to get TCK working on trunk again. It turns out that global listeners and per-instance listeners are bound into the OpenJPA event framework differently.
     new 754eb8d  Allow EntityManagerFactory objects to be serialized and deserialized successfully.
     new 2a3ee08  Corrected (I hope) the DOS line endings
     new 12839b6  Adding new (source code + pom.xml + doc) for Slice
     new d5e577c  allow surefire to move to 2.4 to get around test-double-counting issues
     new 903170b  Enable ability to subclass of JDBCFetchConfigurationmpl; change one constructor from private to protected.
     new fd7eae6  remove the interim fo file so it doesn't make it into the release
     new c61d81a  Change property name prefix from 'slice.*' to 'openjpa.slice.*' + Apache License Header
     new 8051804  Change document to reflect the namespace change for slice properties from 'slice.*' to 'openjpa.slice.*'
     new 321ede9  Test conversion of svn:eol-style from as-is to native.  One file in DOS line endings and one file in Unix line endings.  Neither file changed on client, only their svn:eol-style property has been changed by this update.
     new 0033a6b  OPENJPA-511
     new 81cb7e1  OPENJPA-464 commiting patch provided by Teresa Kan
     new 99bf6d1  OPENJPA-512
     new 94f233f  OPENJPA-374
     new 8de471e  OPENJPA-513.  Three of the four test failures with the IBM JDK were due to a malformed listener-orm.xml file.  XML elements were out of order and there were a couple of syntax errors.
     new 07d26ee  Generated values for non-ID fields have interacted poorly with post persist call backs prior to r617525.  This test ensures no regression to the buggy behavior.
     new eaf452d  OPENJPA-515 Add basic Tests for distributed database support.
     new 763fd3e  OPENJPA-515 A dummy test to warn that Slice tests are currently inactive.
     new 68f25ce  OPENJPA-551 Support Range Query
     new 7ca1cfe  Enable PersisentProviderImpl subclass to override the default BrokerImpl alias if none is defined in application.
     new 4b45bd5  OPENJPA-477 fix  setting up parameter list for PreparedStatement
     new caa400c  OPENJPA-516. Following the setFormOfUse(...) need to still call setString(...)
     new 8a811f6  OPENJPA-515 Add support for targeted query via query hints
     new 11fba5a  OPENJPA-515 Add documentation for targeted query via query hints
     new 3d2cbcb  OPENJPA-515 Maintain thread-transaction affinity for bulk delete/update operation
     new 1c0b264  OPENJPA-515 clean up imports
     new 1c738c4  Disabling Slice tests, since they're failing the build.
     new ff42968  OPENJPA-515 Missing Licsnese header
     new 325aa77  New test cases, currently disabled.
     new d2f5b73  previous exclude was overly comprehensive
     new 3735e9a  change a couple of line endings; remove MySQL requirement from openjpa-slice pom
     new 1b74811  removed unintentionally-added tests
     new 699f06e  removed unintentionally-added temporary file
     new 31778f0  Enable PersisentProviderImpl subclass to override the configuration impl used by class transformer. The current OpenJPAConfigurationImpl does not recognize options defined in its sub-class and posted an invalid warning message.
     new 4ab1384  Fixed test case dependency on Sun's VM
     new 7d44e7a  Enable some of the new tests.
     new de8a476  Enable some of the new tests.
     new c457053  OPENJPA-515 Remove XA transaction across slices + test configuration for Derby + activate tests
     new 1615273  OPENJPA-517
     new a7648a7  Enable more new tests.
     new ec7bd83  OPENJPA-518 Committing code changes suggested by Adam Toback
     new 6bb87e6  OPENJPA-484. Also added 'h2' as an alias for H2Dictionary in the DBDictionary property.
     new 1d57a1f  OPENJPA-519.  Need to hardcode the 2.4 version until the problem is resolved in the maven surefire plugin (supposedly in 2.4.2).
     new 4c70963  OPENJPA-513.  Temporarily exclude the "no xsd" test until we get a workaround figured out.  I haven't figured out an easy way and I need to make progress with the IBM JDK...
     new c530929  OPENJPA-521. This is a partial fix; we should be able to avoid the looping in clearInverseRelationCache with a bit of extra data structures in FieldMetaData, probably populated during FieldMetaData.getOrder() or MetaDataRepository.newOrder().
     new 699f043  Lazy many-to-one tests.
     new c3e2f01  Fix TestVersion's "InvalidStateException: The context has been closed." problem: em1 and em2 are using the same em from currentEntityManager(). This test is very similar to (if not the same as) *.persistence.jdbc.annotation.TestVersion.
     new c4af046  OPENJPA-359 Improve Timestamp resolution for use by versioning.
     new e097063  Trivial whitespace change.
     new 177111b  Potential NPE where custom can be null, Boolean.TRUE or Boolean.FALSE. Follow the pattern in update() and deleet()
     new 66d6230  Additional test case for enums in queries
     new 9ece24a  Better error message.
     new 527b09c  OPENJPA-529 cloning configuration before running enhancer
     new a4600fb  OPENJPA-528 Handle foreignKey column names similarly to joins in PeristenceMetaDataDefaults.
     new ca98287  OPENJPA-528 reverting behavior. Original fix caused problems with the TCK.
     new 7487d73  OPENJPA-430. Reverting mapping defaults change; I'm not convinced that the code is correct, but internal Kodo tests fail with the new behavior. Changing for now; more investigation to follow.
     new c3ad06e  Change _state and JDBCConfigurationState from private to protect enabling JDBCFechConfigurationImpl subclass to propagate correct state information in subclass's newInstance() method call.
     new 64402ea  OPENJPA-530 - Change BatchingPreparedStatementManagerImpl to correctly batch dispatched statements in the same order requested by the update managers.
     new 1b76c6d  Possible fix for, which seems to be caused by an attempt to reflectively instantiate a ClassResolverImpl. I've done zero research into how this regression made its way into the codebase, and have not created a test case.
     new f67ace7  OPENJPA-530 Update manual and code to match for the update manager values and default.
     new 86e17fc  Improve the error message when failing to find a field in a given identification variable's type.
     new 777818d  OPENJPA-520. Committing on behalf of Qin Feng.
     new f3dd4c0  OPENJPA-521. Committing on behalf of Qin Feng.
     new 126358f  Fix NPE reported on newsgroup.
     new b4d72d5  After OPENJPA-9, -help option in scripts is not working anymore. This is caused by Configurations.runAgainstAllAnchors returns true if no error is encountered (including no operation) during function execution. Since the check of the -help option is in the command's run method and if no anchor is found, the help check is skipped.
     new 85c7a33  OPENJPA-521. License headers.
     new ba5d11b  OPENJPA-532 This patch enables command runnable to process once when no persistence unit is found by the tool commands. This allows command option(s) which does not require pu definition to function properly.
     new 282c8e0  Improve product derivation debugging; add test case.
     new d93ac26  OPENJPA-535 - fix comment typos.
     new 4bed57d  Added license header.
     new aff3abd  Fixed JavaDoc
     new 5f00948  Fixed JavaDoc
     new b949f7a  OPENJPA-529.  Revert the clone() operation on the Configuration object.  This is causing problems with the subclassing enhancement.
     new 635ee19  OPENJPA-537
     new 831bd55  OPENJPA-528 committing patch provided by Jeremy Bauer
     new 57ca9af  OPENJPA-539 Can't create a table with a field of java type "Map" in Derby commit patch for Fay Wang. testcases have been modified.
     new 438b877  OPENJPA-541 Generate SQL92 JOIN syntax for Oracle 9 or later releases
     new 2d0a3c9  OPENJPA-542
     new 9dadfff  OPENJPA-543
     new 6af619c  OPENJPA-540.  Committing a simpler version of the patch.  Got rid of the ClassResolver classloader and am now just relying on the Class.forName() classloading.  This is similar to the processing used for the other *ManagedRuntime classes.
     new b2c1e8f  OPENJPA-544. Get rid of JDK1.4 support, fold the jdk1.5 modules into their siblings, get rid of some ugly reflection that was there for 1.5 support, and move to the java.util.concurrent collections classes. This includes a wrapper around ConcurrentHashMap that allows nulls, since the old OpenJPA concurrent map allowed nulls and we rely on that behavior. The implication is that putIfAbsent() and some of the other special JDK1.5 methods don't obey the same contracts as in  [...]
     new 608a906  OPENJPA-544.  Maybe this is a Windows-ism, or an IBM JDK-ism, but I still need the explicit <version>2.4</version> element for the surefire plugin...
     new dbb722f  OPENJPA-541 backout changes. Customer reported that SQL92 joins are bit slower compare to oracle joins (+) and there are known bugs with SQL92 joins.
     new 315a348  OPENJPA-417 - add openjpa.Compability(StoreMapCollectionInEntityAsBlob=true) option to enable map/collection stores as Blob in the database. This allows existing application continues to work.
     new 1b8ccc6  OPENJPA-417 - Change isStoreMapCollectionInEntityAsBlob() to getStoreMapCollectionInEntityAsBlob()
     new 6b5e0c6  OPENJPA-544. Take advantage of tiger dependency.
     new 6aa8fd3  Always consider the inclusion of subclasses as part of the query compilation key, even when the candidate class is encoded in the query string instead of set programmatically.
     new 79b2355  OPENJPA-529. Clone issue with the configuration was accidentally re-introduced
     new 999ce2e  OPENJPA-536. Committing on behalf of Amy Yang.
     new ee8155b  OPENJPA-552 Remove dis-allowing Connection* properties in
     new 36c68c4  OPENJPA-555 MappingTool got NullPointerException in DB2Dictionary.isDB2ZOSV8xOrLater()
     new dd7014a  OPENJPA-556. This implementation does some extra copying to accomodate DataCache.getAll(), which takes a List instead of a Collection.
     new 690cb80  Change OpenJPAEntityManagerFactory.getStoreCache(String) to create the cache on-demand if it doesn't exist. This turns an error condition into functional behavior, so there should be no backward-compat issue.
     new 1b5aac7  OPENJPA-559 : Add SerialVersionUID.
     new 9c19356  Fix for OPENJPA-554.
     new ea8b942  Be a little more flexible on the exceptions thrown when persisting instances with auto-generated keys already assigned values.
     new 8803104  moved release number to 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT now that we've made a 1.1.x branch
     new 5196ae0  OPENJPA-565 - Ignore duplicate NamedQuery definition and continue to parse the remaining entries in NamedQueries definition.
     new 50b81e6  OPENJPA-547 INNER JOIN FETCH query incorrectly generates LEFT join SQL
     new 810e401  OPENJPA-565 - Add test case.
     new 07cd172  OPENJPA-547 add test strings for FETCH JOINs
     new 31c47a6  OPENJPA-570 - Model after the AnnotationPersistenceMetaDataParser.parsePackageAnnotations(), an extra test is performed in parseClassAnnotations() method for the Named*Quer* annotations to see if the MODE_QUERY has been performed before by examining the meta.getSourceMode() before the actualNamed*Queries() method is invoked.
     new fe45f77  OPENJPA-542
     new 316ced4  fix line wrapping
     new a35b53b  OPENJPA-442 committing patch provided by Teresa Kan
     new 016f0bf  OPENJPA-442 deprecating and adding javadoc
     new a08388e  A couple of minor updates to a couple of slice-related messages.  Parameters passed in were not matching the message definitions.
     new 2ba16b4  Minor changes: 1) change a few constants from private to protected for use by sub-class. 2) add a couple of new constansts.
     new 18a3db7  OPENJPA-562, OPENJPA-536, OPENJPA-564, OPENJPA-536, OPENJPA-576, OPENJPA-577. Merging changes from 1.1.x branch.
     new d78e76a  OPENJPA-567. Committing on behalf of Vikram Bhatia in trunk.
     new bd2afc3  OPENJPA-149 OPENJPA-159 Moving suspendJTA code to ManagedRuntime
     new a2beac4  OPENJPA-149 OPENJPA-159 fix javadoc typo
     new a5c80fd  Slice module references jvm properties define in trunk's pom.xml, where surefire.jvm.args property is used instead of test.jvm.arguments. Also added suspend=n option.
     new 78ff717  OPENJPA-584
     new 0f32d37  OPENJPA-407 committing patch provided by Fay Wang and Jeremy Bauer
     new 14eeab2  OPENJPA-573 JPQL: The combination LIKE ESCAPE does not accept parameters
     new 40fec00  Exclude internal repository from RAT check, also update license.txt to mention WebSphere UOW jar
     new efcc257  OPENJPA-590 committing patch provided by Fay Wang
     new a31dfaa  OPENJPA-591
     new 33e094c  OPENJPA-586 Query parameter binding for externalized fields
     new 63850be  OPENJPA-590 cleanup unused imports
     new b796e17  OPENJPA-574 DataCache entries not evicted when multiple OptimisticLockExceptions reported from backend DB.
     new 3f9dcdb  OPENJPA-595 A common path() action in JPQL.jjt being used for Enum literal causes a simple aliase resolution to fail
     new b585833  OPENJPA-574 DataCache entries not evicted when multiple OptimisticLockExceptions reported from backend DB.
     new df0902d  OPENJPA-594 committing patch provided by Dinkar Rao
     new 3187089  OPENJPA-589 Can not retrieve M-to-M data when DataCache is on committing patch provided by Fay Wang
     new d35bc87  OPENJPA-149 remove maven warnings due to invalid pom
     new 01e0802  OPENJPA-595 A common path() action in JPQL.jjt being used for Enum literal causes a simple aliase resolution to fail
     new 5a16e92  OPENJPA-598 Make BatchingPreparedStatementManagerImpl more flexible and extensible, Sub-task of OPENJPA-477 Committing patch provided by Fay Wang
     new a63b6d3  Remove company specific name in message file.
     new c27bed9  OPENJPA-589. Committing test cases on behalf of Fay Wang.
     new 4ac794e  OPENJPA-589 updating testcase with Fay's changes.
     new 956065b  OPENJPA-574  fix  checkUpdateCount of (-2 SSUCCESS_NO_INFO) for Batching inserts in Oracle and DB2/ZOS.
     new b4ac7e2  OPENJPA-601 - Don't initialize datasource for build action.
     new 8c756bf  OPENJPA-559 set SerialVersionUID to a value compatible with previous releases.
     new 3a5e612  OPENJPA-213
     new b3f87ba  OPENJPA-596 ClassCastException during in-memory update with Informix IDS 10.0
     new 99a69be  OPENJPA-605 Informix will throw an exception when a unique index is explictily created on the primary key columns
     new 689eec1  OPENJPA-606 InformixDictionary default property setting incorrectly set. Also fixed SQL problems as described in the issue.
     new b2bd035  OPENJPA-605 Informix will throw an exception when a unique index is explictily created on the primary key columns Help committing new patch provided by Fay Wang
     new b2ba44f  Attaching javadoc and source jars to the release profile
     new 11f4d0d  OPENJPA-604 - Use English only locale for TRACE, INFO, WARN, ERROR and FATAL keywords in Log specification.
     new 47f681a  OPENJPA-607 Extraneous "( )" on DISTINCT, ALL, ANY results in SQL syntax errors on some database systems
     new 8a56c75  OPENJPA-606 Informix specific message for reporting that it  does not support "LOCATE" function
     new 72df500  OPENJPA-574 Cached object in DataCache not evicted due to StatementBatching not reporting OptimisticException Handle  (-2) updateCount returned from Batching for Oracle.
     new dcada13  OPENJPA-574 Cached object in DataCache not evicted due to StatementBatching not reporting OptimisticException Handle  (-2) updateCount returned from Batching for Oracle. Got a ClassCasstException while testing multiple entries in DataCache needed to be removed due to OptimisticException.
     new 81fc3ab  OPENJPA-606 More changes to Informix specific properties in the InformixDictionary
     new 93e15d8  OPENJPA-574 fix a potential NullPointerException in checkUpdateCount for statement batching.
     new 534778a  OPENJPA-610 Test cases to identify use cases where behavior differs because of DataCache
     new 1ad21f6  OPENJPA-610 Adding some comments/formatting to the tests
     new 8f97a2a  Clear instances before running the tests
     new 45693d4  OPENJPA-610: refresh() hits database irrespective of clean/dirty state or current lock mode or active/inactive DataCache
     new 2d21725  OPENJPA-614 set supportsTimestampNanos = false for SQLServer
     new c1e5f27  OPENJPA-615 add trace to display connection properties default setting during DataSource initialization
     new dbbd123  OPENJPA-612 Add support for calculating update value in QueryImpl.updateInMemory Help comitting patch provided by Fay Wang
     new faa0f26  OPENJPA-612 Add support for calculating update value in QueryImpl.updateInMemory Help comitting patch provided by Fay Wang Add support for in-memory string function evulation
     new 93417f9  OPENJPA-617 Removed hardcoding platform string. also relocated 2 jdbc trace messages.
     new d1aa6a2  OPENJPA-617 Removed hardcoding platform string. a minor fix of the message text id from batch_update_success_count to batch-update-success-count. Just caught that immediately after last commit.
     new 48b1fb5  OPENJPA-617 Add support for calculating update value in QueryImpl.updateInMemory Help comitting patch provided by Fay Wang Add support for in-memory math - sqrt, abs functions
     new 89b296f  OPENJPA-610: OpenJPA internal exceptions are heuristically translated at facade-level to JPA-defined exception subtypes
     new 794305c  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 1fda19f  OPENJPA-610: Correcting the @since version
     new 8a80d75  OPENJPA-622 Informix -lock timieout, cursor not open problem for NonJTA datasource transaction RESOURCE_LOCAL in JEE
     new ffbc73f  OPENJPA-629 trim schema name
     new a4d905f  OPENJPA-629 trim schema name for Informix only.
     new 110e3ff  OPENJPA-630 Enforce no statement batching support if batchlimit set to 1.
     new ddc42e8  OPENJPA-631 provide detailed SQLException for batched statements that encountered error in DB2
     new 63c4899  OPENJPA-602: Avoid NPE when table-per-class inheritance staregy with an abstract root. See test cases for further details.
     new d965db7  OPENJPA-634 Batched updates resulted in SQLException was not propagated back to users application
     new f1ac625  OPENJPA-209: Detect identical instances being added to L1 cache multiple times during a load session.
     new 545c673  OPENJPA-634 Batched updates resulted in SQLException was not propagated back to users application
     new 981c023  OPENJPA-633 updating pom.xml files to be compatible with the maven-release-plugin. There are a lot of formatting changes which are needed to prevent the plugin from removing our copyright header.
     new b589da8  OPENJPA-245. Backported r646082 to trunk.
     new 4d668a4  Backported r650989 to trunk.
     new 8fb7ca2  Backported r651121 to trunk.
     new 96dd926  OPENJPA-522. Backporting r652026 to trunk.
     new 6f6634b  OPENJPA-522. Backporting r652035 to trunk.
     new 8db8e53  OPENJPA-544. Merge from ../active. svn merge -c 652523 ../active
     new 547438e  OPENJPA-579, OPENJPA-585, OPENJPA-587, OPENJPA-588. Merge from ../active. svn merge -c 652987 ../active
     new e8702b1   Merge from ../active. svn merge -c 653000 ../active
     new f17afdd   Merge from ../active. svn merge -c 652930 ../active
     new 97a9484  OPENJPA-130. Merge from ../branches/1.1.x. svn merge -c 653008 ../branches/1.1.x
     new c9c6aad  OPENJPA-417. Merged r653081 and r653085.
     new 1ac9426   Merge from ../branches/1.1.x/. svn merge -c 653083 ../branches/1.1.x/
     new f183c42   Merge from ../branches/1.1.x/. svn merge -c 653088 ../branches/1.1.x/
     new 753be68  OPENJPA-231. Merging r655354 and r655592 from 1.1.x.
     new 1a45d11  OPENJPA-130. Merging r655581 from 1.1.x
     new 629977f  OPENJPA-597. Merge from ../branches/1.1.x. svn merge -c 655600 ../branches/1.1.x
     new 5ee728e  OPENJPA-600. Merge from ../branches/1.1.x. svn merge -c 656006 ../branches/1.1.x
     new 12c0a09   Merge from ../branches/1.1.x. svn merge -c 656796 ../branches/1.1.x
     new 06ab969   Merge from ../branches/1.1.x. svn merge -c 657148 ../branches/1.1.x
     new 9033222   Merge from ../branches/1.1.x. svn merge -c 657162 ../branches/1.1.x
     new ef098b3  Merged part of r657897 from 1.1.x, excluding the pom changes.
     new b3c7e82   Merge from ../branches/1.1.x. svn merge -c 661090 ../branches/1.1.x
     new 0c346ba  OPENJPA-633. Updating deploy locations to use your home directory on
     new 514a4bb  OPENJPA-634 Batched updates resulted in SQLException was not propagated back to users application fix OutOfMemoryException
     new 71519b0  OPENJPA-610: Restored refresh() behavior for clean/new instances.
     new 7ac8321  OPENJPA-209,OPENJPA-210: Test for projection query with duplicate result
     new e00c6e8  OPENJPA-625: remove Embedded collection members throws exception in PCData
     new a8e0dc1  OPENJPA-458: Amplified SQL Exception processing. Introduced a new sql-error-state-codes.xml to specify database specific error code for different types of Store exceptions. This helps to narrow SQL exception to a specific errors which bubble up to user application.
     new 689d1c5  OPENJPA-633 updating rat plugin to alpha-3 and adding exceptions to release profile
     new f62ea1a  OPENJPA-533: Update query can set single-valued association to NULL or non-NULL.
     new d1a165b  OPENJPA-112,OPENJPA-111: Early check for 1-based positional parameter and no named parameter in native query. Also more specific error message
     new 37cb4af  OPENJPA-581: Print WARN level message on JNDI lookup failure
     new fb78813  OPENJPA-545 committing patch provided by Jeremy Bauer
     new 976a5e1  OPENJPA-642 committing patch provided by Fay Wang
     new 82e61ba  OPENJPA-637.  Reverting ConcurrentHashMap implementation per the patch provided by Jeremy Bauer.  A more complete, configurable implementation is being tracked via the related sub-task OPENJPA-643.
     new e3dbdac  OPENJPA-644 Handle databaseProductVersion string from newer jcc driver for DB2 ISeries
     new 2b3f7ec  OPENJPA-645 Date millisecond precision lost for Informix IDS and SQLServer Commit the patch provided by Dinkar Rao
     new ff4a96e  OPENJPA-340: Support for @UniqueConstraints on @TableGenerator, @SecondaryTable and @JoinTable.
     new 6868b1c  OPENJPA-340: UniqueConstraint supported via XML Descriptors
     new d52998d  OPENJPA-340: Formatting to 80 lines
     new 54d1a24  OPENJPA-340: Unique names are unique.
     new bae08e9  Fix line length
     new 1aa4403  OPENJPA-634 - Use only the exception collection in the prepared statement to collect batch flush exceptions. This will preserve the order of exceptions thrown by underlying batch operations during the update manager flush processing.
     new de790be  OPENJPA-235 SQL reordering to avoid non-nullable foreign key constraint violations Fix problem in deletion for foreign key on delete cascade. Commit openjpa-235-delete-cascade.patch provided by Fay Wang.
     new 25a69ff  OPENJPA-648 Table generator uses incorrect schema name commit OPENJPA-648_1.2.0.patch provided by Jeremy Bauer
     new 1ad0923  OPENJPA-647: ClassMetaData listens to value updates of dynamic property
     new 50aaa97  OPENJPA-647: Simple edit for 80-column format rule
     new 13e4897  OPENJPA-647: Change cardinality of listeners for Value update so that ClassMetaData (and others) can sync with dynamic configuration changes
     new 2a588d6  OPENJPA-652: Formatting to be published base TestCases
     new c7a9063  OPENJPA-653 - Commit for Jeremy Bauer
     new 89e7531  Initialize Database Prodcut/Vendor name to empty string to avoid NPE
     new 07919b9  OPENJPA-657 Removing DOM 3 level methods in parsing XML
     new cc85528  OPENJPA-656 : raise informational error on initial connection failure
     new 026c96d  OPENJPA-656: raise error messages with connection parameters on connect failure
     new 85b0b0b  OPENJPA-656: reusing existing error message key from a different package
     new b2812a4  OPENJPA-51 Incorrect SQL with syntax error for JPQL subqueries
     new 436eefc  @ElementJoinColumn attribute corrected
     new 854eda8  Skip dirty check for nontransactional, runtime-enhanced instances
     new 94814ad  Revert changes to exclude non-transactional states from dirty checking
     new 434319c  OPENJPA-659: Dirty checking fails for runtime enhanced classes. The original case reported the failure in a Spring-Tomcat-Weaver with Embdded field. But as TestSimpleUnenhancedQuery can raise the same failure in a simpler settings. The fix is related to initializing a SaveFieldManager conditional to having loaded fields at invocation of saveFields(). The fix removes the condition and ensures that a SaveFieldManager is assocaited even when saveFields() is invoked without  [...]
     new 89695ec  OPENJPA-51 A  non-correlated subquery resulting SQL syntax error
     new 6e3aca6  OPENJPA-349: Validate the row if auto-assigned identity happens to be only column.
     new efdbbd7  OPENJPA:365: Raise informative exception when user supplied id argument is wrong type
     new fec6563  OPENJPA-470: Use blockquote to highlight special classname syntax for SequenceGenerator attribute
     new 948c38e  OPENJPA-633 setting consistent eol-style for pom.xml files in trunk
     new c7e78fc  OPENJPA-662: Allow version field values be loaded in projection query
     new d58c648  Merged 677745 from 1.1.x branch.
     new f9a27b5  Merged from 1.1.x branch, changes and additions to DBDictionary property descriptions, revisions 675366,675368,675700,676592,677746
     new b52e229  OPENJPA-661 remove duplicate directories in assmebly.xml and remove extra readme file.
     new ae26539  OPENJPA-633 svn merge -c 677476 Merging docbook changes back to trunk
     new 4c0bf1b  OPENJPA-207: Support multi-level derived identity. Enhancer has been modified.
     new b4c557d  OPENJPA-660: SQL Query Cache supports binding non-primary key parameters to cached SQL. Commit fix on behalf of Fay Wang. Original test case developed by Vikram Bhatia.
     new 8cfa25c  OPENJPA-241 Extra SQL on lazy CMR load commit openjpa_241.patch on behalf of Fay Wang
     new 2ed656a  OPENJPA-458. Adding license header to new file.
     new 37d610c  Fix a bug in which joined classes using an application identity hierarchy couldn't be loaded correctly as an inverse relation.
     new 9880214  OPENJPA-241 Extra SQL on lazy CMR load commit openjpa_241_1.patch on behalf of Fay Wang
     new 62a8c5c  OPENJPA-292 Extra JOIN on eager bi-directional relationship commit openjpa_292_1.patch and testcase_241_292.patch on behalf of Fay Wang
     new 388754a  Add apache license headers.
     new 315cc2d  OPENJPA-664: Check for length of schema component name during generation of SQL DDL generation.
     new 1111ee1  OPENJPA-665: Sets column i/o conditions accordingly when column is set as not nullable.
     new 0ed72e4  moved docs, javadocs, and downloads output to openjpa-project, since it looks like trunk isn't including the top-level target/site dir anymore
     new 134b37a  OPENJPA-666
     new 997a094  OPENJPA-667: Link configuration property to corresponding method in JavaDoc
     new 2254791  OPENJPA-619: Typographical errors
     new 72b5b4d  OPENJAP-664: Check length constraint onIndex name, not on the table on which index is created
     new 5fc6327  OPENJPA-20: Clarify return of embedded instances as query result
     new 3d81f86  OPENJPA-668.  Fixed up the orm.xml file that was used for testing so that it could pass the validation of the IBM JDK parser.
     new 191f26d  OPENJPA-669 DBDictionary can specify the type of native sequences.
     new 1cf3826  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch 1.2.x
     new 64dbe4c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.2.x
     new 9174b3f  OPENJPA-44: Support 'metadata-complete' attribute to ignore class-level annotations.
     new 5f138fe  OPENJPA-44: Add test cases for processing metadata-complete tag.
     new adb9a6e  Fix typo.
     new 4af04f3  OPENJPA-187: Allow managed, unmanaged, transient entity as binding query parameter.
     new 68f051f  OPENJPA-670 committing patch provided by Jeremy Bauer
     new c67f4e6  OPENJPA-670 added missing license header to test class
     new 2d7faf2  OPENJPA-20 fix typo in manual
     new 3b91451  OPENJPA-207: Add new test case for multi-level derived id
     new 6ae99af  Add test case for IDENTITY generation strategy
     new 8cb82a6  OPENJPA-485: ORDER BY clause in JPQL generates syntactically wrong SQL for TABLE_PER_CLASS inheritance hierarchy
     new b29b9b6  OPENJPA-75: Error message for missing identification variable shows nearest Levensthien choice and all avaialble choices
     new bea15ff  OPENJPA-28: GROUP BY clause on nested sub query should not appear on top-level query
     new 6d8a587  OPENJPA-550: Correct example usage
     new 043b059  OPENJPA-485: Add test
     new 45651ce  OPENJPA-497: TemporalType conversion at facade level Query. Also includes extensive changes in parameter validation logic and data structure.
     new 49d5f19  OPENJPA-663 - Commit manual changes submitted by Jeremy Bauer.
     new b683569  OPENJPA-485: OPENJPA-497: Saving NPE
     new 3b00de3  OPENJPA-665: Check for null constraint on insert and update
     new aba5ddc  Update assembly with correct javadoc location
     new e41e1dd  OPENJPA-628. Revert changes from revision 610922 and add testcase.
     new a7464c7  OPENJPA-628: Adding more test cases for testing proxy collections in tracking changes in detached mode.
     new a6216d1  OPENJPA-628: Adding missing license header
     new e97d6d1  OPENJPA-674 javaagent enhancer (PCEnhancerAgent) ignores persistence units after the first in persistence.xml committing PCEnhancerAgent.patch provided by Dinkar Rao
     new ce3f368  OPENJPA-676 close connection used for CONTIGUOUS or TRANSACTIONAL sequences
     new 62a6555  OPENJPA-676 remove extraneous cast
     new b53a58f  OPENJPA-676 remove extra bracket
     new 4668ea4  OPENJPA-680. Consistent with the beforeRefresh call check for new unflushed instances
     new 053ad36  OPENJPA-681 Subquery generates SQL with syntax error
     new 446b85a  Assorted changes in test utilities   1. Added a new Test class CombinatorialPersistenceTestCase to run test with auto-generated configurations as combination of possible values of many configuration properties   2. Added a Test for Parent-Child insertion under different foreign key constraint + update startaegies scenarios as an exemplar of this new utility   3. Moved exception handling routines to base Persistence TestCase
     new 9ebfe80  OPENJPA-677: While loading intermediate data be more strict about when superclass oid  can be allowed
     new 610023a  OPENJPA-678: Adding test case for query/named query
     new 237c092  OPENJPA-677: Make a judgement whether reading discrimnator value from the result makes sense in a context
     new 352d799  OPENJPA-680 - Format changes to standard 80 columns and spacing conventions.
     new e5a363e  A little better error handling when an unknown persistence unit is specified in the test case.
     new 122229b  Fixed a comment and added exclusion from enhancement for any classes contained within a directory named "unenhanced".
     new 0bbc946  Test case that works when enhancement is done at compile time.  OPENJPA-684.
     new 2a5964a  OPENJPA-166 - Fix to use the translated exception as the cause for rollback.
     new 0d3812f  OPENJPA-687: Add read/write/hit statitics to DataCache/StoreCache
     new ffa2851  OPENJPA-687: Documentation for cache statistics
     new 6dbe8a9  OPENJPA-692: Bi-directional mapping with JoinTable
     new e7c3df7  OPENJPA-692: Add Test cases for Bi-directional mapping with JoinTable
     new 7432d1e  Missed the last combination
     new 5396a66  OPENJPA-686 - Commit on behalf of Fay Wang. Updating manual on Sybase specific behavior.
     new c8895c6  OPENJPA-687: Change table names to avoid conflict
     new ffb59c3  OPENJPA-692: Detect orphaning relation and change row update to delete for join table entry.
     new f4845da  OPENJPA-679 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException may occur when a relation field is annotated as a primary key and a foreign key Commit patch provided by Fay Wang
     new 404cbbf  OPENJPA-680 - revert changes due to TCK regression.
     new aae1260  OPENJPA-693: Support 1.5 directional mapping where Parent maps its Children but Child refers to Parent via Parent's primary key value. Introduces a concept of implicit ForeignKey that marks the shared mapped column without any database schema impact.
     new d5820cb  Cleaning up our testcase run to get rid of the INFO messages for a non-existent file.
     new fd15719  Eagerly compile JPQL queries to catch JPQL errors and throw proper exception as required by spec.  OPENJPA-678
     new d76c646  OPENJPA-111: Validate native SQL parameters by the numbers of parameters in StoreQuery level and bypass validation at facade layer
     new cf0985e  OPENJPA-111: Minor message typo corrections.
     new a7b9f8f  Minor typo corrections in message files.
     new d971253  OPENJPA-111: Modified tests to use correct binding parameter. Added methods in MetaDataRepository to look for NamedQuery only by name without defining class information.
     new c1d9abd  OPENJPA-111: Remove errorneous import
     new ff93b1d  OPENJPA-678: Hint based targeting of Slices required changes because of eager compilation of Query.
     new 4dd9223  Generate informative error message when query fails due to wrong unbound variables
     new 0d5f08e  Add a test case for projection of multiple entity.
     new 3ee2f9e  Remove wrong headers
     new 04c292c  OPENJPA-698: Decorate callable statements with logging. Added a new inner class LoggingConnection.LoggingCallableStatement which is almost a duplicate of LoggingPreparedStatement -- but existing hierarchy prohibits a direct inheritance. The logging with parameter tracking code needs to be refactored for a cleaner and less duplicated code, but has not be done with this commit.
     new 322689a  OPENJPA-700 DB2 lastGeneratedKeyQuery should use new syntax for db2UDBV82OrLater
     new f0126e9  OPENJPA-697: Upgrade version strategy for multiple numeric-valued columns to support @VersionColumns.
     new d435a69  OPENJPA-693: describe implicit property of @ForeignKey annotation
     new 00c27c6  Check for field inclusion in fetch group based on names of both decalring and defining class as owner.
     new 912b9a3  OPENJPA-704:Adding test case
     new 36abd7c  OPENJPA-702.  Update documentation for the DESCSTAT parameter for DB2 on z/OS.
     new 42f2f39  OPENJPA-705: Secondary table for Embdded field is to be looked up in the owner's secondary table.
     new 62c0cba  OPENJPA-697: Implement newly added getJavaType(int i) abstarct method to save derivations unaware of multi-column versioning support from compiler error
     new cb3e170  OPENJPA-620: An eagerly initialized configuration with fail-fast behavior on persistent class resolution
     new 8fc909c  Apply patch for OPENJPA-699.
     new 15f6ece  OPENJPA-706 Changes for supporting DB generated version
     new 991f5a7  correct typo
     new aa1516f  OPENJPA-697: Add new capabilities to support version columns to spread across primary and secondary tables
     new 650161a  OPENJPA-708 sub-sub-query generates SQL with syntax error
     new 2988f75  OPENJPA-365: This is a token commit. Original commit is 677147 but due to typo in commit message, the JIRA issue did not get assoicated correctly with the commit 677147
     new a60fab2  OPENJPA-710: Do not add ORDER BY clause for unordered collection field. But select the field as it is expecetd subsequently for loading.
     new 0ea75e7  OPENJPA-712 Not correctly parsing the "having" clause with aggregate functions (ie. max, min, etc) Committing patch provided by Fay Wang
     new 939b122  OPENJPA-697: Join if version column is in secondary table
     new 079aa06  OPENJPA-646.  Migrate this change from the 1.2.x branch to trunk.
     new 52a0f63  OPENJPA-695 adding a profile that uploads the latest zip files, manual and javadoc to
     new 8e6db6c  OPENJPA-715.  Committing the testcase provided by Ekin Sokmen and the patch provided by Fay Wang.  Committing the change for both the 1.2.x service stream and 1.3.0 snapshot (trunk).
     new 4aa6441  OPENJPA-715.  Committing the testcase provided by Ekin Sokmen and the patch provided by Fay Wang.  Committing the change for both the 1.2.x service stream and 1.3.0 snapshot (trunk).
     new a904e32  OPENJPA-695 making nightly-upload profile more friendly.
     new b3951a1  OPENJPA-695 making nightly-upload profile more friendly.
     new a098b86  OPENJPA-720 The pushdown sql for version columns in primary and secondary tables has unpredictable ordering in the select and from clause
     new e047748  Fix wrong index in data cache statisitics
     new cd5014e  OPENJPA-704: Changes were not assocaited with JIRA issue which was created after the change :)
     new 2f75495  OPENJPA-711 adding jai dependencies for building the manual
     new 666d189  OPENJPA-726 adding md5sum for nightly downloads
     new 2c86e1d  OPENJPA-713 exclude sources and javadoc from aggregate openjpa jar
     new caf4629  OPENJPA-727 merge revision 696343 to trunk. Removing reference to missing image file.
     new e165e50  OPENJPA-724 committing patch provided by Milosz Tylenda.
     new 05a8f02  OPENJPA-650 adding documentation for openjpa.RuntimeUnenhancedClasses. Merging revision 696510 to trunk
     new 5600a77  Use username/password for triall connection to slices.
     new 9803879  OPENJPA-704: Add field names of path-like syntax
     new 7a7957d  OPENJPA-685. Removing references to maven.compile.classpath and maven.dependency.classpath from enhancer ant task
     new 1706670  Introduces notion of @Replicated entity. This feature allows to relax collocation constraint for quasi-stationary master data. A replicated entity is stored as identical copies across multiple slices. The ReplicationStrategy works similar to DistributionStrategy for replicated entity. The slice association cardinality has uniformly changed to array of slices from a single slice name both for replicated and non-replicated entity. The non-replicated entities can refer to r [...]
     new 85b44d8  Allows unrecognized hints (those not starting with openjpa.* as prefix) be stored opaquely - for extension plug-ins.
     new 07c6b1e  OPENJPA-719 - Ensure English locale is used in toUpperCase/toLowerCase for locale insensitive code.
     new baa01d7  OPENJPA-731 Bug on FetchType.EAGER when QuerySQLCache is turned on Committing patch provided by Fay Wang
     new 0226888  OPENJPA-722 resolution.
     new ab42492  OPENJPA-733: Updated state manager to use actual oid instead of owner oid.
     new b1f1d32  OPENJPA-734 added dbcp.args property in openjpa-persistence-jdbc/pom.xml
     new f0ad75d  OPENJPA-732 - Fixed BrokerImpl's fields of type Set to consistently use the correct implementation type of HashSet rather than ArrayList or LinkList.
     new 50ff3ed  OPENJPA-732 - Regressed a unit test. Reverting BrokerImpl back to previous level and disabling a test in the new TestMessageListener.
     new e786766  OPENJPA-736 use jdbc api getGeneratedKey to combine insert and select SQL for generated id strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY
     new 050a99a  OPENJPA-736 use jdbc api getGeneratedKey to combine insert and select SQL for generated id strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY. Found some indentation problem and fixed it. No logic change.
     new 229220b  Fix test case db preparation to allow test to repeat run without taking a duplicate key exception.
     new d31d40f  Fix test case db preparation to allow tests to repeat run without taking various runtime exception.
     new 7b11877  Modified CombinationGenerator.generator() algorithm to create the complete combination set from added options. Removed the test case which assumes "UPDATE CHILD SET PARENT_ID ..." will be issued for some test's conditions and make sure consistent successful execution from repeated test runs.
     new 99dc9d8  OPENJPA-732 - Re-commit the same original committed changes (code and tests) after test cases corrections were made.
     new 212ddce  OPENJPA-744 OneToMany EAGER loading generates extra SQLs on inverse ManyToOne relation
     new 5128ee0  OPENJPA-744 Extra SQL on LAZY/EAGER  ManyToOne relation Further improved for performance when OneToMany is fetch EAGER, the inverse ManyToOne relations are set such that relation fields in entities after detach remain valid.
     new 83f526a  OPENJPA-733 adding attributation to Charles Tillman in NOTICE.txt.
     new 7131ef0  OPENJPA-744 Extra SQL on LAZY/EAGER  ManyToOne relation Further improved code and additional testcases.
     new 16e7a11  document ReplicationPolicy for Slice. Also assorted doc edit
     new e2388e9  OPENJPA-738 QueryCache Improvement Committing patch provided by Sandhya Sturaga
     new 1e4aa60  OPENJPA-745 raise string right truncation error for Sybase
     new ac40fde  OPENJPA-745: raise string right truncation error for Sybase. Move the call to _dict.initializedSettings inside the block of checking whether _conn is null in JDBCStoreManager.
     new e23ea92  Organize imports for DistributedStoreManager to avoid protection problem with sun.reflect.ReflectionFactory
     new 703a2b9  OPENJPA-745: streamline the fix to be consistent with the fix in OPENJPA-750
     new c49f0e1  OPENJPA-750: Added option to Sybase dictionary to ignore truncation warnings, added doc for new dictionary option, and code to log any SQLWarnings when update count isn't expected value.
     new 044764a  OPENJPA-750: Updates to code and doc based on code review comments
     new 660371b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch 1.3.x
     new 284bd40  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.3.x
     new f01e6bd  OPENJPA-752: Enhance exception message text to improve serviceability.
     new e1bd3c4  Code cleanup: remove some unnescessary casts
     new b9476a8  Code cleanup
     new 995c6a4  Code cleanup remove compiler warnings
     new 7c1c9fc  OPENJPA-754 - Add additional condition to determine if the pre/postUpdate callback should be called.
     new 509f41c  OPENJPA-751 - Commit documentation changes contributed by Milosz Tylenda.
     new 1a378e1  OPENJPA-738: query cache performance improvement. Commit the change in OPENJPA-738.11.patch on behalf of Sandhya Turaga.
     new 54d4d0d  OPENJPA-755 Update to SingleFieldManager to permit detached related entities on a merge with cascade persist.  Committing for Dinkar Rao.
     new 3cc3bfe  Use full table name according to DBDictionary when constructing GetMapValue subquery, which may include schema.
     new 675ee18  OPENJPA-760 - Commit contributions on behalf of Georgi Naplatanov.
     new 7e24608  OPENJPA-762: Batch execution fails for Oracle when batch limit is set to -1.
     new f55dff2  OPENJPA-761 - test for null column object and post a more meaning message to the warning log in SchemaGenerator.
     new ea9378f  OPENJPA-580 - Improve jdbc url mapping to DB dictionary alias.
     new e11d0f7  Generate unique name for unique constraints created by @Column(unique=true)
     new 5550d8d  OPENJPA-755 Update to SingleFieldManager to permit detached related entities on a merge with cascade persist. cosmatic changes only - removed tabs.
     new 75b9ca7  OPENJPA-764: Parse IN expressions with string functions such as UPPER()
     new 02608cc  OPENJPA-765 Check for isInsertable and isUpdatable in HandlerFieldStrategy
     new ef910bb  OPENJPA-766: Allow Tests that fail to be included in the repository. Annotate the TestCase or its specific methods with @AllowFailure(true|false)
     new 1ae20fc  unify doPrivHelpers
     new 25c3139  OPENJPA-766: Use @AllowFailure to remove <exclude> clause for failing tests in pom.xml. Also added a facility to list tests that are annotated with AllowFailure.
     new 9d40841  OPENJPA-340: Let DBDictionary generate Unique Constraint names rather than Unique trying to auto-generate such names in lesser scope. Strengthen the tests to have exactly same named unique columns in two classes to verify that the unique constraint names are unique across tables.
     new 64a1293  OPENJPA-772: Sets JPA spec version to the 2.0 EA snapshot (which has partial definition of JPA 2.0 API) and sets parent pom to apache (which defines the sanpshot repos).  Patch cotributed by David Jencks.
     new 031f525  OPENJPA-680 - After load and after refresh callbacks were each resulting in a post load call resulting in the duplicate call. Fix addresses the same and re-introduces the original fix.
     new bb937f3  OPENJPA-742: add get lineNumber/ColumnNumber to SourceTracker
     new 68d48f9  OPENJPA-774.  Committing the patch provided by Alexey Ousov in trunk and the 1.3.x branch.
     new 76c3cd3  Elaborate on usage of Entity Reference as part of compound key
     new 2b1a1e6  OPENJPA-778 committing patch provided by Fernando
     new 9e67ec5  OPENJPA-778 cleanup
     new 7f7497d  OPENJPA-781 committing patch contributed by Fernando
     new 1617c44  OPENJPA-783 committing patch provided by Fernando
     new 492a92a  OPENJPA-773 Updates for JPA 2.0 spec API.  Stubbed out unimplemented methods.
     new 3f47c13  OPENJPA-787,OPENJPA-799: getSingleResult() and multiple aggregate projections
     new c28c783  More informative message when multiple fields used wrongly as primary key
     new ef7f18f  OPENJPA-811 - Committ on behalf of Pinaki Poddar and Dinkar Rao.
     new 5bf35c3  OPENJPA-812: Consider case when aggreate result from a slice can be null
     new c60a95f  OPENJPA-800 Change release artifact versions for milestone 1
     new 55b1fa6  OPENJPA-815: retrieval fails for an entity that contains an embeddable, which contains a toMany relation.
     new 4c4219f  OPENJPA-806: Initial Criteria API implementation.
     new c15fb7d  OPENJPA-817 preserve order of statements with ConstraintUpdateManager merge to trunk
     new b45e065  OPENJPA-818 changing tck profile to use geronimo api
     new 7a6ac4a  Reverting OPENJPA_817 in trunk. Conflict with Issue 706 causes unpredictable results
     new 74c5f30  OPENJPA-806: Interface changes (merge Selectable to Visitable) + String Functions (Concat etc) + Detect recursion
     new e78a1bc  OPENJPA-782: embeddable support
     new 9946b6c  OPENJPA-792: MappedSuperClass problem. Commit on behalf of Sandhya Turaga.
     new 411382d  OPENJPA-806: Refactor different domain paths into a single list in QueryDefinitionImpl.
     new 82e7028  OPENJPA-817 fixed in trunk
     new 569641f  OPENJPA-795  enhancer throws an exception when parsing column name "" because it thinks 'first' is a table name In U2 database column name may contain '.'
     new 62e1dea  OPENJPA-801: PCPath is now a CandidatePath. But why was it not before?
     new 57d329d  OPENJPA-821: DistributedStoreQuery$UpdateExecutor called executeDelete(). Should be executeUpdate()
     new 66434c6  OPENJPA-820: Test entity reference can be used as query parameter for slices.
     new 243b68d  OPENJPA-805 JPQL updates - iteration 1
     new 8f97b22  OPENJPA-805 JPQL updates - iteration 1 Sync up with JPQL.jjt to pass regression
     new d1f498b  OPENJPA-806: Testing Criteria API by executing against the database. Persistent test classes declare fields as appropriate to the tested queries. Criteria that use new JPQL constructs such as KEY(), CASE etc. are compared literally with handcrafted JPQL string. The supported ones are executed against the database.
     new 2bb4062  OPENJPA-805 JPQL iteration 1 add support for select ScalarExpression & Order By selectAlias
     new 979a6e3  OPENJPA-805 JPQL iteration 1: add support for Case Expressions
     new 11a57c8  OPENJPA-782: add orm support for CollectionTable and ElementCollection
     new cabd344  OPENJPA-800 remove version milestone indicator from build artifacts
     new debe82b  OPENJPA-805 JPQL iteration 1 - add support for COALESCE and NULLIF expressions
     new c1d791f  OPENJPA-823 Added new 2.0 schemas and updated persistence and metadata parsers to use per-version schema validation
     new 9c8b2d2  OPENJPA-825: Execute slice operations serailly when openjpa.Multithreaded=true. Otherwise continue using parallel execution mode.
     new 5d27c28  OPENJPA-800: Introduce OpenJPAQueryBuilder interface. Implement CONCAT() and other String functions.
     new 47eab49  OPENJPA-805 JPQL updates iteration 1 add in-memory query constructs for Case, Coalesce, and NullIf expressions
     new 548ccbc  OPENJPA-828: Switch field value access based on declaredTypeCode rather than typeCode to take care of externalized fields.
     new 4cf216c  OPENJPA-782: embeddable support
     new 13027e2  OPENJPA-806 : fix testcase: testGeneralCase & testParameter
     new 9ba8587  Merged changes 726860, 68, and 76 from branch 1.1.x.  Added Cache Marshallers to descriptors, and renamed test case.  Was not able to enable test case due to additional missing property descriptors in trunk.  See Jira: OPENJPA-830.
     new 0f7f03d  OPENJPA-825: Cache unique flag for query to avoid lcoking. Use StateManager's instance lock rather than acquiring Broker's lock.
     new b3a9a1b  OPENJPA-800: Documentation for new Criteria API support
     new ead852d  OPENJPA-777 committing testcase from Fay's patch
     new e63fbd5  OPENJPA-805 JPQL updates iteration 1 add in-memory query testcase for Case, Coalesce, and NullIf expressions
     new 5256a6c  OPENJPA-782: embeddable support. Adding more test cases per spec 10.1.7, 10.1.24, 10.1.25, 10.1.34
     new 90f6d5f  OPENJPA-782: adding element-collection and collection-table support for XML Serializer
     new 78dda5c  OPENJPA-782: add test case for embeddable support using orm xml.
     new 04900fe  OPENJPA-819 Committing fix for NPE and corresponding test case contributed by Dianne Richards.
     new 3fd11d8  OPENJPA-779 for trunk
     new 0e6a3bd  OPENJPA-823 Removed assertion from test due to variability in JREs
     new 574d559  OPENJPA-825: Introduced internal locking for shared contexts (BrokerImpl/QueryImpl).
     new 0500645  OPENJPA-835 Loading nested toMany EAGER relation resuled in PersistenceException
     new 16b7b1a  OPENJPA-784 committing patch provided by Fernando
     new c924cc2  OPENJPA-803 Added support to allow a specific schema name to be specified on sequence generators per JPA 2.0.
     new 6ff7d9a  OPENJPA-838: remove cache from StoreCollectionFieldStrategy
     new ec531f3  OPENJPA-841: Add structure to hold Slice information. Also ensure that replicated instances carry all replicated slice information even when they are found in a single slice.
     new 3f90c7e  Handle version adjustment when replicated instances are flushed to multiple slices. Refactor untyped OpenJPAStateManager collections to save some redundant iteration.
     new 94efd58  OPENJPA-845: Evaluate ordering value for PCPath to support ORDER BY slice queries that involves ordering terms not included in projection items and hence requires in-memory ordering from multiple slices.
     new 2759792  Timeout multithreaded tests if they hang
     new 1437517  OPENJPA-833 An improved test case for XML column mapping Commit patch provided by Milosz Tylenda
     new fb7ab19  OPENJPA-557 Primary key sequences broken with postgres schemas Commit patch provided by Milosz Tylenda
     new 43a9847  Remove unnecessary imports
     new ca3464e  OPENJPA-837 Update documentation with current 2.0 schemas
     new f30eb24  remove unused import statement
     new 44a4c38  OPENJPA-850: Add persistence.xml for equivalent configuration support testing
     new cbbc768  OPENJPA-850: Add notion of equivalent property keys for configurable Value. Use this facility to support new javax.persistence.* style property keys alongside openjpa.* style property keys.
     new 0a20368  OPENJPA-850: Document alternative javax.persistence.jdbc.* keys introduced in JPA 2.0
     new f491d6e  OPENJPA-854 remove hard coded trace levels from testcases
     new 4427455  OPENJPA-855 JPA2 Query updates add support for Index function
     new 2309a59  OPENJPA-853 Informix Cursor not open problem
     new 9ab2dd6  OPENJPA-843 Unnecessary version update on inverse-side of a 1-m relationship Committing patch provided by Dinkar Rao
     new 500fc71  OPENJPA-843 move testcases to openjpa-persistence-jdbc module to resolve compile failure
     new b8ec28b  OPENJPA-843 refactor testcase so that it runs during a normal maven build.
     new c99c9d2  OPENJPA-851: enhanced map support for JPA 2.0 (Spec 10.1.26, 10.1.27, 10.1.28, 10.1.29, 10.1.30, 2.7)
     new 2e26184  OPENJPA-858: Allow configurable PostPersist callback either post flush/commit or post persist immediately.Also refactored callback options around a CallbackOptions configuration class.
     new b65b9b2  OPENJPA-858: Document openjpa.Callbacks plug-in options
     new 1583426  OPENJPA-836 after em.clear the datacache is inconsistent
     new 388c56f  OPENJPA-846 XML column support for MySQL
     new 88f288b  OPENJPA-851: enhanced bi-directional map support in update operation
     new 6963880  OPENJPA-860 improve trace. Entity class names are printed when found in orm.xml
     new 9e78d8c  OPENJPA-834 fix xmlmapping testcase committing patch provided by Milosz Tylenda
     new 7ce5b0d  OPENJPA-834  removed @AllowFailure from xmlmapping testcase committing patch provided by Milosz Tylenda
     new a09954b  OPENJPA-851: xml orm support for MapKeyClass, MapKeyColumn, MapKeyJoinColumn
     new 8c50f73  OPENJPA-860 fixing the last trace call. Patch originally provided by Janko Heilgeist
     new cdc015f  OPENJPA-849: Load supported properties from resource.
     new 0452a7c  OPENJPA-809 support JPA 2.0 cache interface.
     new fd42fb9  testcase cleanup. Remove System.err.printlns
     new c848009  revert back to junit 3.8.1. Some testcases use its TestRunner class
     new c21184b  OPENJPA-851: ManyToMany Map support
     new 50f6587  Fix calls in TestSQLBigDecimalId, TestSQLDateId, and TestSQLBigIntegerId
     new c5736ac  OPENJPA-864 do not remove table aliases for databases which use JoinSyntaxes.SYNTAX_DATABASE (no joins).
     new d49fdb1  OPENJPA-856 JPQ2 JPQL add  support for entity type expression
     new 8ee7128  OPENJPA-856 JPQ2 JPQL add  support for entity type expression remove System.out from testcase
     new 017e518  OPENJPA-802 Base OrderColumn support and corresponding tests
     new f1d2bf4  OPENJPA-863 Unexpected mere-cascade behavior when cascade.all/merge specified on both sides of relationships Committing patch provided by Sandhya Truraga
     new 209f903  OPENJPA-851: fix a bug in the embeddable processing.
     new e3db047  OPENJPA-802 OrderColumn doc update
     new f78d5ba  OPENJPA-809 documentation updates
     new 9427556  OPENJPA-809 finish sentence in docs
     new e70fd12  OPENJPA-861 Update the manual for XML column support for MySQL committing patch provided by Milosz Tylenda
     new 89df4a7  OPENJPA-873: fix NPE when MappedSuperclass does not have IdClass defined.
     new da91c0b  OPENJPA-849 Removing partial feature update for milestone release
     new 039693c  Update release text files
     new b936e81  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch 2.0.0-M1
     new e80bac2  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M1
     new 30b7c05  OPENJPA-876 adding db2 and oracle profiles to openjpa-persistence-jdbc/pom.xml
     new 963e541  OPENJPA-838: check in testcase
     new f65c4ae  OPENJPA-870: orphanRemoval support
     new 8e60655  OPENJPA-865 JPA2 Query support for collection-valued input parameter in in-expression
     new 1fdd52f  OPENJPA-881. 'better' default values for connection pool settings
     new 672b5f0  Use both envLoader and application loader for class loading when parsing XML metadata files.  envLoader first to appease Spring integ.
     new 295442d  OPENJPA-703: Prepared Query Cache
     new d00a4e6  OPENJPA-703: Deactivate a test whose domain model clashing with other tables during schema creation
     new e47d83b  Make some part of the test database dependent because it verifies hardcoded Derby URL
     new 6453c64  OPENJPA-870: orphanRemoval support
     new 819514f  Cache EntityManagerFactory for better performance
     new d812112  OPENJPA-703: Deactivate a test whose domain model clashing with other tables during schema creation
     new 3c85ec7  OPENJPA-870: orphanRemoval support with test case checked in
     new 47a0f41  Reuse EMF.
     new 1ddbd61  OPENJPA-703: Cleaning first Prepared Query Cache commit
     new 958c2b6  OPENJPA-882 committing patch provided by Donald Woods
     new 937d0f4  OPENJPA-870: rollback r739155 to re-use the code path of @Dependent and @ElementDependent for orphanRemoval.
     new e30261e  OPENJPA-703: Support PersistenceCapable as query parameter during reparameterization of Prepared Query.
     new 4ed0580  OPENJPA-703: A separate executor for Prepared SQL.
     new 2065e90  OPENJPA-703: Use Prepared Query for packed results.
     new 64329e0  OPENJPA-703: Support Collection-valued parameters. Handle re-parameterization when collection-valued parameter has different size across invocations.
     new 8746348  OPENJPA-876 Adding required packaging def to DB2 and Oracle example profiles.
     new c71522f  OPENJPA-703:How user parameters are converted to Object[] is determined by the Executors. Because they are the consumer of this information. kernel.Query toParameterArray() was making many implict assumptions. A detailed test with paramenetrs and forcing PreparedQueryCacheImpl to cache JPQL only.
     new b7ca873  OPENJPA-703: Parse SQL for both ?n and ? style parameter markers
     new 592352e  OPENJPA-869 Added query expression to target a specific entity during validation
     new 808f4a6  Revert bad testcase changes
     new f9c9475  OPENJPA-857: Extend support for Specification through a more structured type to carry Version information. Will help Compatibitibility (and may be others) that needs to tune their behavior based on current Specification version as well as backward compatibie versions.
     new ddec737  OPENJPA-703: Validate parameter values by their expected types.
     new 5fd3908  OPENJPA-703 Cache ResultObjectProvider data to improve query performance recover a line for query hint.OptimizeResultCount
     new d61b3b2  OPENJPA-772 committing patch provided by Donald Woods
     new 4d5a6c5  OPENJPA-870: orm support for OrphanRemoval
     new 7b5510c  OPENJPA-873: check in test case
     new f7b6f94  Update OpenJPA documentation for easier navigation
     new c27f31a  OPENJPA-899: Initial support for new JPA 2.0 Query.getHints() API method.
     new 2e07d6b  OPENJPA-849 Committing documentation updates contributed by Dianne Richards
     new f99be0c  OPENJPA-849 Committing code and corresponding tests contributed by Dianne Richards
     new b620c40  OPENJPA-849 Committing code and corresponding tests contributed by Dianne Richards
     new fa86624  OPENJPA-849 Committing code and corresponding tests contributed by Dianne Richards
     new c3691f5  OPENJPA-849 Committing code and corresponding tests contributed by Dianne Richards
     new 889ca9d  OPENJPA-703: Update Prepared Query Cache documentation.
     new cff59ec  OPENJPA-703: Prepared Query Cache Documentation
     new 9f0a175  OPENJPA-703 make substituteParams() utility method public
     new b4a09c4  OPENJPA-849 Committing code for Dianne Richards that reverts driver property name back to openjpa property.
     new 72ac315  DB2 optimization for Query.getSingleResult()
     new e2aea2d  OPENJPA-871: MappedById support
     new 26b5407  OPENJPA-856 JPQ2 JPQL  support for entity type expression fix testcase
     new 9c003aa  OPENJPA-807 JPQ2 JPQL  fix testcase
     new 6bbbb78  OPENJPA-871: check in MappedById test case
     new 72fa143  OPENJPA-703 add testcase for getSingleResult
     new ed3889f  OPENJPA-703 fix TestOptimizeForClause testcase
     new 16778fe  OPENJPA-871: fix test case name clash problem
     new 0416d6b  OPENJPA-807 JPQ2 JPQL  fix testcase, enforce ordered results
     new 80aea14  OPENJPA-912 Potential NPE in setInverseRelation
     new 64be080  OPENJPA-802 JPQ2 fix TestOrderColumn, enforce ordered results
     new 32a6c11  OPENJPA-703 cleanup TestOptimizeForClause testcase
     new 0916d4b  OPENJPA-703: Align data loading for Prepared Query Results to Select oriented result object provider
     new ba62ff1  OPENJPA-916: DistributedTemplate not setting MaxRows and QueryTimeOut correctly
     new b20e5e7  OPENJPA-876 committing patch provided by Donald Woods
     new 5b558e5  OPENJPA-898: Parse query hints for NamedNativeQuery
     new 8a9595b  OPENJPA-900: Consolidate Query Hint related processing. As a byproduct, support new JPA 2.0 getHins() and getSupportedHints().
     new 897a912  Bypass callback method clash if two parsers have parsed the identical method
     new 1b7ff07  OPENJPA-871: MappedById support (spec Ex3b, 5b)
     new a1f6b15  OPENJPA-919 Committing test code contributed by Donald Woods
     new 1d47f14  OPENJPA-913
     new 7d04527  OPENJPA-869 Added support for order column table attribute
     new 3adf70a  OPENJPA-917 add testcases contributed by B.J. Reed. Changes to QueryImpl were already made in OPENJPA-900 svn rev 743396
     new 2582d4d  OPENJPA-703: Clean up unused varaibles in PreparedQueryCache implementaion and remove support for Class based keys kep as placeholder for finder queries.
     new 556e09b  OPENJPA-703: Use template for QueryStatistics.
     new 3fc7f54  OPENJPA-924: Support cache of Finder queries.
     new f08e4e1  OPENJPA-924: Cache primary key field indices. Simplify QueryStatistics template.
     new d1c23c2  OPENJPA-925 Bidirectional OneToOne relation incorrectly set in loadEagerJoin
     new 1a643ec  import clean up
     new ba80c16  Insert missing assertion on failure condition.
     new 350dcbc  OPENJPA-925 update testcase comments
     new 1a4223d  OPENJPA-703: A tentative change for a reported locking problem. Ready to be rolled back if turns out to be too costly.
     new 357cf34  OPENJPA-871: mappedById support
     new 1a407b6  OPENJPA-906 fix testcase TestEntityTypeExpression committing patch from Tim McConnell
     new 679989f  OPENJPA-466 - Commit patch contributed by Tim McConnell.
     new 40ec58c  OPENJPA-871: check in test case for multiple MappedById annotations with generated key
     new 47c15ce  OPENJPA-871: fix test case problem
     new cfd1334  OPENJPA-924: Set JDBC query parameters with type information
     new f72b68b  OPENJPA-931: nested embeddedId/MappedById support
     new e2fef6a  OPENJPA-930: AttributeOverride support
     new 9d7360c  OPENJPA-935: Detect table for embedded PC to avoid extra select before delete.
     new 62c76e4  OPENJPA-930: orm xml support for AttributeOverride
     new 22a0f83  OPENJPA-891 - Committing basic JPA2 lock mode support for em refresh, find and lock methods.
     new 909c838  OPENJPA-934 Fixed bugs in test code and added instructions to run in an Oracle environment.
     new 094f914  Oversight in QueryDefinition.selectDistinct() boolean argument corrected
     new b0a4367  OPENJPA-703: Reinstate performance optimization for DEFAULT and ALL fetch group lookup that was inadvertently rolled back.
     new f5cc8d8  OPENJPA-942: Allow Tests to specify target database platform
     new bf16127  OPENJPA-924: Only cache finder queries without read locks
     new a9c858b  OPENJPA-766: Allow an explanatory message for @AllowFailure tests
     new bcfb4e9  Remove @Allowfailure in lock manager tests after FinderCache fix.
     new 75cf4c5  OPENJPA-825: A new threading policy for Slice via extension
     new d22fc6a  OPENJPA-930: fix test case error caused by TestAttrOverridesXml
     new 4d28f28  OPENJPA-825: ExecutorService is not configurable anymore with new threading strategy.
     new b811a6c  OPENJPA-931: IdClass support
     new 26a4551  OPENJPA-901 committing patch provided by Donald Woods.
     new e11b753  OPENJPA-924: Add localized statements for logging
     new cc38e27  OPENJPA-891 - change supportIsolationForUpdate to supportsIsolationForUpdate in line with existing naming convention.
     new efc6ba4  OPENJPA-884: Logging oversight in DB2Dictionary
     new f3d1704  OPENJPA-213. Scale and precision specified for doubles upgrade column type to NUMERIC.
     new a95c0f0  OPENJPA-891 - Fix problematic thread test case synchronization problem.
     new 781c837  OPENJPA-903 - Commit contribution submitted by Tim McConnell. [Ref:]
     new 23145bf  OPENJPA-704: Make extended path lookup optional to save runtime costs for predominant use cases.
     new 8bf4da0  OPENJPA-891 - correct tests failure due to CPU speed sensitive wait between threads interaction.
     new 730ff88  OPENJPA-927 Committing code contributed by Dianne Richards
     new b611d3f  OPENJPA-927 Committing code contributed by Dianne Richards
     new 3e8f626  OPENJPA-927 Committing code contributed by Dianne Richards
     new deda5b3  OPENJPA-927 Committing code contributed by Dianne Richards
     new 0098cc1  OPENJPA-937: AssociationOverrides support
     new c3338d8  OPENJPA-937: remove AllowFailure from the test case, as this causes compiler error in mvn clean install, since the dependency on org.apache.openjpa.persistence.test.AllowFailure is missing in the pom file for openjpa-slice.
     new 2f3ef42  OPENJPA-937: back off test case. Will check it in later.
     new dff6bf5  OPENJPA-937: AssociationOverrides support when applied to MappedSuperclass.
     new 30ee661  OPENJPA-879 JPA2 Query support for selecting KEY, ENTRY and VALUE of a Map value
     new 19fd6b3  OPENJPA-900: Thread guard while setting hint.
     new 4b31d54  OPENJPA-966: Support unwrap() for JPA 2.0
     new cae3341  OPENJPA-955:  test+documentation on MethodQL. Allow candidate class be optional on MethodQL. Do not cache MethodQLQuery.
     new 70cfcaa  OPENJPA-891 - Remove _recoverable attribute in StoreException and use _fatal instead, per Pinaki's suggestion.
     new b612d64  OPENJPA-965: Open up FinderCacheImpl for jdbc and non-jdbc like implementation
     new b45109c  OPENJPA-965 Open up FinderCacheImpl for non-JDBC or JDBC-like  implementation of preparing statement/query execution An approache not exposing FinderCacheImpl to jdbc kernel
     new dab2ec2  Open up FinderCacheImpl for non-JDBC or JDBC-like  implementation of preparing statement/query execution cleanup imports
     new f1d4abd  OPENJPA-891 - Add constructor per Pinaki's comment.
     new 23b0b87  OPENJPA-966: Support MySQL Replication Driver
     new de5e6c9  OPENJPA-967 JPA2 Query support for selection of KEY, VALUE, ENTRY of a Map value more test scenarios for Map having @MapKeyClass or @MapKeyJoinColumn annotations
     new 1ece64d  OPENJPA-965: Open up FinderQueryImpl for jdbc-like and non-jdbc implementation
     new ca9d49a  Fix formatting for procedureList classes
     new a1917d1  OPENJPA-968: Change default detach to be in-place rather than copy to align with JPA 2.0
     new 4506244  OPENJPA-958,959: timeout on query
     new ab9d17f  OPENJPA-679: fix ReverseMappingTool problem
     new dfe19d2  OPENJPA-891 - remove unneeded code. Code review changes per Pinaki's comment.
     new a375ef4  OPENJPA-959: Allow hink keys be set on facade fetch plan.
     new c67cd5d  OPENJPA-973: allow db2jcc driver to work with informix
     new 6e6cb37  OPENJPA-891 - Complete new LockModeType supports in EntityManager. Manual updated. Build and TCK passed. Code reviewed by Pinaki P. and Mike D.
     new 393111b  OPENJPA-857: PersistenceProductDerivation sets Compatibility according to current specification. Allow multiple specifications to coexist.
     new c5a3a56  OPENJPA-905 - Commit contribution by Tim McConnell.
     new c8c43e4  Add no-args constructor such that runtime enhancer can use
     new 272c584  Add isAbstract() method on ClassMetaData to designate a MappedSuperClass
     new 0e7c84e  OPENJPA-866 - Commit contributions by Tim McConnell.
     new d8da810  OPENJPA-967 JPA2 Query support for selection of state field thru KEY navigation Sample JPQL: select KEY(e).name from Dept d join d.emps e
     new 2860368  OPENJPA-978: make the third argument in substring function optional.
     new 44ffbd2  OPENJPA-967: remove duplicate column in the associate table when MapKey is specified.
     new 29a2d30  OPENJPA-967 JPA2 support qualified path add support for ORDER BY & GROUP BY a path thru KEY navigation
     new 6b40e72  OPENJPA-981: replicate parent-child relation across slices and not only to root slice
     new 7c9ef84  OPENJPA-967 JPA2 JPQL allow KEY(e) of basic types appear in conditional expression
     new 390f390  OPENJPA-878 Committing code, tests, and documentation updates for Donald Woods.
     new a51486c  OPENJPA-878 Committing code, tests, and documentation updates for Donald Woods.
     new cb271bf  OPENJPA-878 Committing code, tests, and documentation updates for Donald Woods.
     new 5a16f8f  OPENJPA-878 Committing code, tests, and documentation updates for Donald Woods.
     new 469a10d  OPENJPA-878 Committing code, tests, and documentation updates for Donald Woods.
     new ff8d465  OPENJPA-970. Committing patch provided by Donald Woods
     new 65a8219  OPENJPA-885 Committing code and tests contributed by Dianne Richards.
     new 2e5a6e4  OPENJPA-885 Committing code and tests contributed by Dianne Richards.
     new ed8ec02  OPENJPA-885 Committing code and tests contributed by Dianne Richards.
     new 1d94611  OPENJPA-947. Reduce testcase logging
     new 2ee441d  OPENJPA-972 Committing code doc update and tests contributed by Donald Woods.
     new 2edc92d  OPENJPA-972 Committing code doc update and tests contributed by Donald Woods.
     new bb1bc8a  OPENJPA-878 Committing code and test updates contributed by Donald Woods.
     new 05c5ad0  OPENJPA-878 Committing code and test updates contributed by Donald Woods.
     new c5c5398  OPENJPA-985: Support dynamic addition of slices.
     new 944ee16  OPENJPA-878 - per agreement with Donald, removing un-needed code.
     new b00ef73  OPENJPA-973: allow db2 jcc driver to access Informix
     new ca00078  OPENJPA-988 - Refactoring JPA2/MixedLockManager from persistence module to jdbc module. No functional changes.
     new 6f253f0  OPENJPA-967 JPA2 add support for collection valued path thru KEY appear in FROM clause
     new ed0f74a  OPENJPA-967 add query test strings  for JPA2 path nagivation thru KEY appear in FROM, WHERE, and ORDER BY clause
     new 1d92b9a  OPENJPA-991 - disable TestException.testThrowsOptimisticException() until this issue is addressed. This will avoid the test hang condition and allow other tests to proceed, when run in DB2.
     new 9e683c7  OPENJPA-963: commit patch provided by Donald Woods
     new 7ad6a01  OPENJPA-992 - Correct proper DB2 SQLState to EntityExistsException translation.
     new 2d9f445  Remove un-needed import.
     new c3175ee  OPENJPA-995: Refactor OpenJPA Criteria query implementation as 'dynamic query' extension.
     new 90b84c5  OPENJPA-896. Setting eol-style:native and removing windows eol characters from source files.
     new b546423  OPENJPA-896. Setting eol-style:native and removing windows eol characters from XML files.
     new 31ae580  OPENJPA-973: allow DB2 jcc driver to access Informix
     new f48b254  OPENJPA-967: Qualified Identifier in-memory query test cases
     new 9d3a789  OPENJPA-951
     new fac1cf7  OPENJPA-999: put back sql-warning message to
     new 66f829f  OPENJPA-999: add eol to
     new a4124b4  OPENJPA-885 Committing additional detach tests contributed by Dianne Richards
     new 32796f7  OPENJPA-5: Upgrade to JDK6
     new 7e6ca90  OPENJPA-956 support elementCollection in FROM clause
     new c7fabe7  OPENJPA-956 JPA2 Query support ElementCollection in FROM clause add query test strings
     new ad0c7db  OPENJPA-961 JPA2 Query support for element collection add support for element collection within embeddable object
     new f8bb2a8  OPENJPA-773 Updates for 03/13/2009 JSR-317 public draft.
     new 7f5471b  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new d3b1a2e  OPENJPA-1005 - Set persistence.xml schema version for PersistenceUnitInfo interface.
     new a5e3bdd  OPENJPA-990 Committing code and test updates contributed by Donald Woods
     new 80be256  OPENJPA-975 committing patch from B.J. Reed
     new 33ed6bf  JPA2 Query support for embeddables; nested embeddables; relationships from embeddables
     new f21f7b5  OPENJPA-1004: fix problems with IdClass which has a derived identity and the relation corresponding to the derived identity uses generatedKey
     new 19371ce  OPENJPA-218: fix merge problem with derived identity using IdClass. The corresponding test case is checked in using JIRA-1004.
     new 0aedae4  OPENJPA-883: Documentation is out of date for some MySQLDictionary properties
     new a0a3418  OPENJPA-975 clean up manual
     new 318d408  fixed spacing issue with some localization messages that wrap. This pushes some lines to 81 characters; we could re-wrap these lines if needed.
     new b6e661e  OPENJPA-1015 fix line wrapping in source files. Based on patch contributed by B.J. Reed. Updates made to do enforce line wrapping during the process-sources phase of the build.
     new 05e3790  OPENJPA-1015. Adding checkstyle config file.
     new bb2c50e  OPENJPA-1015. Committing auditing patch from Donald Woods
     new b6f8f0f  OPENJPA-1015. Moving checkstyle config file to openjpa-project.
     new 5e820a3  OPENJPA-967 JPA2 Query embeddable MapKey rework
     new 616f8fd  OPENJPA-723: Feature request for PostgreSQL XML Column Mapping
     new 718370e  OPENJPA-957 - Create Fetch*HintHandler(s) for property processing in EntityManager/Query interface methods.
     new bb01292  OPENJPA-957 - Guard NPE as fetch may be null in getForUpdateClause.
     new 983775d  OPENPA-957 - Correct > 80 columns build problem.
     new bdce39a  OPENJPA-1022 - Ensure LockMode READ/OPTIMISTIC & WRITE/OPTIMISTIC_FORCE_INCREMENT are distinct in type but semantics equivalent.
     new 4386138  OPENJPA-1022 - correct test case to properly handle notify/wait testing protocol between multi-threads test scenario. This fix corrects some timing related failures.
     new b5d5ea2  OPENJPA-1023. set svn:eol on .properties
     new dbeb9b4  OPENJPA-1015 committing plugin version patch from Donald Wodds.
     new df18282  OPENJPA-1024 JPA2 support scalar expressions in subquery
     new 05ebf66  OPENJPA-1024 JPA2 support scalar expressions in subquery add test strings
     new 3fc6ac2  OPENJPA-1010: Canonical Metamodel Generator from annotated source code that hooks into JDK6 Annotation Processing facility.
     new d0cb71d  OPENJPA-1021: support MapKey annotation on relation fields
     new 2582022  Skip compiling JDK6 dependent class till we figure out conditional compilation
     new 96cb35f  OPENJPA-1024: Scalar expression in SubQuery requires subquery expression be enclosed in parentheses
     new 921cd71  Skip compiling JDK6 dependent class on JDK5 profile
     new 5580dd3  OPENJPA-1021: allow MapKey on relation fields
     new da5c1da  OPENJPA-1021: fix test cases
     new e4ec2cf  OPENJPA-1021: fix test case problem
     new 2901ea6  OPENJPA-1028: fixed setMappedByValue when embeddable is involved.
     new be8731a  OPENJPA-967 JPA2 Query support for MapKey fixes
     new 3b2585f  OPENJPA-1028 OPENJPA-1021 fix eol style for new classes
     new 9202ab6  OPENJPA-723: Feature request for PostgreSQL XML Column Mapping
     new 9d5066a  OPENJPA-883: Documentation is out of date for some MySQLDictionary properties
     new 16c8b6d  OPENJPA-1024: add enum literal support for case expression
     new 20b3559  OPENJPA-1032 Reverting back to 1.x OpenJPAQuery.getPositionalParameters signature due to spec update.
     new 62aabaf  OPENJPA-983: FirebirdDictionary improvements
     new 69d01f2  OPENJPA-1034 Remove OrderColumn attributes and corresponding tests
     new d00cf9d  OPENJPA-1024: support enum literal in case expression
     new 8c31381  OPENJPA-1021 allow MapKey on relation field - add JPA2 Query support for MapKey on relation field - remove @AllowFailure in test cases
     new 4da7ad3  OPENJPA-967 JPA2 Query support for embeddable MapKey improvement/rework
     new ae182d4  Per agreement with Pinaki, disable jdk-6 annotation processing services until the processor implementation solidifies.
     new 372dea0  OPENJPA-1010: Canonical Metamodel Generator from annotated source code. Add/modify for explicit and default access types. Change maven build to condition compilation & packaging. Add support for array types.
     new f758a19  OPENJPA-1035 JPA2 Query allow map key/value path to appear as argument to scalar functions
     new 171fe56  OPENJPA-966: Added missing super call from within MySQLDictionary.decorate(Connection) method.
     new 0398c0e  OPENJPA-1024: support case expression in subquery
     new e55f36f  OPENJPA-1010: Tests for Canonical Metamodel Generator from annotated source code.
     new affdc07  OPENJPA-1035 JPA2 Query allow map key/value path to appear as argument to scalar functions
     new 21b41a5  OPENJPA-1039: treat AND OR operators as non-associative
     new 9696252  OPENJPA-1040 reset build flag and fix line length problem
     new 60988f8  OPENJPA-1010. Exclude test class for Java 5 compilers
     new 5239148  1035 JPA2 Query map key path in predicates
     new 5681d06  OPENJPA-1024: clean up testcases
     new b2f74fc  OPENJPA-1024: clean up test cases
     new 0daf1bf  OPENJPA-1041: allow orderBy on nested embeddables
     new e4b87fd  Fix for OpenJPA-1002, patch submitted by Ravi Palacherla
     new d9039ca  OPENJPA-1029 SQLServerDictionary updates contributed by Donald Woods
     new 1da766b  OPENJPA-1038: detect circular dependencies among embeddables and issue proper error message to avoid stack overflow
     new ff29a05  OPENJPA-1033 Committing documentation updates contributed by Donald Woods
     new 8bbf149  OPENJPA-1024: subquery support of nullif and coalesce for enum literals
     new 4d1b86e  OPENJPA-933: Database version detection in MySQLDictionary is not reliable
     new 32fd2a5  1035 JPA2 Query fix setParameter for key path in predicates
     new 282b877  OPENJPA-1024: clean up test case
     new f3b437a  1035 JPA2 Query allow embeddable as orderby item add more test strings for IS NULL and IS EMPTY predicates with path navigation thru key path or embeddable
     new 0e30a59  OPENJPA-1024: clean up test cases
     new 2793527  OPENJPA-1044: Retire test where entity is used as a query parameter as it causes a thread deadlock
     new 178f0a1  OPENJPA-926: Support explicit access types
     new ffdf264  OPENJPA-1050: Use parametrized types wherever applicable
     new 2c7432c  OPENJPA-703: Set original query string for prepared query
     new 0ffbce3  OPENJPA-926: entity without any property can have unknown access type.
     new cf86471  OPENJPA-1050: Use parametrized types wherever applicable
     new a868ae3  OPENJPA-926,OPENJPA-1050: handling corner cases of access type. moving uniformaly to access code. adding type parameters.
     new 29a5f7a  OPENJPA-1050: Use parameterized type whenever applicable
     new 9d52998  OPENJPA-926: JPA 2.0 Access processing by XML descriptors
     new 7adb793  OPENJPA-1008: Facade OpenJPA metamodel to JPA 2.0
     new d86b15e  EXclude JDK6 dependent source and test
     new 0985969  OpenJPA-1002: fixed select range for Oracle drivers, patch submitted by Amy Yang and Ravi Palacherla
     new 8f182fc  OPENJPA-1008: Test cases for JPA 2.0 metamodel generation and population
     new 14ae1c3  OPENJPA-1025 committing patch provided by B.J. Reed. Removin subList method from AbstractResultList forcing subclasses to override the method
     new 1677b48  OPENJPA-1053: fix update by setting an embeddable which contains a cascade delete relation with another entity.
     new bd50e17  OPENJPA-932 Committing code and tests contributed by Rick Curtis
     new 0284662  OPENJPA-964 Committing contributions provided by Donald Woods
     new f9fd483  OPENJPA-1055: add MapKeyTemporal and MapKeyEnumerated support
     new 861db8d  OPENJPA-1049: Register type alias for MappedSuperclass.
     new 733c1ea  OPENJPA-1050: Use parameterized type whenever applicable
     new 2c2e781  OPENJPA-1045. L2 cache included / excluded types may be specified via configuration properties
     new 6a36d55  OPENJPA-1045 remove system.out.format eyecatcher
     new 22a5143  OPENJPA-869 Fix nondeterministic ordering issue with OrderColumn test
     new 6bccd91  OPENJPA-1060 Made userObject transient to correct serialization issue
     new 0392538  OPENJPA-1013,OPENJPA-1014: Type-strict Criteria API (skeletal) implementation as per JPA 2.0.
     new ed82fda  OPENJPA-1064 JPA2 Query add support for embeddable of element collection in predicate and subquery
     new 51224e5  OPENJPA-1027 Committing documentation updates contributed by Dianne Richards
     new 8918258  OPENJPA-1013,OPENJPA-1014: Support In() and IsNull()
     new 7880642  OPENJPA-1013: Support metamodel access from EntityManager
     new b68eedd  Capture post-compilation result type in prepared query
     new ce685d0  OPENJPA-1010: correct dangenous typo
     new 8575b6c  OPENJPA-1010: correct dangenous typo
     new 09a77ee  OPENJPA-1067. Do not call setQueryTimeout for DB2 on Z/OS
     new 8321d31  Add example windows command script for meta-model generation and few common svn operation
     new 2ef46be  Exclude JDK6 classes from JDK5 compiler
     new 6759d41  Metamodel testing classes
     new f0fb49b  Implicit field/property access + refactor logging
     new 75dfd10  OPENJPA-1069: orderBy on ElementCollection of basic types
     new 95e9b55  OPENJPA-1031 Update docs that refer to OpenJPAEntityManager.getExtent().  Applied patch from Rick Curtis.
     new 03c2cce  OPENJPA-1010: Omit @GeneratedValue annotation if target is lower than JDK6
     new c67d0e6  OPENJPA-1010: Add -Asource option to control target compilable version for the generated meta-model source
     new fb85dc9  Adjust relative paths for the scripts
     new 46c0110  Table name not allowed for flat inheritance mapping
     new 240348b  Table name not allowed for flat inheritance mapping
     new eb359de  Demonstrates that related instances can be stored across slices (i.e. collocation constrain can be bypassed) and the across-slice relations can be fetched reliably under certain restrictions (e.g. for lazy relations).
     new 1955253  OPENJPA-736: Change the way generated keys are retrieved so that the feature works also with databases other than DB2
     new 9a82467  OPENJPA-1010: MetaDataRespository knows about meta-class. The naming and support for meta-class added to MetaDataFactory. Implemented in PersistenceMetaDataFactory. AnnotationProcessor6 aligned with this naming policy interface.
     new da17643  OPENJA-1070:support for composite foreign keys on MySQL Version >= 5
     new 3182ed9  OPENJPA-1072: set up foreign key relationship for the relation within an embeddable in an element collection.
     new c5f203f  OPENJPA-1073 Upgrade to latest maven-surefire-plugin
     new 3eff16e  OPENJPA-1074 Maintain contiguous index for collection element removal
     new f6f9977  OPENJPA-891 Fine tune test case to optimize runtime duration.
     new 23bd8aa  OPENJPA-1050: Use generic types where applicable
     new dc39b63  OPENJPA-1050: Use generic types where applicable
     new 83bb518  OPENJPA-1079: Allow connection to be accessed by the client
     new 3213665  OPENJPA-1079: Allow connection to be accessed by the client
     new c0bf7e4  OPENJPA-1013: check in strictly-typed criteria test cases.
     new 02a2830  OPENJPA-1013: fix compiler error in test cases
     new 4606fff  OPENJPA-703 PreparedQuery detecting query cache-ability
     new 19bfc41  OPENJPA-1071 Derby test suit speed-up
     new 5014430  OPENJPA-1063 Create a new openjpa-all artifact to include runtime depends.  Matches changes made to branches/1.3.x.
     new c26d742  OPENJPA-736: Restore method signatures per Albert's request
     new 1f37b77  OPENJPA-926 Tests and code updates for explicit access types
     new f221b1f  OPENJPA-1064 JPA2 Query add support for embeddable of element collection in predicate and subquery - Add test strings for any, some, member of predicates - Fix a bug in parameter processing of embeddable object
     new 13819e0  OPENJPA-466: Get rid of possible duplicate sequence values
     new 90ef23a  OPENJPA-926 Add annotation support for embeddables and correct Transient issue
     new f81e627  OPENJPA-932 Committing test updates contributed by Rick Curtis
     new 862edc8  OpenJPA-1051: Fixed MappingDefaultsImpl to avoid column name duplications when long column names are supplied for a database that accepts only shorter names.  Changes submitted for Ravi Palacherla.
     new 094dff2  OPENJPA-79 Add Eclipse artifacts to svn ignore.  Also reapplied consistant props to subdirs.  See JIRA attached files for the exact props set.
     new df96cc6  OPENJPA-1013: simple case and case expression support in Criteria Query
     new e1ccb46  OPENJPA-962 Committing code and tests contributed by Dianne Richards
     new 0b37738  OPENJPA-1013: case/simple case expression test case
     new 4a1c275  OPENJPA-1063 update displayed name for openjpa-all
     new 9b64aea  OPENJPA-1013: case/simple case expression support
     new d7ddfb1  OPENJPA-1064 JPA2 Query no support for embeddable of element collection in predicate and subquery JPA2 spec (section 4.12) does not support comparisons over embeddable class.
     new cb115bc  OPENJPA-1077 Validation-mode element support added to persistence.xml and to createEMF properties Map
     new f029f2d  OPENJPA-1013: groupBy/Having support for Criteria query
     new 9d30d48  OPENJPA-1013: IS EMPTY/SIZE() support for criteria query
     new 2203aed  OPENJPA-1013: MEMBER OF support for criteria query
     new 817be5b  Removed recently added errant author tag
     new 20fb414  OPENJPA-1077 fix validation failure on IBM SDK
     new 0b3dcc4  OPENJPA-1088 Build updates for openjpa-examples and openjpa-integration/examples
     new 0af9c4e  OPENJPA-1088 fix openjpa-examples build failure when built from the root pom instead of openjkpa-examples/pom.xml
     new 63c9be2  OPENJPA-247 Add testcase showing new-delete-new-find issue has been fixed.  Patch from: BJ Reed
     new a5f85ac  OPENJPA-1013: TYPE expression support
     new f6c6447  OPENJPA-1088 fix new all target for Windows users
     new 78f0f54  OPENJPA-1013: add more test scenarios for parameter settting in Criteria Query
     new 7b581bf  OPENJPA-703: ORDER BY queries are cachable
     new 7676456  OPENJPA-1013: parameter support for Criteria Query
     new c7a2b92  OPENJPA-1077 fix invalid attributes, which caused validation failure only on IBM SDK
     new e5e4cc1  OPENJPA-1068 Rev 1 of lifecycle validation
     new 2ce5299  OPENJPA-1094 JPA2 Query support KEY to appear in subquery
     new db43c74  OPENJPA-1013: Constructor support in Criteria Query. Test case will be checked in later.
     new e4488c4  OPENJPA-1013: constructor test case
     new 5fc3725  OPENJPA-1068 has listeners should be logical ORs instead of ANDs
     new 1755545  OPENJPA-918. Committing testcases based on patch provided by B.J. Reed
     new 42ae6a6  OPENJPA-975. Committing patch from B.J. Reed.
     new 598c25f  OPENJPA-1013: NOT IN/ IS (NOT) NULL/LIKE support
     new ef20404  OPENJPA-1067. Restoring original behavior - pending JDBC spec interpretation with DB2
     new 9ef9654  OPENJPA-1013: non-default escape character support
     new f91a31d  OPENJPA-1013: OrderBy support
     new f020bc6  OPENJPA-1068 add missing aggregator jar depends on geronimo-validation_1.0_spec
     new 097bda8  OPENJPA-1062 adding bundle metadata to openjpa.jar.  verified it will install/start in felix using the rough instructions at
     new 768cd33  OPENJPA-1069: support of @OrderBy("DESC") on ElementCollection containing basic type
     new 70f55bd  OPENJPA-1013: Joins, MetaModel validation, Array type
     new f5ee113  OPENJPA-1062 correctly mark log4j as provided, as it is only required at compile time and is optional at runtime
     new 291e27e  OPENJPA-1015. Committing patch provided by BJ Reed. Additional testcases have been added which do not conform - I've updated some of them but some still exist so validation is not enabled by default
     new a224644  OpenJPA-1099: Replaced <xmp> tag with <pre> tag in Javadoc comments.
     new 26b83c8  OPENJPA-891 - Eliminate tests of compatible lock mode type.
     new 0b49620  OPENJPA-1062 OSGi integration tests, which are commented out of the builds for now as they fail and need some more work...
     new 0a05d80  OPENJPA-891 - Eliminate tests of compatible lock mode type.
     new 056d211  OPENJPA-1062 add svn:ignore props for new dirs
     new 6d91126  OPENJPA-908 - Commit contribution by Tim McConnell.
     new 9638a84  OPENJPA-1013: more test cases
     new 3f28f44  OPENJPA-946 - Commit contribution by Tim McConnell.
     new 24c1e49  OPENJPA-1090 - Commit contribution by Tim McConnell.
     new e8e52d3  DBDictionary: Correct errors in comments.
     new 3a91680 Correct error in sybase-compliance value.
     new b1e8eec  OPENJPA-1098 JPA2 Query support for subselect_identification_variable
     new 137d088  remove duplicate artifact versions that are provided by the parent pom
     new 677ef4d  OPENJPA-1062 minor test update
     new 5b53615  OPENJPA-926 Modify XML-based explicit access tests to use build-time enhancement
     new 2e9f418  OPENJPA-1067. Merely log SQLException from setQueryTimeout for DB2 on Z/OS
     new b3ab297  OPENJPA-1092. Enable TestEJBQueryInterface
     new a4a9dc1  OPENJPA-926 Localize exception message
     new 9c601df  OPENJPA-900: Initialize hint keys staically for performance.
     new c20a2b2  OPENJPA-1098 JPA2 Query support for subselect_identification_variable
     new 130d1d4  OPENJPA-880 Use maven-remote-resources-plugin to generate required legal files.  Also removes dependency on openjpa-project for maven eclipse plugin.
     new a825aab  OPENJPA-1062 undo changes to openjpa-example for osgi testing
     new fcebb24  OPENJPA-1013: clean up test cases
     new 3464d8e  OPENJPA-1015. Enforce column width for testcases
     new c1b842d  OPENJPA-1026. Committing patch from B.J. Reed and enabling newline check.
     new 87b66ae  OPENJPA-1098 JPA2 Query support for subselect_identification_variable no functional changes
     new 85bc7a5  OPENJPA-1102 Support application/container provided ValidatorFactory
     new c9e74d4  update pom names to better match the module name and add descriptions where missing
     new b2a8732  Setting eol-style
     new 3c88ac3  OPENJPA-1054 committing patch from Rick Curtis and Fay Wang. Testcase has been updated to use jMock instead of creating its own mock objects
     new 0d6f1a0  OPENJPA-1054. Added testcase for callable statements and fixed typo.
     new dbc2713  OPENJPA-967 add query test string  for JPA2 path nagivation thru KEY appear in FROM clause
     new 49596dc  OPENJPA-1074 Fix for bidirectional ordered relationships. Modified order column tests to be included in compile time enhancement.
     new 0fa4a0c  fix formatting by replacing tabs with spaces.  also allow non-JDK5 profile to support JDK6+ and comment out unused antrun plugin.
     new 08301b8  revert unintended file commits in Rev780046
     new 016d49b  OPENJPA-962 Committing code and tests contributed by Dianne Richards
     new 2b94280  OPENJPA-952. Committing patch from Rick Curtis
     new 5474411  OPENJPA-1013: make setImplicitTypes static so that it can be called by critieria query
     new e80110b  OPENJPA-847: Enable JDBC 3 way of retrieving generated keys
     new cb98d4f  OPENJPA-736: JDBC 3 way of retrieving generated keys - allow user to disable it, doc and test updates.
     new f90952b  OPENJPA-1102 additional validation factory tests.  test scenario #4 will be addressed in OPENJPA-1111.
     new d4c227e  OPENJPA-1068 Use validation mode to determine if we should setup a ValidatingLifecycleEventManager or not.  Based on patch from Jeremy with one config scenario still to be addressed in OPENJPA-1111.
     new 97caf21  OPENJPA-1068 remove debugging info left behind in last commit.  Jeremy, thanks for the review and for catching this.
     new 96777b2  OPENJPA-1068 cleanup trace/log output to only include the exception message and not the stack trace for optional validator creation failures
     new 35d97a1  OPENJPA-5 - Add doPriv around "new BCClassLoader" and "project.loadClass()"
     new e32f6f1  OPENJPA-1113 - Cache Reflection artifacts for performance improvement.
     new 21a2fad  OPENJPA-1114 Bean Validation APIs should be an optional runtime dependency
     new ae16f80  upgrade to branched/stable copy of geronimo-validation_1.0_spec-1.0-EA-SNAPSHOT
     new d875749  OPENJPA-907: Correct TestParentChild to pass on Oracle and PostgreSQL - patch provided by Ravi Palacherla
     new 751a60b  OPENJPA-1113 - Close off memory leak.
     new a6f5dad  update build instructions
     new b3987f5  fix indenting
     new 4b45efa  copy of LICENSE/NOTICE files to include in the binary assembly which covers all included libs.  pom cleanup and updates for nightly-build publishing.
     new 1765ccb  latest changes.txt info from ea2 branch
     new 154a41c  update for next release
     new 549115f  fix missing license header problems found by rat plugin during EA2 creation
     new 9168ab0  exclude maven-shade-plugin generated file from rat plugin checks
     new 4d5c43a  OPENJPA-1113 - Revert changes back to previous levels: Reflection:743396 & AbstractBrokerFactory 768588. I have verified that the latest changes associated to this issue did not caused any memory leak by observing/dumping the static cache sizes in the Reflection class. The emf.close() method cleared out the cache, i.e. HashMap.size() == 0. From looking at the memory usage of the JVM that invoked the test in persistence-jdbc module, the memory usage continues to grow even [...]
     new f949bc9  update license-verify-profile with additional rat excludes
     new b99931e  fix license header location for XML validation
     new be8b980  OPENJPA-1013: subquery support
     new 5f2c7c3  fix checkstyle failure introduced in Rev781621
     new fced775  OPENJPA-1013: fix check-style problem
     new 8a2210c  OPENJPA-1083 committing patch provided by Ravi Palacherla
     new 3a8ec9e  OPENJPA-1008: handle OID type field
     new 4b7e773  OPENJPA-1083 Adding trace message
     new 44fa5e8  Exclude metamodel classes
     new bace5f5  OPENJPA-1113 - The 2nd level Reflection class cached object (Class -> (String -> Method)) is a Method object, which has a back reference back to the owning Class. The IBM JDK seems to be able to garbage-collect these caches using WeakReferenceHashMap. By forcing the value of the nested HashMap to be WeakReference, using the ConcurrentReferenceHashMap class, the Sun and IBM JDK 5/6 are able to release the cache content, if not needed. With these changes, the trunk maven b [...]
     new 9c15e0b  OPENJPA-1114 improved trace messages
     new 8ab8590  OPENJPA-1127: Typos in user manual and log messages
     new ff52a40  OPENJPA-1124: Make TestDateQueries and TestQueryTimeout pass regardless of system locale
     new a2c286b  OPENJPA-1122: Remove JDBC 3 related reflection from DBDictionary
     new 338d56b  OPENJPA-1123: MySQL query hints support
     new df986cb  (re) including committed metamodel classes in checkstyle repost
     new 2236c18  OPENJPA-1129: Remove wrong hint setting from NamedQuery
     new 43de098  OPENJPA-900: Remove hint key ordering for performance overhead
     new 6a84834  OPENJPA-900: Remove hint key ordering for performance overhead
     new b961b8b  OPENJPA-1013: Aliasing for query nodes, single attribute join support, reorganization of test harness
     new d7a6e1a  OPENJPA-1125 committing patch from Rick Curtis. Preventing misleading enhancement message.
     new 83bcadb  OPENJPA-1131 Upgrade to maven-jar-plugin-2.2
     new f503abe  OPENJPA-1130 Use maven-jar-plugin to create a o-p-j-tests.jar to share base TestCase classes across modules
     new 9c0f517  OPENJPA-1130 Need to include a couple more resources in the tests.jar to enable the base TestCase classes
     new 7b06c5c  OPENJPA-932 - Enable test case to be Java 2 security compliance.
     new 27b0abd  OPENJPA-1106 Integration tests for Bean Validation providers - Part 1 (not hooked into the builds yet)
     new edb329a  OPENJPA-891 - Fix non-versioned entity locking support and add tests.
     new a972ec0  OPENJPA-1136 adding .gitignore
     new 62be454  OPENJPA-1135 Apply overrides to deferred embeddable attributes
     new 6ee7af4  OPENJPA-926 Do not validate access hierarchy when mapped superclass has no persistent attributes
     new 75c9605  OPENJPA-1114 include tracing to show if a VLEM is being created or not
     new 888ddb8  OPENJPA-1106 rename testcase to better match what we're testing
     new 5d1bd85  OPENJPA-1132: Use MySQL-specific syntax for dropping foreign and primary keys.
     new c63c10c  Exclude metamodel classes due to popular request
     new acd00ec  include ASF license header in meta model generated source
     new c9d6282  Add ASL header with -addHeader option
     new 8f2f9e1  upgrade to latest Apache pom, so we start using the new nexus based repos which Geronimo is now using
     new 4c9be63  OPENJPA-1133 committing patch provided by Ravi Palacherla. PostgreSQL Dictionary will now use "false" as a placeholder instead of 0 for columns of type BIT. 	modified:   openjpa-jdbc/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/jdbc/sql/ 	new file:   openjpa-persistence-jdbc/src/test/java/org/apache/openjpa/jdbc/meta/ 	new file:   openjpa-persistence-jdbc/src/test/java/org/apache/openjpa/jdbc/meta/
     new e3a6af8  OPENJPA-1133. Adding svn:eol-style properties.
     new d6ae199  OPENJPA-1013: Joins, key/value, parameters, embedded
     new 70a0b7b  new header option
     new 0d8b1dc  OPENJPA-1111  Validation mode of callback should cause a PersistenceException when no provider is available.  Also some config rework as suggested by Pinaki in reviewing OPENJPA-1114.  This is Part 1, as the thrown PersistenceException is not marked as Fatal and contains a null description, but does have the stack.
     new 0b0fb31  OPENJPA-1013: criteria fetch joins
     new 7b0fda3  Retire unused methods
     new e1f290e  OPENJPA-1139 force checkstyle to use velocity v1.1.3. Newer versions are available but cause other issues (tried 1.1.6 & 1.1.7).
     new 472cf99  OPENJPA-1000 Consistent usage of serialVersionUID - remove added sVUID added in 2.0.0
     new bc9654c  OPENJPA-1111 Validation mode of callback should cause a PersistenceException when no provider is available.  Part 2 - updated WrapperedException to properly pass on the exception, updated ValidationException to allow for setting the fatal flag, and updated the location of the localizer messages for ValidationUtils.
     new 46ea5bf  remove tabs
     new 77f1815  add missing svn props
     new 7f0b023  Move properties parsing in PersistenceTestCase into a separate method for reuse in subclasses.
     new 453a6a9  Move delegating store manager creation to a separate method
     new 6c1cc88  OPENJPA-1117 Missing AgentClass attribute in openjpa-all-xxx.jar  Also included some jvm arguments from OPENJPA-1119 which were required to fix some OOM PermGen space problems with 64bit IBM 6 SDK on Windows.
     new 79ad8c4  OPENJPA-1123: Test for database-specific query hints
     new 1c4fdeb  Temporarily disable criteria testcases per email on dev mailing list
     new d389c43  OPENJPA-1126: Note on Calendar and Java 1.3 no longer needed in user manual
     new 0e055fb  OPENJPA-1119 committing patch from Rick Curtis.
     new 4b70d52  OPENJPA-946 Oracle create table(s) exceptions.  Updated patch and tests provided by Tim McConnell.
     new ecf43f8  OPENJPA-1143: Build dependency to 1.0-EA3-SNAPSHOT (latest unpublished JPA Spec), refactored MetaModel/CriteriaQuery API to compile against the new JPA API, line length limit increased to 120
     new 636bd5f  OpenJPA-525: merged change 786218 from 1.1.x branch to trunk, fix for Oracle and null CLOBs.
     new e57f032  OPENJPA-1143: subquery support
     new 44443b3  OPENJPA-1143: refactor method signature to generic type CriteriaQuery<?> as input argument
     new e72c186  OPENJPA-1143 fix 2 build errors only flagged in Eclipse (was using Galileo and Sun JDK 6)
     new 3f15ecd  OPENJPA-1143 fix build error that only occurred on IBM SDK 5
     new 291f314  OPENJPA-1143: correlation join support
     new 42f8667  OPENJPA-1143: fix compiler error on IBM SDK5
     new fa64591  OPENJPA-1106 cleanup some javadoc
     new 82c8010  OPENJPA-1106 Add missing exception text to ConstraintValidationException instances and replace other exception strings with localized messages.  Still needs some work to properly detect and rethrow the contents of a WrapperedException to the user's app.
     new bc5a515  OPENJPA-1106 Initial @Null and @NotNull validation contraint tests along with other entity classes for future tests to be added.
     new 717a3bb  OPENJPA-1146: Delete RuntimeUnenhancedClassses and link references to RuntimeUnenhancedClasses
     new 6ec1122  OPENJPA-1148 Build failures with 64bit Sun JDK6 on Linux due to PermGen space.  Part 1 - cleanup of setting jvm arguments for surefire.
     new 2fc4ba2  OPENJPA-1106 Integration tests for Bean Validation providers.  Tests for @AssertTrue and @AssertFalse.
     new de7f5c1  OPENJPA-1106 Integration tests for Bean Validation providers.  Add tests for special update/delete/ignore cases.
     new 1fce447  OPENJPA-1061 committing patch from Jody Grassel. 	modified:   openjpa-kernel/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/enhance/ 	modified:   openjpa-kernel/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/meta/ 	new file:   openjpa-persistence-jdbc/src/test/java/org/apache/openjpa/persistence/inheritance/ 	new file:   openjpa-persistence-jdbc/src/test/java/org/apache/openjpa/persistence/inheritance/ 	new file: [...]
     new 03d9e24  OPENJPA-1061 merging patch provided by Jody Grassel to trunk 	modified:   openjpa-kernel/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/enhance/ 	modified:   openjpa-kernel/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/meta/
     new 9c6fbcb  OPENJPA-1061. Setting eol-style (skipped by git)
     new db2082d  OPENJPA-1143: Added support for construct(), as(). Metamodel excludes static fields. tests edited to compile against EA3 JPA API.
     new 80dbd79  OPENJPA-1151 committing patch from Jody Grassel. 	modified:   openjpa-kernel/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/datacache/
     new 0f45f13  OPENJPA-1135 Correct access type related issues with attribute overrides and multi-level parsing.
     new ac12bb4  OPENJPA-1135 Correct access type related issue with multi-level parsing
     new 0ce16ae  OPENJPA-1135 Add newline to end of file
     new 6473b98  OPENJPA-1147: Remove isTargetPlatform calls from TestAutoIncrement, add sequence creation statement
     new 278da38  OPENJPA-1147: Enable streaming LOB tests by renaming to start with Test
     new c2afd1c  OPENJPA-703: Expand type of queries that can be cached especially with various projection terms. Refactor testing of PreparedQueryCache.
     new c24bc1d  OPENJPA-1068 Modified exception translator to translate wrapped validation exceptions.  EM operations now throw correct validation exceptions.
     new a1a9414  OPENJPA-1156. Refactoring test code from OPENJPA-1061 to avoid path length problems in some environments. Specifically I've removed the primitiveidentity component of the package since it was not adding any semantic meaning to the tests. Further refactoring may be needed, but this should prevent the specific problem that was reported.
     new 8730edd  OPENJPA-1156 remove primitiveidentity directory
     new 617e6dd  OPENJPA-1106 Add tests for DecimalMin/Max constraints.  Upgrade to agimatec 0.9.1-SNAPSHOT which has been updated to the 1.0.CR1 API level and now includes support for DecimalMin/Max constraints.
     new 4c9e036  OPENJPA-1068 - Question from Pinaki about how/when the VLEM is created and if we can better us the plugin arch
     new 10bd4e7  OPENJPA-1157 Integration tests for Bean Validation providers - Part 2.  Convert some of the existing attribute constraints to be method/getter constraints.
     new 9ee5383  OPENJPA-1155 Committing code contributed by Dianne Richards.  This update ensures that all entities, especially those loaded during detachment get cascaded during detach.
     new 60fd641  OPENJPA-1157 Integration tests for Bean Validation providers - Part 2.  Added @Min and @Max constraint tests.
     new 1bdb836  OPENJPA-1157 Integration tests for Bean Validation providers - Part 2.  Added @Digits constraint tests.
     new 5bfc42f  OPENJPA-1157 Integration tests for Bean Validation providers - Part 2.  Added @Size constraint tests.
     new 8597b33  OPENJPA-1150. Adding support for simple write-behind cache scenarios.
     new 5283bcd  OPENJPA-1082 Added support for configurable bean validation groups
     new 9f62d5e  Quick formatting fix (add braces) 	modified:   openjpa-jdbc/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/jdbc/meta/
     new dcaa134  OPENJPA-703: Beef up strong/weak exclusion of cache entries. Narrow down reason for exclusion.
     new ba49a31  OPENJPA-1157 improved EMF cleanup
     new edf98f5  OPENJPA-1157 adding @Future and @Past constraint tests
     new b577460  OPENJPA-1157 adding @Pattern constraint tests
     new 08bafa5  OPENJPA-1164. Making sleepTime configurable for SimpleWriteBehindCallback.
     new 19d8d3f  OPENJPA-1164. Fix stupid spelling mistake
     new 717a0b1  OPENJPA-1157 adding @Valid tests of embedded one-to-one entity and tracing of the included ConstraintViolation exceptions contained within the thrown ConstraintViolationException while validating the expected number are in the Set.
     new 56ae0ae  OPENJPA-525 - Semi-revert the original solution due to regression in ResultSetResult.translate() method. Implemented an alternative solution to perform the same original intent. Based on Milosz, the current solution caused some failure in MySQL. He agreed for this interim commit and look for cause of failures in MySQL.
     new 8613683  OPENJPA-1000 Consistent usage of serialVersionUID.  Remove all serialVersionUID values that have been added since 1.2.1 as requested by Pinaki to keep the usage consistant (ie. very little use of serialVersionUID in the existing code.)
     new ea71783  OPENJPA-1167. Updating to EA4 version of the JPA specification from Geronimo. Adding stub methods for compilation purposes. Some additional refactoring may be needed (desired).
     new 07a98e8  OPENJPA-1143: Re-realign implementation with JAP EA4. Repurpose SelectionImpl, rename ResultItemImpl to TupleElementImpl (to match JPA naming)
     new f641376  OPENJPA-1168: Improved checking for type1 UUID generator is initialized. Reducing timing window which could result in a NPE. Submitted by: Rick Curtis 	modified:   openjpa-lib/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/lib/util/ 	modified:   openjpa-lib/src/test/java/org/apache/openjpa/lib/util/
     new c8b99a7  OPENJPA-1167 Update persistence and orm schemas and schemas within doc to current versions
     new ba73316  the spec source files (with Javadoc) from the JCP cannot be checked in the ASF repos, as it is covered under the CDDL.  Please either use the geronimo-jpa_2.0_spec-1.0.EA4 code or keep a private copy on your development machine.
     new 4717355  OPENJPA-466: Synchronize the call to obtain the next sequence value. Submitted by: Tim McConnell. 	modified:   openjpa-jdbc/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/jdbc/kernel/
     new 00c27b1  instruction for metamodel generation tool
     new edff099  OPENJPA-1114 Add an exclude for the agimatec-jsr303 transitive depend on javax.validation-validation-api RI, as discovered by Albert Lee.
     new 3231ac4  OPENJPA-1114 Add an exclude for the Hibernate test profile, which now works except for 5 expected failures due to unimplemented constraints in the version of Hibernate that implemented the 1.0.CR1 API
     new 17a0c1d  cleanup imports and add proper EMF cleanup
     new 0927c83  Added getMappings method to SingleEMFTestCase
     new b40e3a4  Add IDEA module descriptors to .gitignore. 	modified:   .gitignore
     new c155c9e  cleanup imports and add proper EMF cleanup
     new 229cb12  OPENJPA-703: correct comment
     new 6dd615e  OPENJPA-703: correct comment
     new aefd050  OPENJPA-1170 Fix which validation/jpa2 spec jars and versions are pulled in by transitive Maven depends.
     new 21fec94  OPENJPA-1177 Preparing for upgrade to newer JSR-303 1.0.CR3 spec level with some extra tracing, as checkCVE() is going to be broken.
     new 364ea73  OPENJPA-1143: clean up test cases
     new c293165  OPENJPA-1143: Fixing eol-style for new files
     new 5cb3268  OPENJPA-1176 Add compatibility option to allow private persistent properties
     new 78b694f  fix license header formatting
     new c487d10  fix license header formatting
     new c23fb96  OPENJPA-1143: fix criteria test case errors
     new 8b98816  OPENJPA-1176 Committing test contributed by Tim McConnell.  Tests the use of PrivatePersistentProperties compatibility option with private embeddable property.
     new 0adf138  OPENJPA-1143: further clean up test cases
     new f74c5d7  OPENJPA-1185: commit subquery overhaul on behalf of Catalina
     new 048419e  OPENJPA-1184  Inverse relations not set for MapKey field when using parallel eager select.  Patch contributed by David Minor.
     new bda6256  OPENJPA-1143: criteria support for subquery
     new 37d9cea  OPENJPA-1170 We can pickup the agimatec-validation artifacts from the public Sonatype OSS Repo now.
     new e21a38e  OPENJPA-1143: fix test case as the expectedSQL is generated from Derby database and the comparison between push-down sql and expectedSQL is only valid for Derby database.
     new 06d2be5  OPENJPA-1177 cleanup metadata and imports
     new 0cf0922  OPENJPA-1177 Upgraded to use geronimo-validation_1.0_spec-1.0-EA3-SNAPSHOT (1.0.CR3 API level) and to use hibernate RI as the default Bean Validation provider for integration tests.
     new 37c2620  OPENJPA-1171: Replace StringBuffer with StringBuilder in SQLBuffer to reduce synchronization
     new 1b86a81  OPENJPA-1190 Use Geronimo EA5 JPA spec jar.  Patch only has method stubs returning null for the new methods added by EA5, like - PersistenceUnitInfoImpl.getSharedCacheMode() EntityManagerFactoryImpl.getPersistenceUnitUtil() PersistenceProviderImpl.getProviderUtil()
     new 07f597d  OPENJPA-1190 Update schemas and schemas in documentation for EA5
     new c47bd9e  OPENJPA-1187: Allow output be generated in the same directory of the source files.
     new 49f000f  OPENJPA-1191 : Add Tuple implementation and unit tests. Also added some basic typed result and multiselect testscases
     new 3bfcd22  line length edit
     new 1f58f05  formatting
     new c6e394d  OPENJPA-1190 javax.persistence.Caching is now javax.persistence.spi.SharedCacheMode in EA5 (20090720) API
     new fc5d50b  OPWNJPA-1191 Adding messages exceptions thrown by TupleImpl
     new 5136bbc  OPENJPA-922: Allow DB2 to use setByteArrayInputStream instead of setBytes when needed. Submitted by : B. J. Reed
     new 001c9e4  OPENJPA-1180: Parameter processing for JPA 2.0. Implements Parameter in concrete. Parameter holding structure in Query has changed for Map<String|Integer,Object> to Map<String|Integer, Parameter>. Parameters themselves hold values (a doubtful decision).
     new 7099c08  OPENJPA-1195: Datastore function for in general usage as well as JPA 2.0. CriteriaQuery Parameter indexing during registration.
     new ec35dff  Moving nightly upload ant script to a separate file
     new 7022d01  OPENJPA-1175 Initial implementation and tests for ProviderUtil and PerisistenceUnitUtil
     new 81c7abc  Fixing nightly upload script. Documentation is now zipped and transfered in one file (multiple files were timing out). Resulting zip is unzipped on
     new e7f9191  Add braces for a few one line if statements.
     new b861036  pass pom.version to upload ant task. Fix prompt problems with sshexec (should handle existing directories better).
     new 62a32c5  OPENJPA-1143: embeddable support for Criteria API
     new 60d17df  OPENJPA-1175  Refactor of perisistence utility methods
     new e47be7d  OPENJPA-1150: Adding javadoc for WriteBehind interfaces. 	modified:   openjpa-kernel/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/writebehind/ 	modified:   openjpa-kernel/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/writebehind/ 	modified:   openjpa-kernel/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/writebehind/ 	modified:   openjpa-kernel/src/main/java/org/apache/openjpa/writebehind/
     new 8c9c54e  OPENJPA-1197: Upgrade to MySQL JDBC drvier v 5.1.6 (keep in sync with previous releases). 	modified:   openjpa-persistence-jdbc/pom.xml
     new f4d7e53  OPENJPA-1175  Added test for PersistenceUtil.  Req's minimum of geronimo-jpa_2.0_spec-1.0-EA5-20090727.164859-7.jar.  Run mvn -U <goal(s)> to pick up the latest snapshot of this dependendency.
     new a31b0ee  OPENJPA-1076 Log current exceptions being thrown by PersistenceProviderImpl.createEMF
     new b7b0b15  OPENJPA-1076 cleanup code formatting and add some comments about the current behavior of returning exceptions instead of null
     new 9658b65  OPENJPA-1076 revert accidential change to pom.xml
     new 7c4cf09  OPENJPA-1076 Handle changes in geronimo-jpa_2.0_spec Rev798659 to not wrapper all exceptions as PersistenceExceptions and allow the spec to call other providers it discovers.  We'll keep the createEMF behavior of returning exceptions sometimes instead of null, until we see if the JPA2 TCK forces the issue....
     new 76e8299  OPENJPA-1202: Upgrade to Geronimo JPA 2.0 EA6
     new 1b128ce  OPENJPA-1143: embeddable test case and support for Criteria
     new ec48353  OPENJPA-1204: fix enum evaluation in EmbeddedId
     new c295a07  OPENJPA-946 Remove Derby connectionURL from createEMF properties
     new 856fde5  Move embed related test entities to its specific test
     new ba84a11  OENJPA-1206 - Enable Java 2 security on BV validate call.
     new 91ab016  OPENJPA-1198: Query by example.
     new 0928de7  OPENJPA-1202: code clean up
     new a10a0a5  OPENJPA-1143: fix test case
     new efaf681  OPENJPA-890 Fix some typos/wording/formatting
     new 803c4da  OPENJPA-890 Fix some inconsistent whitespaces in example code around method signatures and arguments
     new 8ca7664  OPENJPA-1013: Support constant TRUE|FALSE literals
     new 16344b5  OPENJPA-1120 idEquals() broken in BigDecimalId and BigIntegerId.  Patch contributed by Dieter Von Holten with additional updates from Albert Lee.
     new 5380548  OPENJPA-1185 JPA2 fix thread-safe problems of subquery restructured code. Committing patch provided by Fay Wang.
     new d35e668  OENJPA-1206 - Enable Java 2 security on BV buildDefaultValidatorFactory call.
     new aa72c08  OPENJPA-1211: Add getPath method to FromImpl. Remove @allowFailure annotation from passing testcases in TestStringCriteria.
     new d91fa6a  OPENJPA-1211:
     new 5432ffe  OPENJPA-1211: check null value to prevent NPE.
     new 5f83298  OPENJPA-1211: Adding brackets.
     new b9d609a  OPENJPA-1210: Add properties for derby timeouts to pom.xml. Initially set deadlocktimeout to 5 and waitTimeout to 60 (Derby default).
     new 9706a82  OPENJPA-1175 Updated util methods to handle load state checking of embeddables and collections.
     new 3ae614f  OPENJPA-1013: Add tests for multiselect()
     new 39cad98  OPENJPA-1013: Add support for JPA 2.0 result processing. Modify kerenl's ResultPacking logic to asses impact for JPA 2.0"
     new 08d76bc  OPENJPA-1107 Provide TraversableResolver for use with Bean Validation Factory.  Current TraversableResolverImpl behaves identical to the default JPA aware one that BV providers must implement, so not sure why we have to provide this yet....
     new 385558d  OPENJPA-1013: Clean up test cases. Make Path.get(String) generalized for Root/From. assert before String based navigation. Change ResultPacker. Make ParameterExpressionImpl.alias(String name) equivalent to setName().
     new ff93254  OPENJPA-1174: Ensure lazy hint from mapping-file is handled the same as an annotation Submitted by: Ravi Palacherla
     new 655ec57  OPENJPA-1218: Evict subclasses automatically when called from JPA facade.
     new 931496e  correct ordering of message parameters with actual message
     new bde4708  OPENJPA-1180: Parameter processing for JPA 2.0. Query now distinguishes between bound and declared parameters. Holds all bound parameters in a single data structure instead of named/positional parameters in separate maps.
     new 1f9f4d6  OPENJPA-1220: Set openjpa.DynamicEnhancementAgent to false for maven builds.
     new 86ebcbe  OPENJPA-1194: Make waitInMsec static to prevent re-running speed test for each test method.
     new 17da1c9  OPENJPA-1089: Adding EncryptionProvider configuration option. Submitted By : Rick Curtis
     new b5e893b  OPENJPA-1221.  Modified openjpa-integration module pom files for examples, tck, and osgi-itests to be consistent with the validation module.
     new 5232b72  OPENJPA-1163: Add configuration option that allows the elements in a persistent map to be treated as the owners of the relationship (ie updates to the hashmap can add elements without removing old ones). Submitted By : Ravi Palacherla
     new 7658c64  OPENJPA-1163: Forgot new classes in previous commit (testcase and entity). Submitted By : Ravi Palacherla
     new df07324  OPENJPA-1107 Updated TraversableResolver that calls only our OpenJPAPersistenceUtil.  Updated OpenJPAPersistenceUtil.isLoaded() to handle UnsupportedOperationException when checking a detached entity and returns LoadState.UNKNOWN.  Also added a testcase in TestPersistenceUtil to verify that caller gets isLoaded()==true for a detached entity and fixed a trace output in TestConstraints.
     new 1c9aef0  OPENJPA-1222: Enabling and refactoring Criteria testcases. The Criteria testcases use a static EMF which requires the entity model to be known up front - refactoring creates a separate EMF for the embeddable and joined models.
     new 5b61d56  OPENJPA-1180: fix ArrayIndexOutOfBound problem
     new d727e60  OPENJPA-1148 Remove test.jvm.arguments from openjpa-slice, which was causing this module to always fail with a OOM PermGen space with 64bit Java 6 on Linux for me.  Also merged in some recent updates in o-p-j for derby lock timeouts and ehnancer agent settings.
     new 33bd1d4  OPENJPA-1222: Fix tabs in pom.xml
     new a63acfc  OPENJPA-1148 Reformat and replace tabs with 4 space indenting
     new 96c824a  OPENJPA-1148 remove Derby lock timeouts for now...
     new 63cacaa  OPENJPA-1208 Set compatibility options and validation mode based on persistence version.
     new 52ee68b  Remove system.out.println from test class.
     new 5364ba5  OPENJPA-1222: Fixing build problem with Sun JDK 6
     new baaec81  OPENJPA-1225: Shape of Result for Criteria query. Draft.
     new a4a94f5  OPENJPA-1226: fix merge entities with nested embeddables
     new 02f2f3d  OPENJPA-1225: Shape of Result. Refactor shape building to builder from query.
     new 35be8fb  OPENJPA-1148 Remove test.jvm.arguments, which was causing this module to always fail with a OOM PermGen space with 64bit Java 6 on Linux automated builds.  Also merged in some recent updates in o-p-j for derby lock timeouts and ehnancer agent settings.
     new a3f0d41  OPENJPA-1148 Remove recently added ehnancer agent settings.
     new a84c76f  OPENJPA-1222: Removing sys.err.printlns, unused variables, and some formatting changes.
     new 637880e  add comment about needing to use MSSQL sqljdbc4 driver with Java SE 6 or later
     new e6a1e90  OPENJPA-1013: Cleaning Expressions.
     new c1ac969  OPENJPA-1230 - transform javax.persistence.validatin.mode value to upper case before ValidationMode conversion.
     new 69b4dc2  MetaModelImpl.populate() should only consider declaredFields (non-superclass).
     new cbfd6b8  OPENJPA-1230 - Make sure the javax.persistence.validatin.mode value usage matches the spec's requirement(i.e. lower case).
     new 233e258  OPENJPA-1157 Added test which contains uses constraints and persistence metadata defined in XML.  Updated ValidatorImpl to trace exceptions thrown as a result of creating the default validator factory.
     new d5fdddb  OPENJPA-1180: Parameter indexing for CriteriaQuery is the order of their registraion
     new 38cd47a  OPENJPA-1222: remove @AllowFailure on tests that pass
     new a54f47d  Setting table name for Item to avoid collisions with o.a.o.p.simple.Item. M
     new 3b327b5  OPENJPA-1232: Call toNestedFields for Map Keys as well as Map values.
     new 1b769e6  Refactor write behind testcase to use static EMFs. 	modified:   openjpa-persistence-jdbc/src/test/java/org/apache/openjpa/jdbc/writebehind/
     new 2d120b6  OPENJPA-1013: 1. Avoid both LHS and RHS parameterized as ? = ? in SQL. Some databases do not like it.                            2.  handle constant literal or empty arguments for Criteria predicates .                            3. Parameter registration for subqueries roll up to the parent                            4. MapKey of kernel is not a path so allPathImpl.toValue() is not kernel.Path
     new 3ec9136  OPENJPA-651: Default setting for RuntimeUnenhancedClasses = unsupported.
     new fb2a45a  OPENJPA-1234: AllowFailure checks for system property before running or logging exceptions from test methods.
     new 61b85e4  OPENJPA-1234: Remove mistakenly added columnDefinition..
     new 538f1fd  OPENJPA-1233 Update DerbyDictionary with new reserved words.  The following reserved words were added, based on the Derby 10.5 docs -    COALESCE, CURRENT_ROLE, GETCURRENTCONNECTION, NONE, OVER, ROW_NUMBER, XMLQUERY
     new 9af553b  OPENJPA-1235 Added support for named unique constraints
     new 2b24b76  OPENJPA-1143: keys(map) and values(map) support for Criteria API.
     new dc061e9  OPENJPA-1225: Refactor FillStrategy out of ResultShape enum to a separate interface. Introduce CompoundSelections.MultiSelect Use ObjectFactory for Tuple to save memory Tune CriteriaExpressionBuilder to new result packing Isolate ResultPacker (JPQL) from ResultShape (Criteria) completely Implement getSelection() for JPA 2.0
     new 45acdf3  OPENJPA-1238 Upgrade to latest commons-pool and commons-dbcp
     new 5b68196  OPENJPA-1239 Corrected method which determines explicit access type to set explicit bit
     new d5f14eb  OPENJPA-1240: Lob, Temporal, Enumerated on element collections annotations and in XML
     new 3dda949  OPENJPA-1115 Committing code and test updates contributed by Dianne Richards
     new 21cece4  OPENJPA-1241: Support MapJoin.joinKey()  for JPA 2.0. Needs special treatement because unlike other joins keys of Map is not an explicit persistent attribute. Introduces a notion of pseudo-attribute (Map.keySet()) of a pseudo managed type (a java.util.Map).
     new a445c1c  OPENJPA-687: add statsics while datacache is queried with contains()
     new 6c2e3e2  OPENJPA-1189: Try delimited table names if we can't find a match for non-delimited names Submitted by : Dianne Richards
     new a488a12  OPENJPA-1242: fix cascade delete for 1-1 relation in an embeddable
     new ccfbe6c  OPENJPA-1185: check in embeddable in subquery support on behalf of Catalina
     new 222e01d  OPENJPA-1185: criteria embeddable subquery support
     new 06bd0d6  OPENJPA-1143: further clean up testcase
     new c9695c2  OPENJPA-1885 Subquery restructure code add more test string in TestSubquery
     new 3f6ab72  Refactoring QueryTest class and entities
     new cc29d28  OPENJPA-1013: Coalesce expression type minor bug.
     new a1e2f57  Add a method to get the original expiration time from PCData.
     new 9eb8af5  OPENJPA-948: Adding support for Ingress database (new dictionary, build config etc.). Submitted by : Alan Raison
     new befee1a  Specify type of collection on AbstBrokerFact.getOpenBrokers()
     new 89a7f53  Refactor PersistenceTestCase to AbstractCachedEMFTestCase and AbstractPersistenceTestCase. Deprecate old class to allow submodules to compile (can be removed after maven repos is updated).
     new 286f708  o.a.o.p.common.utils.AbstractTestCase extends AbstractCachedEMFTestCase
     new c8fa380  Fixing validation test hierarchy.
     new 88dcd58  OPENJPA-1245: Move lockmode tests to a separate module. This allows different derby lock settings to be set on persistence-jdbc which should speed up test execution.
     new b8c7ce5  OPENJPA-1245: Pom.xml cleanup
     new 25d3c82  Locking should depend on openjpa-persistence-jdbc, depending on parent leads to dependency resolution issues.
     new 92fcf33  OPENJPA-1185 Subquery restructure code cleanup comments in testcase
     new dc31632  OPENJPA-1112 JPA2 Query result of embeddable object can not be further updated
     new 49e554a  OPENJPA-1237: Throw configuration exception for missing options when using WriteBehind. Submitted by : Tim McConnell
     new 7e81b8c  OPENJPA-1245 Cleanup license header wrapping and some POM formatting for readability.  Include basic Eclipse files, which will allow the module to be imported, as maven-eclipse-plugin will not generate the required metadata files, but will update these basic ones if present.
     new c7e032c  OPENJPA-1245 Only include a basic Eclipse .project file, as running 'mvn eclipse:eclipse' will update the .classpath file and cause other developers to checkin a release specific version of the file.
     new f4dfdf9  OPENJPA-1245 Include Eclipse projects this one depends upon.
     new c35c134  OPENJPA-1250: fix ClassCast exception with eagerly fetched ElementCollection
     new 0e4769e  OPENJPA-1246 : Order databases alphabetically. 	modified:   openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/ref_guide_dbsetup.xml 	modified:   openjpa-project/src/doc/manual/supported_databases.xml
     new 8143414  OPENJPA-849, OPENJPA-1251: property management, hidden values
     new 4e6a98f  OPENJPA-849,OPENJPA-1251: Property management, hidden values
     new 30a7da0  additional test for embeddable, elementcollection and lob
     new b11cdae  Add error messages to FillStrategy
     new 7065743  OPENJPA-1252  Include a Derby Network Server test profile, allow Derby version to be changed on the cmdline, and cleanup some formatting/comments.
     new 21d88ca  OPENJPA-1256: fix ClassCastExcepton when IdClass contains an ENUM type
     new 5b9b5d7  OPENJPA-1252  Include a Derby Network Server w/ JCC driver test profile and cleanup some other profiles.
     new 382bafc  OPENJPA-1252 Same updates to this pom as for o-p-j in r806022
     new 2615a9b  OPENJPA-1112 JPA2 Query result of embeddable object can not be further updated Bulk update of embedded field is not allowed
     new bb7048d  OPENJPA-1200: Discriminator column ignored for in select statement for OneToMany relationships. Submitted By : Ravi Palacherla
     new 7c84547  Fixing svn:eol-style
     new 917b49b  OPENJPA-1261 JPQL query result shape for multi-selections including multi-select-new-constructor
     new ee5506d  OPENJPA-1261: Set svn:eol-style
     new a8b6502  OPENJPA-1246: Example configuration and improved documentation for Ingres. Submitted by : Alan Raison
     new e955866  OPENJA-1262: EA7 Update.   Fetch method signature changed.   nullLiteral() method added
     new 2d49939  OPENJPA-1262: EA7 pom
     new d45a821  OPENJPA-1262: Missed file in commit
     new 388b186  OPENJPA-1112 JPA2 Query result of embeddable object can not be further updated
     new 049c917  OPENJPA-1112 JPA2 Query result of embeddable object can not be further updated add table name in Address entity
     new 9a44060  OPENJPA-1174: default fetch type for ManyToOne and OneToOne is eager.
     new 6303e9a  OpenJPA-525 : Applied Milosz Tylenda's OPENJPA-525.3.patch to trunk, after testing by Amy Yang.
     new 964ab65  OPENJPA-1264: Enable shared-cache-mode persistence.xml element.
     new 8a66927  OPENJPA-1264: Add trailing newlines - checkstyle
     new ec43fcc  OPENJPA-1262 ORM Schema updates for EA7
     new f61ff60  OPENJPA-1223: Add migration consideration for AutoOff collection tracking. Submitted By: Ravi Palacherla
     new e19c75a  OPENJPA-1266: JDBC escape syntax for date, time, timestamp
     new 4083018  OPENJPA-1266: no need to cast for JDBC escape syntax for date, time, timestamp in DB2
     new aedc261  OPENJPA-1228 Updated persistence parser to use new default value for exclude-unlisted-classes in a JPA 2.0 persistence.xml while maintaining prior behavior for a 1.0 or unspecified version.
     new f68c531  OPENJPA-1265: Support edit of Criteria Query.
     new 9177e93  OPENJPA-1266: JDBC escape syntax for date, time, timestamp support
     new f6ae418  OPENJPA-1267: JDBC Escape Syntax for temporal type data in Criteria Query
     new f06d862  OPENJPA-386: Handle abstract and non abstract MappedSuperClasses identically. Submitted By: Jody Grassel
     new 39da631  OPENJPA-1265: move test case
     new 6305be4  OPENJPA-1225: Fail fast on wrong constructor() argument
     new 12015d3  getLong was using INT. Patch by Criag Russell.
     new 149dbef  OPENJPA-1116: Setting strategy on FieldMappingInfo instead of ValueMappingInfo. RuntimeStrategyInstaller installs strategy from FieldMappingInfo. Contributed by Ashish Palliwal.
     new 250186f  OPENJPA-1100: Raise exception for unsupported version field type rather than silently ignoring
     new 78e93ab  OPENJPA-1269: honor the table attribute in the MapKeyColumn annotation
     new 991cdca  OPENJPA-1271: Enable CacheStoreMode and CacheRetrieveMode properties to be set for an EntityManager.
     new d02f068  OPENJPA-1271: Missed a class on previous commit
     new fdcbdcc  OPENJPA-1271: Remove @Override annotations which caused compile errors with JDK5
     new fe44661  OPENJPA-1272 Add testcases for association overrides applied to element collection with domain model defined in XML.
     new 0795778  OPENJPA-1013: Visitor pattern for collecting declared parameters. Editing with parameters. Search within result usage.
     new f214d9f  OPENJPA-1013: Visitor pattern on criteria expressions
     new f13af4a  OPENJPA-1272 Test was not cleaning up after itself properly.  This was causing failures on some build configurations.
     new e6ccbb0  OPENJPA-1274 Support cascade detach specified in an XML mapping file
     new 69cf52f  OPENJPA-1279: Adding testcases and fixing cache exclusion logic in DataCacheStoreManager
     new e39a9a0  OPENJPA-1278,OPENJPA-1276,OPENJPA-1265:   Add new OpenJPACriteriaXYZ interface for extended features.   Draft version of conversion of Criteria Query to a JPQL-like string   The getter methods return non-live, non-null, mutable lists/sets
     new b32bf1b  remove errant TODO
     new 82cda8b  remove author tag
     new a291185  OPENJPA-1278: missing file
     new 8a6a39d  OPENJPA-1275 Update schemas to 8/31 revision
     new 8c929e6  OPENJPA-1276: Add CQL for Parameter
     new ac939f7  OPENJPA-1281: fix reparameter when PreparedQueryCache is on
     new 0036dc5  OPNJPA-1275: Align with JPA 2.0 Public Draft 2
     new 0bd8204  OPENJPA-1275: Align with JPA 2.0 Public Draft Version 2
     new 3c3c808  OPENJPA-1275: pom update to EA8 same as PFD2
     new 1f34763  OPENJPA-1282 Update bean validation RI provider and spec API level.  Remove allow failure from test that passes due to provider update.
     new e1404bd  OPENJPA-1282 Update geronimo-validation spec used for builds to EA5 to match 1.0.CR5 level
     new 9d69e59  remove validation spec api from openjpa-all, as it should be provided by the user with the BV impl
     new 8176962  OPENJPA-1276: preserve precedence order while rendering logical operators/operands
     new 1908a91  OPENJPA-1284 Fix missing 1.0 schema license headers and update NOTICE files with license header required wording
     new 5d6581b  OPENJPA-1283 Incorrect SQL for a JPQL query selecting Map value from an elementCollection of a Map and the map the value is an embeddable
     new e013900  OPENJPA-1278,OPENJPA-1276,OPENJPA-1013:   Modify negation of predicate logic   Promote interfaces from internal implementaion argument to  public interfaces  Add Fetch Join and logical precedence order to CQL generation
     new 301fc20  Fix testcase : SQL assertion for Derby only
     new c880fde  OPENJPA-1287 Criteria query to generate 'optimize for 1 row' for DB2 if selection is an aggregate function
     new c35277c  OPENJPA-926  Update documentation for explicit access types
     new 7012215  OPENJPA-1286: Relationships in mapped superclass must be unidirectional
     new d2cc5e0  OPENJPA-1286: Relationships in mapped superclass must be unidirectional
     new 7bcdee7  fix test case problem for MySQL
     new 35ef9ef  fix MySQL test case problem.
     new f246cb1  fix test case problem for MySQL
     new c39ec8a  fix test case problem for MySQL
     new f45899e  fix test case problem for MySQL
     new e33f839  fix test case problem for MySQL
     new 45f79b5  fix test case problem for MySQL
     new 702a9c6  fix test case problem for MySQL (microseconds are not stored in the MySQL Temporal column)
     new 435f66e  exclude this test case for MySQL
     new a875ef5  Updates to r812712 by Fay to also exclude tests for MSSQL and Oracle DBs
     new 2691db6  add a log.trace to denote the tests are being skipped for some DBs
     new ed40459  OPENJPA-1289 Added Oracle specific type to compatibility checking method.  Added new method to dictionary to pass in XML indicator.  Updated Oracle dictionary to use it to make LOB determination.
     new 94a0bc3  OPENJPA-1270: check in test case for this JIRA
     new c28461f  OPENJPA-1290: package descriptors
     new a8640cc  OPENJPA-1285: Dynamic JDBC 4 Wrappers use constructor to save reflection cost
     new a543403  remove encoded chars to fix build issue with IBM 5 SDK
     new 5113654  add common setTestsDisabled()/isTestsDisabled() in AbstractPersistenceTestCase which is used by runTest() to automatically skip all tests.  added new setSupportedDatabases()/setUnsupportedDatabases() methods in SingleEMFTestCase to set the testsDisabled flag in AbstractPTC, along with moving a getLog() method from some testcases into the base SingleEMFTC class for everyone to use.
     new 8e96965  OPENJPA-1288: alias() first version. Assumes in-place change and does not create new instance. Retired TupleElementImpl.
     new 0d3179c  updated getLog() methods and switched testcase to use setUnsupportedDatabases()
     new b5fabd8  OPENJPA-869 Fixup order column test variations failing on Oracle.
     new fa49080  back out last getLog() additions, which caused failures on when not using Derby
     new dac8af3  OPENJPA-1260.  Committing this change for Ravi Palacherla.  Mike had previously reviewed the patch for correctness.  Ravi changed the patch slightly and re-submitted.  Based on a request from the mailing list, I reviewed Ravi's second patch and am committing the changes with a couple of minor modifications.  I updated the comments slightly to make sentences.  And, I moved the testcases to the "generationtype" package to be with similar testcases.
     new eb5baa4  OPENJPA-1286: use Compatibility to check if the relationship defined in the MappedSuperclass must be uni-directional.
     new df86091  OPENJPA-1288: stop re-alias(). Added new utility to check validity of names for JPA reserved words and special symbols.
     new b573799  OPENJPA-1013: Tighten access to instance variables/methods.
     new ba5692d  OPENJPA-1292 - Committing contribution submitted by Tim McConnell.
     new c534d29  OPENJPA-1285: fix InitializerError in JDBCStoreManager$RefCountConnection.prepareStatement(
     new 677d340  OPENJPA-1013: Refcator    1. Make implementaion non-public (mainly package scoped now)    2. Promote to interface for contracts as much as possible    3. Use more compact bridge pattern method signature
     new 38f3139  bad argument corrected
     new dc5c7f4  OPENJPA-1285: Use tighter method signature
     new 0d24829  Bring test for isManageable() outside of per-broker loop
     new 32c6ca1  OPENJPA-1184 Testcase contributed by David Minor.
     new 46734cf  OPENJPA-1184 apply source formatting to new files
     new 15b5ec2  fix unique constraint syntax in the test case for MySQL
     new 1e77f6a  OPENJPA-1286: default isAbstractMappingUniDirectional to false
     new 5120b0e  OPENJPA-1294: Allow a new connection to obtain query for size of the result set when the original connection is still being open.
     new ec90648  OPENJPA-703: Support RangeResultObjectProvider for prepared query cache
     new 81065fe  OPENJPA-703: process RangeResultObjectProvider
     new 6b96b82  OPENJPA-1294: getNewConnection()
     new 1aab5c3  OPENJPA-1295: fix the problem of escape character for MySQL
     new 60e5557  fix BigDecimal problem in the test case for MySQL
     new fb34e0a  Update error code for Oracle. Will pass ..openjpa.persistence.exception.TestException.testThrowsEntityExistsException
     new d7b4296  Failed Oracle test on bad column name 'date'.
     new 558446d  OPENJPA-1295: fix the escape character
     new e9b5c53  OPENJPA-1153: Speed tests up by using only needed entities rather than all entities from persistence.xml
     new b889ccb  OPENJPA-1247  WriteBehindCallback sleepTime interval of one EMF datacache adversely impacting other EMF datacache (testcase for OPENJPA-1296).  Contributed by Tim McConnell.
     new ee9210b  OPENJPA-1201 [Mapped by] field not set when contained in superclass.  Patch and testcases contributed by David Minor.
     new 416b8d3  OPENJPA-1227 SQL generation error when using data cache.  Patch and testcase contributed by David Minor.
     new b8dde57  OPENJPA-1214 Testcase to demonstrate RelationFieldStrategy behaviour differences between OpenJPA 1.x and 2.0.  Testcase contributed by Tim McConnell.  Doc updates by Donald Woods.
     new 492a195  OPENJPA-1151 Cache the current-time timestamp in AbstractQueryCache.onTypesChanged().  Updated tests contributed by Jody Grassel.
     new bda0136  update document on derived identity
     new 643f4d1  Configure for trigger for auto-assign in Oracle
     new d062b25  OPENJPA-1301 - Committing contribution by Tim McConnell
     new c353d05  OPENJPA-1151: fix this test case error for MySQL. DB object in MySQL is case-sensitive.
     new a9ea5c1  OPENJPA-1151: fix test case error for MySQL. DB object in MySQL is case-sensitive.
     new 3146afb  Persistence attribute type for singular attributes
     new eded0dd  OPENJPA-1302: Use ContextClassloader in addition to the ProductDeivation's ClassLoader to find/load product derivations. Patch contributed by Rick Curtis.
     new 8fc1404  Modify entity definitions to avoid Oracle reserved words.
     new eb5bccd  OPENJPA-1149: Add embeddables sample to the examples module. Patch contributed by Rick Curtis.
     new 72f2cb8  OPENJPA-1253: allow JoinColumn in conjunction with OneToMany annotation
     new 8c1e1a7  OPENJPA-1253: support non-default uni-directional OneToMany using foreign key strategy, using JoinColumn annotation.
     new a94bb8e  OPENJPA-1214 moving testcases to the existing compat package
     new 0c3c6c3  OPENJPA-1214 remove subdir
     new 1c4a617  OPENJPA-1305: Broker used by the WriteBehindCallback should be considered unmanaged.
     new add2428  OPENJPA-1249 Make insertBlobForStreamingLoad method usage consistent for Oracle DB to eliminate NPE in updateBlob path.
     new cbe18c2  OPENJPA-1213 Compatibility tests showing change in query.setParameter() behaviour.  Contributed by Tim McConnell, but with some package name and OpenJPAVersion checks added.
     new daadd62  OPENJPA-1213 Use OpenJPAVersion for handling expected test result differences
     new 7deb821  OPENJPA-1213 Add section to Migration appendix about Query.setParameter() behavior differences.
     new 1318f98  OPENJPA-1173: Updating postgresql test dependency to v8.4-701 Submitted By: Tim McConnell
     new 846d1ef  OPENJPA-1173: Revert driver update (not in repo yet).
     new ac23a55  OPENJPA-1213 Additional Compatibility tests (patch #2) showing change in query.setParameter() behaviour.  Contributed by Tim McConnell, but with some package name and OpenJPAVersion checks added.
     new e5f7d97  OPENJPA-1178 Doc updates for Compatibility issues.  Added JIRA references for those looking for more details...
     new 95a2c8f  Fix SQL comparison failures in Criteria query by example tests on Oracle by using standard sql92 join syntax.
     new 1c0b984  Remove uneeded imports
     new 3f43e3d  OPENJPA-1309 DB2 requires CAST for argument passed to datastore MOD function
     new 9467818  OPENJPA-1310 SQLServer requires JAXB marshalled XML to be in UTF-16 instead of UTF-8.  Also updated some of the XmlElement names to match the case used in the XmlType annotation.
     new cf7f69b  OPENJPA-1253: support non-default One-To-Many mappings
     new 5c23058  OPENJPA-1253: support non-default bi-directional one to many using Join Table/Join column annotation
     new abbda7d  OPENJPA-1319 Incorrect hashcode()/equals() implementations - EntityManagerImpl.  Patch contributed by Tim McConnell.
     new fdd330a  OPENJPA-1172 - Committing changes to trunk. Patch submitted by Rick Curtis
     new e53f851  OPENJPA-1309 fix testcase for DB2
     new 828e08e  OPENJPA-1182 Backwards compatibility issues - PreUpdate and PostUpdate behavior.  Patch contributed by Tim McConnell with some minor package name and version checking changes.  Doc updates by Donald Woods.
     new 19da976  OPENJPA-1253: support non-default uni-directional OneToMany mapping using foreign key strategy.
     new 4378977  OPENJPA-250: Committing to trunk. Submitted by Patrick Linskey, Simon Droscher, and Rick Curtis.
     new f1af41c  OPENJPA-1298: Remove WriteBehindCallbackManager which 'shared' a single callback with multiple EMFs unintentionally
     new 01c26a9  Updated test code to use mapping tool to regenerate subset of DB artifacts if running on Oracle.  This will create the triggers required to support generated identity columns.
     new 6f1b962  OPENJPA-1253: support non-default bi-directional one-to-many using foreign key strategy to find/query from the ower's side
     new fbb7e12  OPENJPA-1325 Defer embeddable population until after class metadata is parsed.
     new 6485137  OPENJPA-1323 Enhanced to conform to the new spec requirement.
     new 2eeca2a  OPENJPA-1315 Incorrect hashcode()/equals() implementations in QueryImpl causes NPE in Eclipse debugger.  Patch contributed by Tim McConnell.
     new 85a609a  OPENJPA-1116 Annotation Strategy not working.  Checking in testcases as code patch already committed in r808703 by Pinaki.  Patches contributed by Ashish Paliwal.
     new c5954aa  OPENJPA-1116 Update PU name to reflect the test name
     new 5d3fd3a  Update TestEJBQLFunction test to assert empty strings as null for the Oracle DB.
     new 2a98f2b  Fix SQL comparison failures in bidi eager tests on Oracle by using standard sql92 join syntax.
     new 65ff86c  OPENJPA-1116: fix test case error by providing a unique table name.
     new 067a6f0  OPENJPA-1253: support non-default uni-directional one to many map using foreign key strategy
     new d8eadfe  OPENJPA-1116: fix test case error on some DBs by providing a unique table name.
     new 7d34977  OPENJPA-1253: clean up code for uni-directional one-to-many Map using foreign key strategy
     new fc69f92  OPENJPA-1327 Doc update for JPA2 JPQL Query
     new ef54e75  OPENJPA-1253: support bi-directional one-to-many map using join table strategy
     new a6af0f3  OPENJPA-1116: fix test case error on non-Derby DB by adding CLEAR_TABLES
     new eb8abb8  OPENJPA-1116: try DROP_TABLES
     new 9c3a711  OPENJPA-859: Handle having relational info in mapping file and annotations. Patch contributed by Rick Curtis.
     new 22391c9  OPENJPA-1116:  Cleanup via SynchronizeMappings SchemaAction directive
     new cafbd55  OPENJPA-1115 Targeted delimited id tests for specific DB platforms based on schema support/usage.  Includes test updates contributed by Dianne Richards.
     new dc3c2c4  OPENJPA-1116 revert back to CLEAR_TABLES for speed
     new 5f03f77  OPENJPA-1115 Fix DB2 failure in schema test.  Disable non-schema tests on DB2 until DB2 cleanup related exception is resolved.
     new 28573bf  OPENJPA-1115 Allow schema-less delimited id tests to fail until intermittent cleanup issue is resolved.  Removed duplicate test case and unnecessary em creation in test framework database support methods.
     new 9f29552  OPENJPA-1253: support foreign key strategy for uni-directional one to many mapping using Map with entity as the Map key.
     new 9eeb4b2  OPENJPA-1253: check in test case of join table strategy for bi-directional one-to-many using Map with entity as map key
     new bb3e1a5  OPENJPA-1253: check in test case of join table strategy for bi-directional one-to-many using Map with entity as map key
     new 363f7f6  OPENJPA-1248: Remove OracleDictionary.insertBlobForStreamingLoad(Row row, Column col, Object ob) - it was dead code.
     new 174f2af  OPENJPA-1253: Setting svn:eol-style = native
     new 562b494  OPENJPA-1115: Setting svn:eol-style native on new files
     new 450f835  OPENJPA-1153: Speed tests up by using only needed entities rather than all entities from persistence.xml
     new 9f24d10  OPENJPA-1050: Use generics for DataCache
     new 9d37d74  OPENJPA-1327 Doc update for JPA2 JPQL Query
     new baf800f  OPENJPA-1050: Use generics for BrokerFactory
     new 7d6ccb1  OPENJPA-1050: Use generics for Filters
     new c8d1003  OPENJPA-1253: refactoring the checking of non-default mapping to AbstractFieldStrategy
     new c06481b  OPENJPA-1224. Updated DBDictionary and AbstractDB2Dictionary to properly support java.math.BigDecimal.
     new 529bd3a  OPENJPA-1276: Compound selection, JOIN clause rendering
     new 02471ca  OPENJPA-1229 Reworked Persistence.createEMF() exception handling in the geronimo-jpa2 spec api (PFD2), which wraps all exceptions in a PersistenceException and can now return multiple provider exceptions.
     new a566438  OPENJPA-1229 Update to geronimo-validation 1.0-CR5-SNAPSHOT while waiting for the release vote
     new 794e26d  OPENJPA-1229 Use geronimo specs being voted upon from the staging repo until they are released
     new 797de03  OPENJPA-1229 Update NOTICE files to match new ASF/Sun agreement for releasing early access specs.  Also point to new geronimo-staging-017 to pickup latest spec releases under vote with updated notices.
     new 7f833b7  Adding config property documentation for DataCacheMode
     new 6119ff7  alphabetizing datacachemode documentation and fixing default value
     new 99844b6  OPENJPA-1332: Make some Value "private".
     new c2a7238  OPENJPA-1330: bi-directional many-to-one/one-to-many using join table strategy
     new 30bb14d  OPENJPA-1229 sync up rat-maven-plugin config settings across all profiles
     new fa02d2a  OPENJPA-1229 get rat-maven-plugin passing again, as any file included in the source distribution has to pass rat:check
     new 1ff5810  OPENJPA-250: Correct MetaDataRepository plug-in configuration.
     new c148389  OPENJPA-1330: support join table strategy for uni-directional many-to-one relation and uni-/bi-directional one-to-one relation.
     new 4327063  OPENJPA-1327 Doc update for JPA2 JPQL Query
     new 400c592  fix ASL 2.0 header and change test-mysql profile to test-mysql-slice profile to keep it from running during the nightly auotmated tests
     new bcdfee3  OPENJPA-1333 Updated db support docs with potential solutions for limited batch support of Oracle drivers.
     new 4c6ecef  OPENJPA-859: Backing out 818928 while investigating a regression.
     new b68c975  OPENJPA-1229 Upgrade to agimatec-validation 0.9.3 which supports 1.0.CR5 now, but still lacks support for XML constraints (so 1 test in testMappedSuperXMLConstraint fails)
     new 680320a  OPENJPA-1229 Upgrade to agimatec-validation 0.9.3
     new 58539dd  OPENJPA-250: Update user manual.
     new 31c4790  OPENJPA-1327 Doc update for JPA2 JPQL Query
     new 97aca65  OPENJPA-1237: allow customized MappingRepository
     new cc5664f  OPENJPA-1328: Check cacheability in ClassMetaData instead of AbstractDataCache. Merged patch from Jody Grassel to trunk
     new 38a54f3  OPENJPA-250: Moved preloading to later in the init process and only create MDR if preload is configured.
     new bb67dae  OPENJPA-1033 Update Supported Database appendix to denote tested/verified vs. known compatible databases and drivers
     new 210581b  OPENJPA250: Fix compile error.
     new b058e70  OPENJPA-1229 Geronimo specs have been released, but still have not been mirrored to all repos, so point to ASF release repo for now
     new 18cd43d  OPENJPA-1203 Doc createEMF() exception behaviors
     new 63a3408  OPENJPA-1224: backing out changes while investigating a test regression.
     new 5b9c0cb  OPENJPA-1124: Adding @AllowFailure to failing test variation.
     new 020d46e  OPENJPA-1338 Allow comparison for VALUE(e) that maps to basic type
     new 39240eb  OPENJPA-1284 Fix missing schema license headers
     new c6085cd  OPENJPA-1229 Remove extra Geronimo repo as the artifacts are mirrored now.  Update the repoId for sonatype.
     new 1b91bd3  OPENJPA-1338 Allow comparison for VALUE(e) that maps to basic type
     new 73e9f4d  OPENJPA-1338 Allow comparison for VALUE(e) that maps to basic type
     new 6ab4b48  OPENJPA-1339 JPA2 JPQL GROUP BY embeddable is not allowed
     new 4994981  OPENJPA-1338: Setting svn:eol-style = native for new files.
     new 27e2c03  OPENJPA-1229 merge in release file updates from M3 into trunk
     new 0d9bd74  OPENJPA-1050: Use generics for LifeCycleEventManager
     new a91b3bd  OPENJPA-1101 hellojpa as a bundle and steps on how to deploy openjpa to Apache Felix Karaf.  Tests are disabled for now, as we need better Karaf integration with maven.
     new 60491eb  Recognize javax.persistence as a valid property prefix
     new 0e8cf0d  OPENJPA-1153: Speed tests up by using only needed entities rather than all entities from persistence.xml
     new 47a90dae OPENJPA-1321: Documentation corrections for SequenceGenerator and OracleDictionary properties provided by Brian Kalbfus
     new 3c8b756  OPENJOA-1342: Support simple/basic container test harness for managed transaction
     new bc11397  OPENJPA-1153: Speed tests up by using only needed entities rather than all entities from persistence.xml
     new eb41b03  OPENJPA-1344 Add checks for needed exception conditions.
     new 60b8e64  OPENJPA-1342: A simple mechanics to test with container managed transaction semantics
     new 87e07a9  OPENJPA-1344 Add checks for needed exception conditions.
     new f74e988  OPENJPA-1341: PostRemove callback trigger points
     new 05d2a80  OPENJPA-1345: Update to JPA Spec version EA9
     new 4f5a9dd  OPENJPA-1345: Missing files from TeamCity auto-commit
     new 8956f17  OPENJPA-1347 Upgrade to Validation API 1.0.0.GA and Hibernate 4.0.0.GA for bean validation testing
     new bdd3014  OPENJPA-1345: Update schemas to JPA Spec version EA9
     new 454afa0  OPENJPA-1050: Use generics for AbstractDataCache
     new f1fc076  OPENJPA-1347 Upgrade to Validation 1.0 GA API
     new 52fdddc  OPENJPA-1348 Add testcase to demonstrate WriteBehind cache flush operation failure using embeddable
     new cc59e09  OPENJPA-1349 Spec version property was being prematurely removed from the config map in the  create container emf path.  Spec version was always set to 2.0, thus compatibility and other options were not set properly for a 1.0 persistence.xml.  Also added a test framework class that allows pseudo-testing of the createContainerEMF path using a specific persistence.xml and pu name.
     new bb205a2  OPENJPA-1348 Use @AllowFailure annotation rather than commenting out failing testcase
     new 6d50e87  OPENJPA-250: Have preload process registered classes. Added simple preload testcase. Fixed problem where preloading wasn't being enabled due to a change in 821925.
     new 65d2ea8  OPENJPA-1351: fix ClassCastException when downlevel jdbc driver is used.
     new 79a4b76  OPENJPA-1352: fix instantiation of proxyCollection/Map for Arrays.asList
     new 85e631a  OPENJPA-1334: Support partitioned cache with instance-level distribution policy
     new 6d96438  OPENJPA-1013: Refactor correlated plural joins
     new 732e45c  Remove unused imports.
     new 9d58228  OPENJPA-1353 add legal info to the docs and properly add the appendices as a section
     new 139b6bb  OPENJPA-1353 fix bad attribute
     new acab37e  OPENJPA-871: maps-id xml support
     new a32bb62  OPENJPA-1185 Subquery overhaul fix subquery correlation involving association table
     new 18f0e74  OPENJPA-1153: Exclude TestEJBTransactionalClass since it actually tests nothing.
     new c95593d  OPENJPA-1153: Speed tests up by using only needed entities rather than all entities from persistence.xml
     new 737f17f  OPENJPA-1101 bundle metadata tweaks for osgi tests
     new 58ebc6d  OPENJPA-1327 JPQL Query Doc update
     new 2205466  OPENJPA-871: derived identity test case using orm xml
     new cc9644d  Register type alias eagerly.
     new 6d6645b  OPENJPA-1085: Add toString() to PCStates
     new afb95a5  OPENJPA-1085: Add toString() to PCStates
     new 59c81b9  OPENJPA-1121: Load user-defined Enums.
     new 1dc5b3b  OPENJPA-926 Switch access type modification to log at trace instead of warning level.  An access type change is normal under conditions such as XML overrides.  A warning could be misconstrued as a problem that needs to be corrected in OpenJPA or application code.
     new 2ef5d26  OPENJPA-1355: Correct argument list for Postgres dictionary
     new 04df2fa  OPENJPA-1115 Committing code and tests contributed by Dianne Richards.  This commit cleans up some issues with manual/user specified delimiters and adds initial support for full delimiting via the delimited-identifiers element in orm.xml.
     new 8abd836  OPENJPA-1334: Support instance-based cache partition move type-based cache eligibility logic to DataCacheManager from ClassMetaData. Calibrate tests to new eligibility policy
     new c753ce2  OPENJPA-767 Start of true OSGi support, which uses the r828047 changes in the Geronimo JPA2 1.0-EA9 spec to resolve/load providers in OSGi.  Still lots of work needed, so this is not in the normal builds yet.
     new f7568de  OPENJPA-859: Recommitting 818928. Added new test scenario for partial xml defined embeddable that implements Serializable.
     new 330b1f6  Re-factor unnecessary String concatenation.
     new e69163b  Removed/re-factored unneeded trailing spaces.
     new 721c6ce  shouldn't be building osgi-tests right now
     new 7a46717  OPENJPA-859: Restructured testcase. Minor formatting change.
     new 5d79388  OPENJPA-859: Fix checkstyle error
     new 105d46c  OPENJPA-1308: Remove extraneous cast of VARCHAR to VARCHAR for DB2. Submitted By: B.J. Reed
     new ec7f6f5  Modified same named entities to use unique table names.  Also corrected an NPE in test cleanup which occurred when embeddable metadata was present in the metadata repository.
     new 4f59bec  OPENJPA-839 Create an aggregate sources jar
     new 9981601  OPENJPA-1356 Use maven-enforcer-plugin to verify proper Java and Maven levels
     new 13c88d7  OPENJPA-1334: i) Calibrate type-based cache eligibility logic to align better with new JPA 2 as well as previous @DataCache behavior. ii) Use CacheMode settings via FetchPlan. iii) Cleanup hint handler etc. Replace implementation by interface. iv) Start organizing JPA property processing v) Improve upon EntityManager.setProperty()
     new b646b88  OPENJPA-871: support JoinColumn in conjunction with MapsId annotation
     new 71f9f40  OPENJPA-871: change test case table name
     new ad1029f  OPENJPA-1115 Wrap non-null sequence property values so they are processed as a single property value.
     new 3ec0fbf  OPENJPA-1354: DBCP getConnection with user/password
     new 5016fc6  OPENJPA-944: Indirect recursion in fetch. Solution provided by Yanko Zhikov.
     new cb31d30  OPENJPA-839 Create source jars for all artifacts by using maven-shade-plugin for the aggregate jars.  Also, removed OSGi metadata from openjpa.jar, as this will be handled by a new openjpa-osgi.jar instead.
     new 530a190  OPENJPA-1141: Optionally reorder MetaData resolution for entities which use derived IDs Submitted By: Jody Grassel
     new 62cc18c  OPENJPA-944: Updated test to run on Oracle by setting the dictionary option to use triggers for IDENTITY gen type.
     new a2abcbb  OPENJPA-839 Fix jaxb depends for Java SE 5 users and keep it from getting pulled into the aggregate jars by the shade plugin.  Also, removed duplicate maven-source-plugin usage in the parent pom.
     new 28dafc7  OPENJPA-1363 Upgrade to latest commons-pool maintenance release
     new 5e73ca1  Consolidate property key-value processings for javax.persistence.* keys. They have been accumulating in OpenJPAConf and now moving to where they belong i.e. PersistenceProductDerivation. The value processing from String/integer/enums for these properties  have also been spread across many places and now being localized.
     new dee384c  Consolidate javax.persistence.* property processing
     new 41f750a  OPENJPA-1337: Push/Pop fetch plan with find()/refresh()
     new c5cc267  OPENJPA-1337: Push/Pop fetch plan with find()/refresh()
     new a24efc3  OPENJPA-839 Need to exclude new source and shade created jars from being used for the agent setting to the TCK
     new d0cf5b4  Doc for metamodel generation
     new 8c8636f  OPENJPA-1306 - Add basic extended lock scope support, 3 junit testing basic, secondary table, join table, inheritance entity, element collections (lazy/eager), 1x1 (lazy/eager) and 1xm (lazy/eager).
     new b8e690f  OPENJPA-1366 Modified persistence util to do a direct ref comparison instead of iterating through all pu's when determining if an entity is managed within a pu.
     new 1154f23  OPENJPA-1368 Upgrade to HSQLDB and in-memory db for optional HSQLDB unit testing
     new e1dcbce  OPENJPA-1366 Remove need for an EMF from OpenJPAPersistenceUtil and TraversableResolverImpl.  Also, updated EMFImpl.isLoaded() to use Util.isManagedBy() before Util.isLoaded(), since the entity should be managed by the queried EMF instance.
     new f25b573  OPENJPA-1370 JPA2 missing implementation for createNamedQuery(String name, Class<T> resultClass)
     new eabd0c9  OPENJPA-1371: fail to extract correct id from an entity during merge when this entity has compound primary key using IdClass, and some field in the IdClass is a derived identity from a not-yet-managed toOne relation.
     new d1feecb  OPENJPA-1371: wrong commit. Revert it to the previous version
     new 74b0ac1  OPENJPA-1369: Use CONCAT function for HSQL 1.8.x
     new 760cf90  OPENJPA-1369: HSQLDB Error code for unique constraint violation
     new 90392e3  OPENJPA-1369: Change Order.count column name to save HSQLDB keyword name clash
     new 073ad1d  Changed column name for Order.count to CNT to save HSQLDB
     new f4c2b59  Changed column name for Order.count to CNT to save HSQLDB
     new e43c6f0  OPENJPA-1369: Change Order.count to column CNT
     new b1b1e0f  Changed column name for Order.count to CNT to save HSQLDB
     new 48a8b22  OPENJPA-1369: Change Order.count to column CNT
     new 2ff7753  Changed column name for Order.count to CNT to save HSQLDB
     new d59954d  Check for null clob
     new ea6499a  OPENJPA-1306 - Correct secondary table locking problem and test cases to match. Also fixed multiple SQLs validation test case problem.
     new ac531c5  OPENJPA-1083 Fixed a mapping tool failure caused by the inability to discover and drop multi-column foreign key constraints.  Multi-column FK's were not getting dropped, but got added after clearing out the tables. Trying to add an existing FK caused an exception when using Oracle.
     new f0ad193  Fixed test case failure which occurs on DB platforms that use non-default max embedded LOB size.
     new faf2966  OPENJPA-1334: Refresh should ignore cache.retrieve.mode settings. Assorted changes in property processing for usability
     new 00fcf4c  OPENJPA-839 fix pom data so unprovided depends will be pulled automatically by maven and mark JAXB depends as optional
     new 3e83d5d  OPENJPA-1375 - Clean _plans IdentityHashMap when clear or close is called.
     new 75f3a17  OPENJPA-1377 - convert property value to upper-case before converting to its corresponding enum type.
     new 218f57a  Fixed minor syntax bug in ORM file.
     new 19eb9f2  OPENJPA-1379: Fixed locking problem in AbstractQueryCache when using timestamp eviction policy and added new test case.
     new 8f2ed40  Use List<SQLException> generic.
     new ab18db1  OPENJPA-1248 Set null or empty_lob as appropriate when inserting a new streaming lob for update on Oracle.  Also configured test to retain connection over the life of the tx and updated manual to document this requirement.
     new 983b34b  OPENJPA-1380: queryCache is not refreshed for cross-join jpql.
     new 4991e6b  OPENJPA-1142 - Propagate lock level into LockException so that the proper optimistic/pessimistic exception is translated.
     new 6f11e4d  OPENJPA-1381: Ignore cached target query when lock mode is set
     new 70fc46f  OPENJPA-459: Bulk update using a join instead of a subselect
     new befbc83  OPENJPA-117: provide registered TransactionListeners as unmodifiable collection
     new 965c997  Generate MappedSuperClass through reverse mapping tool.
     new 8c95277  OPENJPA-1047: Prohibit Table annotation or XML descriptor element for MappedSuperclass.
     new 0911090  OPENJPA-1047: Prohibit Table annotation or XML descriptor element for MappedSuperclass.
     new 2271a54  OPENJPA-1383: Setting DateFormat.SHORT and LOCALE.US in testcases.
     new 865dad9  OPENJPA-1385: Visit having clause to collect query parameters
     new f6327de  OPENJPA-1173: Updating PostgreSQL driver. Submitted by: Tim McConnell
     new 6ae4adf  OPENJPA-1386: Detect type name hiding while generating metamodel source code
     new 6e630e8  OPENJPA-1386: Support field types that can hide each other
     new 6e37c5f  Use decorator pattern for Criteria Query tests
     new 0d0daed  Literal value for empty disjunction and conjunction
     new 6cf1ca1  Document MetaModel generator tool usage.
     new 61f9b32  OPENJPA-1387: Remove non-nullable constraint from Unique column.
     new a91e85e  OPENJPA-1051: Simplify check for uniqueness of column names. Patch contributed by Ravi Palacherla.
     new 93ae72d  OPENJPA-1051: Simplify check for uniqueness of column names. Patch contributed by Ravi Palacherla.
     new 05c7857  OPENJPA-1387: Remove non-nullable constraint from Unique column.
     new 69d2415  OPENJPA-1387: Remove non-nullable constraint from Unique column.
     new 5143d0c  OPENJPA-1387: Remove non-nullable constraint from Unique column.
     new cfea146  OPENJPA-1381: Ignore preapared query if lock mode changes
     new 9c27590  OPENJPA-1387: Revert unique colum related changes to before 880685 plus other changes after that related to OPENJPA-1051 and OPENJPA-1381.
     new cbde495  TeamCity commits left two files behind
     new 9a7bab2  OPENJPA-1051: Simplify check for uniqueness of column names. Patch contributed by Ravi Palacherla.
     new d9d6898  OPENJPA-1051
     new fb82c6a  OPENJPA-1381: Ignore preapared query if lock mode changes
     new c44c17b  Add error messages for attribute not found exceptions.
     new 481bb3d  OPENJPA-1390: From.join(String attr) checks any attribute not only singular attributes.
     new be2ff16  OPENJPA-1391: Handle untyped collection
     new d797bc1  Support default projection for untyped result class, if possible.
     new ee30b01  OPENJPA-1388 JPQL named parameter using a reserved word (:vlaue) resulting in ArgumentException
     new 27996ef  OPENJPA-1384: Try current classloader when loading DBDictionary. Submitted By: B.J. Reed
     new f1451e5  OPENJPA-1392, OPENJPA-1393: countDistinct() and integer return type for size()
     new 96c723b  Works for MySQL
     new 9f0b7ab  Run CriteriaTest on MySQL as well.
     new c3a856f  OPENJPA-1396: fix metadata-complete problem so that it will override @Transient annotation in the entity class
     new 0291158  OPENJPA-1350: Test case (by Rick Curtis) to test early registration of type alias to avoid/minimze risk of multi-threaded repository initialization. Original change was revision 826944
     new f6a6ee1  OPENJPA-1394 - DB2 supports Order By clause with recording locking using "WITH R*" construct. By enabling this feature in the DB2 dictionary, row locking can be perform with the fetch and eliminate the time window other thread snike in to fetch the same row.
     new 0635172  Set proper return type on evaluated expression.
     new 5d765ea  OPENJPA-1386: Improve handling of imports that can hide each other
     new 9438918  Cut down processing cost for identical type.
     new d4010d1  Reduce hint handling construction cost
     new 3d07bcd  Special comparison for two boolean constants
     new a1221ea  Special comparison for two boolean constants
     new cbbe382  OPENJPA-1402 - Improve concurrency by not locking relation field whenever appropriate for mixed lock manager.
     new 36a6df3  Avoid dependency on src folder from test case.
     new 69517ce  Save NPE on getting super type
     new 0522683  add missing or incorrect license headers found by rat plugin
     new dce2cd8  revert osgi changes that were included in r885573, so they can be committed against a JIRA for tracking
     new 2c00f18  OPENJPA-1400: Fix PersistenceCapable.pcIsDetached() when using no statemanager and version is zero.
     new 110cb20  OPENJPA-1248: Improve LOB streaming with PostgreSQL when connections are being wrapped by data source; refactor and modify test case not to run Reader LOB tests while on PostgreSQL
     new eea93c8  OPENJPA-1408 - Add test binary and source jars to modules.
     new bc7da97  Print class loader when metadata processing fails.
     new 583a636  Fix TestMultipleSchemaNames so that schemas are created on PostgreSQL
     new ab52f1f  remove unused imports.
     new 1aaa1aa  OPENJPA-1409: Preserve type for currentDate/Time expressions
     new 2353db8  OPENJPA-1409: Missing from TeamCity commit
     new 8a0f2da  OPENJPA-931: derived identity support
     new 7cebf2e  Use generic type for Result
     new d488b47  OPENJPA-1408 - Do not collect any persistence.xml/orm.xml in the persistence jdbc test base class jar file to avoid possibly entity enhancement problem down the road.
     new 123e0b6  OPENJPA-459: fix bulkUpdate for DB2
     new f697798  OPENJPA-782: fix default element collection table name to comply with the Spec
     new 3f3d586  OPENJPA-1413: fix NPE when update using CASE expression on Derby
     new 8607e0b  OPENJPA-1397: Allow some columns of compound key to be null.
     new b831319  OPENJPA-1397: Allow some columns of compound key to be null.
     new d17c709  OPENJPA-1415: Suppress batched OLE messages.
     new 6896c31  Use generic type argument
     new 89fe979  Relax metadata parsing flow
     new 70518a3  Print class loader when metadata processing fails
     new c1e0b6b  OPENJPA-1414: Performance improvements for detach processing. Patch contributed by Dianne Richards.
     new 45bc22b  OPENJPA-1348 Embeddable data not persisted when using WriteBehind cache flush operation.  Patch from Fay Wang.
     new 92af878  Tests run only on Derby because uses database specific DDL
     new 61dc996  OPENJPA-1348: remove @AllowFailure from the test case
     new 658f01e  OPENJPA-1412,979: Adding Eclipse Plugin with complete Maven/Tycho build script and tests. It is also the first instance of a non-committer contribution
     new 2578261  Making code compatiable with OpenJPA coding standards
     new 2baa87b  Doc update for connectionRetainMode always
     new 77c3242  OPENJPA-1334: Assign default named cache to PCData
     new b1ee063  OPENJPA-1425:  Lieralize value if they appear in selection clause for databases that do not support parameters in selection terms.
     new 4515e2f  OPENJPA-1425:  Lieralize value if they appear in selection clause for databases that do not support parameters in selection terms.
     new 82aece9  OPENJPA-1326: Set schema names for Sybase when creating new indexes and primary keys. Submitted By : BJ Reed
     new e5ba74a  OPENJPA-1424: Fix. Do not lookup extraFieldData with another mapping's field
     new 43c55d0  OPENJPA-1424: Fix. Do not lookup extraFieldData with another mapping's field
     new 4715cc7  OPENJPA-1050: Use generic types whenever possible. Replace ordered map with native implementation wrapper.
     new b119e2b  OPENJPA-1050: Use generic types whenever possible. Replace ordered map with native implementation wrapper.
     new 60cae2f  OPENJPA-1103 Upgrade to 1.0-SNAPSHOT versions of the jpa2 and bv spec apis and remove the early access disclaimer.
     new 9dc10ef  OPENJPA-1103 removed the early access disclaimer
     new 6cee09c  OPENJPA-1248: User manual improvements related to LOB streaming.
     new 3067245  OPENJPA-1224: Updating DBDictionaries to support setting precision on a BigDecimal column.
     new de8d125  OPENJPA-1412: OpenJPA Eclipse Enhancer plugin. Add ui support, begin non-captive lib support
     new fd5c79a  OPENJPA-1050: Restore existing method signature but deprecate them.
     new f5c216e  OPENJPA-1050: Restore existing method signature but deprecate them.
     new 8dff017  OPENJPA-1431: fix @Temporal annotation when used in conjunction with @Column and @ElementCollection
     new 40f017a  OPENJPA-714: Check l1 cache when looking for managed instances when cascading. Submitted By: Jody Grassel
     new 8410bc8  OPENJPA-1435: remove null element from the coll
     new a05e007  OpenJPA-1258: Applied Amy Yang's patch.
     new 9e8b0de  OPENJPA-1401 Inheritance using Join Strategy may fail in cross join JPQL
     new 5d9f08e  OPENJPA-1432: preserve Compatibility flags set in compliance with the Specification.
     new d189eac  OPENJPA-1438: fix wherePrimaryKey for entity using derived identity
     new d8ef5c1  OPENJPA-993: PersistenceProductDerivation.getAnchorsInxxx(..) should only return PUs that belong to OpenJPA.
     new d491a9c  OPENJPA-1439: Cover for InputStream/Reader type fields
     new 14a0241  OPENJPA-1440: Allow COUNT(*) syntax when DBDictionary.useWildCardForCount=true
     new ac6dab1  OPENJPA-1440: Allow COUNT(*) syntax when DBDictionary.useWildCardForCount=true
     new 35377aa  OPENJPA-1441: Set pcVersionInit FieldMetaData to transient in PCEnhancer.
     new 781654a  OPENJPA-1224: Backing out DB2 and Derby related changes to investigate in a seperate JIRA.
     new 91d46a8  OPENJPA-1443.  First couple of testcases that should get out of the "exclude" list (with a few minor updates).
     new 3dee418  OPENJPA-1444: Use special result list for distinct query.
     new 29e919f  OPENJPA-1444:  distinct query
     new df5a403  OPENJPA-1444: distinct query
     new fded22b  OPENJPA-1445: Support enums as External values
     new 775c627  OPENJPA-1445: Support enums as External values
     new a0e001e  OPENJPA-1442 JPA2 java.sql.Date, java.math.BigDecimal, or java.math.BigInteger types as derived primary keys are not Enhanced correctly
     new 5607a95  OPENJPA-1442 JPA2 java.sql.Date, java.math.BigDecimal, or java.math.BigInteger types as derived primary keys are not Enhanced correctly Fix testcase to avoid inserting duplicate keys.
     new 2274f9c  Fix test cases adapting to Geronimo Persistence class single/multiple providers behaviors.
     new d33884a  OPENJPA-1248: Add note on MySQL limitations related to LOB streaming, improve wording.
     new 5b7c20e  OPENJPA-1248: Test case refactored for easier control of LOB data creation, increased amount of LOB data to a more realistic value (but still under MySQL default BLOB limit - 64 kB).
     new e5d2bd4  OPENJPA-1248: PostgreSQL needs truncating LOB content on update when new content is shorter than the existing content.
     new c645939  OPENJPA-1248: Add limited support of LOB streaming on SQL Server; wording corrections.
     new 02b5554  OPENJPA-1453 Add support for testing with JPA 2.0 TCK
     new f78ddef  OPENJPA-1453 Updates to add javaagent and pass/fail counts for JPA2 runs
     new 3320287  OPENJPA-1020: fix class cast exception when retrieving eager persistent collection
     new c4fe095  OPENJPA-1453 Merge some of the tck2-profile updates into tck-profile and chnage the tsant macro in tck2-profile to not fail the build when errors occur
     new 8cf03bd  OPENJPA-1453 Fix setting javaagent
     new 254e936  OPENJPA-1453 Old 1.0b TCK does not create a reports dir
     new 5938ca7  OPENJPA-1453 Old 1.0b TCK does not create a reports dir
     new bfd07ed  update POMs to include ASF license header, remove tabs and update displayed descriptions
     new b90c4f0  OPENJPA-1453 cleanup classpaths for jpa.classes and tsant
     new e303892  OPENJPA-1455: fix add column problem involving tables with same name in multiple schemas for DB2
     new 6710465  OPENJPA-1452 Configurations attempts to modiy an umodifiable map.  Patch contributed by JIRA uid baboune.
     new 3065f2f  OPENJPA-1452 Configurations attempts to modiy an umodifiable map.  Add null checks back in to match 1.2/1.3 branches.
     new 5cef9cf  reduce performance cost of isCacheable().
     new 0efea47  OPENJPA-250: Committing to trunk. Submitted by Patrick Linskey, Simon Droscher, and Rick Curtis.
     new e53378b  OPENJPA-1455: fix the way to get current schema per Milosz's suggestion.
     new 55bf86a  OPENJPA-1456 Replace StringBuffer usage with StringBuilder for minor performance/scalability improvement
     new 1e95ee4  updates to unzip JPA2 TCK required patches file
     new 0a83866  OPENJPA-1414: Committing test case. Patch contributed by Dianne Richards.
     new 6a779fd  remove hack for DDL file, as we have a patched copy for Derby now
     new 634d820  OPENJPA-1245: Remove eclipse .project file.
     new c21fdc5  OPENJPA-1245: Adding svn:ignore property based on openjpa-persistence-jdbc
     new 2331d20  OPENJPA-1458: fix named parameter problem
     new b8b3720  updates to run TCK twice, since pluggability tests require a different setup
     new 4f6e43a  add some extra results info
     new 61cacd5  use exclude list to skip pluggability tests during second pass
     new dad4ad1  OPENJPA-1461: Incorrect Oracle CREATE TABLE DDL for XML column
     new b5a412f  OPENJPA-900: Reduce reflection in hint processing. Redesign with explicit hint keys.
     new db20d8a  OPENJPA-900: Reduce reflection cost. Enumerate hint keys.
     new 342c27d  Add Glassfish JNDI location
     new ab032d8  Add constructor for more flexible signature
     new 5a8c5de  OPENJPA-250: Missed a line in the previous merge and remove a test from being excluded in pom.xml
     new 8e0e9cf  OPENJPA-1115 Base identifier support
     new 7b53696  OPENJPA-1464: Reparameterize with enum-valued parameters.
     new fadd48f  OPENJPA-1115  Remaining delimited identifiers support, including pluggable identifier utility.  Includes code and test contributions from Dianne Richards.
     new e75d1c9  OPENJPA-1091 Fix SQL handling in reversemapping example.  Still doesn't create all the Java classes from the DB...
     new 919be02  OPENJPA-1461: Incorrect Oracle CREATE TABLE DDL for XML column Changed mapping table name from "TORDER" to "TORDERXML" in test case.
     new bbc296b  OPENJPA250: Fix testcase.
     new dff9c69  OPENJPA-1412 Move Eclipse plugin to its own subproject
     new d31639d  OPENJPA-931: support nesting EmbeddedId in IdClass
     new 7f66117  OPENJPA-782: element collection field in orm.xml should not be serialized
     new 36e31ae  OPENJPA-1460: resolve visibility scope of orm.xml.
     new 61d8fda  OPENJPA-1453 upgrade to final geronimo-jpa_2.0_spec API artifact
     new 7caef96  OPENJPA-1115 Committing documentation contributions for delimited identifiers and dictionary properties submitted by Dianne Richards.
     new d62991a  OPENJPA-1334.  Updated the name of the testcase from TestPartionedDataCache to TestPartitionedDataCache.
     new a91f6d5  OPENJPA-1467: Revert ConcurrentDataCache.removeAllInternal(...) to prior revision (5529850).
     new f877a44  OPENJPA-1470: Change INFO messages in PCEnhancer to TRACE messages.
     new 28a6546  need openjpa.loglevel prop here so you can override if not doing a full build
     new 68eaab6  add comments on tests.openjpa.allowfailure options and behavior
     new 424da62  correct property name
     new 1049796  OPENJPA-1460: Rename the setter method
     new 3bff964  OPENJPA-1460: Rename the setter method
     new 968634a  OPENJPA-1470 Java 2 Security permission violation on getClassLoader caused JEE container unable to enhance entities on the fly.
     new 00c44ab  OPENJPA-1460 Undo import of a spec api added in r900873, as openjpa-kernel does not have access to the spec api and should not by design.
     new 245bb82  OPENJPA-1115 Fixed many naming collisions in delimited id tests.  Corrected bug in schema group that broke fully qualified sequence names.
     new 9e73688  OPENJPA-1115 Eliminate alias conversion on configurations that do not require conversion.
     new 4adf1c6  OPENJPA-1466 Fix Junit test failures on Oracle
     new f4d0966  OPENJPA-1115 Enabled delimited id test on MySQL and fix identifier conversion related bugs.
     new 531df90  OPENJPA-1293 JUnit test failure when using Derby  Disabling testVariableHaving() for Derby.
     new 2b2ede1  OPENJPA-1374 Enable junits to be executed against an in-memory Derby db.  Moved common Derby profiles to the parent POM.  Added new Derby props in o-p-j which knocked 2 mins off build time.  Added a test-derbymem profile to use Derby as in-memory DB, which reduced build time by 5 mins.
     new 9ea3fe0  OPENJPA-1374 undo changes to, which are for OPENJPA-1410 instead
     new acafc94  OPENJPA-1410 Class linkage exception when creating an EMF with OpenJPA M3 caused by ValidationUtils.setupValidation().  First round of cleanup.
     new 5a0b973  OPENJPA-1374 The @DatabasePlatform no longer works, as Derby will always be on the classpath.  Switching 3 junits over to use setSupportedDatabases() in their setUp() routines instead....
     new b94d232  OPENJPA-1473: Replace null object with non-null default for aggregate expressions
     new d23199b  OPENJPA-1474: Setting intermediate field should take into account the loaded state
     new 3042900  OPENJPA-1374 allow setUp() code to run, as it is required by tearDown()
     new bad0838  OPENJPA-1115 Fix problem with sequence schema matching due to extraneous spaces and fix some testcase failures on non-Derby DB platforms that are caused by naming collisions.
     new 6d253cf  add missing license headers
     new 184cb41  OPENJPA-1476.  Turning off the QueryCache by default.  The new default value for this property will be "false".  Also, disabling the Write Behind testcases.
     new 08cf015  allow running full builds w/o running o-p-locking tests
     new ec8dba1  OPENJPA-1477: Do not use cached PreparedQuery unless it is initialized
     new 55d7af6  OPENJPA-1475: Exclude calling syncVersion() if an Entity doesn't have a version field. Patch submitted by Dianne Richards.
     new d299ac4  OPENJPA-1410 Undo removal of code that was added by OPENJPA-1460
     new c246a7a  OPENJPA-1150: Removing incomplete WriteBehind implementation.
     new 79b14dd  OPENJPA-1150: Un-exclude writebehind testcases since they're no longer in svn
     new 3175706  OPENJPA-1478 add OSGi metadata back into openjpa.jar artifact for Apache Aries team.  Also updated to latest maven-bundle-plugin version.
     new 671417a  OPENJPA-1115 Fix auto gen id related jUnit regressions on PostgreSQL.
     new c15f473  OPENJPA-1460: back out the previous change until the visibility scope of orm.xml is fully agreed upon.
     new ef89c9d  update copyrights for 2010
     new c9b82ee  update copyright year in docs
     new 85c75d8  OPENJPA-1468 Upgrade to final Bean Validation spec API from Geronimo
     new e6850b3  merge in more beta release updates
     new 9c90ca5  merged in r902968 from beta branch
     new 83897b4  merged in r903062 from beta branch - fix openjpa-all, which had some jaxb code included by the shade plugin due to transitive depends
     new f25dda0  add pointer to 1.2.2 release notes, as discovered missing by Kevin.
     new 7091a52  OPENJPA-1076 Testcases for PersistenceProviderResolver contributed by Dianne Richards.
     new a325734  OPENJPA-1485 Check persistent collection attributes for null when determining load state.
     new b3a931f  re-enable test.jar creation in parent pom, so the generated artifacts will get signed
     new 4197457  OPENJPA-1485: isLoaded util method should return true for an entity when an unloaded basic type is not in the fetch plan.
     new 54ef07f  OPENJPA-1485: fix potential classCast exception for StateManagerImpl
     new c2ef787  upgrade to latest maven-release-plugin
     new e3560cf  revert r903816 as creation of tests.jar artifacts must be done only in the modules that have tests to jar, as otherwise a jar will be created w/o the required license/notice files and cause the IANAL check to fail.  details added to release process wiki page explaining what other step is required at release time.
     new 1000f39  OPENJPA-1486: lazily fetched embeddable should not be materialized in the query result
     new 7aad95a  OPENJPA-1485: null collection value can still be treated as loaded.
     new 97496b0  OPENJPA-1367: Improvements for H2 database. Commit patch provided by Prashant Bhat with slight modifications. Information on CROSS JOIN provided by Thomas Mueller.
     new 784e456  OPENJPA-960: Block unwrap for Object.class or null argument
     new 1a216e9  OPENJPA-1483: support count distinct compound key
     new cbf700e  minor notice file updates
     new a720a9c  OPENJPA-1482: Prevent NoSuchMethodError when calling setVersion. Submitted By : Rick Curtis
     new ec0eeed  OPENJPA-1493: Performance improvement in SelectImpl.getTableIndex() for JPQL without subselect The JUnit regression uncovers an issue in Criteria Query add @AllowFailure in TestTypesafeCriteria.testValues5(), it is found the expected sql is incorrect. A separate issue will address this problem.
     new 814fef0  OPENJPA-1493: performance fix in getTableIndex
     new 69c5eb1  OPENJPA-1498. Minor message file improvements
     new 3854f9b  OPENJPA-931: support nested embeddedId in IdClass during remove
     new d3b3ee0  OPENJPA-1502 Improve WARN msg for unrecognized EntityManager properties
     new 31265de  OPENJPA-1496: fix temporal parameter processing
     new 27abdb4  OPENJPA-1107 TraversableResolver testcases contributed by Dianne Richards.
     new ad3cf2c  OPENJPA-1503: Use AccessController to load metamodel class.
     new 6fa3271  OPENJPA-1334: Separate distribution policy from DataCacheManager.
     new 92f162b  OPENJPA-1334: Separate distribution policy from DataCacheManager.
     new 2641d43  OPENJPA-1334: Separate distribution policy from DataCacheManager.
     new 4a98719  OPENJPA-1460: resolve visibility scope of orm.xml
     new f259a4e  OPENJPA-1504 Update TestTraversableResolver so it can be used with Hibernate or Agimatec providers.  Upgrade to agimatec-validation-0.9.6-SNAPSHOT, which now supports constraints.xml so all junits pass again with it.
     new dc61fa0  OPENJPA-1334 add missing license headers
     new 19f5b13  Add doc for datacache inclusion/exclusion
     new f028f74  fix line width and add missing end section tag.
     new fb00402  OPENJPA-1334: Emulate 1.2 versions IncludedTypes/ExcludedTypes functionality via new distribution policy mechanics
     new 80d6c79  OPENJPA-1506 - Fix ConfigurationImpl.equals() to support derived provider.
     new feff96b  OPENJPA-1334: Emulate 1.2 versions IncludedTypes/ExcludedTypes functionality via new distribution policy mechanics
     new 9344d03  OPENJPA-1001: Testcases Submitted By: Richard Rak
     new e603bdc  OPENJPA-1507. NPE fix.
     new 5f8ad3e  OPENJPA-1442: setting svn:eol-style native
     new a0e95fb  OPENJPA-1401: setting svn:eol-style native
     new c1a24be  OPENJPA-1370: Setting svn:eol-style native
     new 307d5e8  merge in updates from trunk/openjpa/pom.xml and waiting for testing from Apache Aries before merging into openjpa/pom.xml
     new 23341c8  OPENJPA-1509. In-mem bulk update + enums.
     new e70d8bf  Added GlassFish to javadoc and moved its JNDI location up in the list - see
     new 8cc89f9  OPENJPA-1510: User manual corrections: some terms made consistent in case, made hint and locking descriptions more database-agnostic, removed an old MySQL known issue, H2 version updated.
     new 0b1268a  aries needs a different service name for now
     new 928993b  OPENJPA-1512 Include a BundleActivator to register ourselves as a javax.persistence.provider for Apache Aries
     new ad10658  OPENJPA-1503:Metamodel reflection  with security manager
     new d82add6  OPENJPA-1503:Metamodel reflection  with security manager
     new d037890  OPENJPA-1515: Make CacheStatistics configurable.
     new 5d6a881  OPENJPA-1517: Reduce synchronization in LifecycleEventManager.
     new 3cd8c4c  OPENJPA-1517: Reduce synchronization in LifecycleEventManager.
     new bdb1e5d  OPENJPA-1503: Set txn for rollback directly on illegal argument
     new c043302  OPENJPA-1503: Set txn for rollback directly on illegal argument
     new 8df8d02  OPENJPA-1510: Fix two broken references.
     new 4fb3371  OPENJPA-1510: Add missing documentation for supportsForeignKeysComposite, supportsSimpleCaseExpression and useWildCardForCount DBDictionary properties.
     new 1a4362e  OPENJPA-1510.  Incorrect tag caused the whole paragraph to be "red".
     new 2c397e9  OPENJPA-1510.  Incorrect tag caused the whole paragraph to be "red".
     new fe2c929  OPENJPA-1510.  Oops, wrong xml file on the commit of svn revision 911440.  Backing out the debug change to the persistence.xml file.
     new 7b6c11a  OPENJPA-924: Remove logging from FinderCache -- such low-level details seem to confuse rather to inform the user.
     new f738b0b  OPENJPA-1520 remove jdk5 profile
     new 87b284b  OPENJPA-1520 Require Java SE 6 or later to compile and require Maven 2.0.9 or later
     new 2f3da18  Throw informative error messages on bad enum field
     new a69c39c  some reorg and cleanup of pom. removed unused maven 2.0.4 requirement and pointer to staging repo.
     new 88e32fb  OPENJPA-1520 Upgrade to Derby 10.5.3 which has lots of JDBC4 fixes since 10.2.2
     new babda8d  OPENJPA-1520.  Doc updates to point at appropriate javase 6 and javaee 6 api urls (instead of javase/ee 5 urls).
     new e512e15  OPENJPA-1520 Compile for 1.6 and update javadoc links to use 1.6
     new 9ec4233  OPENJPA-1512 minor updates to BundleActivator support
     new a4c8f28  OPENJPA-1510: Correct confusing sentences in Query Hints section; correct the Oracle known issue with empty strings.
     new 8fcc5e7  OPENJPA-1525 - Implements warn() method in TestCacheMarshallerEndToEnd$LogImpl class.
     new 0086e25  OPENJPA-1526.  AllowFailure for one testcase until DERBY-4558 is resolved.
     new 52e2d92  Re-factor imports and use of generic in BrokerImpl.
     new b447152  OPENJPA-1516.  Introduce prepareForPooling method on EntityManagerImpl to allow for more efficient EntityManager "clear" operations.  This also allows to go outside of the spec just a bit and clean up resources before pooling as well.
     new eb81fdd  Added some comments to indicate the special options required for creating a DB2 database that supports the XML column types...
     new 127b7be  OPENJPA-1510. Corrected placement of the Distributed Cache description, along with a few incorrect spellings and punctuation.
     new 5550984  OPENJPA-1520 Require Java SE 6 to compile but target Java SE 5 so users can still run trunk on 1.5 and 1.6 JVMs for now, given the lack of performance improvements found with the patch to drop JDBC3 support...
     new fa4b72d  OPENJPA-1498 - Commit contribution by Cathy Nordstrom.
     new cda835d  OPENJPA-1528 Upgrade to MySQL 5.1.12 driver.  Include dbcp overrides needed for MySQL.  Moved common dbcp and junit properties to parent pom to simplify maintenance.  Add some blank lines in a couple poms to improve readability.
     new baa3705  OPENJPA-1516.  Additional comments on the free() method to indicate that callers need to ensure thread-safety.
     new 11c299d  OPENJPA-1520 Allow using JDK 1.5 to compile/run the junits by using -Ptest-java5,test-derby -Djava5.home=<1.5 JDK home>, so we can verify that the 1.6 built artifacts will still work for 1.5 users.
     new 7f319c4  OPENJPA-1527: fix AssociationOverride on the key of map where the key is an embeddable via orm.xml.
     new ff71a1c  OPENJPA-1527: fix test case error
     new 05e0669  OPENJPA-1533: JPA2 select math mix with aggregate reports syntax error
     new 0c76b25  OPENJPA-1529 Committing L2 shared cache mode test cases contributed by Dianne Richards.
     new 2d7d559  update release notes and changes for beta 2 release
     new fb57d61  OPENJPA-1490 Add new message for pending Aries changes
     new 8ef5a5d  OPENJPA-1529 Committing test case updates contributed by Dianne Richards.
     new 428cbc0  add OPENJPA-1529 to beta2 release notes
     new 1462290  hack for maven-release-plugin
     new c28ffa7  more attempts to fix release plugin issue with test jars
     new 6d53d75  OPENJPA-1520 revert some refs back to Java SE 5 docs
     new 099d189  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-beta2
     new 0befad7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new c9e2d17  make sure maven-checkstyle-plugin-2.2 is used for site generation, as the latest 2.5 has problems
     new be33af3  OPENJPA-1531: Adding support for a interval style syntax in the openjpa.DataCache.EvictionSchedule property. Added code changes, test case, and doc.
     new ea49b4c  OPENJPA-1536: fix the where clause in sql generation problem when join table strategy is used in toOne eager fetch
     new daae61a  OPENJPA-1535 Inconsistency in exceptions thrown from MetaDataRepository.resolve().  Patch contributed by Hiroki Tateno.
     new 8f32071  upgrade to latest maven-release-plugin
     new 7b1ee0c  update several maven plugins to the latest released levels
     new 767f670  OPENJPA-1539: Allow DataCacheManagerImpl.isCachable(ClassMetaData meta) to cache the cacheability for each given type.
     new 9a4fe69  show OPENJPA-1350 as being fixed in 2.0.0-beta
     new 06d3e4e  OPENJPA-855 Adding additional JPQL Index tests
     new eca0257  OPENJPA-1542: Adding support for openjpa.DataCache Types and ExcludedTypes configuration back into trunk. Also updating TestCacheExclusions. No doc changes required as the user manual is up to date.
     new 32fe994  upgrade to latest released agimatec-validation artifacts
     new 4cb2760  OPENJPA-1538 Move hard coded text in to  Patch contributed by Cathy Nordstrom.
     new d96883f  OPENJPA-1538 Minor grammar fixes in messages.  Patch contributed by Cathy Nordstrom.
     new ad4168b  OPENJPA-855 Add additional O2M and Element collection tests for annotated and XML mapped entities
     new 4d25d3f  OPENJPA-855 proper XML entity cleanup between test runs
     new 42769bd  OPENJPA-1544 Remove WebSphere version number from org/apache/ee/  Patch contributed by Cathy Nordstrom.
     new c1a3272  OPENJPA-1543: Remove fragmented messages. Change to TRACE level logging.
     new 11149ec  OPENJPA-1543: Remove fragmented messages. Change to TRACE level logging.
     new 18a1a04  OPENJPA-855 Initial JPQLIndex M2M tests
     new 208f538  OPENJPA-1540 Modified Informix dictionary to detect non-delimited identifier case for the Informix driver.  Also added missing method override.
     new 2abde24  OPENJPA-855 Final JPQL Index M2M test updates
     new 06e6582  OPENJPA-1500: Remove WriteBehind variable declarations in OpenJPAConfigImpl
     new 3aea82e  OPENJPA-1546 OpenJPA doesn't work as internal JPA inside web applicaion in JBoss AS due to PersistenceMetaDataFactory trying to parse directories as unparsed XML files.  Original patch contributed by Dmitri Babaev.
     new a515a71  OPENJPA-1548: Refactored ClassMetaData and cached hashCode() to improve performance.
     new 8248d81  OPENJPA-1547: fix subquery syntax error for NOT IN (subquery with MEMBER OF)
     new 64be045  OPENJPA-1549: Optimize StateManagerImpl.proxyFields(..).
     new 6d61c56  add OPENJPA-1506 as fixed in beta2
     new e9f305f  OPENJPA-1155 add as resolved in M3 section of changes/release notes
     new 76d184c  OPENJPA-1545: Adding new faster way to auto detach the entire persistence context. Committing code changes, test, and doc.
     new e71cd29  OPENJPA-1503: Throw persistence exception not illegalargument exception as per spec when fails to unwrap()
     new 0bd96d9  OPENJPA-1142 update changes/release notes as this being fixed in 2.0.0-beta
     new 73d4992  OPENJPA-1545: Refactored detach code out of BrokerImpl.
     new a1ad33d  OPENJPA-1545: Make new instance var transient in BrokerImpl.
     new 1950c46  toString() returns a JPQL-like query string, if possible. Otherwise Object.toString()
     new a7d613f  Categorize one-to-one correctly
     new 4dc0267  OPENJPA-1551: Storing connectionFactoryName in BrokerImpl - this factory will be used at JDBCStore creation time to override the value from the configuration
     new b074cd8  OPENJPA-1551: Add apache headers to new files
     new b0eefe6  OPENJPA-1545: Refectored code. Fixed bug where unloaded fields were being loaded due to detach.
     new bb538f4  OPENJPA-1545 Fix checkstyle failure due to line too long (124 chars)
     new b9a2305  OPENJPA-1097 Detachment processing of our proxied mutable types (Date, Timestamp, etc) needs to be consistent as EM.clear() was not unproxying JavaTypes.OBJECT fields but detach()/detachAll() were.  Thanks to Rick Curtis for the DetachManager changes.
     new b01f571  OPENJPA-1510: Move map related sections into 7.8 Maps section - they were out of context.
     new 1c992fe  OPENJPA-1552 Add proper QueryImpl creation in EntityManagerImpl subclass.
     new 04b5e77  Removed un-used import.
     new 88f1168  OPENJPA-1517 Correctly show this as fixed in Beta2 in the Changes/Release Notes.
     new b59c757  OPENJPA-1496 Show as being fixed in Beta2 in Changes/Release Notes
     new d5fb93d  OPENJPA-1483 Show as being fixed in Beta2 in Changes/Release Notes
     new 7a8052c  OPENJPA-5 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M3
     new 4b3d520  OPENJPA-1492 Change access on ReverseMappingTool#getAnnotationsForMeta(Object) to public.  Request from Laird Nelson.
     new 045eb54  OPENJPA-1121 add ref to JIRA
     new 97cd88a  OPENJPA-1121 Update Changes/ReleaseNotes to say this was fixed in 2.0.0 M3
     new 14996df  OPENJPA-1360 ReverseMappingTool omits nullable, length, etc. when ClassMapping.setEmbedded(true) is called
     new 1873fcd  OPENJPA-740 In MySQLDictionary use LONGBLOB, MEDIUMBLOB, TINYBLOB based on the column size, instead of always using BLOB which can only hold 64KB.  Patch contributed by Simone Gianni.
     new 8269433  OPENJPA-740 Handle case where size is unkown by defaulting back to old value (64KB)
     new 62092d7  OPENJPA-1118: Remove Numbers.valueOf() - prefer autoboxing
     new c58af53  OPENJPA-1178: Remove uneeded imports
     new dbe6745  OPENJPA-1524 Update JNDI lookup to find TransactionManager when running in Apache Aries.  Still need to implement a better solution for non-Aries based OSGi environments.
     new ce0886e  OPENJPA-1101 Remove unused/outdated/incomplete OSGi integration tests, as this is being handled by Apache Aries for now
     new 4190dcc  OPENJPA-1020 Update in Changes/ReleaseNotes to show as fixed in 2.0.0-beta
     new 4cc1f64  OPENJPA-1432 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-beta
     new 4c2f538  OPENJPA-1460 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-beta2
     new 65b496c  OPENJPA-1258 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-beta
     new f50f847  OPENJPA-1518 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-beta2
     new 1446c71  OPENJPA-924 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-beta2
     new 9b57875  OPENJPA-1494 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-beta2
     new 2ed0ca3  OPENJPA-1405 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-beta
     new 33ffb3f  OPENJPA-1383 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-beta
     new 2e9c54f  OPENJPA-1345 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-beta
     new 5d7e949  OPENJPA-1232 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M3
     new 0f62a7d  OPENJPA-1211 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M3
     new 17652a8  OPENJPA-1530 change TYPE to ENGINE in DDL for MySQL
     new 5cb14fe  OPENJPA-1053:: unwrap() query failure to throw correct exception and  set rollback
     new 1a12b39  OPENJPA-1202 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M3
     new 0829f46  OPENJPA-1194 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M3
     new 47453d2  OPENJPA-1191 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M3
     new 2b81142  OPENJPA-1152 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M3
     new 8e4fa80  OPENJPA-1105 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M3
     new e2ba35c  OPENJPA-1112 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M3
     new 6c8a69c  OPENJPA-1079 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M2
     new 7197776  OPENJPA-1070 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M2
     new 4ba06b4  OPENJPA-1040 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M2
     new ec5d3f5  OPENJPA-1016 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M2
     new 4092ab7  OPENJPA-985 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M2
     new 307b986  OPENJPA-981 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M2
     new 470eb43  OPENJPA-962 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M2
     new 9a9e0e7  OPENJPA-959 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M2
     new 1580b38  OPENJPA-845 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new 92d7ab6  OPENJPA-841 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new 7a34beb  OPENJPA-825 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new a702263  OPENJPA-824 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new cfc5179  OPENJPA-821 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new 1104ca0  OPENJPA-812 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new a10f533  OPENJPA-806 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new 5a014cc  OPENJPA-802 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new 1623f14  OPENJPA-801 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new e1e697d  OPENJPA-799 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new ef6e9d8  OPENJPA-798 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M2
     new 4d33d1b  OPENJPA-794 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new 3067690  OPENJPA-766 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new 5045873  OPENJPA-760 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new 3fe201a  OPENJPA-699 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new 8599f52  OPENJPA-677 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new a140e82  OPENJPA-662 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new 8c8cd98  OPENJPA-645 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new 695bd9c  OPENJPA-1550 When batchLimit=-1 or >1 and an exception is caused, the params and failedObject are missing from the resultant exception.  Original patch contributed by Heath Thomann.
     new f821843  OPENJPA-1550 Fix comment
     new 137ad1b  OPENJPA-1559: Make DataCacheManager initialization thread safe.
     new 2798b0d  OPENJPA-1556: fix @Strategy inside Embeddable
     new f69da24  OPENJPA-1505: allow duplicate entity listeners to be configurable
     new 6234dbd  OPENJPA-1560 Committing JDBC escape sequence tests contributed by Dianne Richards.
     new dd210a2  OPENJPA-1558: Check whether the result type is in the same entity hierarchy before using discriminator value when loading a relationship.
     new 0c65e3c  OPENJPA-680 Show as fixed in 2.0.0-M1
     new f0f89c7  OPENJPA-1561: Cache criteria query
     new 572d593  OPENJPA-1561: Cache criteria query
     new 4be5a5a  OPENJPA-1565: Raise correct time out exception
     new f04031e  OPENJPA-1565: Raise correct timeout exceptions.
     new 732ff35  OPENJPA-1566: Allow access to keys of the statistics.
     new 5fec1aa  Print unenhanced classes one per line for better readability.
     new 36b9628  only create source jars for individual artifacts when -Prelease is used.  the maven-shade-plugin will still create source jars in all build profiles for openjpa and openjpa-all jars.
     new 6503eab  OPENJPA-1550: When batchLimit=-1 or >1 and an exception is caused, the params and failedObject are missing from the resultant exception. avoid NullPointerException for JDBC provider using PureQUery APIs.
     new 7c748e6  OPENJPA-1491 When used in an OSGi environment with Apache Aries, the org.apache.openjpa.kernel.Bootstrap should use the OpenJPA bundle classloader instead of the application bundle classloader to instatiate a BrokerFactory.  Also moved our BundleActivator from the openjpa module to openjpa-persistence module with a BundleUtils wrapper to remove direct OSGi class refs, so the BundleContext in it could be accessed by PersistenceProviderImpl.
     new e2df6f4  OPENJPA-1568: Make createConnectionFactory() in JDBCConfigurationImpl public
     new 8f45b5b  OPENJPA-1568: Make createConnectionFactory() in JDBCConfigurationImpl public
     new d69fb9a  OPENJPA-1570: fix @Strategy inside MappedSuper class
     new 8f236c2  OPENJPA-1510: Correct broken links in Configuring Savepoints section, remove OracleSavepointManager description since it does not exist in OpenJPA.
     new f05db49  OPENJPA-1510: Correct broken links, remove link to non-existing locally mirrored JPA spec.
     new 971c1fb  OPENJPA-991 Remove from release notes as being fixed.
     new b9d83ae  Add clarification contributed by Thomas Rowe.
     new d1b0d0f  OPENJPA-1575: Detect parametrized fields in a query expression to exclude queries from cache that use parameters for externized fields.
     new efa6e54  OPENJPA-1575: Tests to detect parameterized fields in a query expression to exclude queries from cache that use parameters for externalized fields.
     new 9c09bc3  OPENJPA-1510: Correct broken and outdated links, make 'Ant' consistent in case.
     new a5ca9aa  OPENJPA-1573: Incorrect SQL for HAVING = entity variable
     new b85c4e3  OPENJPA-1411 Include DayTrader test case in OpenJPA.  Note: this is not pulled into the normal builds, as the openjpa-maven-plugin-1.1-SNAPSHOT has not been released.
     new 8a1e030  OPENJPA-935 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M2
     new 845f9b5  OPENJPA-1578: Set CacheMode properties properly
     new 6d87bbd  OPENJPA-1562 Committing code and test updates contributed by Dianne Richards.  Refresh after remove was not throwing exception dictated by spec.
     new f3b00d7  OPENJPA-1565: Raise correct Query/LockTimeout exception
     new a99ea62  OPENJPA-1097 Revert previous DetachManager and TestProxyCollection changes in r919696.  New code changes Proxies to always remove  classes on serialization if the entity is detachable and one of our Proxy subclasses.
     new 992ba73  OPENJPA-1565: Raise correct Query/LockTimeout exception
     new c618b46  OPENJPA-1557: Use openjpa.Log to control build logging instead of openjpa.loglevel
     new 8dc74c1  Do not repeat class name in stringfied object id
     new 0f5508e  Better diagnostic messages on why a query can not be cached
     new e56be85  OPENJPA-1097 Remove duplicate code in DetachManager and cleanup comments/traces in tests
     new db7390a  OPENJPA-1510: Update JPA Resources section with JEE 6 links.
     new 6bc5ff8  OPENJPA-1510: Typographical changes to Encryption Provider section.
     new 4bff5d7  OPENJPA-1097 Merge in test updates from 1.2.x
     new d386fa8  OPENJPA-1510: Remove JDK 1.5 reference from Reverse Mapping section - this level of JDK is now a must to run OpenJPA.
     new 3b15fe9  OPENJPA-1510: Remove JDK 1.4 references from Apache Commons Logging section.
     new 41ce320  OPENJPA-1577: disable query cache when user-defined field strategy is used.
     new 6538566  OPENJPA-1579 Committing test code for Dianne Richards.
     new 04bb066  OPENJPA-1410 Disable loading of dynamic enhancement agent if OpenJPA is not loaded with the system classloader.
     new 6307931  THrow IllegalArg exception on null argument
     new 976508e  Raise correct exceptions
     new 1b20902  OPENJPA-1565,OPENJPA-1578: Modify tests to raise correct lock/query exception Fill in details in exception Use retreive mode while initializing not store mode
     new 2ebb6e4  Better error message for multi-valued object path traversal
     new cb895a2  OPENJPA-1565: Oracle exception code 72000 is not fatal
     new 4f11cba  OPENJPA-1565: Some MySQL drivers return 0 error code for timeout exception
     new 081baaa  Disable timeout tests on Oracle and DB2 till we know the reason
     new bd9b59c  OPENJPA-1581: make assertOpen public and call assertOpen before returning JPA cache
     new 8c11750  OPENJPA-1583: Timestamp version field in bulk update
     new c864f5d  OPENJPA-1583  Fix table name collision caused by having multiple TimestampedEntity entities.
     new 15c64cb  OPENJPA-1584: Reparameterization when main and subquery using share query parameters in same or different declaration order
     new 13e3c48  OPENJPA-1580: disable query cache when pagination is involved.
     new 73b7d47  OPENJPA-1491: Add OpenJPA-OSGi package description.
     new 9f326c0  Correct expected value for  paging query and disable (temporariliy) subquery + constant literals case
     new 4f9de8e  OPENJPA-1097 Use DetachedStateField to determine when to keep  in the serialized entities or not
     new e6fc6fa  OPENJPA-1583 - fix intermittent failures in timestamp version assertion.
     new 1b9d800  Allow user to set the cache mode enum values on EntityManager.setProperty() by String
     new 148db96  OPENJPA-1585: Additional trace helps users to relate query or entity actions to SQL pushdowns
     new 43c4cff  OPENJPA-1588.  Removed the processing of the CacheStoreMode property from the convertToKernelValue method.  Also, corrected the spelling of this method.
     new da262a6  OPENJPA-1585: Additional trace helps users to relate query or entity actions to SQL pushdowns update Reference Guide for SQLDiag logging channel
     new c20a4ef  OPENJPA-1545: Only detach StateManagers that aren't already detached.
     new 773eefc  OPENJPA-1097 Cleanup imports and add more comments on the before/after behavior of writeReplace().
     new 7c613e6  OPENJPA-1406 Split up DetachedStateField into two sections
     new 28d495e  OPENJPA-1097 Add some doc details on how the serialization of proxies works and new behavior of using DetachedStateField to ensure proxies are removed when it is set to transient or false.
     new 72d0c20  OPENJPA-1591: Make AttachManager a public class to allow for code outside of org.apache.openjpa.kernel to access it.
     new 87ea1de  OPENJPA-1591: Add PersistenceCapeable setter to StateManagerImpl to allow for greater extensibility.
     new 201d680  OPENJPA-1586 - Commit test case contribution by Dianne Richards.
     new 94a1323  OPENJPA-1406 Replace tabs with spaces and fix identing
     new 86546e1  OPENJPA-1097 Add a note in the Migration Considerations doc about the 'fixed' serialization behavior and how DetachedStateField can be used to modify the behavior.
     new 1c0abb5  OPENJPA-1591: Refactor/rename DataCacheScheduler to allow for greater extensibility.
     new 148522b  OPENJPA-1411 Switch back to antrun since openjpa-maven-plugin-1.1 hasn't been released yet.  Also, these tests are not included in the normal builds.
     new db10ada  OPENJPA-1406 Remove pointers to JIRAs, but leave as comments in the source.
     new a7c0b3e  OPENJPA-1074 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M3
     new 73f1a08  OPENJPA-1205 Show as being fixed in 2.0.0-M3
     new 676a2f7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch 2.0.x
     new b5b65a7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.x
     new 8bf38a7  some additional trunk updates for the move to 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 3701538  OPENJPA-1411 Enable daytrader tests, now that openjpa-maven-plugin-1.1 is released
     new 799f48c  merge in fix for source jar generation from 2.0.x branch.  Developers can still turn off source jar generation for local builds by setting -DcreateSource=none and -DcreateSources=false
     new d9f14eb  OPENJPA-1557 remove old openjpa.loglevel property
     new 5df5db5  OPENJPA-1585: Additional trace helps users to relate query or entity actions to SQL pushdowns fix typo in doc
     new 4efde73  merge in beta3 release note updates from 2.0.x branch
     new c4e1b1b  OPENJPA-1466 show as being fixed in 2.0.0-beta
     new 53dddbe  OPENJPA-1596: make valid index name for DB2 zOS
     new e6ba2e9  OPENJPA-1580: fix test case problem
     new b872b6a  merge in release plugin update from 2.0.0-beta3
     new 162b11b  merge in release note updates from 2.0.x branch
     new 666ec6c  OPENJPA-1550: Set failedObject on RollbackException. Submitted By: Heath Thomann
     new e88899d  OPENJPA-1597 New tests to verify expected behavior for proposed Compatibility fix.
     new 048ffd9  OPENJPA-1599 - Push Cache*Mode value(s) in fetch configuration set from property making the property value(s) only valid during the em method call.
     new 5835eb3  OPENJPA-1597 Make entity table names unique
     new 0010c93  OPENJPA-1599 - Retain em method user input property map content from modifications.
     new c0ad7b6  OPENJPA-1597 Add openjpa.Compatibility option IgnoreDetachedStateFieldForProxySerialization which 2.0 apps can set to true to fall back to 1.0 behavior and defaults 1.0 apps to old behavior of not removing  classes after EM.clear() is called.
     new 9a75bfe  OPENJPA-1597 make another entity table name unique
     new a9648ec  OPENJPA-1597 Discovered 'rule' is a MSSQL reserved word
     new cb0ca8f  OPENJPA-1597 Rollback MSSQL reserved word, but update Rider test entity failure on MSSQL
     new 3df86b0  OPENJPA-1597 Revert code added to DetachManager to unproxy objects when detached in-place.  Updated tests to verify old behavior of detached entites still having  references, but that they are removed during serialization.
     new 371a31a  OPENJPA-1597 cleanup code comments. merged in from 2.0.x.
     new 137071d  OPENJPA-1597 Migration doc updates to mention the new Compatibility flag.
     new b1a2190  OPENJPA-1602: Ignore prepared queries that use locks
     new 8abf57d  OPENJPA-1294: New connection is not reference counted
     new 8579593  OPENJPA-1603: Decouple the QueryCache from the DataCache. Code contributed by Mike Dick and Rick Curtis.
     new 0df0c01  OPENJPA-1597 merge in code comment updates from 2.0.x branch
     new 123dd7b  OPENJPA-1606 Add JPQL tests for element collection
     new 709bf86  data initializilation from data cache - use input fetch, not the conetxt configuration; reduce checks
     new 6f6e94d  OPENJPA-1604: Add lock mode to QueryMetaData
     new e36547d  OPENJPA-1604: Test for lock mode on named query and its impact on target SQL under pessimistic lock manager plus some usability changes. Does not restore backward compatibility with 1.2 behavior -- but removes the need to set the fecth plan hint etc and ensures named query lock mode other than NONE requires an active transaction.
     new 670d59e  OPENJPA-1611: fix EMBEDDED attr type
     new b2d71bb  OPENJPA-1597 Update docs to mention previous serialization side effects
     new f03f7b4  OPENJPA-1608: fix pessimistic write lock in informix
     new b382e52  cleanup indenting
     new 59cdb21  OPENJPA-1604: Backing out the two previous commits while investigating a couple test failures.
     new 50202d9  OPENJPA-1550 Fix TestBatchLimitException tests for Oracle, which fails all statements in the batch, instead of just the duplicate entity.
     new b2b922e  OPENJPA-1614 Testcase failures in TextException on MSSQL due to missing <object-exists> value in sql-error-state-codes.xml
     new afa1e44  OPENJPA-1602: check in test case
     new 4555af1  OPENJPA-1609 - Commit contribution by Jody Grassel.
     new 684ae10  OPENJPA-1615 Disable the 3 failing tests when run against MSSQL for now
     new 5e62924  OPENJPA-1616 Fix TestTimeoutException test failures on MSSQL
     new e16c823  OPENJPA-1616 Fix TestTimeoutException test failures on MySQL
     new c6e4e39  OPENJPA-1616 add comment
     new 1c76ad5  OPENJPA-1619 Fix intermittent TestTimestampVersion failures on various DBs when running on Windows
     new db11713  OPENJPA-1618: Convert the value not the key
     new dbb66f4  OPENJPA-1616 Exclude TestTimeoutException tests on HSQLDB as it uses supportsSelectForUpdate=false
     new 43988ab  OPENJPA-1604: Override default lock level for NamedQueries when using the pessimistic lock manager. Code contributed by Pinaki Poddar and Rick Curtis
     new 8634acd  OPENJPA-1604: Committing test changes. Code contributed by Pinaki Poddar and Rick Curtis
     new c924de8  OPENJPA-1620 Fix TestJDBCEscapeDate test for MSSQL
     new 92914c0  OPENJPA-703: Use weak map for caches
     new 20a0772  OPENJPA-1616 Fix TestTimeoutException tests for Oracle and re-enable for DB2
     new f102795  OPENJPA-1620 Fix TestJDBCEscapeDate test for HSQLDB
     new 9fd0cad  OPENJPA-1616 remove commented out code
     new f8b8ce8  Remove commented lines. Add proper comments
     new e247f78  OPENJPA-1621 Fix TestGeneratedValues for DB2
     new cfe2a0d  OPENJPA-1622: Support discovery. But hide by default. Add boolean flag -Aopenjpa.generate to activate
     new aefe784  OPENJPA-1623 Add tests for qualified paths in JPQL
     new f95ac63  OPENJPA-1622: Support discovery. But hide by default. Add boolean flag -Aopenjpa.generate to activate
     new 26d306c  OPENJPA-1624 Fix intermittent datacache timeout failures in TestSJVMCache and CacheTest
     new aa0ba90  OPENJPA-1622 Move services file out of the builds and into the packaging jars
     new 6ccd59c  OPENJPA-1662: Add openjpa. prefix to Annotation Processor -A options
     new ce0ffe8  OPENJPA-1662: Add openjpa. prefix to Annotation Processor -A options
     new b9e8706  OPENJPA-1622 Update RAT excludes to not check the added service provider file
     new 53325ae  OPENJPA-1608: the RetainUpdateLock is not supported for IDS 11.10
     new 33e8df5  OPENJPA-1569 @Strategy triggers an InvalidStateException for fields which are declared as Java interfaces.  Contributed by Jerry Carter.
     new 689f42f  OPENJPA-1625: making the creation of StateManagerImpl consistent by calling newStateManagerImpl consistently.
     new dab9063  OPENJPA-1569 remove commented code
     new 7188baa  OPENJPA-1179 openjpa.jdbc.QuerySQLCache plugin no longer accepts value=all, so doc it in the Migration section.  Testcase contributed by Tim McConnell.
     new 2fbfba0  merge in release note updates from 2.0.0 branch
     new 0ca80f7  test
     new 85b89a8  OPENJPA-1628,OPENJPA-1187,OPENJPA-1622: Use javac's -s option to control output rather than extraneous -Aout option
     new 6eb56fa  remove usage of current patches until we get either an updated TCK or patchset from Oracle
     new f90b0bb  OPENJPA-1631: Add synchronization to AnnotationPersistenceXMLMetaDataParser.parse() method to make it thread safe.
     new 8a034d6  OPENJPA-1627: fix OrderBy with EmbeddedId.
     new 1ddfdce  OPENJPA-1630: Synchronize when modifying MetaDataRepository._registered regardless of MetaDataRepository.Preload setting.
     new cdc597a  update tck runs to use new openjpa.Log setting.  force usage of new patch subset until we get the final ones.
     new 5de5b51  OPENJPA-1605 Correct regression issue with table generation issue in schema generator.  Only the first table name returned in a generic DBMD query was used to populate the schema.  This broke the reverse mapping tool, which uses a generic query by default.
     new 2967527  OPENJPA-1628: Usability changes
     new 82af197  update tck2 scripts
     new 191c7fd  OPENJPA-703: Collect query statistics for a fixed number of queries, in a thread-safe manner.
     new fb1808b  OPENJPA-703: Remove sync on stats
     new 53e63d2  OPENJPA-703: Disable query statistics by default.
     new 4502c30  OPENJPA-703: Add a test for thread-safety of cache statistics
     new 5cbc3c4  merge in latest release notes from branches/2.0.x
     new 72b145a  OPENJPA-703: Ignore prepared query if query using locks
     new ba9dedd  update title to say 2.1
     new 58f33c2  OPENJPA-1604: Doc update.
     new 0cfb656  OPENJPA-1638: Add new testcase.
     new 5e6d42a  OPENJPA-1596: fix index name for DB2 zOS when schema is present.
     new 2c9790e  OPENJPA-1639 Create some simple openjpa-xmlstore tests
     new 4791781  OPENJPA-1639 use 2.0.1-SNAPSHOT until 2.0.0 is released
     new f35802f  OPENJPA-1639 revert for now
     new fdb539d  OPENJPA-1639 Create some simple openjpa-xmlstore tests
     new 4ad9478  move openjpa-maven-plugin version to parent pom, since two modules are using it now
     new 7425ffc  OPENJPA-1613 Per JPA spec, OpenJPA should take the @Transient annotation into account when making a default access determination.  This commit includes test code contributed by Simon Droscher.
     new 6bc7930  OPENJPA-1639 remove code changes for another issue
     new 9035530  OPENJPA-1604 Added Optimistic check as part the logic for setting the default lock mode for named queries in order to retain 1.x behavior.
     new aef5474  OPENJPA-1596: use unqualified name to check index name length
     new 7851202  OPENJPA-1641: Try JDBC standard column names as well as Sybase specific ones
     new d43fea8  OPENJPA-1643: Parse connection factory name. Add a constructor for serializability. Make CriteriaQuery sharable among slices.
     new 4fec004  Documentation on QueryCache Statistics
     new 014ac68  Update manual on difference between nullable=false and optional=false
     new 94cc84d  update license files to include full CDDL+GPL license text for persistence schemas, even though we're choosing CDDL.  this was based on recent discussions between legal-discuss@apache, Aries and Geronimo projects.
     new 3dbb43b  strip eol chars
     new 00799c7  OPENJPA-1563: Update JPAFacadeHelper.toOpenJPAObjectId(...) to perform validation on parameters.
     new 2aacb58  Update svn:ignore props for openjpa-integration-daytrader
     new 62bed3c  OPENJPA-1563: Fix testcase.
     new 7861496  OPENJPA-1634: Process JAXB metadata when preloading the MetaDataRepository.
     new ee299cc  OPENJPA-1646: Move DataCacheManager initialization to EMF creation time to close timing window.
     new 4e48533  OPENJPA-1563: setting svn:eol-style
     new 5c497a7  OPENJPA-1622: setting svn:eol-style
     new 0b73d9f  OPENJPA-1570: set eol-style
     new ed2940d  OPENJPA-1536: set svn:eol-style
     new c7addd5  OPENJPA-1648,OPENJPA-1649,OPENJPA-1650: Replace fixed thread pools by cached thread pool. Stop creating thread pools on every flush/query. Streamline property parsing/processing to create slice configurations. Retain addSlice() on Persistence Unit and remove from Persistence Context and Configuration.
     new 7bd2b4a  OPENJPA-1387: Unique should not impose non-null constraint automatically.
     new 4c24a47  OPENJPA-1649: Share metadata/mapping repository across slices.
     new 990bfb8  OPENJPA-1649: Add a test to verify transaction atomicity across slices.
     new cb77af0  OPENJPA-1657: Save NPE for some database connect on null properties
     new 2765b75  OPENJPA-1612: Check for having a relationship to a type that is mapped to a blob field.
     new 9bc400e  OPENJPA-1660 Add support to test with Apache Bean Validation provider and make it the default provider.
     new fedcd13  OPENJPA-1637 Upgrade to latest Geronimo Specs for JPA2 and Bean Validation
     new 85ba2ea  OPENJPA-1662: Remove usage of @Replicated annotation. Replace with openjpa.slice.ReplicatedTypes plug-in.
     new 5903f31  OPENJPA-1665: Update BrokerImpl to skip check for duplicate ids when they are auto generated.
     new 3bb50e3  OPENJPA-1663,OPENJPA-1664: Add support to target find() or query to a subset of slices with plug-in policy. The existing, code intrusive mechanism of setting hints on query/fetch plan explicitly is retained. Intrusive, explicit setting of targets overrides policy based targets.
     new bff7d86  OPENJPA-1663,OPENJPA-1664: document Query/Finder Target Policy.
     new ad54566  OPENJPA-1663,OPENJPA-1664: document Query/Finder Target Policy.
     new f4cddb4  Remove Compilation error because to @Override flag.
     new b0993e0  First commit of OpenBooks source files
     new 3887eb4  Adding initial files
     new 30dc29d  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new f9b7be9  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 983b02e  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 354d9ae  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 753c753  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 51e860d  removing GPLv2 licensed jar
     new 646d9f3  updated License/Notice files to only include requirements for this source code and not the rest of OpenJPA
     new cc14c90  combine and into one file, add missing ASL2 header to index.html, use .m2 for java2html and mysql dependencies.
     new 64e8ea3  fix build after I removed the maven-bundle-plugin
     new 63e3f26  openbooks updates:  put separate run/ back, created a pom.xml that can be used to generate the jar but is not hooked into the build right now, updated build.xml to use standard /target for all output (still need think about how these * files are getting updated in the source for every build...)
     new 17848d9  openbooks updates: now the maven generated jar matches the ant created one, meta-model generated * files are no longer created in the source tree but are still in the built jar and passed to java2html
     new 2e407aa  fix mvn rat:check failures due to missing ASL2 headers
     new 4c0dbdb  openbooks updates:  copy run files to target dir for easy testing, added a run profile to pom.xml to allow launching of app from maven
     new 1cef932  OPENJPA-1563: Fix StackOverlfowError in JPAFacadeHelper.
     new 3d5bfca  OPENJPA-1563: Fix StackOverlfowError in JPAFacadeHelper.
     new 93d76e2  Remove extraneous import from org.apache.openjpa.persistence.nullity.TestBasicFieldNullity
     new cea9f61  Add slides to demo
     new 106111b  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 8af9ff0  Add missing loader
     new fc3f2dc  Update instructions to build
     new 4cb19da  Update to JPA 2.0 version
     new 25f5d15  Updated the default view sizes to make them more usable (the original size was too large for my screen).  I also updated the divider line width to make it easier to select.
     new b2d771f  Adding missing licence header.
     new 313b70a  Adding missing licence header.
     new dd92e31  Adjust widget size by screen size
     new 1c01e8d  OPENJPA-1670: PCRegistry should not save duplicate listeners.
     new 4a1ab58  OPENJPA-1673: Update docs for MetaDataRepository.
     new 92a025c  OPENJPA-1364 Upgrade from commons-lang-2.1 to 2.4
     new 61696db  Corrected spelling of "DELEVERED".  :-)
     new 2f3fe52  Remove personal copyright headers
     new 6c8753f  Add web configuration
     new b67f2c0  Add JSP based web client
     new 9301f42  Add JSE/JEE Ant build files
     new e8b0679  Resolve conflicted file
     new e835d87  Remove Java2HTML dependency. Use FishEye directly for Source code browsing
     new 183718e  Remove java2html dependency from build
     new af8ebbb  Updating the "max" size of the output (console, logging) panel.  The previous values didn't allow for enough growth for demo purposes.  This change still is not ideal, but it's better than it was before.
     new 52402f1  Missing error text for usage of named parameters in native SQL
     new 18dd7e8  OPENJPA-1667: Fix incorrect column type for LOB streaming in MySQL.
     new 9c62941  update bval artifact name, remove old agimatec profile, and add tets-java5 profile since we need to specify jaxb depends for testing on jdk5
     new 5665634  Add missing configuration file
     new e0db67e  Add a Java2HTML conversion facility that we can tweak
     new 893198d  Improve error handling and reporting
     new 4647e2d  Remove extra import
     new 3c513a0  Use correct printf format
     new 0c4ff04  Improve upon Source Code browsing
     new 6019e8a  Update buikd scripts with new HTML code browsing facility
     new 1503746  Add an anchor for testiung HTML code
     new 157d126  Add new configuration for demo itself such as root of viewable source code
     new 73ef496  Added basic build, install, and config support for WebSphere Application Server to OpenBooks
     new 549daab  update slides
     new 5fa827b  require Maven 2.2.1 or later, based on latest needs of building openjpa-examples
     new e416207  Add comment anchor for more directed code browsing
     new c6fd84d  remove font size control
     new 8271556  Add explain panel, code browsing support/linkage
     new c185bb5  new code link image
     new a20f700  add parser generator to build script
     new 2789f62  add missing license headers
     new dbd0734  JSP Page cosmetic changes: tables with known column width, Graphic buttons
     new 176c426  Graphic buttons
     new 4399114  Add graphic buttons in war package
     new b0b6df5  delete images
     new 27d8c3f  delete images
     new 35b54a0  Add images
     new e467921  Remove extraneous file
     new 05b75b3  Adjust image locations
     new a89c57d  Adjust image locations
     new df01bab  detect logged in user
     new 632639b  Add images
     new 6bdb269  Base source for JPA Bean Validation example
     new e919a8f  image management
     new 969693e  image management
     new 4937150  image management
     new 7b14267  image management
     new c3563ec  Image management
     new 8db6510  Image management
     new 4647f30  delete duplicate file that differs on in capitalization, which breaks svn update on Mac/Linux
     new f0517dd  add missing ASL 2.0 header
     new e8dbbfd  add missing ASL 2.0 headers
     new 299b54b  add missing ASL 2.0 reference, so we can stop excluding these from rat:check
     new a28d7ad  add missing ASL 2.0 reference, so we can stop excluding these from rat:check
     new dc265d9  run apache-rat:check during every build
     new f03598f  OPENJPA-1683: Adding toString() on LongId to align with other built-in id toString(). May need to rollback if regresses existing systems
     new 97232e6  OPENJPA-1612: Reverting change 942871 to restore previous behaviour.
     new fafc33b  OPENJPA-1682: Unique constraint to a column will imply the column to be non-nullable per database basis. The commit  adds a new model in internal schema design by making Column-Constraint relation bi-directional.
     new 79b9583  OPENJPA-1682: Remove uncessary and incorrect method from Unique
     new c68f1de  add eol style to
     new 9d33fe3  OPENJPA-1685 Updated ValidatorImpl to remove potential whitespace within a comma separated list of validation groups.
     new a873065  OPENJPA-1686: A first draft of support for generic graph. Correct mapping strategy on MappedSuperClass (they are not Embeddables)
     new d31ec12  OPENJPA-1686: Refactor in RelationStrategies.isRelationId()
     new 10a056a  OPENJPA-1686: Remove incompatibility of FieldMapping strategy -- not true anymore
     new ddda5ee  only run apache-rat on common source files during normal builds and move the strict checking back to the release profile
     new 8de998f  OPENJPA-620: Update CHANGES.txt
     new 939f644  OPENJPA-1690: Make DistinctResultList serializable
     new 323ebee  OPENJPA-1678: add printParameters property to prevent SQL parameter values from being logged in exceptions or trace
     new 6b38f0c  OPENJPA-1678: delete tests which write to log files
     new 59c7001  OPENJPA-1686: Support when a parameterized type has parameterized type arguments
     new ea8dc8b  OPENJPA-1692: Add post creation callback to BrokerFactory
     new 3905b52  OPENJPA-1692: Update method signature for BrokerFactory.getInstance(...) to take a classloader.
     new 493bfe0  OPENJPA-1696: Type discriminator for polymorphic queries limited to Single Table inheritance
     new d781b91  OPENJPA-1697: A EnumValueHandler strategy along with XmlType annotation incorrectly mapped to XmlType in create table DDL
     new 15d2f36  OPENJPA-1692: Rename TestBrokerFactory.
     new 69b8e4a  OPENJPA-1700 Setup findbugs-maven-plugin to allow for manual usage
     new 2d21d72  OPENJPA-1686: Support when a parameterized type has parameterized type arguments
     new 3865aed  OPENJPA-1686: Upgrade to Java runtime version 5. Remove reflection.
     new bc6c92c  OPENJPA-1700 Findbugs - The initial value of this parameter is ignored, and the parameter is overwritten here. This often indicates a mistaken belief that the write to the parameter will be conveyed back to the caller.
     new 72ddd27  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Suspicious reference comparison of Boolean values
     new 73692a6  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - This method might drop an exception.  In general, exceptions should be handled or reported in some way, or they should be thrown out of the method.
     new 4d5d2fb  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - A null pointer is dereferenced here.  This will lead to a NullPointerException when the code is executed.
     new 2230521  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Exception is caught when Exception is not thrown.  This method uses a try-catch block that catches Exception objects, which could mask potential bugs.
     new 14cfcaa  OPENJPA-1692: Clean up extra initialization from PersistenceProviderImpl.
     new 703bd8d  OPENJPA-1692: Revert some of previous commit.
     new 152e5d2   OPENJPA-1696: setting eol-style
     new efa7148  OPENJPA-1695 OutOfMemoryError from CacheMarshallerImpl.setInputUrlFromResourceLocation
     new 5e2f6c2  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Method concatenates strings using + in a loop - use StringBuffer instead.
     new 8a2b1c1  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Method invokes inefficient Number constructor; use static valueOf instead
     new 7450df0  OPENJPA-1699: Streaming LOB support for DB2
     new 8084af1  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Call to equals() comparing different types.  Make explicit call to getName() instead of relying on toString() to call it.
     new f82b866  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Null pointer dereference; changeRow was not being set before being used.
     new cb09909  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Possible null pointer dereference; Could be caused by using bitwise instead of logical AND.  This could also have lead to unexpected code behavior.
     new 7028247  OPENJPA-1678: Update documentation re: PrintParameters
     new 13002d2  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Possible null pointer dereference; strName could be set to null.
     new bc67e47  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Possible null pointer dereference; the clss cehck against null 3 lines up doesn't protect against a null value here
     new 34a865c  OPENJPA-1699: clean up code
     new 2e827c5  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Possible null pointer dereference; There is a branch where em1 would not get set.
     new a79a96b  OPENJPA-1686: Define generic persistent graph and relation. Implement graph as a set of edges.
     new 832b504  OPENJPA-1697: A EnumValueHandler strategy along with XmlType annotation incorrectly mapped to XmlType in create table DDL backout changes - regression in xmlcolumn mappings
     new dbaf9fa  OPENJPA-1686: Define generic persistent graph and relation. Implement graph as a set of edges. Fix compile errors
     new eac9c66  OPENJPA-1697: A EnumValueHandler strategy along with XmlType annotation incorrectly mapped to XmlType in create table DDL
     new 3f79c25  OPENJPA-1697: A EnumValueHandler strategy along with XmlType annotation incorrectly mapped to XmlType in create table DDL
     new cbe90d7  use released Apache Bean Valdiation 0.1-incubating artifacts.  Move some common dependency versions to parent POM.
     new 5e8b5af  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - was checking array and not member for null
     new 004cbd9  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - extraneous checks for null as a NPE would have already occurred
     new 702fb78  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - equals() method does not check for null argument
     new 18e329c  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Suspicious reference comparison of Boolean values
     new 40d8080  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Usage of GetResource may be unsafe if class is extended.  Use DBDictionary.class.getResourceAsStream() like other places in the code.
     new c047527  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Method may fail to clean up stream or resource
     new a7c6141  OPENJPA-1704: Fix PCEnhancer to generate proper readExternal method.
     new af772a7  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Method invokes inefficient new String() constructor
     new 75bd5fe  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Inefficient use of keySet iterator instead of entrySet iterator.  Also, inefficient use of temporary Map when results can be used immediately
     new 2747862  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Inefficient use of keySet iterator instead of entrySet iterator.  Noticed this duplciated code while looking to resolve the entrySet warning.
     new d5fc007  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Inefficient use of keySet iterator instead of entrySet iterator
     new e307501  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - Should be a static inner class.  This class is an inner class, but does not use its embedded reference to the object which created it.
     new ee314e9  OPENJPA-1700 FindBugs - ignore this warning and rollback previous changes in r956705
     new 51cf5ee  OPENJPA-1700 Findbugs - add commented out annotation so we'll ignore this in the future
     new f5639bb  Fixed context root for secure WAS install
     new a889396  OPENJPA-1701: Remove warning message from EntityManager.refresh(...) method.
     new e372349  OPENJPA-1689 Provide better determination of PostgreSQL db owned sequences
     new 8781af1  OPENJPA-1689: Coorect a comment and remove unused import statements.
     new 20f2966  Update TestClearableScheduler to use a Vector for multithreaded test rather than an ArrayList
     new b27485b  OPENJPA-1708 - Change a message logging from info to trace and correct supported log levels in manual.
     new 2f10cd4  OPENJPA-6: Implement JDBC 3 methods in delegates.
     new 45c5556  OPENJPA-1697: setting eol-style
     new 84c7dde  Add missing source
     new 7a1abe0  add empty relativePath to remove maven warning as suggested by David Jencks.  also upgraded to latest apache-7.pom
     new 4d5d3a6  OPENJPA-1713 correct the push/pop clean up processing in EntityManagerImpl _plans map.
     new d7c6f97  OPENJPA-1712 Don't publish tck POM to repos
     new 2400bac  OPENJPA-1707: Log a warning message when a down level Entity is encountered.
     new 5668a18  OPENJPA-1501: trim trailing whitespace for entities with String IDs
     new 020b24e  Update TestAutoIncrement to not run on Oracle and SQLServer.
     new 17246f5  OPENJPA-1692: Backing a previous change while investigating a test failures.
     new 1738c1f  OPENJPA-1717: Disable FinderCache statistics by default.
     new 8b13127  OPENJPA-1717: Update migration section in docs.
     new a1716ad  OPENJPA-1712 Minor format cleanup of some POMs to improve readability
     new ee83def  OPENJPA-1715: OpenJPA generates wrong SQL if a result variable that references an aggregate expression is used in ORDER BY clause add testcase.
     new 90a54ac  OPENJPA-1715: OpenJPA generates wrong SQL if a result variable that references an aggregate expression is used in ORDER BY clause fix testcase.
     new 961e957  OPENJPA-1692: Comment out failing case in TestClearableScheduler while this change is backed out.
     new 2fa5556  OPENJPA-1707: Fix NPE coming from PCRegistry.
     new fc63143  OPENJPA-1715: OpenJPA generates wrong SQL for Oracle if a result variable that references an aggregate expression is used in ORDER BY clause
     new 5ad6624  OPENJPA-1719: Prepared SQL cache user parameter ordering problem with subqueries.
     new 6210611  OPENJPA-1723: Improve the scalability of PreparedQueryCacheImpl.
     new f03b417  OPENJPA-1702: Allow new entities to be dirtied in BeforeCommit callback even if there are no other dirty entities. Based on patch submitted by Heath Thomann
     new d5e8763  OPENJPA-1676: Handle null class name in PCClassFileTransformer.
     new 512122c  OPENJPA-1722 Add writeReplace() method to DistinctResultList to avoid serialization exception when EntityManager is closed.
     new 124d3ca  OPENJPA-1378: Expose Lru cache on DataCache and QueryCache.
     new d899ba8  OPENJPA-1626: Add Name property to AbstractQueryCache, contributed by Amy Yang.
     new 0b80f23  OPENJPA-1726: fix test case failures (TestInputStreamLob) for PostgreSQL
     new 99eef9d  OPENJPA-1726: fix test case failures (TestInputStreamLob) for PostgreSQL
     new 720b8f7  OPENJPA-1554 Support boolean as an id (required by spec)
     new c45cba1  OPENJPA-1554 Add license header to BooleanId
     new 84812bb  OPENJPA-1378: Refactor cache init code.
     new aec144c  OPENJPA-1722 Test case for DistinctResultList serialization fix
     new 64181e5  OPENJPA-1724 Allow MappingTool to generate SQL files in a different encoding than the local JVM
     new 6820830  OPENJPA-1726: fix test case errors for Postgres
     new 90373cb  OPENJPA-1726: fix the locate and substring for Postgres as it only accepts integer as the start index.
     new a0b6b2a  OPENJPA-1726: fix boolean literal for Postgres
     new 7a7e243  OPENJPA-1726: fix Postgres sql error state code so that EntityExistException can be properly thrown.
     new b478291  OPENJPA-1733 - use exception toString() if exception message returns null.
     new f8c32d4  OPENJPA-1726: fix Criteria Trim expression when running on Postgres.
     new 9225c60  OPENJPA-1734: Add support for the DynamicEnhancer on IBM jvm.
     new 1916e1b  OPENJPA-1726: fix test case problem for Postgres. Postgres returns nextval depending on whether the two consecutive calls to nextval are in the same session or not. If they are in different sessions, the nextval returned by Postgres will be the next sequence number preallocated and stored in memory for the current session. The second nextval is not necessarily the first nextval + increment.
     new 0a8c277  OPENJPA-1726 Add DBCP overrides for PostgreSQL
     new c3a7417  OPENJPA-1734: Refactor JavaVendors into an Enum and fix exception reported in JIRA.
     new 9166a77  OPENJPA-1726: exclude Postgres from the test case due to the problem of storing the randomly generated UUID String to the UTF-8 database.
     new 42b0b38  OPENJPA-1726: fix intermittent failure in TestTimestampVersion. The next bulkUpdate timestamp version should be consistently generated as nextVersion method.
     new de0e36d  OPENJPA-1732 LogFactory adapter for SLF4J
     new 982b643  OPENJPA-1735 Mark commons-logging as provided in the build to remove transient maven dependency
     new 28f7b7e  OPENJPA-1735 Add missing commons-logging artifact to binary assembly (it is in openjpa-all.jar)
     new 84d5a65  OPENJPA-1737 Fix the openjpa bundle creation so MANIFEST.MF is the first artifact entry
     new bfad6bc  OPENJPA-1726: Per Postgres document, "The types abstime and reltime are lower precision types which are used internally. You are discouraged from using these types in applications; these internal types might disappear in a future release." (
     new 3b3d01c  OPENJPA-1726: force table to be recreated with correct TIMESTAMP column type.
     new ebd30a7  OPENJPA-1742: move cfName logic to JDBCConfiguration, add tests for nonJTADataSource
     new e65477c  OPENJPA-1742: add documentation
     new 30ccdd8  OPENJPA-1742: setting eol-style native
     new 459dddc  OPENJPA-1743: anchors in mappingtool config invocation.  Patch from Patrick Linskey.
     new 6d8b578  OPENJPA-1738: Prepared query does not handle collection-valued parameter of persistence-capable objects
     new 4c92537  OPENJPA-1738: setting eol-style native
     new 44a7674  OPENJPA-1740: fix Type expression when entities use Joined table strategy.
     new a4038da  OPENJPA-1719: Prepared SQL cache user parameter ordering problem with subqueries.
     new 4ff6c05  OPENJPA-1745: Initial take on MigrationTool
     new 2f880ea  OPENJPA-1690: Add serialUID
     new 892755a  OPENJPA-1745: Missing from earlier commit
     new 40e05de  OPENJPA-1746: Allow null values for persistent unit configuration.
     new a18edf3  OPENJPA-1746: Allow null values for configuration
     new 795362f  OPENJPA-1745 Setup initial maven build
     new 037f99e  remove @override annotations on methods which aren't overidden
     new 459aae4  OPENJPA-1745: Test cases + modified pom.xml with reduced dependency and parent-less build
     new b6103d2  Fix timing window with TestTimestampVerson and MySQL
     new d28788f  OPENJPA-1745 Remove tabs and add Apache required project parent to inherit common plugins and release profile
     new ac42e2d  OPENJPA-1726: Postgres does not support queryTimeout. Exclude this test case from running on Postgres.
     new d27ca8e  moving to tools subproject
     new e97e42b  OPENJPA-1749: Throw exception when incompatible configuration options are set
     new bdb0907  OPENJPA-1726: exclude the test case from running on Postgres as Postgres does not support setQueryTimeout.
     new 534892a  OPENJPA-1712 Upgrade builds to use Nexus repo - step 1.  Now use 'mvn deploy -Papache-release' to publish signed artifacts to the Nexus repo.
     new a7cadff  OPENJPA-1751 Allow OpenBooks to be built and packaged via Maven (reuses ANT scripts.)
     new 8008998  OPENJPA-1751 Move existing samples to a simple module, so we can include image-gallery and openbooks in the maven builds
     new 2798644  OPENJPA-1751 Include all openjpa-examples in the binary distro
     new 899b56b  OPENJPA-1751 Update assembly inclusion of simple examples and update simple build with new root path
     new 8f06f9a  OPENJPA-1751 Have to fork any javac usage for maven-antrun-plugin to work on Linux
     new 39fb510  fix JSR ref typo
     new b1eed9c  OPENJPA-1730 Include commons-dbcp-1.2.2 in openjpa-all and binary distro
     new d14e569  Update svn:ignore props.
     new 0770967  Refactor MetaDataRepository to use for each loop.
     new 4dcca87  OPENJPA-1727: Fix QueryCache eviction when returning an empty result and using the TIMESTAMP eviction policy.
     new 33ac4aa  OPENJPA-1751 Update eol-style to native
     new 7d5c4f4  fix docs
     new 1b07ef0  resolve OPENJPA-1756.
     new bb7c9b2  OPENJPA-1727: Update QueryCacheStoreQuery.checkCache.
     new 4c38d18  force Derby DB creation to target directory
     new a4db0cb  OPENJPA-1751 update checkstyle config ref to use {project.basedir} to fix build issue with IBM SDK 6 on Linux
     new e657373  OPENJPA-1757: Check CacheRetrieveMode in DataCacheStoreManager when synchronizing version.
     new 733adeb  OPENJPA-1739 Rev 1 of pluggable instrumentation for OpenJPA.  Includes an test provider and portions of a JMX platform MBean based provider.
     new 46026f0  OPENJPA-1567: Allow reference to sibling managed instances
     new 536e3a2  OPENJPA-1739 Fixed minor bug and added more test variations.
     new 40f601f  OPENJPA-1761 Update Commons Pool from 1.5.3. to 1.5.4
     new d88d28a  OPENJPA-1739 Added JMX Integration module
     new 5799ca5  OPENJPA-1739 Removing misnamed directory
     new 1f58c01  OPENJPA-1739 Fixes to JMXProvider and cache MBeans
     new 4118e6a  OPENJPA-1739 Adding JMX Platform MBean test module
     new eef3693  OPENJPA-1739 Remove unnecessary dynamic mbean methods
     new b8798f1  OPENJPA-1739 enable JMX test module
     new bcfadcf  OPENJPA-1712 Fix creation of test artifacts, so they get signed during -Papache-release deploys to nexus repo
     new c9a86d9  OPENJPA-1752: TestPessimisticLocks JUNIT test produced inconsistent behavior with various backends
     new 7c0f066  Update svn:ignore props for openjpa-integration\jmx
     new 0f0c6de  Get lock clause from DBDictionary in locking tests
     new aec11be  OPENJPA-1712 more build and pom cleanup
     new a2d3c9f  OPENJPA-1712 add validation build notes for Java SE 5 testing
     new c9f58ec  OPENJPA-1753 a) remove unneeded import, b) close and clean up em using add Act.CloseEm, c) add better diagnostic info in SequenceActionsTest  and d) clean up and update find/lock permutation tests for more consistent testing.
     new 8cb9f58  OPENJPA-735: OpenJPA support for SolidDB
     new 4fd4c17  OPENJPA-735: OpenJPA support for SolidDB
     new 7b1d506  OPENJPA-1753 update lockmgr RefreshPermutation for more consistent test cycle.
     new a6cfb6c  OPENJPA-1668: allow non-default sequence sql strings for z/os and iseries
     new eeeca1c  OPENJPA-1707: Update pom.xml to write the revision of PCEnhancer to
     new 0876c93  OPENJPA-1763: Auto configure RemoteCommitProvider if it isn't set when the DataCache is enabled.
     new 25ccc95  OPENJPA-1739 Added basic stats tracking to query result cache.  Updates to JMX provider.  Added tests to jmx module for query cache and prepared SQL cache instruments.
     new 754cc62  OPENJPA-1763: Update docs.
     new 7bfc33e  Testcase update with slf4j
     new a36ace5  OPENJPA-1739 Added additional metrics to cache statistics and updated instrumentation.
     new 319ba41  OPENJPA-1765: Add locking to TableJDBCSeq to ensure thread safety.
     new 7e50c0b  OPENJPA-1424: adding testcase. Submitted By: Heath Thomann, Daryl Stultz.
     new 3265c84  OPENJPA-1681 Work around quirky Java 1.5 compiler issue that occurs when enum values are specified within default array values in an annotation definition.
     new 9d3305b  OPENJPA-735: OpenJPA support for SolidDB
     new 268658f  OPENJPA-1681 Remove Java 1.6 dependency and add deps required to run jUnits on Java 1.5
     new e449027  Increase timeout value for slice testcase
     new 20507e6  OPENJPA-1753 Remove commented code
     new 3b8f794  upgrade to latest bval snapshot as it removes a xmlstream dependency
     new 021e8a4  OPENJPA-1754 Include Apache BVal and spec api in openjpa-all and binary assembly to complete the JPA 2.0 picture
     new 98563ec  OPENJPA-1712 Move common test-java5 profile to the parent pom
     new b3b274d  OPENJPA-735: OpenJPA support for SolidDB
     new f31d31f  OPENJPA-1469: Miscellaneous test updates.
     new 0b3f1b2  OPENJPA-735 Updated DBIdentifier to allow case insensitive compares for databases that do not support mixed case identifiers.
     new 22620e0  Documentaion edit on CriteriaBuilder API
     new 3750cd1  OPENJPA-940: Using table-generator in XML descriptor results in ClassCastException
     new efd6ee9  OPENJPA-735: OpenJPA support for SolidDB
     new dbb0a5f  OPENJPA-735: OpenJPA support for SolidDB
     new a7bd083  Designate  user parameter for Matches expression
     new bf9a1ed  OPENJPA-1763: Refactoring original change.
     new 157c6e6  OPENJPA-1763: Fix checkstyle error.
     new 5a8030a  OPENJPA-1469: Update test.
     new 63a24dc  OPENJPA-1769: Fix Broker.getObjectId(..) to work on detached Entities with no DetachedStateManager.
     new 07d599a  OPENJPA-735: OpenJPA support for SolidDB
     new b4715f9  OPENJPA-1771 Upgrade to latest Apache BVAL release and apache-rat plugin
     new cb4ac9b  OPENJPA-735: OpenJPA support for SolidDB
     new 560afb7  OPENJPA-1712 Merge in build updates from 2.0.x branch
     new 3a62393  OPENJPA-735: OpenJPA support for SolidDB
     new 3b20d75  OPENJPA-1770: Fix fetching an Entity with a null embeddable from the DataCache.
     new 729d675  OPENJPA-735: temporarily disable TestTimeoutException for SolidDB as it seems cause SolidDB to crash
     new 9c3364d  Removing duplicate message
     new 696786e  Added missing continuation character to message
     new 8335207  OPENJPA-526: Insert text more than 4K bytes to Clob column causes SQLException: Exhausted Resultset
     new c000f0b  OPENJPA-526:  Insert text more than 4K bytes to Clob column causes SQLException: Exhausted Resultset fix table name in Lobs entity to avoid conflict with other entities in JUnit regression.
     new 93c0bbe  OPENJPA-1736: Mappings with foreign keys as identity fields sometimes not resolved correctly
     new 2c188f1  OPENJPA-6: Implement JDBC 4 methods in delegates.
     new f0f3a4c  OPENJPA-735: OpenJPA support for SolidDB
     new b3c9553  OPENJPA-526: setting svn eol-stle on new file
     new acef04f  OPENJPA-526: setting svn eol-stle on new file
     new 9933285  OPENJPA-1736: Setting svn:eol-style native
     new adfa274  OPENJPA-735: OpenJPA support for SolidDB
     new 319184d  OPENJPA-735: OpenJPA support for SolidDB
     new e0882d7  First version of OpenTrader
     new 4f23e96  Add ASL header
     new f45f6d5  Add ASL header
     new f39b149  Add initial resources
     new 44dd974  Add initial resources
     new 35b6da3  Add ASL headers
     new 5814942  OPENJPA-1773 Pull the new OpenTrader sample into the binary assembly
     new c772a6f  OPENJPA-1712 Merge in build updates from 2.0.x branch
     new d618ec5  OPENJPA-1712 Merge in build updates from 2.0.x branch
     new 7126e2d  OPENJPA-1739 Documentation for instrumentation plugin
     new 56f3b72  OPENJPA-1731 Doc for using commons-dbcp
     new 911140b  OPENJPA-1712 merge in latest release updates from 2.0.1
     new 4d6fd5d  Checkstyle corrections. Change MatchWindow Layout
     new dc42b99  OPENJPA-1712 Merged in from 2.0.x - turn off creation of sources.jar for developer builds and fix test-java5 profile by adding m-compiler-p back in
     new 3ba73bc  OPENJPA-6: Replace JDBC 3 reflection with direct method calls.
     new da68811  OPENJPA-735: Fix spelling in method name and comments.
     new 52f468b  Use generalized environment variables instead of hard-coded paths
     new 96ee7d3  OPENJPA-6: Implement JDBC 4 methods in delegates.
     new f80e239  OPENJPA-6 fix line length, which must be <=120 for checkstyle
     new f56c4ca  OPENJPA-1776,OPENJPA-1777: Delay distribution decision to flush. Set diagonistic context by reflection.
     new 7569f43  OPENJPA-6: Implement JDBC 3 and JDBC 4 methods in delegates.
     new 238becc  Delete redundant classes
     new 4628962  OPENJPA-1372: Add testcases - no mainline code changes. Submitted By: Pinaki Poddar and Milosz Tylenda
     new f5dbf21  OPENJPA-1782: Accept double quoted string literal in JPQL
     new 9a0f463  OPENJPA-1786 Upgrade to the latest jpatck-2.0_15-Jun-2010 level
     new 9c25bd1  OPENJPA-1784: improve dirty-checking for persistent maps when the get method is called to retrieve an embeddable value.
     new 00b99e2  OPENJPA-1784 add missing license headers
     new 9ec516a  OPENJPA-1782: setting eol-style MM
     new d3ca8f3  merge in release note updates from 2.0.1
     new 35205c4  OPENJPA-1784: clean up fix
     new 208347e  OPENJPA-1788: use DBIdentifier.isNull for firebird dictionary
     new 8cf2d1d  OPENJPA-1791 remove obsolete depends on openjpa-testsupport
     new 243b443  OPENJPA-1791 Collect test base classes in daytrader module.
     new dd36c1d  add profile for testing sybase with jConnect
     new 679fee9  Fix capitalization file.
     new c110e0d  OPENJPA-1798: Improve messages in
     new eaaecc5  upgrade to Hibernate 4.0.2.GA as the optional Bean Validation provider for integration tests
     new 0fd180d  OPENJPA-1786 add ability back in to run sub-buckets based on -Djpatck.pkg.dir by using ant-contrib for if/then/else support
     new b877e90  convert long->string in java - database might not support implicit conversion
     new a093e9d  OPENJPA-1800: prevent duplicate column in SybaseDictionary.getCreateTableSQL()
     new c1b941f  OPENJPA-1800: revert trailing whitespace variable
     new f943cc8  reverting 997888 - committed wrong testcase
     new 6f67c88  convert long->string in testcase.
     new 9b1577b  OPENJPA-1786 temporary workaround until we hear back on our challenge from Oracle
     new e5f835f  Recover from failed assertion in TestTimeoutException
     new f4fc93c  OPENJPA-1807: Add trace to EM/EMF create/close path.
     new 782b866  add missing SolidDB profile and other connection.url examples
     new b76ab38  OPENJPA-1804 change subclassing w/o redefinition from a info to warn level logging
     new 9b105a2  OPENJPA-1809 Modified syncVersion exception path to pass the lock level into the exception producer.  This eventually allows the exception translator to correctly decide whether the exception was the result of a lock timeout.
     new cccd4c7  OPENJPA-1811 Dynamic load of enhancer agent on Mac OS X fails
     new 474c1b6  OPENJPA-1790: Added ProxyConcurrentMaps class (minor formatting changes from Jody's patch) Submitted By: Jody Grassel
     new d079a88  OPENJPA-1804 Add note that dynamic enhancer behaves the same as the javaagent loaded enhancer, in that when a <class> list is given in the PU, then only those classes will be enhanced.
     new 0653715  Remove compiler warnings in AbstractStoreManager
     new 9f392ed  fix typo in db2 configuration property
     new ed85f02  OPENJPA-1764 Automatically enable connection pooling in unmanaged environments when Commons DBCP is available
     new cde2a4a  OPENJPA-1814: JPQL fails with Group By and Having aggregate_expression IN (subquery)
     new 6dbe665  Misc test cleanup.
     new 4aa5b43  OPENJPA-1764 Fix bug in DBCPDriverDataSource.mergeConnectionProperties, move common surefire-plugin systemProperties to parent pom and move the connection user/password to equivalent openjpa.Connection settings
     new fb7a549  Adding an example of query target policy. A service URI support. And comments
     new fce1fe0  add missing license header
     new c7a0822  OPENJPA-1764 Need to explicitly close dbcp.BasicDataSource instances, moved commons-dbcp test depend to parent pom and added closing of EMF in ContainerTest during test tearDown.
     new 1f64b37  Misc test update.
     new a4080f4  OPENJPA-1819: if there is a group-by clause, orderby_item must be in the group-by list
     new c92c435  minor pom updates
     new d58eaa9  try using o-m-p instead of antrun to reduce memory overhead.  this is a temp change, as enhancing takes 5x longer with o-m-p...
     new 2f996c2  revert o-m-p usage added in r1003657
     new 8f5bc3c  OPENJPA-1821: Upgrade Commons DBCP to version 1.4.
     new ccd2dde  Remove outdated comment related to metamodel.
     new 8fa232c  revert r1003634 "<useSystemClassLoader>true</useSystemClassLoader>" change that caused failure in TestEnhancementWithMultiplePUs.
     new 5a98879  OPENJPA-1691: Support XML strings longer than 4000 bytes on Oracle.
     new 93357de  Update ExternalValue testcase to show a "common" boolean to char mapping...
     new 4230248  Updating documentation to remove the restriction of using only a single type of access (field or property) for each class.  As of JPA 2.0, this restriction no longer applies.
     new b664ab8  Make column names consistent for cache tests.
     new a67852d  Set table names for attach entities in kernel.common.apps.
     new 54bef66  OPENJPA-1801: Refactor cache statistics.
     new 426dce3  OPENJPA-1801: Remove debug.
     new b67e3d8  OPENJPA-1801: Add missing test Entity.
     new 8f58777  Excluding tests for sybase
     new 7c6c7f2  OPENJPA-1415: Add test case.
     new 643c874  OPENJPA-1415: Back out some of previous commit.
     new 854325d  match javadoc definition of protected
     new 92b7e93  still close EMF even if exceptions occur on closing EMs
     new 18dba41  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 6f07746  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new b2a38df  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 8ee5186  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new a80e26c  allow normal tearDown() to run to cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new fc782f2  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 28f75cc  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 4c648a0  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 098ac5a  Prevent table name collision.
     new 11969d1  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 274de20  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 5c79f76  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new e0a173f  Exclude test for Sybase and minor update to SEmfTC
     new 996abba  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new f4c9c6c  surefire excluded tests
     new 353f657  surefire excluded tests
     new 9b56a3f  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new bbb2f23  add comment
     new 447f489  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new a9c49f7  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 6ebaf34  Set scale and precision for AllFieldsTypeTest.
     new efec8f3  More helpful assert in testcase
     new 0a17bc1  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 733d90c  Sybase converts "" to " ", update testcase expectations appropriately.
     new 9c87751  close streams
     new ea0a44e  Filter connection setup SQL from SybaseDictionary.decorate when running unit tests.
     new 1c13b8e  some extra tearDown cleanup
     new 8a17669  minor testcase helper tweaks
     new ab67cdd  rollback setting em=null on cleanup
     new a0fad77  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 044164b  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 7920a95  rollback all SingleEMTestCase changes
     new 827cc3f  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs. 6 of the TestSwitchConnection and TestOverrideNonJtaDataSource are failing on everything except Derby, so exclude them on other DBs.
     new 81eb5f8  minor testcase helper updates
     new ad6b24b  Use filtering jdbc listener for criteria testcases
     new b62b8fc   OPENJPA-1644: Don't clear values from a deleted instnace.
     new 9618edd  create heap dumps for debugging when we hit OOMs
     new 739ee54  OPENJPA-1830 Deserialization of EMF causes openjpa.connectionPassword to be overwritten with Value.INVISIBLE
     new b229fbd  OPENJPA-1764 Minor cleanup for static variables and exception messages
     new a63ba3e  Refactor testcase and ensure expected exception occurs.
     new abf397a  Add Sybase SQLState for EntityExistsException
     new a99e618  Testcase updates for Sybase
     new 7f332d9  OPENJPA-1764 test can only be run against Derby, due to openjpa.ConnectionUserName being used as a schema name
     new 2f64835  OPENJPA-1764 test can only be run against Derby, due to openjpa.ConnectionUserName being used as a schema name
     new 58d1f49  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new e991772  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 0bcdb27  OPENJPA-1818 Exclude 'order' as valid column name.
     new b2a6242  testcase helper improvement to handle null props
     new be183a3  OPENJPA-1831 DataSourceFactory manipulates queryTimeout which is already in milliseconds
     new c9ad4ea  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs.  add @AllowFailure to excluded tests
     new 5588ffe  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 0696472  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 1edd0d9  missed a testcase update in r1021956
     new 7b6b415  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 6892f7c  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new ed00b5c  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new f7b4bcd  add note about EMF must be manually closed
     new dddd2a4  add notes about EMF must be manually closed.  also clear the EMF before closing it in when using helper method closeEMF().
     new a50e380  add note about how created EMFs are handled
     new e807ca8  add note about how created EMFs are handled and add check for null EM before using it in endEm().
     new 0c239c2  testcase wasn't committing transactions and closing EMs
     new f3e45e5  additional error handling when clear(EMF) is called
     new 54e64ed  add closeEM() helper which handles open transactions before closing the EM
     new e175b24  testcase wasn't committing/closing some EMs, so use new closeEM() helper
     new 660fa54  remove closeEM() as AbstractPersistenceTestCase now provides it
     new d32b7da  update testcase to use AbstractPersistenceTestCase instead of depricated PersistenceTestCase
     new 0f0f01d  tests were not closing EMFs
     new 5a7b176  close DriverDataSource when we're done with it
     new 9f1e9db  make sure tests close EMs
     new 4f06ae4  make sure tests close EMs
     new ebdc670  migrate testcase from depricated PersistenceTestCase to AbstractPersistenceTestCase
     new 172ec29  make sure tests close EMs
     new ff900d9  make sure tests close EMs
     new 71ae858  make sure tests close EMs and streams
     new 1a3d16a  make sure tests close EMs and EMFs
     new ede1ebe  OPENJPA-1792 Drop JDK5 support starting with OpenJPA 2.1
     new dbbb6bf  make sure tests close EMs and EMFs
     new 887a781  update testcase comments to denote if EM/EMFs are automatically cleaned up and what parent class it extends.
     new 50290a4  OPENJPA-1699: update manual
     new b6f237b  fix manual
     new 2df8af7  OPENJPA-1832: numeric is not fixed size.
     new 3040a2d  OPENJPA-1764 Per agreement with Donald, change test case skip condition from || to &&.
     new 754217f  OPENJPA-1833 Add build date/time, branch version/revision and copyright to docs
     new c479f35  Update testcases for execution with Sybase
     new db1ce09  more testcase comments about what gets cleaned up and print err msg if an EM or EMF cannot be closed.
     new 8cafaf9  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new c6582b9  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 0e9c5e5  OPENJPA-1764 Fix test cases where finally { closeEMF(emf1) } still required ConnectionDriverName be specified.
     new 2e11a6a  OPENJPA-1835: add dummy as an invalid column name for Sybase and update testcase to use DBIdentifier to get column name.
     new 8a5c16e  OPENJPA-1792 Drop JDK5 support starting with OpenJPA 2.1
     new ada720a  OPENJPA-1836 update nightly-upload profile to use key/passphrase
     new dd903f6  remove unmappable character from
     new fa8a517  OPENJPA-1792 Drop JDK5 support starting with OpenJPA 2.1
     new eac769a  OPENJPA-1836 Only perform chmod on files/dirs that the owns
     new 2414c88  OPENJPA-1764 Doc updates for the new Commons DBCP based connection pooling support
     new d99e1df  OPENJPA-1838: allow FKs to be added when using Sybase
     new 3707cc8  Disable SQL log by default.
     new f9cfbbf  OPENJPA-1840: handle query timeouts with Sybase - SQLState JZ006:JZ0TO
     new b0af48e  don't build javadocs for examples
     new 0f5c529  some testcase cleanup of closing EMs and EMFs
     new 60e88f8  OPENJPA-1828: Query with expression IN (collection_valued_input_parameter) gives wrong result when executed the second time
     new fdf58d6  OPENJPA-1837 - reset Oracle dictionary maxEmbedded*lobSize = -1 for jdbc driver (11.2.0.x) that can handle *lob size > 4000 characters.
     new 2468de0  help testcases cleanup EMs they created but didn't close
     new 578704a  Ensure consistent order of SQL statements when populating the database in section 10_1_27 testcases.
     new c9f56ed  use DROP_TABLES in IndirectRecursion testcase.
     new a13842f  OPENJPA-1842 - replace @GeneratedValue by simulate entity id auto generation so that test can run for all databases.
     new 4e3f42e  OPENJPA-1841: Allow DBDictionary to override IS NULL / IS NOT NULL clause for specific column types.
     new e1a9859  OPENJPA-1842 - replace @GeneratedValue type from IDENTITY to AUTO.
     new 75bbc90  OPENJPA-1837: fix the MaxEmbeddedLobFieldStrategy when there is limitation of max lob size and when the field is in an embeddable which is contained in an element collection.
     new 005a18a  OPENJPA-1841: Use length() function to determine BLOB/CLOB nullity for Oracle.
     new 0a7e318  only cleanup after all tests are complete due to DB2 performance issues
     new de5e7ce  only cleanup after all tests are complete due to DB2 performance issues
     new 53d73cc  OPENJPA-1848 Update openjpa-integration-daytrader to perform user tasks
     new 7919d9c  OPENJPA-1848 finish test comment
     new 32e0ff4  OPENJPA-1849 - eliminate the unnecessary length definition since test uses default mapping from char to int and the length has no bearing to this test.
     new daac0ac  OPENJPA-1844: Add DataCache JConsole plugin.
     new 93e28fc  OPENJPA-1844: setting eol-style
     new b41714a  OPENJPA-1844: Fix TestJMXPlatformMBeans.
     new 189e0ed  OPENJPA-1844: remove test for classNames() which isn't quite working.
     new d54088a  OPENJPA-1847: Use one connection to create schema objects.
     new 206d17b   OPENJPA-1415 change GenerateType from IDENTITY to AUTO to fix "ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("SCOTT"."ENTITYD"."ENTITYD_ID")"
     new c8a5f3d  OPENJPA-1844: Fix TestJMXPlatformMBeans.
     new ae1e715  OPENJPA-1844: Localize user facing strings.
     new 2ab51d7  OPENJPA-1844: Fix line length in DataCacheTable.
     new 48f47fc  This test only applies to run with Oracle. This test also is not functional; disable until fix
     new c9bad3e  OPENJPA-1853 Modified DB2Dictionary to disable auto retrieval of generated keys on iSeries V5R4 and earlier.
     new f3b0fd4  OPENJPA-1844 Update build to find jconsole.jar on MacOSX
     new 8556afe  test cleanup
     new ee682d8  make sure tests cleanup EMs and EMFs
     new 8510080  test cleanup
     new 53da8cc  test cleanup
     new aa9f10c  have test call super.tearDown() for cleanup
     new 8813afb  tests need to cleanup EMFs
     new 226c473  test should call super.tearDown() for cleanup
     new d62d67f  test should call super.tearDown() for cleanup
     new 73cbad1  test should call super.tearDown() for cleanup
     new d461ba7  use common closeEMF() in testcase
     new 065f0e2  testcase needs to close EMF
     new 1058a69  test should call super.tearDown() for cleanup.  also added @AllowFailure to surefire excluded tests.
     new 5538fd7  testcase needs to close EMF
     new 89fbaf7  some testcase cleanup
     new 36d157b  allow tearDown() to cleanup resources
     new 0baa453  have test close EM
     new 89ed135  null out EMF to help GC
     new 582e91b  OPENJPA-1793 @EmbeddedId class having only one field java.sql.Data.  Contributed by Heath Thomann.
     new 57e94f6  OPENJPA-1311 Incorrect hashcode()/equals() implementation(s).  Contributed by Heath Thomann.
     new ce416a8  OPENJPA-1312 Incorrect hashcode()/equals() implementation(s) in SelectImpl.  Patch contributed by Heath Thomann.
     new 06c1e74  OPENJPA-1313 Incorrect hashcode()/equals() implementation(s) in RowManagerImpl.  Patch contributed by Heath Thomann.
     new 7c377a9  OPENJPA-1856: Executing bulk updates should evict from DataCache.
     new dcf503d  OPENJPA-1314 Incorrect hashcode()/equals() implementation(s) in QueryResultCacheImpl.  Patch contributed by Heath Thomann.
     new 3b65de0  OPENJPA-1316 Incorrect hashcode()/equals() implementation(s) in GeneratorImpl.  Patch contributed by Heath Thomann.
     new 6a12a3c  OPENJPA-1312: Fix equals method name.
     new 47d7b1d  rollback having closeEMF() perform clear(emf) automatically
     new daa090c  OPENJPA-1855: Log warning if javax.persistence.cache.retrieve/storeMode is used incorrectly.
     new 9e09567  skip remaining 2 failing queryTimeout tests for MSSQL2005
     new 35b5f8f  Remove invalid <class> from TestConv persistence.xml to reduce test logging.
     new 3f8bff4  OPENJPA-1851: First version of JEST (REST on OpenJPA)
     new c3c97f7  OPENJPA-1857: fix the exception to be thrown by OpenJPA when wrong JoinColumn annotation is specified.
     new 61f2109  OPENJPA-1858: Cache a reference to MetaDataRepository in BrokerImpl.
     new c47965d  OPENJPA-1851.  The @Override was getting flagged as an error in Eclipse's sensitive error checking...
     new 91d1eb9  OPENJPA-1851: Few basic tests on JEST (RESTful remote access to OpenJPA runtime)
     new 979384e  fixup license header
     new 3598d38  OPENJPA-1851: Add URI to JEST server. Change parameter separator to &
     new 06a1b71  OPENJPA-1317 Incorrect hashcode()/equals() implementation(s) for FetchPlanImpl.  Patch contributed by Heath Thomann.
     new 54234f6  OPENJPA-1845: Detect query using IN expression with parameters and exclude from query cache
     new 9230486  OPENJPA-1318 Incorrect hashcode()/equals() implementation(s) for ExtentImpl.  Patch contributed by Heath Thomann.
     new 837d8cc  OPENJPA-1320 Incorrect hashcode()/equals() implementation(s) for BrokerImpl.  Patch contributed by Heath Thomann.
     new 8ceee2b  OPENJPA-1844: Remove JConsole plugin from trunk and refactor some of DataCacheMBean.
     new 81e1f23  OPENJPA-1851: change to more appropriate variable name
     new bfdfa49  OPENJPA-1851: name the request handler thread
     new c325e70  OPENJPA-1821: Defensive thread guard on reparametrization.
     new d4416c1  OPENJPA-1851: minor edit
     new 900304d  OPENJPA-1861 build updates to support using Maven 3.0
     new 65b7d76  OPENJPA-1844: Remove more jconsole changes from trunk.
     new 182c63b  OPENJPA-1861 build updates for maven 3.0 - tweak for Windows machines running Sun 1.6.0 builds
     new ae8f5ff  fix pom parents to be openjpa-examples
     new c4d8915  rollback to prior version of maven-checkstyle-plugin, due to build errors on some Windows machines
     new ab326ef  OPENJPA-1793 - New test case testEntityA_Embed_Single_Coll caused "ORA-01861: literal does not match format string" when run against Oracle due to default DATE column format differences. (See
     new d99b9ba  OPENJPA-1867: Fix ClassCastException when loading from DataCache.
     new 51dad64  OPENJPA-1865: Findbugs. Use entrySet iterator rather than keySet. Patch contributed by Guy Korland.
     new 05d19a0  exclude JEST tests for now
     new 66ce36c  OPENJPA-1868: Miscellaneous FindBugs suggested performance improvements for openjpa-kernel.
     new be92a72  OPENJPA-1868: Miscellaneous FindBugs suggested performance improvements for openjpa-jdbc.
     new b24d729  OPENJPA-1868: Miscellaneous FindBugs suggested performance improvements for lib, persistence, and persistence-jdbc.
     new f8179d7  OPENJPA-1868: Miscellaneous FindBugs suggested performance improvement..
     new aa95736  OPENJPA-1868: Fix checkstyle failure.
     new 3b30638  OPENJPA-1764 protect against java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when being used in an app server but as app managed and the JVM exits quickly from under us
     new 2ca9d9f  one more attempt to fix these failing testTimeouts1 failures on some machines
     new eb2bf2a  OPENJPA-1759 Use new DATETIME2 type in MSSQL2008 for new tables with DATE or TIMESTAMP columns, but 3.0 driver still doesn't handle 2.0 created tables with DATETIME columns....
     new 2f6baf7  OPENJPA-1851: Backing changes out of trunk while we continue to develop this feature in a sandbox.
     new 36ed1fe  OPENJPA-1851: Backing changes out of trunk while we continue to develop this feature in a sandbox.
     new a70b134  OPENJPA-1851: Backing changes out of trunk while we continue to develop this feature in a sandbox.
     new c6d23cd  OPENJPA-1862 Enable test to run correctly on DB2
     new 24e547c  OPENJPA-1864: Add db dictionary for MaxDB & alias in JDBCConfImpl.
     new 3731ab8  Update openjpa.AutoDetach default values.
     new c5748ff  OPENJPA-1871: Fix FindBugs reported performance problem in XMLMetaDataSerializer. Patch contributed by Guy Korland.
     new 2e1e015  OPENJPA-1864: Adding documentation for MaxDB Dictionary (includes new section for user reported databases which we haven't verified).
     new 8293340  another attempt to fix the intermitent datacache test failures
     new f946f83  OPENJPA-1870: Check if columnDefinition was provided before overriding blob type.
     new 5313814  OPENJPA-1872: Optimize CacheMap get(..) for non-pinned usage.
     new 33c8d87  another attempt to fix the intermitent datacache test failures as the persist() is taking 1.2 secs on some test machines
     new a09a2b5  OPENJPA-1870 OPENJPA-740: adding testcase
     new ad98d44  OPENJPA-1810: make QueryKey distinguishable for CriteriaQuery
     new 6d423c5  OPENJPA-1874: handle Oracle XMLType columns with @Lob annotation
     new 4b19d0f  OPENJPA-1762: lock join table when extended pessimistic scope is used
     new 5d21297  OPENJPA-1837: Revert the statement about XML column as the mentioned limitation does exist in that case.
     new 0175a1a  OPENJPA-1864: Fix the class comment.
     new 3c52abb  OPENJPA-1877: Detect XMLType column for Oracle and treat as XML
     new 0836fba  OPENJPA-1762: lock join table when pessimistic scope is set to EXTENDED
     new 324ca8e  OPENJPA-1762: fix test case problem
     new 5040a43  OPENJPA-1881.  Creating a new "completion" trace message for the enhancement processing.
     new c960f72  OPENJPA-1882: Fix DataCacheStoreManager NPE.
     new ef9a49e  OPENJPA-1844: Update javadoc for DataCacheInstrument.
     new d748e46  OPENJPA-1863: Update HSQLDictionary for HSQLDB 2.0 - patch provided by Georgi Naplatanov with slight modifications.
     new 98ebca2  OPENJPA-1886: Remove query parameters when tracing.
     new ea5db0f  OPENJPA-1889: Relax binding query parameter type checks for enums
     new dcaa217  OPENJPA-1890: fix NPE when an embeddable is set to a managed entity more than once
     new 559c434  OPENJPA-1859: Add few encoding tests
     new 24e1736  Move jest tests to sandbox A D
     new 73cd301  OPENJPA-1892: Fix NPE in DataCacheStoreManager.
     new 8cfea1b  OPENJPA-1866: Add missing break to AnnotationPersistenceMetaDataSerializer. Patch contributed by Guy Korland.
     new 2009b5c  OPENJPA-1885: refactor persistAll in BrokerImpl. Submitted By: Guy Korland
     new 7178dd3  OPENJPA-1894: reduce the number of Strings created by SelectImpl.getTableIndex
     new f0ddf93  OPENJPA-1885: rename new method to persistInternal and some code formatting changes
     new 406710b  OPENJPA-1888: Add generics to ManagedCache and AbstractStoreManager. Submitted By: Guy Korland
     new 06f8dc4  OPENJPA-1895: Minor performance improvement.
     new d122091  OPENJPA-1893: handle more than one join-column tag inside collection-table tag
     new 9938641  remove deprecation warning from build
     new f916b8a  OPENJPA-1893: setting eol-style
     new a0907bf  OPENJPA-1897: Add all reserved words to invalid column name set
     new ae3f3af  Revert to version 2.5 of the surefire plugin - seems to improve memory use
     new f4b14e1  OPENJPA-1895 add doPriv to setAccessible call.
     new 2700d16  OPENJPA-1895 add doPriv to setAccessible call.
     new 685ddfe  OPENJPA-1863: Update HSQLDictionary for HSQLDB 2.0 - pagination and schema support.
     new f4cbe39  allow setSecurityManager() to be called by testcases
     new 4a5f766  OPENJPA-1890: attach a test case
     new f56cba9  fixing compiler warnings and minor code reformatting for QueryResultMapping
     new 2ef2640  OPENJPA-1893: The test case exposes a reserved-word column name problem for Oracle and Sybase with SchemaAction='drop,add'
     new 9377aa5  minor formatting for openbooks pom.xml
     new 3bf5a1a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch 2.1.x
     new 2cc6906  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.1.x
     new 502e997  OPENJPA-1902: add all reserved words to invalidColumnWordSet for SQLServer
     new 8c2b69d  OPENJPA-1898: reduce number of threads in testcase. Submitted By: Mark Struberg
     new 29f29ea  rollback rev 1038109 which caused problems with xmlstore module
     new 502a599  Cleanup message text
     new b56fcf3  OPENJPA-1884 Updated entity manager impl to process cache store mode property provided on refresh method and updated data cache manager to refresh the L2 properly when a store mode is provided.
     new ccc81f0  OPENJPA-1903: Parameter substitution for complex identity
     new 09dab24  OPENJPA-1810: fix performance regression for non-criteria query cache.
     new 20c1d07  OPENJPA-1904 Propagate refresh operation for eagerly fetched relationship fields.
     new 315a479  OPENJPA-1884: setting svn eol style
     new bd4a82a  OPENJPA-1851: Add JEST to OpenJPA trunk
     new 5bcf72d  OPENJPA-1851: Include JEST module to pom.xml
     new e0d8733  Change default target for openbooks jee build
     new 0a658af  OPENJPA-1859: Relocate JEST demo on trunk
     new dcaf2a4  OPENJPA-1863: Update HSQLDictionary for HSQLDB 2.0 - new SQL state value, fix getSequencesSQL method.
     new 3de119f  OPENJPA-1905: Validate jar-file pu element after confirming OpenJPA is chosen provider
     new 1ac8dd4  OPENNJPA-1906 adding warning when connection retain mode is used with container managed EMFs
     new 5c6fffd  OPENJPA-1786 Upgrade to latest JPA 2.0 TCK (05-Dec-2010)
     new aedc8d9  OPENJPA-1907 Use java.util.Date to java.sql.Date type mapping with DB2 on z/OS when column information is not available.
     new b602418  OPENJPA-1900: Fix ClassCastException when serializing a proxy for an Entity that exists in an active persistence context. Patch contributed by Mark Struberg.
     new a927273  OPENJPA-1900: Fix ClassCastException when serializing a proxy for an Entity that exists in an active persistence context. Patch contributed by Mark Struberg.
     new caeb66a  OPENJPA-1896: Allow merging a StateManagerless Entity with a default primitive version.
     new aae0ccf  OPENJPA-1906: Fix message so that variable substitution works.
     new c39cd99  OPENJPA-1911: fix merge problem for entities with derived id
     new 933da55  OPENJPA-1915: Add missing license headers from OPENJPA-1911.
     new 0549627  OPENJPA-1917: Cache column alias.
     new be2b020  OPENJPA-1717: Doc updates.
     new 7e2bfa3  OPENJPA-1717: Doc updates.
     new 06c3ec6  OPENJPA-1918: Append PUInfo classloader to MDR.preload() classloader chain.
     new 7b97c4b  OPENJPA-1909: Enhancing proxy entities separately with the appropriate configuration. Submitted By: Mark Struberg
     new 04b1abb  OPENJPA-1856: Make DataCache eviction due to bulk updates configurable.
     new c8b5c83  OPENJPA-1910: Update PersistenceProviderImpl to use different classloader when running in osgi.
     new d48bbbe  Update AutoDetach docs.
     new d916e6f  OPENJPA-1699: Add documentation for fully materialized LOB issue with streaming LOBs and DB2
     new 0568802  OPENJPA-1699: Fix typo
     new 28a0c0d  OPENJPA-1923: Remove restriction to enclose collection-valued query parameter in parentheses. The commit ran tests locally and partially as my TeamCity agent is broken.
     new 01c9608  OPENJPA-1923: Remove restriction to enclose collection-valued query parameter in parentheses.
     new 6259f9a  OPENJPA-1851: Code clean up + Rearrange constants
     new 40052c1  OPENJPA-1927:Add first few tests to try out the test environment
     new 5d5ac61  OPENJPA-1050: use generics for FetchGroup
     new 212740e  Correct JavaDoc
     new 8695d9f  Updated messages to use standard double quotes around literals
     new 987513f  OPENJPA-1876: Tests speed-up - do not shut Derby down at the end of each test.
     new d91475d  Add exception message for configuration error
     new cc1dcd9  OPENJPA-1847: Fix NPE in SchemaGenerator and formatting.
     new 84e66b1  Add exception message for configuration error
     new 6dab974  OPENJPA-1932: Update version to 2.2.0, copyright year, drop support for Java SE 5, fix typos.
     new ee92abb  OPENJPA-1932: Update for version 2.2.0, fix link to Building OpenJPA wiki page.
     new 5c92fc5  Remove extraneous TX commit in test variation
     new 90a95d4  OPENJPA-1213.  Updating the documentation for the change in behavior with the Query.setParameter() exception processing (at least our implementation of the interface).
     new cdfb5c7  OPENJPA-1932: Sun -> Oracle, update copyright year, make LOB term consistent in case, fix typos.
     new 85a408a  restore missing message
     new d1ec54c  OPENJPA-1935 Updated Informix dictionary to examine nested SQL exceptions when determining whether a generic exception is a lock exception.  Added Informix JDBC profile to jdbc and locking poms.
     new af080be  OPENJPA-1937: update javadoc for evict methods on OpenJPAEntityManager.
     new c415857  OPENJPA-1593: Add OSGi managed runtime. Submitted By: Wolfgang Glas
     new 3c8d303  OPENJPA-1876: add jdbc.DBDictionary prop to profiles for locking tests
     new 24f976d  OPENJPA-1938 Update timeTypeName from DATETIME to DATETIME2 to match the other date/timestamp data type.
     new b1b503e  OPENJPA-1050: Generics for extent
     new 8e6a7ae  OPENJPA_1939: increase index name length for DB2 version 9 and later
     new 891ccc6  OPENJPA-1912: Generate externalizable methods correctly for super and subclasses. Submitted By: Mark Struberg
     new 61f686a  OPENJPA-1940: Use unqualified name when looking for PK columns on Oracle.
     new a048ba1  clean deprecation warning
     new bc5e826  Remove empty finally block
     new eaad779  OPENJPA-1945.  Updating configuration files (.properties and .xml) to make the sample easier to use "out of the box", especially for the JSE environment.
     new cf4a800  OPENJPA-1945.  Updating persistence.xml file to be at version 2.0.
     new 0c37fc6  OPENJPA-1943 - Apply query timeout value to pessimistic row lock statement execution.
     new 5498030  OPENJPA-1935: Add missing jdbc.DBDictionary property to test-ids-informix profile.
     new b44614d  OPENJPA-1939: Increase index length for DB2 and testcase workaround for OPENJPA-1948
     new c54b8ca  OPENJPA-1944: Version defaults to 1 if the column returns null from the database
     new 91ef781  OPENJPA-1555: Remove boilerplate code
     new 4aed0be  Add constant - findbugs reported
     new 3d5e01b  OPENJPA-1945.  Removing "Copyright 2010 Pinaki Poddar" statements from the OpenBooks sample code.
     new 3261c1f  OPENJPA-1945.  Oops.  According to this url [1], only the owner of the Copyright is allowed to remove them from the source code and put them into the appropriate Notices file.  I have sent an e-mail to Pinaki explaining my faux pas and asking him to follow up on the process.
     new 78198b6  OPENJPA-1945.  Okay, we're going to try this again.  This time with Pinaki's approval (previous comment in JIRA).  Removing "Copyright 2010 Pinaki Poddar" statements from the OpenBooks sample code.
     new e3be88b  Fix test cases running in DB2 due to 1) dict.forUpdateClause must be obtained after emf is created because specific dictionary may override the value of this attribute, 2) The forUpdateClause in DB2 is LockMode type dependent, (i.e. WITH RR/RS) therefore can not depends on this attribute for positive test case comparison, negative test ok.
     new 25b4e87  OPENJPA-1952: Excluding multithreaded test which causes intermittent build failures
     new e0a0050  OPENJPA-1376: Cache values of @SequenceGenerator as specified by allocationSize parameter instead of setting CACHE on database sequence. Idea submitted by Palmer Cox.
     new 887f897  OPENJPA-1954: Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when querying on a version field that is in a MappedSuperclass.
     new e6421a4  OPENJPA-1954: add license header
     new 2027274  increase timeout for tck
     new 1cfbf9d  increase retries and sleep time for intermittently failing testcase
     new 2e0d691  OPENJPA-1376: Documentation update - add migration section on allocationSize property of @SequenceGenerator.
     new 1d889e3  OPENJPA-1376: Documentation update related to allocationSize property of @SequenceGenerator.
     new 0022b99  OPENJPA-1376: Correctly handle the case when sequence increment is > 1.
     new 2dbbe70  OPENJPA-1957: treat non element collection like normal serializable types
     new 6fdcebd  OPENJPA-1787 Updated "new entity" merge path through AttachManager and BrokerImpl to refrain from firing a pre-persist event before the state of the merged entity is copied to the new entity.  Test cases based upon code provided by Oliver Ringel.
     new 6309bff  OPENJPA-1787: setting eol-style (nit)
     new c87edf8  OPENJPA-1958: handle index out of bounds condition.
     new 7d0de51  use generics, remove unused imports
     new d3d944c  OPENJPA-1959: make runtime exception translator transient
     new 621c520  OPENJPA-1376: Add a test for new allocationSize behavior, make test take advantage of setTestsDisabled method.
     new 0971bd3  OPENJPA-1787 Fixed VLEM hasUpdateListeners & hasPersistListeners methods and added additional validation test cases.
     new 0b72fb4  OPENJPA-478: Get rid of contradictory text about HAVING without GROUP BY in user guide.
     new f6e05d0  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update - copyright year and version, wording corrections.
     new 2cfb4f6  OPENJPA-1944: Properly handle a null version field.
     new 7eb317e  OPENJPA-1928: Fix @Factory method resolution when name is ambiguous. Patch contributed by Edward Sargisson.
     new 056e9d8  Update svn:ignore props for openjpa-jest.
     new 8464dc4  Another minor comment update in the ImageValidator sample...
     new 9b5fa51  OPENJPA-1960: Allow openjpa.InitializeEagerly to be used with BV.
     new f1c1c78  OPENJPA-1662: Save a runtime typecast.
     new 59c9ec9  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: remove non-existing oracle option from savepoint managers, fix typos, improve letter case.
     new f10e349  OPENJPA-1968 Set DATETIME2 based on db version and also set the correct date_precision for DATETIME2 type.
     new 1f139e4  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: remove Java 5 references (OpenJPA requires Java 6), remove sjvm setting from examples (no longer needed), improve formatting (we should remember to use literal/classname tags), fix typos.
     new fd19721  OPENJPA-1969 - Decode HYT00 to LockTimeoutException
     new e6b590d  OPENJPA-1966 Updated attach strategies to query attach cache before going to the broker for entity references.  Prevents merging in a detached entity that is being used for field attachment.
     new 20b66ce  OPENJPA-1969 Document "Known Issues.." on DataDirect limitation on precision loss during prepared statement setTimestamp method call.
     new 03d4f2f  OPENJPA-1972 Update test and adapt to DB2 9.7 behavior changes.
     new d470141  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Add missing example titles, fix typos.
     new 2d232cf  OPENJPA-1974: Fix StackOverflow in SelectImpl.
     new 985a59a  OPENJPA-1975: Move default schema name code to its own method.
     new e35178f  OPENJPA-1934: Add a maven plugin for PCEnhancement. Submitted By: Mark Struberg, Rahul Thankar
     new 8c68768  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: remove Java 5 references, improve formatting and wording, point out that getSupportedProperties is an OpenJPA extension (no longer in the JPA 2.0 spec), remove link to criteria API draft (criteria API is in the final 2.0 spec).
     new 82c79ad  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Correct broken and outdated links.
     new 8544f5d  OPENJPA-1975: add testcase for ConnectedConfiguration
     new d20b9a9  OPENJPA-1934: Cleanup compiler warnings.
     new 7afa875  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Correct outdated links to Javadocs.
     new d5e20c4  OPENJPA-1981: check whether connection is open before calling close
     new 6b93af8  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Upgrade JSE 5 Javadoc links to JSE 6 in Slice documentation.
     new b8e0b0d  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Upgrade TransactionManager JEE 3 Javadoc link to JEE 6.
     new a582e60  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Upgrade TransactionManager JEE 3 Javadoc link to JEE 6 (2nd attempt).
     new 9223144  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Change JEE 6 Javadoc base URL from to
     new a997e75  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Change JSE 6 Javadoc base URL from to
     new c2b3e11  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Update links to Java Logging Overview and jconsole.
     new 77b7ced  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Extract entity locking to a new section and add missing lock modes defined in JPA 2.0.
     new 354eb30  OPENJPA-1983: Don't cascade to an unloaded field when merge is called on a managed Entity.
     new 045818b  OPENJPA-1983: Change test Entities to work on Oracle.
     new d1d356c  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Add information about other lock-related methods to the entity locking section.
     new 9ea0354  OPENJPA-1984 - Skip non-root object validation when performing remove(root object). Let's validation provider to perform root object validation so that the contraint violation can report the correct root bean.
     new 76552a1  remove casts for broker factory aliases
     new bb50bc3  Reduce verbosity of missing canonical meta-classes.
     new 69fd9db  OPENJPA-1985: Check for abstime as a timestamp type for Postgres
     new 1b8ce00  OPENJPA-1986: Avoid querying the db when cascading a persist to a new instance.
     new b6ddcab  OPENJPA-1987: do not use null table for getImportedKeys in postgres dictionary
     new d450910  OPENJPA-1989: Fix *ToOne xml fetch attribute to honor LAZY.
     new fb91730  Fix test.
     new f9c5a20  OPENJPA-1990: Skip calling back to DB2 when an exception is encountered.
     new 849a77b  OPENJPA-1994: Add index to reserved words for MySQLDictionary
     new c00af8d  Remove @AllowFailure in passing testcase
     new 6fc7d55  OPENJPA-1993: Deadlock Potential with XML ORM Processing
     new 26aa776  OPENJPA-1992: Throw exception if a JPQL query is missing the first positional parameter
     new c159730  OPENJPA-1725: Ignore schema when checking the length of a table name
     new 1148ba8  OPENJPA-1995: detect mixed parameter types in JPQL query
     new 1125b86  OPENJPA-1725: cleanup comments
     new aa88b32  OPENJPA-1725: make old behavior optional
     new 862e818  OPENJPA-1989: Flip FeildMetaData.DefaultFetchGroupExplicit flag when parsing ToOne xml relationships.
     new 64bd51e  OPENJPA-1996: OpenJPA Samples fail on MacOS X
     new 258cf99  OPENJPA-1987: Do not use null table for getImportedKeys in Ingres dictionary.
     new 350ed99  add Intellij Idea artifacts to ignore rules
     new 81c46c5  OPENJPA-2006 If flushing, also pre-flush non-provisional entities to allow sequence ID population.
     new 7b0d114  OPENJPA-2007 Updated supported hint set to include correct name for fetch plan level isolation hint.
     new dcf90c6  OPENJPA-2005: check for unexpected (null) sequence names in PostgresDictionary
     new 50bfa5d  OPENJPA-2007 jUnit for fetch plan isolation query hint validation.
     new b6f39e2  OPENJPA-2007 Replace mistakenly removed assertion
     new 511fbec  Minor update to find the code in the right place...
     new 43b545e  OPENJPA-1725: Add documentation.
     new 0bcded7  OPENJPA-2010: Check line number and source file before logging duplicate meta data warning
     new 5cceefd  OPENJPA-1050: Use generics wherever possible
     new 14816f4  Add code comments
     new 0de12ed  OPENJPA-2012: Support in-memory MIN()/MAX() on non-numeric types
     new 8ef3f3d  OPENJPA-2011: Optionally prevent reparsing annotations in in query mode.
     new b9e61a8  OPENJPA-2013: Add TEXT to the fixed size type list for Derby and HSQL
     new cabf34a  OPENJPA-1999: Optional support for non-sequential positional parameters - used Rick's provided patch for trunk.
     new e9dd20c  OPENJPA-1999: Optional support for non-sequential positional parameters - made additional changes, per Mike Dick, to QueryImpl ctor.
     new cc3c3eb  OPENJPA-2014: Allow proxies to stay in place when using LiteAutoDetach.
     new be88506  Add order by clause for TestOrderColumn which was failing on Sybase. Also cleaned up asserts and removed DROP_TABLES
     new 0046a65  Print configuration array values properly
     new a7778ff  Use clear tables with TestOrderColumn
     new 9be9d83  OPENJPA-2017: Introduce AutoDetach.NONE option to improve batch insert operation
     new 41f09d9  OPENJPA-2008: Draft support for native SQL in Slice
     new db960fb  OPENJPA-2017: Introduce AutoDetach.NONE option to improve batch insert operation
     new f0fbbaa  OPENJPA-2017: Changes cause test failures in openjpa-lib. Reverting for now.
     new 27e0e70  OPENJPA-2008: Setting svn eol-style for DistributedSQLStoreQuery
     new f054aa7  OPENJPA-2017: Modify test to adjust for changes in AutoDetach constant
     new cd486f7  OPENJPA-2017: Comment out constant count for AutoDetach - less error prone than storing an offset.
     new 053d81d  OPENJPA-1803: Add support for obtaining a connection via EntityManager.unwrap. Patch contributed by Sebastian Laskawiec.
     new 8d032a0  OPENJPA-1875: Add generics to graph code. Submitted By: Guy Korland
     new ba7f21f  OPENJPA-2020: Open up some of StateManagerImpl to all for greater extensibility.
     new 3a2d50e  OPENJPA-1768: Check whether the broker is already loading before recursively loading an entity from datacache
     new 0108236  OPENJPA-2020: Undo some of previous commit.
     new c8c6c9d  OPENJPA-1986: Remove newly added serialVersionUID.
     new 31c0249  OPENJPA-2017: Adding DEATCH.NONE option. Retry commit after local test run
     new bfa4869  OPENJPA-2024: Ignore non-canonical fields during metamodel assignment
     new 8a85ffb  OPENJPA-487: Simplify generated SQL for SUBSTRING and LOCATE JPQL functions by switching from JDO style to JPA style in expressions. SUBSTRING parameters are still inlined to support grouping by SUBSTRING.
     new 928aa70  OPENJPA-2027: Use SingularAttribute for unannotated arrays. ListAttribute for @PersistentCollections
     new ff4dc0c  OPENJPA-2025: Generate SingularAttribute for unannotated arrays, ListAttribute will be used for @PersistentCollections.
     new dae5ba7  OPENJPA-487: After simplifying SQL generation for LOCATE function, the function works on Firebird 2.1 (wow!).
     new 391c4c2  Fix sample code typo; em -> emf.
     new a295b56  OPENJPA-2031 : configure included and excluded plugins when using the m2eclipse plugin for eclipse. Submitted By: Jacob Nowosatka
     new 81f032d  OPENJPA-1932: Documentation update: Correct the example on disabling prepared SQL cache.
     new de47911  OPENJPA-1343: Fix openjpa.Sequence example. Submitted By: Jacob Nowosatka
     new eb4e83f  OPENJPA-2000: Update realTypeName for Postgres to match the Postgres manual. Submitted By: Jacob Nowosatka
     new 9a97462  OPENJPA-2034: Update error codes for H2 database. Submitted By: Prashant Bhat
     new 03f054f  OPENJPA-2035: Allow distributed cache(s) operate without needing domain classes.
     new 22356a6  OPENJPA-2035: setting svn:eol-style on new file
     new 139cd88  OPENJPA-2035: Fix testcase to run from cmd line.
     new 868035a  OPENJPA-2035: Remove JMock from imports from testcase.
     new 4412599  OPENJPA-2036: Check JAVA_HOME for lib/tools.jar for all java vendors, not just IBM. Submitted By: Jason Pyeron
     new c053d37  Exclude antruntime when building samples
     new 692b0cc  OPENJPA-2029: Add additional tests for query named to positional parameter conversion. Patch contributed by Jacob Nowosatka.
     new 6439d3e  OPENJPA-2029: Fix Entity compile bug.
     new 45bceaa  OPENJPA-2035: Backing out previous changes.
     new 8a7ef39  OPENJPA-1691: Added property for forward compatibility, documented property and migration considerations.
     new 529827b  OPENJPA-1376: Added property for forward compatibility, documented property and migration considerations.
     new 3598a2d  OPENJPA-758: Added code to check the ClassResolver to get a class loader when attempting to load a ValueHandler or FieldStrategy.
     new 1b55762  Add example for connection pooling with slice.
     new 67d00f4  Add quotes for for literal curly braces in message text
     new 29213af  OPENJPA-1803: Fix EM.unwrap(java.sql.Connection.class) to account for a non-jdbc(sql) backed store.
     new eb7fb74  OPENJPA-2038: Add tests for tablename including schema
     new 4209952  OPENJPA-2039: Select FKs for fields that are in the DFG, but not in active fetchplan.
     new 27a7e91  Add order by to query. Testcase was failing on DB2 and Oracle
     new e032624  OPENJPA-2039: Update configuration properties.
     new ea499a8  OPENJPA-2039: Update javadoc and minor formatting changes.
     new 78d8843  OPENJPA-2040: Default to non-strict MetaData and Mapping Factories when a user provided factory class is set.
     new 49f069f  Refactor/remove unused imports.
     new dbf066d  OPENJPA-867: Use 3-argument version of LOCATE-like SQL function where possible, instead of a trick with SUBSTRING.
     new d99c5c0  OPENJPA-2043 make cached hashcode non-transient and avoid using variant hashcode from Class object.
     new 3842a3d  OPENJPA-1691: Made update to
     new 3cfadba  Relocate org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel.MixedLockManager configuration to JDBC product derivation
     new 9cf12d1  Add error code for SQLServer database
     new 2a75640  Correct artifact id for jai libraries
     new a35c187  OPENJPA-2030: First version of Audit facility
     new 8996376  OPENJPA-2030: First version of Audit facility
     new 8daa92c  OPENJPA-2030: Audit documentation
     new cdd5306  OPENJPA-2030: set eol-style on new files
     new ab5e97d  OPENJPA-2030: Fix Checkstyle error
     new 184922d  OPENJPA-2030 Add newline to EOF
     new 5e073af  OPENJPA-2030: Audit is inactive by default
     new 18fed4d  OPENJPA-2030: Refactor AuditManager
     new 905500d  Checkstyle problems
     new e0568bd  Reduce log message verbosity
     new e400abc  OPENJPA-1993: Deadlock Potential with ORM XML Processing
     new 2c80991  OPENJPA-2045: Remove NAME from default list of reserved words. Add it explicitly for FoxPro, Access, Pointbase and Informix. Submitted by Jacob Nowosatka
     new bd9121c  Revert "Correct artifact id for jai libraries"
     new fe7e359  OPENJPA-2042: Use weak reference HashSet to store registered class listeners. Submitted By: Jacob Nowosatka
     new a381632  OPENJPA-1376: Documentation update - be more specific about OpenJPA versions, improve formatting.
     new f455e09  OPENJPA-1691: Documentation update - be more specific about OpenJPA versions, improve formatting.
     new e65b2aa  OPENJPA-2030: Loading custom Auditor in OSGi environment
     new 236f409  OPENJPA-2053 Added property to enable proper OSGi service tracking of the OpenJPA provider.
     new 4ef9c9f  use range information for slice query
     new accc2e0  useful error message for connection establishment problem
     new 4a005fe  useful error message for connection establishment problem
     new 12878c9  rollback wrong commit
     new 59684e4  OPENJPA-2056: Remove unnecessary casts from test case.
     new ccc61a5  OPENJPA-2056: Remove unnecessary casts from test case - continued.
     new b5859a7  OPENJPA-2056: Use single backslash in searchStringEscape on PostgreSQL 9.1 and later.
     new c7c8eb2  OPENJPA-2044.  Updating the processing for the openjpa.header parameter on the AnnotationProcessor6 code.  Not only to read the actual data (vs a String representation of the URL stream), but also to make it more flexible on the number of lines contained in the designated header file.
     new 16c76a0  OPENJPA-2060 Fixed all three reported problems described in JIRA
     new c8a84fd  OPENJPA-2051: Change to ensure entities are properly cascaded after a flush.
     new 1e4a05c  OPENJPA-2059 Add message file used by
     new 2017014  OPENJPA-2066 Edge case in OPENJPA-1227. openJPA fails to create a join and thus returns wrong data when a collection is selected from superclass and another field is selected from subclass two or more levels down the hierarchy
     new 5483752  Fixed message format errors.
     new 3494fab  OPENJPA-2057: Change classloading scheme
     new 8d21608  OPENJPA-2065: allow interface as result class
     new 2bee63d  OPENJPA-2057: Change classloading scheme
     new 31e00f7  OPENJPA-2057: Change classloading scheme
     new c66d5e1  OPENJPA-2066 build failure due to eol style mis-match. Add eol-style=native and lf -> cr/lf fix up.
     new 8a72661  OPENJPA-2065: Add unit test for passing an interface as a result type.
     new 3d5b449  OPENJPA-2057: Reverting previous commits.
     new 6659b57  OPENJPA-2068: Add missing test interface.
     new 9c1ac5f  OPENJPA-2042: Fix possible NPE.
     new d64a3e5  OPENJPA-2071 Guarded NPE against isInterface call from ResultPacker constructor with null parameter
     new 5fafa80  OPENJPA-2069 Update db sequence's INCREMENT BY value to match the allocationSize specified in @SequenceGenerator
     new 83bc7aa  Relax query engine for extension
     new db9849d  OPENJPA-2070.  Clean up the processing in the MetamodelImpl.populate() method.  The exception processing and messaging were not correct/accurate.  Also, changed the testcase slightly to allow for the error checking when needed.
     new f70dd22  OPENJPA-2073 Tolerate conf exception for no data source configuration so that live db2 connection is not required for MappingTool invocation.
     new b66ea19  OPENJPA-2069 Tolerate concurrent sequence alternation.
     new f81908f  OPENJPA-1986: Update migration consideration docs and Compatibility javadoc.
     new 64f3713  OPENJPA-2076.  Since the majority (only?) usage of this message is in the plural sense, I changed "argument" to "arguments".
     new caa0959  Remove SQL logging from a number of tests.
     new d52e73f  OPENJPA-2075: Abstract parameter handling from QueryImpl.
     new 04cbc68  OPENJPA-2075: Update eol prop.
     new 5d6533e  OPENJPA-2075: Add depricated constructor.
     new 050092e  OPENJPA-2077 Change pom references of org-codehaus-mojo openjpa-maven-plugin to org-apache-openjpa openjpa-maven-plugin
     new 3f8d021  OPENJPA-2081 XML support for about 26 annotations
     new c3d9750  OPENJPA-2047: Make persistence-aware message less verbose. Patch contributed by Jacob Nowosatka.
     new 76cd9df  OPENJPA-302: Update user manual for PCEnhancer usage. Patch contributed by Jacob Nowosatka.
     new 76b5be1  OPENJPA-2081 Upload the schema files to be viewed from our documentation web page and from the manual. Web page and manual changes to come later.
     new 9fdf242  OPENJPA-2085 Use ASM to reconstruct the missing StackMapTable attribute in class file after entity enhancement. BCClassWriter is contributed by Brett Kail.
     new 78d12c9  OPENJPA-2088 remove cyclic build dependencies
     new 20772bc  OPENJPA-2089 upgrade to bval-0.3-incubating
     new 4bffcc9  OPENJPA-1873 fix PostLoad entity listener behaviour
     new 6595f31  Adding OpenJPA patch tool
     new 9305834  Undo mainline changes from previous commit
     new 6269231  OPENJPA-2091 improve docs about howto install JAI
     new aff65db  OPENJPA-1873 add documentation for openjpa.PostLoadOnMerge
     new 8d2b795  OPENJPA-2091 fix comment for installing JAI
     new e244399  OPENJPA-2068: Optimized calendar creation.
     new a4d56b5  OPENJPA-2091 fix column count
     new e3fbbfb  OPENJPA-2091 upgrade docbkx plugin to 2.0.13 and FOP-1.0
     new 1a38385  OPENJPA-2094: Metadata processing needs to support jar:file URLs that address Jar directories
     new b2af308  OPENJPA-2094: Metadata processing needs to support jar:file URLs that address Jar directories
     new 10a0989  OPENJPA-2089 Need depending packages to avoid ClassNotDefineException of classes in bval.jsr303.impl.* and slf4j.simple.*.
     new 12e33c9  OPENJPA-2087.  Removing the use of the ConcreteClassGenerator.  Committing this change on behalf of Jacob Nowosatka.
     new bfd6b46  OPENJPA-2085.  Committing the initial change to support the version of derby.  Additional changes for the documentation and possibly scripting changes will be coming shortly.  These changes are being committed on behalf of Jacob Nowosatka.
     new 4bf8225  OPENJPA-2085 Additional updates for move to Derby
     new b20b810  OPENJPA-1912 add missing test for enhancer fix
     new 3631ed5  OPENJPA-2098: Manage context stack in a fail-safe way
     new 261917b  OPENJPA-1912 - Fix checkstyle build error
     new ba24ed7  OPENJPA-2088 use @pom.version@ instead of hardcoded plugin version
     new fedd2f7  OPENJPA-1912 drop my @author tag
     new e4a94c6  OPENJPA-2099: Introduce bind parameter. Remove direct string appending to Select
     new ffd2a7b  OPENJPA-2099: Introduce bind parameter. Remove direct string appending to Select
     new 14d8109  OPENJPA-2099: Restore getColumns() method
     new 9f4fba2  OPENJPA-2100 fix filterPersistenceCapable
     new 62462f4  OPENJPA-2100 make sure that standard mappingtool works with enums
     new 6bc2b56  OPENJPA-2100 oops, fixed broken test
     new 857abde  Wrong logic in setting default remote commit provider
     new fab4535  OPENJPA-2099: make use of generic types
     new db415aa  OPENJPA:2099: rollback revision 1225299
     new da004e6  OPENJPA:2099: Separate bind parameter and select construction logic
     new 6369c74  OPENJPA-2083 Unmapped fields silently treated as transient.  Patch provided by Jacob Nowosatka.
     new 9cc9b97  OPENJPA-2087.  Adding "missing" methods on the concrete JDBC classes to allow building with Java 7.  Committing this change on behalf of Jacob Nowosatka.
     new 59d0a52  OPENJPA-2102: Added code to compare decoded URLs in AbstractCFMetaDataFactory.
     new afef47f  OPENJPA-2104 Get the proper/indirect value from BindParameter.
     new ed33f06  OPENJPA-2105 Fix document upload problem
     new 2d1ff88  OPENJPA-2082 Documentation changes and upload schema
     new 6289157  release preparation. Move trunk to 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 2846f87  OPENJPA-2099: Reuse internal select by parameter rebinding
     new 162e98d  Increase TCK run time limit for slower system.
     new 3beb745  switch back trunk to 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 0ec5ae0  Replace hard-coded tck runtime timeout (7200000) to system property (default to 7200000).
     new e267cdd  Replace hard-coded tck runtime timeout (7200000) to system property (default to 7200000).
     new d354f7c  OPENJPA-2107: Only reset Broker.flushed flag if initializing a new Statemanager.
     new 5bb79b9  Add 5-Aug-2011 version of JPA TCK 2.0 launch script.
     new 1a50b5f  OPENJPA:2099: Cacheing select construct with class/field strategy. Adding configuration
     new 3c1a262  OPENJPA-2108: Allow configuration for SQL termination character in Mapping Tool
     new 6430d8e  OPENJPA-2111: Optimize lookup when possible
     new c2e11e7  Let PCEhancer report the class it is enhancing
     new 3dee2ca  Use typed list when possible
     new 024ff20  OPENJPA-2099: Guard cached select
     new 6bed19c  OPENJPA-2099: cached select for handler strategy
     new 2c65619  OPENJPA-2068: Fixing a bug where we were incorrectly removing LRS proxy fields while loading the proxy.
     new dc95a8a  OPENJPA-2068: Update test Entities.
     new 736221d  OPENJPA-2099: Create thread gateto protect Select
     new 49adef7  OPENJPA-2099: Use thread gate for reused select. Guard parameter binding
     new 816280b  OPENJPA-2099: Align Slice threading model and Select reuse threading model
     new ade97ac  OPENJPA-2099: Silly checkstyl error
     new f31e4ba  OPENJPA-2099: Introduce flexible ThreadLocal
     new ccdcf9b  OPENJPA-1050: Use generics
     new e37a589  OPENJPA:1050: Use generics
     new 7def6f8  OPENJPA-2099: simple doc change
     new 3929e28  OPENJPA-1050: Use generics
     new fc1ea49  OPENJPA-2116: Optimize frequent operations  a) field denotes a relation and b) schema name needs conversion.
     new 1de07a5  Remove left-over System.out.println("++++ INDEX")
     new 11dc47c  OPENJPA-2117 - change setColumn gated on isSerialized not isElementCollection
     new ad41647  OPENJPA-2117 - Fix formatting problem
     new 7b2d6ea  OPENJPA-2099: correct test error
     new a666c1d  OPENJPA-2099: Added toString() for debugging
     new 52ea956  OPENJPA-1901: QueryCacheStoreQuery CachedObjectId is not Serializable
     new 2988eba  OPENJPA-2099: relax thread and bind parameter affinity. allow immutable value at construction
     new 65f9e59  OPENJPA-2099: Rollback toString() because DB2 error not investigated
     new ba3f74e  OPENJPA-2099: disable the feature temporarily
     new 5aa9a57  OPENJPA-2099: Test for immutable value
     new 64c8d56  OPENJPA-2099: Remove generics
     new 4d0917c  OPENJPA-2099: Remove hard references from thread local
     new b053659  OPENJPA-2099: account for detached state manager
     new 3a5fce3  OPENJPA-2099: checkstyle error
     new e8aaacc  OPENJPA-2076.  The ASL message that is inserted into the generated metamodel code should not be translated.  Added a comment to indicate this.
     new e14af5d  OPENJPA-2120 Add option for optimizing copy operations for qualifying id classes.
     new e5a7710  OPENJPA-2099.  Temporarily disabling openjpa.CachesSelect property while cutting the 2.2.0 release.
     new 647ab63  OPENJPA-2099: doc for openjpa.jdbc.CachesSelect option
     new 91eb9d4  OPENJPA-2122.  The conditional to check for the proper Java 7 major version (51) was incorrect.  I also updated how we invoked the ASM hook so that the Trace message in the finally block would output the correct number of bytes.
     new 824753b  OPENJPA-2119: Added support for generating a constructor and greater support for tabbing. Also fixed a number of bugs.
     new 98859e2  OPENJPA-2119: Fix checkstyle error.
     new 0f17510  Documents change preparing for 2.2.0 release
     new f9cf3b7  OPENJPA-2124 Committing patch contributed by Helen Xu.  Test covered by existing jUnit.
     new e6d667e  OPENJPA-2076.  Too many newline characters in this one message...
     new 2bbbcc9  OPENJPA-2099.  With Pinaki's green light, we're going to back out the changes for OpenJPA-2099 and OpenJPA-2111 so that we can make progress on the OpenJPA 2.2.0 release.
     new 5680616  A sample finder target policy
     new b1e7cb3  Fix checkstyle typos.
     new bb9fd6f  OPENJPA-2130 - Introduce properties (<compile.class.source>, </>,<compile.testclass.source> and <>) allowing user to specify source and target class versions for code and test.
     new 0b55b3b  Documents update preparing for 2.2.0 release
     new a47e0b7  Remove the assumption that the user id used in <site.deploy.url> to be i.e the log-in user id in the release system. Replace ${} to ${} which needs to be set in settings.xml.
     new 777a1f6  Documents update preparing for 2.2.0 release
     new 2d42a79  [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch 2.2.x
     new 4d1e1bc  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.2.x
     new 408d8b4  Update pom.xml version to 2.3.0-SNAPSHOTS in trunk after 2.2.0 is released.
     new cecd73b  OPENJPA-2123.  Only format parameters for printing if logging is turned on.
     new c55f846  OPENJPA-2134.  Do not close Connections during prepareForPooling if ConnectionRetainMode is set to "always".
     new 6599b7b  OPENJPA-2136: Fix NPE when using LiteAutoDetach.
     new 1f3f320  OPENJPA-2137: Make some StateManagerImpl fields protected to allow for greater extensibility.
     new 1cb2f10  OPENJPA-2123.  Just check the value of db2ServerType instead of calling isDB2ZOSV8xOrLater().
     new 103aa4f  OPENJPA-2140 Update locking tests to use a unique pu name
     new fdda697  OPENJPA-2123.  Introduce a new DBDictionary property (trimStringColumns) that allows for trimming of String columns when retrieved from the ResultSet.
     new d03434b  OPENJPA-2141 fix and test for lazy embedded fields
     new c275da6  OPENJPA-2142 Handle merge of new object with Entity Id field
     new ce44b7d  OPENJPA-2143 reduce lock contention on LifecycleEventManager
     new 5f5b20f  OPENJPA-2145 Assemble asm-3.2.jar into binary zip file for distribution.
     new 8971fda  OPENJPA-2146: StateManager for Embeddable may throw Exception while initializing
     new e07b3ce  OPENJPA-2055: Added code to account for IPv6 addresses.
     new b98289e  Update tck 2 configuration in tck2-20110815.xml and enable pluggability test.
     new ecf492a  OPENJPA-2143 reverting back to previous revision
     new e1c4c92  OPENJPA-2142 test case
     new f94fb7f  OPENJPA-2132 Fix empty List for OneToMany with InheritanceType.JOINED or SINGLE_TABLE
     new a7f8af8  Update User Guide version, copyright year and upload build problems.
     new cc4f626  OPENJPA-2152.  Don't submit and process an extra query hint if the desired LockModeType is NONE (the default).
     new b68cf1d  OPENJPA-2153 Mark DBCPDriverDataSource non-abstract so that DBCPDriverDataSource.class.newinstance is used to instantiate for property configuration.
     new ca7918e  OPENJPA-2154 Fix path to load security policy file for test-dynamic-enhancer profile.
     new f4e1d19  OPENJPA-2120 add optimization to methods that use a field manager
     new 7063dd5  OPENJPA-2156: Correctly generate imports when using classes in java.util packages.
     new 1d71976  OPENJPA-2156: Add support for generating a final class.
     new 1925881  OPENJPA-2158: Null out StateManager when lite auto detaching proxies.
     new 83b432a  OPENJPA-2159 Provide dictionary option for Date rounding
     new 3d04bdd  OPENJPA-2161: Make StateManagerId public to allow for greater extensibility.
     new 3e1de6c  OPENJPA-2165 Added support for non-db-ordered list proxies that provide the ability to do non-indexed add or remove operations without loading the collection from the database.  Testcases and documentation will follow in future commits.
     new b2cc17c  OPENJPA-2161: Refactor storing ClassMetaData in StateManagerImpl.
     new f506835  OPENJPA-2163 Change LifecycleEventManager PluginValue's singleton default value from true to false. Add SingletonLifecycleEventManager property allow previous property to switch singleton value back to true. Since LifecycleEventManager is a internal property for BeanValidation support, the SingletonLifecycleEventManager property will be kept as internal property as well.
     new 284b6e5  OPENJPA-2163 Add SingletonLifecycleEventManager property to interface and documentation.
     new 42372cf  OPENJPA-2163 Simplify configuration: move SingletonLifecycleEventManager from property to Compatibility option.
     new 0354b05  OPENJPA-2162.  Allow the setting of the DBDictionary property supportsDelimitedIdentifiers to "false" to skip the extra overhead of processing delimited identifiers when they will not exist for a given application or usage.
     new 208be27  OPENJPA-2167.  Only reload the proxy fields if the field is loaded and dirty.
     new 90fcd96  OPENJPA-2167.  Only attempt to fire TransactionEvents if the TransactionEventManager is not empty.
     new b897fe5  OPENJPA-2167.  Allow "none" setting for AutoDetach for debug purposes.
     new e9ab0d7  OPENJPA-2163 Update migration documentation.
     new 461471d  OPENJPA-2164.  Change the Savepoints testcase to be more consistent with the expectations of savepoints.
     new 83916ff  OPENJPA-2164.  If the field being requested is already loaded, then skip the overhead and just return the field value.
     new c5d2d2c  OPENJPA-2151.  Optimizations to StateManagerImpl.initialize and FieldMetaData access.
     new 6b6c063  OPENJPA-2168.  Move call to check for existing Listeners higher in the call stack.
     new 9030633  OPENJPA-2151: If transitioning from PClean to PNonTransState, don't reset dirty bitset.
     new 31da969  OPENJPA-2165 minor improvements to delayed collection loading
     new f3dbb5a  OPENJPA-2168.  Modified the approach for detecting life cycle event processing.
     new ec836be  OPENJPA-2169 - Test case update for Oracle 11.2.
     new 8e445e0  OPENJPA-2167.  Change data structure type from a Set to List so as to avoid the use of hashcode processing.
     new 0674241  OPENJPA-2131 - Commit contribution by Zilin Chen.
     new 60e42ed  OPENJPA-2168.  Forgot to check whether the base LifecycleEventManager was activated when the ValidatingLifecycleEventManager is in play.
     new 08b0dd2  OPENJPA-2139 reset the BrokerFactory state if an Exception occured
     new 3bfaadf  OPENJPA-2170 - Clear the batching cache regardless if the batch execution has succeeded or failed to avoid duplicated SQL updates.
     new b7bd2c8  OPENJPA-2110: Create correct proxy type when type is defined in an abstract class.
     new 8ac15eb  OPENJPA-2172.  openjpa-all/pom.xml updates for slf4j-simple (runtime).  Also, updated openbooks properties files to correspond to the version of openjpa being built.
     new aac116c  OPENJPA-2178 switch Date PostgreSQL preci from CENTI to MICRO
     new df8d3c4  OPENJPA-2165 Minor fixes, more proxy types, testcases, and doc udpates
     new 9b322a9  OPENJPA-2165 Documentation update
     new eef9fd4  OPENJPA-2182 updated testcase to workaround this issue
     new a2c820b  replace tabs with spaces only
     new b15b164  OPENJPA-2179 create unit test showing the problem.
     new badcf47  OPENJPA-2179 remove unnecessary config params
     new a0f7a2f  OPENJPA-2142 Update test case for second problem
     new 432499a  OPENJPA-2161: Refactor revision 1306530 and make StateManagerImpl._meta protected.
     new 8c8e250  OPENJPA-2133: OpenJPA doesn't find custom mappings with an applicable class loader
     new 6df8fa9  OPENJPA-2179 - Fix table name conflict between org.apache.openjpa.persistence.common.apps.Course and which caused the reported exception.
     new 0c4b201  OPENJPA-2189.  Build script updates to allow OpenBooks to run on Liberty Profile in WebSphere.  Also, some general updates to the OpenBooks application to correct missing links, pics, and formatting issues.
     new 155f262  Minor updates to the list of supported databases and their defined aliases.
     new ae9e05b  OPENJPA-2187: Generate correct source for a file that is in the default package.
     new 32d2a85  OPENJPA-2191: Add null check when initializing AbstractQueryCache.
     new e6a8d37  OPENJPA-2067: Added code, gated by the new DBDictionary.useJDBC4SetBinaryStream prop, to use a JDBC 4.0 version of setBinaryStream.
     new 61b023c  OPENJPA-2197 fix lifecycle method detection
     new 901c70e  OPENJPA-2199 - If inverse relation is removed (nulled out) when commit, attempt to find the target type from initialized object in the state manager to complete the update graph for foreign key constraint detection between the relationships.
     new f617557  OPENJPA-2165 provide setters for element validation and tracker in new delayed proxy types
     new 122f5fe  remove unused import and fix JavaDoc
     new 8a7ce9d  OPENJPA-2179 improve test and move to general
     new 2889520  fix codestyle only
     new 6be44b2  remove tabs
     new ac9466b  OPENJPA-2179 provide unit test (disabled)
     new fe1a099  OPENJPA-2179 use other ways to disable the test
     new 908e0f6  OPENJPA-2200 remove unused imports
     new 7cee19d  OPENJPA-2151: Fix NPE in ClassMetaData.hasInverseManagedFields.
     new 8200a35  OPENJPA-2120 documentation for OptimizeIdCopy property
     new 11cd0d5  OPENJPA-2118: Provide fix to avoid possible 'division by zero' error.
     new ebe06fd  OPENJPA-2174: Applied Helen Xu's patch to trunk
     new 5fb9e71  OPENJPA-2072: Applied Helen Xu's patch to trunk, and applied test case changes as Albert had done in JIRA OPENJPA-2095 for issue with using Test* in entity name.
     new e612905  OPENJPA-2095: Applied Helen Xu's patch to trunk with Albert's test case changes.
     new 4f479a9  OPENJPA-2175 Fix problem with multiple foreign keys of the same type
     new dde88d5  OPENJPA-2204.  Detect a potential null value before blindly outputting a trace string.
     new c47085e  OPENJPA-2208 Add getProtectionDomain doPriv function
     new c120b18  OPENJPA-2209: Allow configuration of MetaDataRepository preloading with a lowercase property.
     new 3f03f91  OPENJPA-2209: Add comment to AbstractBrokerFactory.
     new d130646  OPENJPA-2183 - enable missing openjpa.hint.RelaxParameterTypeChecking
     new 4659638  OPENJPA-2207 Fix single numeric db identifier problem
     new f3e6479  Check not only select but update as well
     new 11b8035  add a test with entity with separate Id class
     new 91c9e23  Put an entity manager as the user object in a broker
     new 325c7a2  OPENJPA-2030: Add support to detect dirty outside transaction
     new 3186429  OPENJPA-2030: Collect dirty fields with a smarter loop
     new 56bd024  OPENJPA-2030: Add a test for audit
     new 1fe219e  save circular serialization error
     new cbffb40  OPENJPA-2030: Missing license
     new f5d06d7  OPENJPA-2030: Fix line length.
     new 60c94ad  OPENJPA-2030: Fix erroneous test commit.
     new dc339a9  Reduce log level when meta class not found
     new 1de868a  OPENJPA-2220: Commit fetch statistic tool. Patch contributed by Helen Xu.
     new 1246de0  OPENJPA-2220: Update pom.xml(s)
     new b5c83f0  Change TestId class name to IdTestClass to avoid JUnit 4 detects TestId is a test case and generates "java.lang.Exception: No runnable methods" failures.
     new d586739  OPENJPA-2220: Break fetch statistics apart into multiple dependent modules.
     new e4d72a7  OPENJPA-2220: Update pom.xml to publish shaded jar.
     new b04dee5  OPENJPA-2220: Update pom.xml to use the shaded jar rather than the default jar.
     new f30d748  OPENJPA-2199 - Guard null pc value.
     new 5eb13db  OPENJPA-2230.  Set the _activated flag when processing EventListeners in super classes.
     new 90032dc  Update svn:ignore for openjpa-tools modules.
     new a42c9c2  OPENJPA-2229: Add support for JBoss vfs when process Entities.
     new 4b04ef5  OPENJPA-2228: Fix SQLBuffer when using an Entity with an EmbeddedId that has multiple pks and QuerySQLCache is enabled. Patch contributed by Helen Xu.
     new 0506e9f  OPENJPA-2236 put try/catch around connection info trace in DBDictionary
     new 5afd4e8  OPENJPA-2238: Don't create custom proxies for default scoped classes.
     new 654f835  OPENJPA-2196 - Commit contribution by Scott Parkerson.
     new 0abd271  OPENJPA-2243 - Add synchronized that matches the signatures in superclass.
     new a7b90fd  OPENJPA-2232 - Disable TestAudit temporarily until problem is resolved.
     new 8c25272  OPENJPA-2231 - introduce replace method using Reader for input stream.
     new 423d1d1  OPENJPA-2231 - add proper imports.
     new 5c05a69  OPENJPA-2227: OpenJPA doesn't find custom SequenceGenerators
     new bcda87c  OPENJPA-2245: Fix NotSerializableException when using Criteria and QueryCache.
     new a55000a  OPENJPA-2229: Honor when mapping a uni-directional OneToOne that is in a SecondaryTable.
     new 2683a02  OPENJPA-2247: Honor when mapping a uni-directional OneToOne that is in a SecondaryTable.
     new 3e787f7  OPENJPA-2247: Update testcase.
     new 4f930b1  OPENJPA-428 - Remove Id property from remaining map in Configurations
     new 1d1b1bb  Replace hard-coded hsqldb.version value to property value to void repository version mis-match and eventually maven plugin test failures.
     new c3169cc  OPENJPA-2242 - Extends procedure call parameter String cast length if value length is greater than the default length
     new eb02dc6  Use of ${hsqldb.version" property causes "recursive expression cycle" error in maven plugin test. Reverted back to use hard-code value but with matching version.
     new a599292  OPENJPA-2171 pickup existing ASM shades if possible
     new 9e9b0a7  OPENJPA-2149: Criteria.function adds wrong casts to parameters making it unusable
     new bc29ef1  OPENJPA-2255 Enable join table id columns to use the column length from the target instead of hard-coded db specific default column length.
     new 512520f  OPENJPA-2257 Properly synchronized _supportedKeys in ConigurationImpl. Test case contributed by Stephan Hagedorn.
     new 1952ecd  OPENJPA-2240.  Update the Serp dependency to v1.14.1.  This version resolves the issue of enhancing methods with class constants as parameters.
     new ef20651  OPENJPA-2260: Parenthesis-augmented parameters are improperly processed at EM level
     new e9a6d66  OPENJPA-2261: Query SQL Cache issue with NULL parameters
     new 556d796  OPENJPA-2253: Clear temporary storage for audit to prevent memory leak
     new ae3441b  OPENJPA-2253: Clear temporary storage for audit to prevent memory leak
     new 0ae1199  OPENJPA-2253 Add few Audit test
     new 837638b  OPENJPA-2264: Change PreparedStatementManagerImpl.logSQLWarnings to take a Statement rather than a PreparedStatement.
     new e424097  OPENJPA-2269: Fix duplicate key exception when inserting into sequence table on multithreaded init.
     new fd4ca96  OPENJPA-2267: Fix NPE in ResultPacker when there is a null result.
     new fd8e5fe  Add some solution hint in the error message
     new 1c2ec16  OPENJPA-2171: Fix ASM static init exception text.
     new a06d373  OPENJPA-2247 Complete fix for 1x1 bi and mx1 uni relationships of the described problem.
     new 9f128e3  OPENJPA-2271: Update ciManagement in pom.xml. Patch contributed by Francesco Chicchiriccò.
     new 3a6ffd8  OPENJPA-2269: Fix testcase.
     new dab8b62  Removed OpenJPA references from daytrader-integration module and added a EM pool-ish feature to daytrader-integrat test.
     new 4823f17  OPENJPA-1532: Enable shared-cache-mode to turn on datacache without needing openjpa.DataCache configuration. Patch contributed by Helen Xu.
     new 9496937  OPENJPA-2234: Avoid NPE when the ManagedRuntime returns a null TransactionManager.
     new 4ca0cdc  OPENJPA-2275 - Enhancements for SchemaTool extension. Contributed by Francesco Chicchiriccò.
     new e5f91d1  OPENJPA-2234: Remove failing testcase.
     new 0988966  OPENJPA-2280: Change AbstractDB2Dictionary numeric type mapping from DOUBLE to DECIMAL.
     new fbe268c  OPENJPA-2280: Update AccountDataBean to include scale and precision.
     new ef5f605  OPENJPA-2280: Add text to the migration considerations for MappingTool changes.
     new 4b230eb  OPENJPA-2285: DataCacheStoreManager improvement.
     new bfa7d2c  OPENJPA-2280: Update testcase so it works on DB2.
     new 2980c19  OPENJPA-2280: Reverting previous commits.
     new 60b97e3  OPENJPA-2292: Pool CancelPreparedStatements to reduce object allocations.
     new cd7851e  OPENJPA-2292: Use java.util.IdentityHashMap in BrokerImpl.initializeOperatingSet to reduce object allocations.
     new c6fa108  OPENJPA-2293: Don't check for listeners if exclude-default-listener is configured.
     new 0633d68  OPENJPA-2196: Made an update to the message which was added to via this JIRA.
     new 160c71e  OPENJPA-2285: Don't recache data from an Embedded StateManager.
     new d636787  OPENJPA-1532: Minor message updates.
     new 404d949  whitespace test
     new af3df6b  OPENJPA-2282 do not append escape clause by default.
     new 0a91a39  OPENJPA-1532 add migration doc for shared-cache-mode
     new e0d5b05  OPENJPA-2295 speed up query metadata lookup
     new 89b44bb  OPENJPA-2288: MetaDataRepository should be able to filter classes from other app ClassLoaders in JEE Env
     new 7d897d9  OPENJPA-2298: Applied Kevin's changes to trunk.
     new 9fa9ef4  OPENJPA-2244: Applied Helen's patch to trunk.
     new 2d5ab5c  OPENJPA-2289: Applied Albert's patch to trunk
     new 88cc847  OPENJPA-2284: Save NPE while parsing cascade
     new f17a08f  OPENJPA-2304: Protect the expressin list for concurrent access
     new 56107fc  OPENJPA-2305: Change inheritance hierarchy of generated canonical metamodel
     new 0a8d89d  OPENJPA-2057: Add additional class loader to configuration to load custom plugins
     new dc02973  Add javadoc comments
     new bded0a4  OPENJPA-2235: READ_UNCOMMITTED setting for the fetch plan isolation level is ignored in DB2Dictionary - applied Helen Xu's patch to trunk.
     new 56925f5  OPENJPA-2235: Updated TestIsolationFecthHint test to fix build failure.
     new 2e9e9e2  OPENJPA-2057:remove wrong import
     new a2b07b1  OPENJPA-2257: Added additional changes (i.e. return a copy of _supportedKeys) to the code changes made previously by Albert Lee.
     new efef270  OPENJPA-2057:remove wrong import
     new 58f24ba  Update nightly build documentation upload location.
     new 0ca38be  OPENJPA-2320: Remove static initializers because recursive Predicate constructor deadlocks
     new 114ffd7  Switch to use
     new 5c3070f  Revert switch to use changes.
     new 5b21125  OPENJPA-2321: Remove synchrnization on output stream
     new 2c3ec95  OPENJPA-2324: Option to express literal in query string directly into generate SQL - applied Albert's patch to trunk.
     new 01cae73  OPENJPA-2325: Correct evaluation of identity type for MappedSuperclass without an identity field
     new e63abd9  OPENJPA-2325: Test cases for Mapped Super Class without identity field
     new e12dcdd  OPENJPA-2295 restore the old method to be compatible.
     new 52fb78c  OPENJPA-2326. A couple of updates to pom.xml and tck2-20110815.xml to make execution of the TCK more straight forward.  I'm still experiencing some hiccups, but we're getting closer...
     new 1507558  OPENJPA-2264 - restore deleted logSQLWarning(PreparedStatement) method to maintain binary backward compatibility.
     new 3542142  OPENJPA-2326 - Enable running TCK 2 against databases other then Derby. Fixed a few configuration problems.
     new c8dd4fc  OPENJPA-2326 - Remove duplicate <macrodef>.
     new 2facc84  OPENJPA-2326.  Found an errant trace statement that is not needed.  Left over from a previous commit cleanup.  Too much trace is generated...
     new 4985e62  OPENJPA-2326: Remove table PROJECT in create.sql; add dictionary property Decimal(18,2) and minor fixes.
     new cb309e7  OPENJPA-2326: Update TCK build.xml to use the correct property name for the pluggability tests.
     new c0413aa  OPENJPA-2326: remove ant-nodeps package dependency.
     new 7f71656  OPENJPA-2326.  Just some cosmetic updates to pom.xml to help differentiate between the TCK 2.0 setup and the TCK 1.0 setup configurations.
     new 862b0f5  OPENJPA-2326 - Enable 21x and 221x running TCK 2 against databases other then Derby. Fixed a few configuration problems.
     new aad999d  OPENJPA-2332.  Updated the "no-driver" message and added a couple of additional Trace statements to help with debugging Datasource configuration issues.
     new cbc0301  OPENJPA-2326 - Fixed StoreCharAsInteger property for DB2.
     new 3bdb0b9  OPENJPA-OpenJPA must support processing puRoot and jar-file URLs as jar-formatted InputStreams
     new 05b4109  OPENJPA-2332 - Update "no-driver" message content for clarity.
     new 7ce7e55  OPENJPA-2335: Set non-default value to a foreign key contrained column
     new 4fbf3fc  OPENJPA-2336: Consider database dictionary schema case while matching join column name
     new fd5cc04  OPENJPA-2328: Fix NoSuchElementException when using HandlerRelationMapTableFieldStrategy. Patch contributed by Guillaume Chauvet.
     new 5632d5a  OPENJPA-2330: Fix StackoverflowError when checking if a field is loaded. Test contributed by Guillaume Chauvet.
     new 326fcd7  OPENJPA-2330: Change test Entity names.
     new ecd1246  OPENJPA-2305: Restore the inheritance hierarchy of the generated canonical metamodel to that of the domain model due to spec compliance, but flatten the attributes so that an inherited attribute uses generic parameter of owning class type instead of the declared supertype
     new 80d1fdd  OPENJPA-2346: Minor performance improvement to MetaDataRepository.
     new 8c23eb3  OPENJPA-2347: Make StateManagerImpl more extensibile.
     new 1e2b753  OPENJPA-2348: Cache calculated hashcode in OpenJPAId.
     new e0bb4cd  OPENJPA-2348: Revert prior commit.
     new 9f0f92f  OPENJPA-2285: Revert prior changes.
     new 0f4459f  OPENJPA-2305: Revert to previous style of generated metamodel as flattening inherited variables violate the spec
     new e617abd  Simple change to stringify a collection of values with proper spaces
     new 70a201a  OPENJPA-2305: Downcast the attribute, if necessary, while navigating a path
     new 47e402c  OPENJPA-2353: Reduce BitSet object allocations in StateManagerImpl.
     new 1febbf7  OPENJPA-2353: Reduce object allocations in BrokerImpl.initializeOperatingSet().
     new 582cfc5  OPENJPA-2353: Reduce object allocations in DetachManagerLite.
     new 3d5df48  OPENJPA-2353: Fix bug in BrokerImpl.initializeOperatingSet() initialization after deserialization.
     new dd439b5  OPENJPA-2353: Remove debug from previous commit.
     new 085ea3e  OPENJPA-2354: Remove synchronized from pcReplaceStateManager method.
     new e966f0f  OPENJPA-2355: Allow more than two input argument to CONCAT()
     new 6adc2f4  OPENJPA-2356: Use FETCH OFFSET/NEXT and ROWNUM support for DB2 familiy of databases for Range queries
     new c9fa4b9  OPENJPA-2357: Fix InvalidStateException when using the InverseManager. Fix contributed by Guillaume Chauvet.
     new 82027f4  OPENJPA-2342.  Changed to use the getDeclaredInterfaceNames instead of getDeclaredInterfaceTypes.  All testing is looking good and should alleviate the problem of the classloading.
     new 5c1421c  OPENJPA-1979: reference column name starting with single-quote *not* delimited as they have special semantics for non-standard constant join
     new 7f14c7d  Disable logging during brokerfactory de-serialization.  Added type checking of plugin values.
     new 3d11895  OPENJPA-2365: Support for delete-by-query. Correction for hint processing
     new e61acd8  OPENJPA-2368 extension xsd update in trunk.
     new 30c3a72  OPENJPA-2368 Reverts extension xsd update in trunk.
     new 2e996c9  OPENJPA-2172.  Remove the dependency on the slf4j runtime bundle from openjpa-all.jar.  Also, modified the persistence.xml files for the OpenBooks sample to set the Validation-Mode to None (since it's not being used).  This way, we can avoid the dependency altogether.  This also required the update to the persistence.xml files to point at the JPA 2.0 xsd files.
     new e8a2932  OPENJPA-2368 extentable xsd updates
     new 9675186  OPENJPA-2172.  In order to pass the TCK, we needed to add the slf4j dependency into the TCK pom.xml.
     new 8b75df3  OPENJPA-2369, eliminate the duplicate call to getUnloadedInternal function.
     new 1a1ab83  Add a warning when complex id class is non-serializable
     new 34b223f  OPENJPA-2373: Add toString() for debugging
     new fa122cd  OPENJPA-2373: special processing path for MapsId with auto-generated identity
     new a90e516  OPENJPA-2373: test case for MapsId with auto-generated identity
     new 1869a7b  OPENJPA-2373: Add toString() for debugging
     new 5ce1ec4  OPENJPA-2374: avoid OID creation when the lookup is not required.
     new 0d1b152  OPENJPA-2371 - move gallery examples from main to test folder
     new 6d313db  OPENJPA:2379: simplify isLoaded() logic
     new c6ee8ca  Refrain from logging when verifying log factory plugin.
     new 937aad6  OPENJPA-2377 - Fix criteria query methods to meet spec requirements.
     new ede84e6  refactor json-only classes
     new 0834454  OPENJPA-2388 support for xbean shaded ASM4
     new f30f7bc  fix ignore list
     new 2df7cd6  OPENJPA-2379 - Revert changes due to following additional failures: Failure 	TestPersistenceUtil. testNotLoadedEager (org.apache.openjpa.persistence.util) 	163ms View trend 	1590 Failure 	TestProviderUtil. testNotLoadedEager (org.apache.openjpa.persistence.util) 	79ms View trend 	1378 Failure 	TestProviderUtil. testNotLoadedLazy (org.apache.openjpa.persistence.util) 	61ms View trend 	1376 Failure 	TestProviderUtil. testIsApplicationLoaded (org.apache.openjpa.persistence. [...]
     new c8016a4  OPENJPA-2373: Made updates to the test created for this JIRA.
     new 5e9ecb0  OPENJPA-2305 Revert AnnotationProcess6 @SupportSourceVersion removal. This will be resolved under JIRA 2300.
     new 123e288  OPENJPA-2390 - commit patch contributed by Di Lau.
     new c7b4e05  OPENJPA-2391 - commit patch contributed by Di Lau.
     new e406bda  OPENJPA-2405: EntityManager.merge does not work for entity that is managed by another EntityManager
     new a30d93f  OPENJPA-2356 Database specific adjustments for previous patch. Contributed by Di Lau.
     new 8eb9ff9  Add CLEAR_TABLES to avoid intermittent failures.
     new 8cb451d  OPENJPA-696: Make transaction synchronization registries non-static.
     new 1b1b60c  OPENJPA-2400: MariaDB support
     new dc2c72f  OPENJPA-2355: Made changes to files to update the message previously added by this JIRA.
     new 4cf336f  OPENJPA-2410 : Detect SystemOut/Err in code at build time. Patch submitted by Di Wu Lau.
     new e384913  OPENJPA-2387: Fix to exclude schema name when checking the length of a sequence name.
     new a8af3da  OPENJPA-2410 : Minor change to checkstyle suppressions.xml
     new 0929f42  OPENJPA-2410 : Another minor change to checkstyle.xml
     new 503e48e  OPENJPA-2410 : Yet another checkstyle update.
     new 92c4369  OPENJPA-2400: MariaDB DBDictionaryFactory update
     new 0019221  OPENJPA-2410 : Yet another checkstyle update. Should fix nix issues.
     new 5b3fea7  OPENJPA-2410 : Yet another checkstyle change.
     new ca76712  OPENJPA-1794 aggregate function with no result set must return null
     new f63e792  OPENJPA-2387: Fix to exclude schema name when checking the length of a sequence name.  Made update to ensure schema is used after length is calculated.
     new a0b872f  OPENJPA-2413: FetchPlan.clearFetchGroups() does not retain default entry in list of active Fetch Groups.
     new 2ad7453  OPENJPA-2378 - Fix test case to run test only if supportsAutoAssign is enabled. Contributed by Di Lau
     new d4b693e  OPENJPA-2418 : Fix checkstyle to run with maven 3.x.
     new 6952aec  OPENJPA-2368: Revert change to OpenJPA Extendable ORM Target NameSpace
     new 9acc4e2  OPENJPA-2368: Revert change to OpenJPA Extendable ORM Target NameSpace doc update
     new 0aed173  OPENJPA-2376: Escape character in JPQL with parameter substitution generates incorrect SQL - committed a patch sent to me by Albert Lee - merged changes from 2.1.x.
     new 2841d18  OPENJPA-2421: Correct a bug on FinderTargetPolicy
     new 1896a28  OPENJPA-2318: Left outer join is not generated because allowNull was not passed correctly
     new 4397b00  OPENJPA-1459: Add new archive that doesn't include sources or javadocs
     new ea05b25  OPENJPA-1459: Rename to binaries-nodocs and remove dead code in pom.xml
     new ee6f4ac  OPENJPA-2414: FinderCache does not consider active Fetch Groups/FetchPlan added Fields
     new 7a9815a  OPENJPA-2423: Isolation level is not working properly on DB2 for JPQL queries with nested sub-queries - committed to trunk the patch/fix provided by Pinaki Poddar.
     new 9f8a682  OPENJPA-2366 Committing code and unit tests contributed by Austin Dorenkamp
     new a3fccb4  OPENJPA-2432: MySQL dictionary can't be found from a valid connection
     new 3b94663  OPENJPA-2425: SELECT fields with @ExternalValues defined returns datastore values instead of unmapped fields - applied Albert Lee's patch to trunk.
     new e719ad0  OPENJPA-2283 : Merge changes from 2.3.x to trunk.
     new c3f73b7  Minor test change in TestUseSchemaElement to clean up prior to running.
     new c8e3d5d  OPENJPA-2414: FinderCache does not consider active Fetch Groups/FetchPlan added Fields
     new 70ccfae  OPENJPA-2433: Queries with a sort clause returns fewer entries than the same query that does not have a sort clause
     new 35c91ee  OPENJPA-2221 AbstractValueHandler map() fix applied to trunk
     new dc36e9a  OPENJPA-2438: EmbedFieldStrategy.containsEmbeddedResult() optimization fails under certain native sql query conditions
     new bb743b5  OPENJPA-2343: Version field returns null when explicity projected from a JOIN in SELECT clause - based fix off of patch provided by Howard Kelsey.  Merged 2.2.x commit to trunk.
     new 83dab92  OPENJPA-2435: Version field in a projection always returned as an Integer.  Merged 2.1.x changes to trunk.
     new 6708245  OPENJPA-2409 enable persistenceXmlFile parameter to handle classpath resources as well.
     new a76249e  OPENJPA-2440 close connection after not using it anymore
     new 1f38337  OPENJPA-2443 : Fix SingleFieldManager to not check for null values for IDENTITY generated fields when flushing.
     new d8395bd  OPENJPA-2443 : Remove unnecessary import.
     new 70f1188  release preparation upgrade trunk to 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 4551bbc  OPENJPA-2444 fix default orm.xml location for ReverseMappingTool
     new fef5615  OPENJPA-2444 also use target folder in the test itself
     new c428609  OPENJPA-2018 correctly handle select IN with arrays
     new 9da7935  OPENJPA-2018 improve unit test setup
     new a28818b  OPENJPA-2018 add svn:eol-style=native property
     new 092e70e  OPENJPA-2018 fix handling of Arrays in Select IN statements
     new 310be13  OPENJPA-2444 move the cleanup after freeing the InputStream
     new f4b2428  OPENJPA-2437 transactional listeners added too late to observe begin event
     new 08035c1  OPENJPA-2200 remove unused imports
     new 28cad33  OPENJPA-2449: refresh(PESSIMISTIC_WRITE) generates seperate SQL for the lock - applied to trunk Albert Lee's patch.
     new 7467131  OPENJPA-2459.  Update source and test java level to 1.7 as the minimum version.
     new 7c0c4a0  OPENJPA-2466: Update ReverseMappingTool to optionally write generated class to a String.
     new d4425f5  OPENJPA-2466: Fix checkstyle problem.
     new 9ce4d50  OPENJPA-2233: Merge changes to trunk.
     new d0a311e  OPENJPA-2463 : Change message from error to warning.
     new bf64635  OPENJPA-2470 : Update DataCacheManagerImpl to use a ConcurrentHashMap rather than a HashMap.
     new 4e8732d  OPENJPA-2450: Option to disable execution of ALTER SEQUENCE...INCREMENT BY statement for sequences.
     new bcf46e5  OPENJPA-2423: Added null-check to DB2Dictionary update
     new 0527c45  OPENJPA-2467: Fix detection of property access method names. Patch contributed by Dalia Abo Sheasha.
     new e21bcdf  OPENJPA-2134: Deprecate EntityManagerImpl.prepareForPooling().
     new 731649a  OPENJPA-2472: Fix concurrency bug in ClassMetaData. Patch contributed by Dalia Abo Sheasha.
     new d802d74  OPENJPA-2453: Add support to retain milliseconds of 'un-rounded' Date field.
     new 48eaa1a  OPENJPA-2022 : Minor change to SchemaGenerator. Patch contributed by Jason Zwolak.
     new d5eec88  OPENJPA-2389: Update message to be more descriptive. Patch contributed by Ben (?) and Dalia Abo Sheasha.
     new f01f7c4  OPENJPA-2285: Recommitted DataCacheStoreManager improvement.
     new 6d8a46e  OPENJPA-2441: Remove usage of NullSafeConcurrentHashMap. Patch contributed by Dalia Abo Sheasha.
     new 51e2b70  OPENJPA-2482: Cache column alias on colum+pathjoins rather than just column.
     new fa027f6  update copyright year
     new 873daf3  OPENJPA-2475: A query with LEFT FETCH JOIN returns incorrect results - applied fix to trunk.
     new 030ba2a  OPENJPA-1986: Extra queries being generated when cascading a persist - added another/similar check to the ones added by Rick.
     new 833031b  OPENJPA-2286: ArgumentException: Attempt to compare incompatible types class java.util.Date and class org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.sql.Raw
     new c0b6d88  OPENJPA-2487.  This patch provided by Romain Manni-Bucau looks good.  As stated in the Comments, this patch by itself is not sufficient for Java 8 runtime support, but it is a crucial step.  Follow the linked JIRAs for additional fixes required to fully support Java 8.
     new b3d7fe8  OPENJPA-2442.  Just using ProxyConcurrentMaps for proxying the Map methods.  Since this extends ProxyMaps anyway, this is pretty safe change.  This change resolves the TestProxyManager errors in openjpa-kernel when testing with Java 8 runtime.  And, it doesn't affect Java 7 runtime at all.  Refer to the Comments section for more details.
     new 10089d6  OPENJPA-2491.  Variation of the patch as provided by Romain Manni-Bucau.  Besides clearing the cache, I also corrected the spelling of "parameter" in this testcase name and another related testcase.
     new a90ffa2  OPENJPA-2489.  Committing patch as provided by Romain Manni-Bucau.   This patch just modifies the testcase to skip attempting to process some new Java 8 methods that are not needed yet...
     new 8aa54b6  OPENJPA-2491.  One other minor spelling update for a testcase name...
     new b664f18  OPENJPA-2492.  Committing a variation of the patch as provided by Romain Manni-Bucau.  This patch clears up the ConcurrentHashMap issues relating to the KeySetView return type.  This patch also adds a couple of asserts to an existing testcase to verify the results.
     new 4f23e3f  OPENJPA-2368: Undo revert on trunk (Move to
     new 3f33d76  OPENJPA-2476: Fixed OptimisticLockEx due to rounding of a Timestamp
     new d7dfa32  OPENJPA-2478: Fixed erroneous message from the enhancer when a Mapped Superclass contains an @Id.
     new d6c469d  OPENJPA-2509.  Updated doc references from @MappedById to @MapsId.
     new 80015bd  OPENJPA-2459.  Revert back to Java 6 in preparation for an interim release before embarking on JPA 2.1 and Java 7 and the rest of Java EE 7...
     new b95e0d1  OPENJPA-2502 : Update accessPath metas in CriteriaExpressionBuilder. Merged changes from 2.2.1.x. Patch contributed by Albert Lee.
     new e48cd3e  OPENJPA-2508 : Account for JOIN FETCH statements when loading from the Query Cache.
     new da48a0a  OPENJPA-2507.  Committing a variation of Thomas Darimont's patch that utilizes ThreadLocal storage to safeguard the _contexts in CriteriaQueryImpl.
     new 0a91a63  OPENJPA-2506: Update JPAFacadeHelper to properly create an OpenJPA identity object. Patch contributed by Dalia Abo Sheasha.
     new fc4e1e4  OPENJPA-2515: Update openjpa-project assemblies to include xbean-asm.
     new 3eaaa0c  OPENJPA-2516 - Aggregate connection property for Driver.connect
     new 86c478a  OPENJPA-2505 : Properly init MetaDataRepository when obtaining a reference in EntityManagerFactory.getMetaModel.
     new 077ad2b  OPENJPA-2494: A default Schema defined in a PU default (<persistence-unit-defaults>) in an orm.xml file is not being honored.
     new 319bb37  OPENJPA-2525: Use of JoinColumn targets to another joinColumn key exposed as an attribute will cause a ConstrainViolation exception on persist
     new 3235030  OPENJPA-2525: Change new test entities to use AUTO instead of IDENTITY pk generation
     new b6eee24  OPENJPA-2535: Fixed issue with DBCS characters in identifiers - merged from 2.2.x commit.
     new 7b14830  OPENJPA-2381: Upgrade Serp to 1.15.0
     new a4b909b  OPENJPA-2535: Update suppressions.xml as checkstyle does not like having a DBCS character in a test.
     new 27260ba  OPENJPA-2535: Disable DBCS tests as it is causing Eclipse and checkstyle problems.
     new 078da9d  OPENJPA-2535: Update failing test.
     new 08d94d7  OPENJPA-2533: Reorder MetaDataRepository call to fix a bug in orm resloution.
     new 4540f82  OPENJPA-1988: openjpa does not process persistence unit default <cascade-persist>
     new b659ac2  OPENJPA-2534: A boolean is not converted correct when using the hint 'UseLiteralInSQL' - applied Rick's patch to trunk.
     new 7c0e7f2  OPENJPA-2381: Update serp to 1.15.1
     new b48106b  OPENJPA-2542: Use bundle classloader AND PersistenceUnitInfo classloader when creating a BrokerFactory.
     new 336f654  OPENJPA-2018 improve readability
     new da75d5b  add documentation about how to speed up the local build and skip timeout tests
     new 69f3a6e  OPENJPA-2534 cleanup DBDictionary alias handling
     new 4ca9dbd  OPENJPA-2547: When two threads attempt to get a Pessimistic Lock, one thread gets a 'false' lock.  Applied fix to trunk.
     new c5e4fac  OPENJPA-2558 implement BooleanRepresentation which can be switched via config
     new 8c6b968  OPENJPA-2558 add getRepresentation to allow BooleanRepresentation be used in SQLBuffer
     new 9e54e9e  OPENJPA-2558 fix eol-style
     new 244e37b  OPENJPA-2558 add proper logging for BooleanRepresentation
     new 8129fe6  OPENJPA-2536: FetchGroup is not returning lazy fields.  Applied Rick Curtis' fix to trunk.
     new 6591d4d  OPENJPA-2557: FinderCache contains incorrectly cached query with a NULL for a Primary Key.
     new 09270f6  OPENJPA-2570: Allow an Informix user the option to disable the 'RETAINUPDATELOCKS' SQL.
     new 3b49efd  remove unused imports
     new d13ffa5  OPENJPA-2335 only handle key columns very restrictive
     new fcde8fd  upgrade license year to - 2015
     new fa44d51  exclude jest from packaging to openjpa pkg
     new a6f6c98  merged from 2.3.x: upgrade to latest javadoc and apache-parent versions
     new bdfcda0  remove unused imports
     new cfc598a  remove duplicate findbugs-plugin declaration
     new 9ddafe0  add release notes for 2.4.0 release
     new 880d9c3  fix javadoc plugin setup for release
     new f1a7522  disable maven-javadoc-plugin for module without any source
     new 2991f21  further cleanup of javadoc creation
     new f1ad383  remove empty @return javadocs
     new 85556cb  OPENJPA-2576 remove @nonjava which is actually not a javadoc tag
     new ad6d7fe  OPENJPA-2575 temporary set TCCL to _tmpClassloader
     new a4ae8a6  OPENJPA-2570: Allow an informix user the option to disable the RETAINUPDATELOCKS sql
     new f6c5acd  OPENJPA-1988: Made an update to the test case for this JIRA, i.e. merged r1641906 from 2.2.x to trunk.
     new 9d4c78d  OPENJPA-2534: A boolean is not converted correct when using the hint 'UseLiteralInSQL' - made test update.
     new 7b1c24e  OPENJPA-2571: Criteria Builder query generates extra alias when using multiselect.
     new 950ae7a  OPENJPA-2287 do not clear object fields for fetchObjectField
     new fbbfc9d  OPENJPA-2576 fix broken JavaDocs
     new bdaf141  OPENJPA-1988: Made an update to the test case for this JIRA, i.e. merged r1642555 from 2.2.x to trunk
     new acb0276  prepare release notes for 2.4.0
     new 232581e  disable openbooks to be built during release
     new 0221ff9  another workaround attempt to fix the release
     new 0c0c8dd  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release openjpa-parent-2.4.0
     new 5235008  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 419a8af  OPENJPA-2570: Allow an informix user the option to disable the RETAINUPDATELOCKS sql
     new 432e6be  configure maven-release-plugin to only use the project version as tag name
     new 7dc47bc  OPENJPA-2582 remove jest dependency from openjpa bundle
     new d38f10a  add site build information
     new bf22072  OPENJPA-2581 add MappingTool option to create DROP scripts for all tables in a DB.
     new 56ed8e4  start a release-howto documentation
     new 4a23fc2  try to make license header visible in github
     new 105ffd3  OPENJPA-2581 ITs for dropSchema action
     new b62c0c6  fix comment how to generate our javadoc
     new e918d4d  OPENJPA-2581 we need to switch back to going to the DB otherwise we don't get FKs generated
     new 0b26209  OPENJPA-2595 upgrade our test suite to junit-4
     new 8714768  fix unit test setup.
     new 2141465  fix commented out code which made the test pretty much nil
     new 49d8a92  OPENJPA-2595 upgrade to surefire 2.17
     new b74fe35  fix wrong error message
     new d2cd281  fix debug hints
     new 4b3cf47  remove IDE generated noise
     new a0b12f8  re-activate equals and hashCode as this seems to be checked by our MetaDataRepository
     new 3f04e65  disable randomly failing test
     new e38098b  OPENJPA-2595 remove rest of junit3 dependencies
     new 692bc96  creating a jpa 2.1 branchfrom trunk
     new b88cbde  upgrading API (throwing exception for all new methods) to JPA 2.1
     new fac15cf  OPENJPA-2592 basic stored procedure impl import
     new ea1682c  OPENJPA-2596 schema-delta generation (sqlAction=refresh) drops columns if they have an alternative typeName
     new 856fefb  OPENJPA-2539: Query Compilation causing inner join table to be randomly generated incorrectly - ported changes to trunk.
     new 72be5f1  OPENJPA-2597 DECIMAL and NUMERIC needs scale configuration for hsqldb
     new a51d3c5  OPENJPA-2600 remove Classes which break Java8 functionality.
     new f6ba63d  OPENJPA-2341 fix ValueHandler pickup via FieldStrategies
     new 82e1458  OPENJPA-2341 add unit test for Strategy handling
     new 3f040fb  OPENJPA-2600 add cast which is needed for Java8
     new 931c6ed  trying to fix build error on CI
     new c4db9b0  create own test entity for testing different configuration
     new 41c05d1  OPENJPA-2601 fix 'hint' element in orm.xml parsing
     new 104fce2  OPENJPA-2517: Option to allow the javax.persistence.query.timeout property to apply to EntityManager operations.  Ported 2.2.x changes to trunk.
     new 2353455  OPENJPA-2602 replace ongoing Class.forName with 1x lookup to improve performance and minimize locks
     new e5fa4e3  OPENJPA-2586: Fix to return proper relationship data when QueryCache and FetchPlans are used.
     new 977ba12  OPENJPA-2603: Merging an unmanaged entity multiple (3) times leads to an exception.  Merged 2.1.x changes to trunk.
     new 28da3ea  OPENJPA-2609: Sporadic ClassCastException occurs under heavy load when QuerySQLCache is enabled.  Merged 2.1.x changes to trunk.
     new e988457  OPENJPA-2605: DelegatingConnection.unwrap() doesn't adhere to java.sql.Wrapper.unwrap() contract
     new ffaa46e  OPENJPA-2616: Update to Commons Collections 3.2.2
     new 1dd5571  OPENJPA-2617 adding BlacklistClassResolver to support blacklisting of class loading in our ObjectInputStream
     new 19c6b41  better whitelist handling
     new 715b9b0  OPENJPA-2618 pevent Tuple to pass through in createXQuery methods since we dont support it yet
     new 3d393f5  OPENJPA-2607 increase OSGi import range for javax.transaction
     new 8cc3992  new line - checkstyle fix
     new 03f9d1e  forcing EOL for BlacklistClassResolver
     new 9f39c60  OPENJPA-2623 switch to Java5 Mojo annotations
     new a5788cc  OPENJPA-2626 support of java 8 bytecode test for isEnhanced - avoid to have logs full of exception/warnings when it actually works cause it is already enahnced at build time
     new 285e468  OPENJPA-2627: Create an option to disable column type checking errors during schema validation.
     new 88e01d2  OPENJPA-2626 remove unused import (which is an ugly internal sun class and doesn't exist in java7)
     new 0a95d37  fix broken ref_guide docbook xml
     new d7bcf26  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.4.1-SNAPSHOT
     new 3396a59  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 7aed5ec  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 2.4.2-SNAPSHOT
     new 27f9c5d  upgrade to latest apache parent
     new c3d9507  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.4.1
     new 55e8a82  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new a8edbf3  add more info about how to gather the release notes semi-automatically
     new 07e2822  add release notes for OpenJPA-2.4.1
     new a453aa9  OPENJPA-2632 fallback to TCCL for select new if class cannot be found
     new bf2ffec  OPENJPA-2632 add documentation for the new UseTCCLinSelectNew config switch
     new e2bbcdc  add more docs about how to locally create the documentation PDF
     new edd848f  improve our release documentation
     new e461831  upgrade to latest assembly plugin
     new 0d7567f  improve docs about howto upload our site
     new e52f834  improve docs
     new 4956830  remove gone repository for agilejava
     new bd9cd89  give the jai issue another trgive the jai issue another try
     new 13d9c55  remove JavaAdvancedImaging (jai) as it seems not be needed anymore
     new d2b4edf  correct manual location
     new 3e7ad60  copy over css and images for single-page html as well
     new 459a2f0  remove 'manual' intermediate directory
     new 6955dda  OPENJPA-2636: Updated a Map in Configurations to avoid a ClassLoader leak.  Ported 2.2.x changes to trunk.
     new 0f55f9d  OPENJPA-2641 upgrade build poms
     new bde39c4  OPENJPA-2641 upgrade build poms to most recent dependency versions
     new 5899205  OPENJPA-2401 I've added a msg which has a hint to orm.xml
     new 0ac7140  [OPENJPA-2640] Applying provided patch
     new a48b81a  Some more svn:ignore
     new 5c2bab9  add idea ids files to ignore rules
     new 41827d7  OPENJPA-2631: Fix for CriteriaBuilder issue with an @EmbeddedId that contains more than one field.  Ported 2.1.x commit to trunk
     new 4afdb07  OPENJPA-2651: Fix for issue where @SqlResultSetMapping is used with inheritance and a ManyToOne relationship.  Merged 2.2.x commit to trunk.
     new 68fea1a  OPENJPA-2650: When SchemaFactory and useSchemaName=false is set, a schema name is incorrectly used.  Merged 2.2.x commit to trunk.
     new 41febba  OPENJPA-2652 transition trunk to OpenJPA-3.0.0
     new 64e9f38  OPENJPA-2592 OPENJPA-2654 merge JPA-2.1 work originally done by rmannibucau in the openjpa-jpa-2.1 branch
     new fa7f6e9  OPENJPA-2654 use released 1.0-alpha-1 jpa 2.1 spec API jar
     new 9d2963f  reactivate tests
     new 98b7a4f  OPENJPA-2658 also drop trigger T1 which prevents dropping of the function
     new cdfd6e2  OPENJPA-2654 fix broken stored procedure test
     new 3d4f675  fix serializable exception
     new 4108566  OPENJPA-2659 upgrade to apache-parent-18
     new 91ab1f0  Attempt to get cleaner test output
     new f85e034  ensure checkstyle uses UNIx EOL to have a portable build on windows
     new 5faf53c  OPENJPA-2300 avoid warnings due to annotation processor
     new b2bf5d1  [OPENJPA-2660] Maven warnings resolved
     new 13cdb6f  explicit table names for all the Entity1 to better understand what exactly blows up on Jenkins
     new 843398e  OPENJPA-2650: Made a very simple test update to the test created for this JIRA.
     new 4452e34  upgrade pom description to reflect we are JPA-2.1
     new 4ce78c4  OPENJPA-2663 remove unused methods
     new 0859873  PWB-2663 remove factually unused ConcreteClassGenerator
     new 305758f  OPENJPA-2664 move to commons-lang3
     new e647db2  OPENJPA-2662 intern Strings.toClass
     new 0096a0e  move line length to 150 characters
     new 66ad16f  OPENJPA-2662 remove serp.util.Strings#split
     new 58baa13  upgrade to jar-plugin 3.0.0 for Java9 support
     new 6855468  remove unecessary compiler plugin
     new da6ea0f  OPENJPA-2662 get rid of serp.util.Strings#replace
     new 297190a  OPENJPA-2662 reimplement serp.util.Strings#getClassName
     new 209adb6  OPENJPA-2662 remove serp.util.Strings.getPackageName
     new c4323ac  OPENJPA-2662 remove serp.util.Strings.join
     new 10110aa  OPENJPA-2662 get rid of serp.util.Strings.parse
     new f979ae1  OPENJPA-2665 use Objects.equals instead of prorietary impl
     new f0286a2  OPENJPA-2665 refactor StringUtils
     new 9cacf08  OPENJPA-2662 remove unused imports
     new 02330ad  OPENJPA-2665 move to StringBuilder to improve performance
     new 8d208eb  OPENJPA-2666 jdk.internal.* are classes generated by Java9
     new 5cf5442  OPENJPA-2666 prepare for Java9
     new 19a5968  OPENJPA-2667 upgrade to BVal-1.1
     new e0c03c5  OPENJPA-2670 improve support for createEnittyManager with SynchronizationType
     new 88a998e  OPENJPA-2669 add OSGi Karaf feature
     new fe7659f  It's 2016 and OpenJPA 3.0 babe
     new a99daf8  Updating Database Support page with MariaDB
     new be71987  OPENJPA-2672: ConfigurationImpl.loadGlobals() has java.util.ConcurrentModificationException vulnerability
     new 6b8d4b9  OPENJPA-2677 prepare upgrade to BVal-1.1.2
     new 3d905e1  OPENJPA-2677 upgrade to BVal-1.1.2
     new 701a4e7  OPENJPA-2675 implement null-check for CriteriaQueryImpl#equals
     new 4068d5c  OPENJPA-2674 properly closing JarFile
     new bdc1da9  OPENJPA use Locale.ENGLISH for toLowerCase and toUperCase where possible
     new af8ea38  OPENJPA-2554 JPA 2.1 - Schema Generation, patch from Roberto Cortez, doc to update still
     new 635dd43  [OPENJPA-2684] Adding support for JAR files via ZipStreamMetaDataIterator
     new 8567a5e  OPENJPA-2689 prevent IllegalArgumentException with package scoped OraclePreparedStatementWrapper classes
     new 49c1478  [OPENJPA-2690] Update OSGi Import-Package to support Oracle CLOB/BLOB
     new 8f1f9a1  [OPENJPA-2698] Applying the provided patch
     new e2a8d2c  changed version of maven-jar-plugin to 3.0.2 - This closes #8
     new ed28ddc  Reverting unadverted change to JPQLExpressionBuilder in r1797211
     new 5c94a7f  OPENJPA-2705: ArrayOutOfBoundsException occurs with an @EmbeddedId (commit on wdazeys behalf)
     new 2898b4e  OPENJPA-2707 set Java version to 1.8
     new 778e8e9  [OPENJPA-2598] Applying provided patch
     new b4c13fc  Exclude JUnit pulled in by Serp as compile dependency
     new 14d4b80  OPENJPA-2725 - fix ConcurrentModificationException during unrefed dependents cleanup / thanks @eran-levy - This closes #9
     new 5700102  OPENJPA-2730 Update to ASM 6 - This closes #11
     new e1bf367  Update XBean to 4.7 - thanks @jgallimore - This closes #14
     new 97d59a9  upgrade to xBean-4.8 for java 10+11 support
     new 7be184d  cleanup import minor
     new 4d577c0  we should not deploy binaries of our integration tests
     new 8be86a6  OPENJPA-2646: Sporadic NullPointerException and ClassCastException caused by query cache misses in multithreaded environments.
     new 018ba13  update release notes in preparation for a 3.0.0 release
     new 93f0193  update javadoc links
     new 0ea1247  add release notes for openjpa-3.0.0
     new 627fb6e  fixing overly strict Java8 JavaDoc
     new 101ee99  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release openjpa-parent-3.0.0
     new ffe3fe4  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 74c5980  pin down the tag name to just the version
     new 66a0a14  Fix javadocs links
     new e368468  Fix javadocs links (missing file)
     new 3a0875f  Fix javadocs links (missing file)
     new e5f3551  Setting explicit versions of karaf-maven-plugin and build-helper-maven-plugin
     new 0303fb2  [OPENPJA-2742] Rollback before DDL can be disabled - default behavior is kept
     new 4477ace  OPENJPA-2704: The openjpa.jdbc.Schema no longer overrides orm.xml default
     new c79c09a  OPENJPA-2745: Clean up try-catch implementation for DB2Dictionary
     new ae4b742  OPENJPA-2646: Performance Regression Fix
     new 18b1012  OPENJPA-2746 patch from jbonofre, OpenJPA Karaf feature is not complete, missing xbean asm 6 and provider capabilities
     new 8107dfb  [OPENJPA-1993] Backport the fix to trunk
     new 6c4c77a  [OPENJPA-2744] commons-pool is updated to the most recent version - thanks @solomax - This closes #19
     new 9a98d6a  [OPENJPA-2567] various MySql and MariaDB text types support is added - thanks @solomax - This closes #18
     new f399f91  [OPENJPA-2750] Commons dbcp is updated to latest version - thx @solomax - This closes #22
     new 4709f38  [OPENJPA-2748] commons-collection is updated to most recent version
     new f2fc980  [OPENJPA-2751] trailing white-spaces were removed
     new e25438a  [OPENJPA-2751] imports, @Overrides and @Deprecated are organized, redundant type arguments and unnecessary casts are removed
     new 02eaa93  add .idea to gitignore
     new 12ec80c  move openjpa-kernel to junit4 style
     new 08bb3a5  move openjpa-lib tests to junit4 style
     new 3fa4380  move openjpa-persistence tests to junit4
     new 1413c36  move README to asciidoc
     new 9a50963  [OPENJPA-2752] libraries are updated to most recent versions
     new b3edd42  Merge pull request #23 from apache/OPENJPA-2751-library-update
     new 73582cc  move tests to junit4 style
     new 3bd73ab  OPENJPA-2753 introduce Docker for mysql
     new 9d4b2ec  OPENJPA-2753 deduplicate database configurations
     new 5c38bfa  OPENJPA-2754 update to latest dbcp2 SNAPSHOT
     new 7ece63d  replace tabs with spaces - no functional change!
     new 1652794  use local connection without SSL for MySQL in Docker
     new 9461ffd  OPENJPA-2775 OPENJPA-2555 fraction of seconds in MySQL
     new 3b4c2e6  OPENJPA-2755 OPENJPA-2555 use scale to set Date fractions
     new 0530b5b  OPENJPA-2755 OPENJPA-2555 support fractions of a second
     new 4bb1caa  OPENJPA-2567 @Lob on String results in TEXT not BLOB
     new f7a4445  OPENJPA-2753 downgade to 5.1.x MySQL jdbc driver
     new 34c99b3  OPENJPA-2554 fix TestSchemaGenerationProperties on MySQL
     new ba7b849  fix weird equals error.
     new eaecedf  fix more broken tests due to lazy Id generation
     new c42aff8  OPENJPA-2753 add a profile test-postgresql-docker
     new 8d41f3d  OPENJPA-2753 fix testBatchLimit test for PostgreSQL
     new 7bc0929  OPENJPA-2753 fix schema creation with PostgreSQL
     new 60ccac0  OPENJPA-2753 postgres doesn't know BLOG
     new db6f6b6  OPENJPA-2756 escape search strings for all Postgres versions
     new 39bde81  OPENJPA-2757 upgrade to xbean-asm7 for Java7 support
     new 7f4997b  fix SCM and release-plugin sections for GIT
     new d874cbf  [OPENJPA-2754] maxActive -> maxTotal (#24)
     new 9eb7e2b  OPENJPA-2753 add a profile test-mariadb-docker
     new 6fe8f10  Documentation build is partially fixed
     new 1e76dd4  OpenJdk documentation build is partially fixed
     new 6947da3  Doc build with OpenJdk should be fixed
     new 5a502cc  Disabling doclint to allow Javadoc building on Oracle JDK
     new 73f3957  Disabling doclint to allow Javadoc building on Oracle JDK
     new 7dde390  call of svnversion is removed from build
     new 9cdd90d  improve our initial README
     new 260042b  OPENJPA-2764 fix tests with random behaviour
     new fe2709a  adding netbeans config files to ignore rules
     new fa96d6d  OPENJPA-2754 implement a workaround for the bug in commons-pool2
     new d3790f7  OPENJPA-2754 also move postgres config to dbcp2 maxTotal
     new 6afab64  OPENJPA-2754 re-enable dbcp2 auto detection
     new f7c8988  add missing port to postgresql config
     new d25ed12  OPENJPA-2753 improve postgresql docker setup
     new a53744a  fix missing space in readme
     new bb6bad0  OPENJPA-2753 add a profile for Oracle as Docker image
     new 08acaa4  OPENJPA-2753 add dbcp settings to Oracle Docker profile
     new c1d9fd3  OPENJPA-2768 fix XMLStore xml handling
     new d35ea4b  OPENJPA-2753 use an oracle12_xe docker container
     new aae0a95  OPENJPA-2761 properly handle javax.sql.Types.SQLXML
     new 40d19eb  OPENJPA-2768 delete xmlstore test db between runs.
     new 03ebe4f  force cleaning of the table to have re-runnable tests
     new 89335fd  OPENJPA-2713 add support for java.time.LocalDate
     new 61b4804  improve doc formatting
     new e57fd51  OPENJPA-2713 implement native java8 types
     new dbfb360  OPENJPA-2713 add OffsetTime support
     new 9e22265  OPENJPA-2770 ensure equal(xxx, literal(boolean)) works in criteria builder
     new 6d2544f  OPENJPA-2713 properly handle WITH TIME ZONE if supported by db
     new 5079209  Merge branch 'OPENJPA-2713'
     new 362474e  OPENJPA-2713 add java8 time support for MySQL and MariaDB
     new 9f0631b  switch back to old mariadb connectorj due to a bug
     new fffc74f  OPENJPA-2713 improve MariaDB Dictionary
     new e908a9c  formatting only
     new be62c5a  OPENJPA-2713 add LocalDate support for Oracle DB
     new e82d1ec  OPENJPA-2713 remove left over in PostgresDictionary
     new ad4ed02  OPENJPA-2713 fix h2
     new 0cd523b  move back to h2-1.4.196 due to a Time bug in h2 197
     new 43aa42c  OPENJPA-2771 fix h2 'unlimited' LIMIT case
     new 17ef63b  Those 2 tests only work when running on Derby.
     new 25cde67  test cleanup
     new af39516  OPENJPA-2713 add java8 time support for h2
     new 4b88b80  remove obsolete sql tracing
     new 11863ed  OPENJPA-2772 update list of h2 resorved words
     new 6e8c4d9  fix broken unit test. Illegal table 'ROLES'
     new e4197b0  [OPENJPA-2748] commons-collection4 is updated to release version
     new 037a2dc  OPENJPA-2775 fix hsql metadata handling
     new 238449e  hsqldb seems to have a bug with concurrent access to the underlying DB.
     new f27a0b9  add debugging instruction with hsqldb
     new de316bc  OPENJPA-2753 add profile for MSSqlServer docker
     new fa6ce77  OPENJPA-2773 set dbcp defaults to align with commons dbcp
     new b714dba  use correct name for the db
     new b484ee1  add missing delegate method for Java8 support
     new 0d96457  add -ea to have all debug options uniform
     new 80736f6  OPENJPA-2733 subquery parameters are incorrectly assigned
     new 0e4ec5b  OPENJPA-2733 fix param index.
     new c1ae373  OPENJPA-2713 add java8 time api for SQLServer
     new 87422c8  OPENJPA-2753 add info about how to debug SQLServer
     new 1690076  fix formatting and readability
     new cae509a  add download location for the JakartaEE TCK zip
     new 5a2356f  Initial attempt to fix @javax.Index annotations

The 4980 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
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