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From Alexandro Colorado <>
Subject Re: Reviewing the Extension and Building Guides
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2013 00:56:05 GMT
On 1/6/13, Regina Henschel <> wrote:
> Hi Alexandro,
> Alexandro Colorado schrieb:
>> I am building some development coursework for OpenOffice and I am going
>> through some of the guides. I am not sure if these guides need some
>> update
>> taking that some of the process might have change.
> Oh wonderful. Please improve the Wiki too.
>> The extension guide talks about solvenv which points to a perl script
>> that
>> currently is not available, can anyone suggest a new link or removing
>> this
>> part since the script is outdated?

I have looked into the SVN and came with some of the links pointing to
the SVN repo. You can see my changes on the history of the site:
However I most say I never heard about these scripts for packaging.
How much are they currently used now? I guess this is a question for
the extension developers. I am CC them.

>> Another is the OpenOffice Build guide, if the current process different
>> from the one list there? If so? which parts are outdated so they can be
>> worked upon.
> It is
> But for Windows there is something to do. The link "Windows" goes to a
> page
> but the content of that page is not complete and needs a lot of
> improvement.
> So see also
> But that is not all. Have a look into the readmes in trunk\main\external.
> And the atlbase.h part should be integrated into the other software
> requirements.
> Another missing part is, how to use git together with svn. That is in
> some mails on the dev-list.

Well maybe we should bookmark them out of the archieves so we have a
concrete task we can ask volunteer to take over.

> Kind regards
> Regina

Alexandro Colorado
PPMC Apache OpenOffice

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