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From Bernard Marcelly <>
Subject Re: Incompatible change for extensions
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 14:00:43 GMT
Message de J├╝rgen Schmidt  date 2013-01-17 13:19 :
> I disagree, the old mechanism is a design bug and should be resolved. It
> was always planned to fix this a major release. Now with 4.0 we can make
> such changes and we had long discussions about incompatible changes for
> major releases. Extensions can be easy updated and by the way it is
> always a good idea to add a max version dependency and release a new
> version of your extension if you have ensured that it works with the
> newest office version. How many unpublished API's are used in extensions
> that can change at any time?
> We probably don't have enough time to fix many more design bugs in the
> API for 4.0 but this one is definitely worth the change. We will
> document it and the fix is easy. But for all new extensions the usage is
> much more intuitive and less error prone.

The current mechanism is not a design bug (because it works), rather a clumsy 

To create a toolbar with the same name in Calc, Draw, Impress, you have to:
- create one WindowState xcu file
- make 2 copies of this file
- modify one line in each copy
- add entries for these files in the manifest.xml
Is this really complex, error prone ? I don't think so, compared to all other 
features of an extension.

About max version dependency : application developers don't see the future. It's 
not possible to know in advance when (and why) an extension will become 

In the context of a company that has created a specific extension, happily used 
for years, Apache OpenOffice 4.0 will be a bad surprise.
Releasing a new version will be difficult: the original developer may have gone, 
or have forgotten the building details of an extension; a new developer has to 
learn the syntax of an oxt file, and find out what has to be changed to make it 
work again. Costs, delays. Benefits ? None.


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